A State of Sugar – Chocolate | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The following collaboration article piece on “A State of Sugar: Chocolate” is presented by Horse Music Herald, and is Co-written by DrakeEmberHeart, Luck Rock, NickRomney, Simon the MadhatterBrony and Makenshi. Article proofread and edited by Canatime.

(The All-Out Article is continued after the break!)

(Start of DrakeEmberHeart’s Part)
This album my friends is only part of a long standing dream, June 2017 is where it all began. The same year that your musical loving Qilin joined this fandom. That dream set forth by the lovely Violin Melody and Obscure Dragone. A dream to give musicians a chance to be shown to this fandom, a chance for them to grow and be shown center stage and a spotlight to shine when they could not make it on Ponies at Dawn. Seven albums later, The dream and motto “delicious tracks to chill your soul and fire your heart” has grown into something on par with Ponies at Dawn. The album we’re about to showcase and the sheer level of talent that has taken part is a testament to the lovely warm environment and strong leadership of Violin and OD. Contrary to the belief that ASOS and P@D are rivals they’re not, they both are on the same level and leading the charge in keeping the brony music scene going and growing. However if you’re sleeping on this label, myself and my teammates: Luck Rock, NickRomney, Simon the Madhatterbrony and Makenshi are going to showcase twenty-five tracks of this impressive album. Make no mistake! The other twenty-five are outstanding, most of all it really does show just in just four years how a dream of showing the music and art collective of the brony music community has come full circle… I have felt just how warm and supporting Violin is, so it is no surprise to me that this label has grown from just a promo channel to standing right next to Ponies at Dawn as a major powerhouse of the brony music community where the labels help each other hand in hand. But enough talking let’s get to some of this yummy music! More so the absolute strongest showing yet from the label.

Twenty-five of fifty tracks huh. Let me tell ya, this album offers so much creative and yummy music. Why are we only showing twenty-five? Mark my words, this whole album tells this sweet story of what ASOS is about: you have long time musicians, but also some whose track is they’re first time being featured here! We have hungry first time musicians inching to shine! Ya got known musicians showing that they’re made of the very best. The theme of “Chocolate” was to make the very best quality music much like biting in an amazing chocolate truffle. We got creative uses of electronic music, we got sick hip-hop, hard hitting rock and metal, lovely orchestra composition and even smooth and savory jazz! Violin has told me that it was a dream to make a place where all musicians can be a family and make magic together. My five picks showcase that kind of love. From start to end the tracks all flow as one big tasty story. And all for the love of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Violin and OD, you both understand that friendship is magic. Not only do you both understand it but live it, with your love for the arts and the six ponies that have changed our lives forever! You could say that you both have made the flavor-town of the brony community.

Drake’s Featured five!

Violin Melody – One Thousand Years | Progressive Trance

If you ever get the chance to personally speak to Violin Melody, she is an awesome and beautiful woman. The co-founder of ASOS calls herself “the real life Rarity”. She as a person lives up to that, but as she told me, it wasn’t always like that. The cosmic and celestial melodies tell the story of a very personal journey that she and Princess Luna relate to . The story of being alone. As the track progresses the elements get more full of sadness, frustration and are very emotional. Luna being banished to the moon with only herself, a very long time to reflect on her actions and nopony to share her emotions with. The elements used are glorious and beautiful, these twilight-like tones that seem to transcend space and time though the track. The rough futuristic bits ingrained into the middle for the anger and sorrow is a nice touch. As for the slow down at the end, Violin spoke to me of the many nights where it was only her and her music, with no one else to share it with. How she related to Nightmare Moon’s sorrow and loneliness. As you’re reaching the end where it softens and smooths out, that speaks of her finding her friends and transforming into the beauty of a lady that she is, and leading ASOS much like Luna did over the first five seasons of the show, overcoming her demons to find peace. This track is a pure highlight of the whole album and a clear sign that this fandom saved Violin from a lonely fate. This is how you create a track with a character that inspires you!

