[ASOS] Eniix – Power Ponies | Complextro

We’re keeping the amazing ASOS: Chocolate treats coming for ya. Business is about to pick up with this track at 28 on the album. some real super ponies vibes right here. The pace and beat could be used for Twilight and her friends or the Sunset Shimmer group in EQG. Either way, this has heavy action and a pulsing flow with a banging bassline for super powered ponies on patrol, taking care of the cities with crazy nut jobs trying to cause mayhem. The elements are a complex mix of elements that just let your imagination tell the story for you. Bad guys or ponies on the run, super villains making a mess of things. and our heroes are always on the move and on the case. This track is just a fun listen that will get your mood to swing in the right way. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


One thought on “[ASOS] Eniix – Power Ponies | Complextro

  1. MLPfan1907 says:

    This was a fun banging tune to listen to. 😀 I thought it was well done, and it took me a little bit to get with the tune but I did and enjoyed. 😀

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