Toby Macaroni – Wiscoltsin Marewaukee | Alternate Electronic

TM has a history of making rather interesting music, and this track is no exception. In fact, its one of those songs that you can’t help but have a goofy grin on the entire way through. Or, at least I couldn’t. Wiscoltsin Marewaukee is a lighthearted and fun listen throughout, and the lively saxophone probably has a lot to do with that. Bouncy and smooth jazzy? Sign me up. The tune begins a little more tame, giving the saxophone an opening spotlight. Shortly, it transitions into the real meat of the beat; keeping up the positive, fun-loving vibe throughout. I love darker themes as much as the next guy, but sometimes a bubbly melody like we have here is just the thing I didn’t know I needed. A well deserved member of the replay club.


[Equinity] Suskii – Crystal | Metalstep

Track 2 from Equinity 03: Breach is Crystal, a unique contribution from Suskii! Beginning with a deep electronic riff with a sample of Celestia speaking about Sombra, a quick build up is telegraphed by her saying “now go!”, before building up to an insanely heavy dubstep drop with powerful punchy drums and intense synth sounds. We’re given a small break with a deep synth melody before the second half kicks in… A light synth sound makes up the bulk of this section before we’re treated to the sound of Suskii’s vocals, which are harmonius and filled with emotional. Right after is a sudden change of pace with the addition of heavy drums, distorted guitars and screaming. This metal/dubstep fusion showcases a lot of his musical chops while being a welcome fit on the compilation. And this is only the beginning!


RottenTotten – End of the World | Synthwave / Hybrid Orchestral

RottenTotten generates some really great emotion and atmosphere with this synth-driven piece! Produced as the first song from a project that was lost for a time, there is a strong, epic narrative thread throughout. It’s easy to picture this song backing a protracted adventure and struggle. Along with “Song of the Sea” and “Goldenblood“, this song represents some really great development in RottenTotten’s music! It’s great that this music was not lost and that the project is underway. It will be fantastic to follow this album as it is released and see the full story as it unfolds!


Studio Quinn – Alone (feat. JustKat and Koron Korak) | Orchestral Rock

Oh, the wonders of making music based on the fandom’s headcanons… Now, just to be clear, it’s long been said that Twilight will not outlive her friends. That has not been changed or been confirmed by Big Jim Miller.

However! That doesn’t mean that wonderful music can be made from it, like this track! There are many pretty yet somber aspects to the composition of this track by Quinn. The vibe of the melody goes with the thumbnail artwork and the orchestra elements are wonderful. You really feel for Twilight as the bittersweet vocals of JustKat tells that story to really sell it. You have the fantastic violin from the one and only maestro Koron Korak to further those feels. It’s a very unsettling feeling for the new ruler of Equestria. Poor Twilight… As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SlightlyAmiss – Life to Lead (feat. Acouste Wholenote) | Hard Rock

Some musicians really get it. The start of this track has a profound message for many in this fandom. That piano solo paired with Acouste Wholenote‘s gentle vocal) says it all. There has been a dark cloud over the brony fandom since the series finale, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and don’t quit with the brony spirit; keep that vibrant and positive energy going! This is a song the fandom needs to hear; these musicians like Pony Life and plan on keeping the power of brony music going!

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Rubber & APPL3JVCK – King of the Everfree | Hip-Hop

On this hard-hitting track featuring explicit lyrics and smooth flowing bars and a beat by APPL3JVCK, Rubber raps about ruling the Everfree forest. The multi-layered beat evolves through each of the distinct parts and provides the perfect mood change from the slick and cool introduction to the other-worldly warbles of the closing verses. The vocals are confidently delivered and the beat expertly crafted into a song that wonderfully induces head-bobbing throughout.
A double A-plus to the cover art provided by the rapper himself. Rubber has shown that he is certainly not afraid of touching on dark topics, lyrical themes, and moods. MLP with a veneer of the macabre? That’s the kind of thing that’s right up my alley. Rubber is newer to the scene with two songs on his youtube channel. I would highly recommend both if you enjoy a smooth flow and dark themes. This just might be the up-and-comer to watch for as his musical prowess grows along with his library of tunes.


Voltex Pixel & Koron Korak – Dash To The Rainbow | House

Today I have the honor of presenting to you this lovely track by Voltex Pixel and Koron Korak. If you’re like me a lover of horse house or pony EDM overall you will definitely enjoy this track. the track starts out lovely and simply and more stuff starts to join in as it progresses and I can promise lovers and haters of EDM alike that the chorus will make you lose every thought of self containment that you haven´t lost yet and you will bob your head along with the music. Also with the lovely drawings of Rainbow Dash and gameplay from the game “Them’s Fightin’ Herds’ this video has a whole PMV accompanying it and frankly there is no other more fitting description for this masterpiece than simply saying it slaps.


Kareniya – Hush Now, Little Sister (covering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic

Kareniya brings us his amazing cover of “Hush Now, Little Sister” a rather lesser remembered song from the episode ‘Somepony to Watch Over Me’ and no matter what you think about the original you will like his cover of it. Using only a guitar and his voice Kareniya gives this song the feeling of an old classic you listen to when you go on vacation cause you´re parents put it on a CD. The song is perfect too just chill out for an hour or two with it just in the background or as background music for working on anything. The song really conveys the feeling of security the original gave to Apple Bloom.


eksoka – Tale of Autumn | Progressive Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves another song published by our friends over at Cider Party. Eksoka brings us this amazing Progressive Trance song that, even tho it clocks in at about six and a half minutes and with that can be considered a longer song, never losses it´s awesomeness even a bit. The song is held fairly simple which prevents an overload of different sounds and also is completely without lyrics, which makes it perfect for a background song while you work or as a song to just lean back and chill. Overall this song’s awesomeness can’t be described better than with the fact that it made me fall in love with it on the first listen even though I dislike Trance overall.