[VibePoniez] TheTaZe & Tw3Lv3 – Ramune | Lo-fi

Two of the founders of VibePoniez making a chill track named after the popular Japanese soda? I’m in for that party, a party that is taking place at Zecora’s hut, and you and other ponies to travel through the Everfree Forest to get to it. Leave it to both TheTaZe and Tw3Lv3 to brew up a beat and flow that does inspire that image to me. The bassline is this enigmatic and mystical melody that just lives right up to what the Everfree Forest is. Dangerous and mysterious, as ponies traverse through the forest, the feeling of adventure and the anticipation of the unknown is felt with this catchy and snappy vinyl crackle. This is some good creative fun with these two making a track. It’s of no surprise that they could make a track about a party in the Everfree Forest and make it sound so cool and exciting. The smooth sounding horns for the more gentle element with the feeling of being very uneasy while trying to get this party in the middle of a big magical and mythical forest. Yeah, you really feel that with chimeras, cockatrices and timberwolves lurking around ponies. Luckily, there are enough good vibes in the track to know that Zecora will make it worth the trip there with fun drinks and party favors in store! Only on VibePoniez: Homework.

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