D3RP1 – Equestria 2057 | Mid-tempo

The next musician has gone way too far under the radar for the type of talent this dude has. Making his big stage debut, and his first major compilation album is D3PR1!

This track is all about Equestria in the age of dark cyberpunk in his creative mind. An age of cybertech powered by dark or light magic. War has broken out and boy does this track really tell this story! The scene of this huge battle for all of equestria is really harped with sounds of alarm of Grogar’s army of darkness coming for blood! That beat and tempo, those elements of to simulate the sounds of marching and the buzzing of their dark magical cybertech coming online! Oh, you feel the emotion of battle coming, wow! Not all is lost as the tempo becomes more upbeat with this vibing 80’s style drum beats and shift in energy. A sign of Princess Twilight, her friends, her family and their allied races have their own cybertech and magic, and with a genius like Twilight leading with her alicorn powers to boot, they have hope of beating Grogar in a battle of all ages and for Equestria. D3RP1 wonderfully uses these futuristic elements and this drama filled melody to create this scene of equestria in a very dark age of blood and technology. With the crude use of powerful magic and weapons, the magic of friendship is on the line and Twilight and her armies don’t plan on succumbing to evil. Death can wait. NOT TODAY! Wow, give D3RP1 some credit for mixing his love for MLP with his love for fantasy, anime and cyberpunk stories. ASOS is glad to provide sweet and tasty tracks such as this. There was just some major heat added into that flavor with this dark tale! Show D3RP1 some love!

deførmed – C6H1206 | Happy Hardcore

It’s really no secret that I’m a big supporter of what the folks over at Equestrian Terror Corps are doing with their music. What a pleasant surprise to me to find someone to represent them on this album! Honestly, Deformed really earned this with this whacky over the top track that unapologetically stays true to what that ETC label is doing. The track starts off with this cheesy anime style melody, but oh boy! Twilight has lost it after she had way too much sweets!  Enter a happy hardcore track about Twilight Sparkle having far to much sugar or C6H12O6, which is the chemical formula for glucose which is one form of (you guessed it) SUGAR! The track is about Twilight “twlighting” to the major extreme and oh the chaos of a sugar high alicorn Princess. In comes the over top hardcore elements with that insane tempo and grinding gabber-like bass. The track tones down as Twilight is coming down from a crash and no doubt wondering what caused all of this. Then somepony gives her an energy drink to try to wake her up, and in comes this awesome power metal guitar solo with some insane riffs that will spike your energy levels! She is going into insane Twilight mode! This is how you close an album out with something so different, contrasting with the rest of the album. Violin and OD say they like to keep those yummy tunes coming, call this the dessert! Do not sleep on deførmed trust me!

SDreamExporerS – Adziny Šlach (feat. Koron Korak & Pavel Lipski) | Folk Metal

The track is called “The Only Path”

Did y’all honestly think I wasn’t going to pick some amazing heavy metal off this album, being the brony metal head that I am? Soul Strings and his crew really have made something special with this track. Off the just released Ephemeral III album. This song is all about storytelling with the use of the art of honest to Celestia METAL!!!! The story of the track is that of a father and his daughter who is sick, traveling through the everfree forest to reach Equestria to seek aid and a cure. (The story can be found here on the youtube video.) The dangers of the everfree forest are beautifully told through the uses of those heavy melodies of heavy guitars, drums and bass, with power of folk music elements thanks to the narrative of Pavel and that one and only violin of Koron Korak! The lyrics are sung in belarusian which give this track some cultural charm and beauty! (This is Souls’ native language, however there is a translation to English on the album bandcamp!) The song is composed of a series of dangers to the pair, from elemental hazards to ferocious monsters and animals. The tale also centers around the royal sisters watching over them. Namely Celestia and Luna flexing alicorn might to give them hope. The awesome musical composition and storytelling hits with the epic flavor of hard and legendary metal and worldly music. Truly a bardic tale of medieval times! Check this out! What a treat on this album.

