AWal – Funnn VIP (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | ChillBreak

(Listen to the original HERE)

Alright, after hearing just two of his most recent songs, you can call me hooked on Nicolas’s brand of chill music. I’d never heard of him until hearing his track on ASOS: Chocolate. Turns out Mr. Dominique is a part of the old guard of the brony music scene, as he has been very active since 2012! This remix is so breathtakingly smooth and kinda kooky at the same time. AWal’s track was fast, addictive and crazy! This remix tells a much clearer story. The melodies are full of this eerie and chaotic aura, which is perfect for what the mirror pool is. The fun and quirky Pinkie samples are all there, and holy cow, does this track give you the feeling to kinda worry about so many PINKIE PIES! At the same time the track is very smooth and chill with these dark undertones. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “AWal – Funnn VIP (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | ChillBreak

  1. MLPfan1907 says:

    This is a rather energetic tune with a smooth tone and dark undertone as you said. I can’t say much more than that but it was a pleasure to listen to and I like the remix more. 🙂

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