BlackIceMusic – Stairs | Melbourne bounce

(Melbourne bounce: is a subgenre of electro house characterized by the progression from the uptempo, horn-infused Dutch house style, tech trance synths, electro house stabs, and scouse house-influenced bass lines from around 128 up to 150 bpm. The genre is generally characterized by a standard 128 bpm.)
Well! This is certainly the type of genre you want for characters such as Silver Stream. Yes one of the must listen tracks on this album is about the loveable high energetic Silver Stream! (Her fans rejoice at a track about her!) The build up to that first drop sets the tone for this whole track. We all know Silver Stream is eccentric, her vocal chops from the premiere of season 8 really speaks on that, but when you hear her enthusiastically yell “STAIRS!!!” and that drop you cannot help but bust out laughing as this track turns into a hilarious banger! (I kid you not, I had to pause the track the first time because I was laughing so hard!)  All those uptempo and out of this world elements, those bumpy and party flavored synths, the rhythmic horn sounding  like ae really funny but party heavy sax. All of these things make this track the quintessential track for a character like Silver Stream! The mood is so funny and the arrangement just plays into how silly but very fun Silver Stream honesty is. When you laugh it’s because it fits her character so much and you know she would get down on the dance floor to this swinging fun track. This was agreed by the five of us to be one of best tracks on the album for this very reason, BlackIceMusic, bravo my dude!

It was really tough to just pick five tracks, the album is so solid from start to finish. These five to me really are telling about how good and different this album is. I also really enjoyed these other tracks that you should also check out.

– Voltex Pixel, Cynifree & Paloris – Flame To Fire
– TheTaZe  – I Don’t need you (feat. N. Hollow)
– Single Purpose – I Have To VIP
– Burning Gryphon – Hate (feat. Bree, PrinceWhateverer, Stallionslaughter & Scoonie)
– EM120X – Here Without (feat. Daria Intoxicated & SDreamExplorerS)

Alright, I did not come here alone. Madhatter Brony we, you’re up! I pass it to you.
(End of DrakeEmberHeart’s Part)

(Start of Simon the Madhatterbrony´s part)
Thanks Drake for showing us those amazing songs. Admittedly, before joining the HMH writer staff I limited the music I listened to to mostly P@D and sometimes Cider Party, but all mighty Celestia have I been missing out on some amazing music. “Chocolate” is one such compilation album that can easily go over your head, so we’re here today to show you some of the pure sugar that are the tracks on this album. Even if I might be going out on a limb here as Drake has mentioned before, ASOS really has become a P@D-like powerhouse of awesome pony music and specifically Chocolate can easily hold up to “Ignite”. My featured five are geared towards showing exactly what makes this album amazing: stellar music by a plethora of different artists.

Simon’s featured five!

MirroredReality – Desert Rose | Ethnic House

To start out we’ve got ourselves the track “Desert Rose” by MirroredReality. This track starts out with a lovely eastern-inspired beat with some background tunes which quickly changes to a piano being accompanied by different tunes which really gives it a dreamy feel. But the piano is also quickly replaced by yet another beat which changes continuously giving you a feeling of really walking through a desert. Then, at the end of the journey the beat changes as you finally reach an oasis and shortly thereafter the piano starts playing again but again gets quickly replaced by another beat and in the end the beat picks up a bit before once more returning to a calm beat. This song as you might have realized changes its beat often and in my opinion that’s exactly what makes it so special, all the changes really make it feel like a journey.

Night Blaze – Alicorn Commander | Orchestral

This next song is something that surprised me personally very much, I expected a lot of different things but what didn’t cross my mind was an amazing orchestral track. This track focuses a lot on epic sound, making you feel like you are in battle yourself following the orders of your alicorn commander. The song starts out with strings and a drum but quickly other instruments join in, making it feel like battalions come together on the battlefield to fight side by side against a dangerous enemy and you can hear the drums sound as the armies collide. After the battle is finished the beat calms down only to start sounding scared as if the winning army just realized it was all a trap and you can once again hear the fighting break out, this time the epic music holds out longer as if the battle had lasted through day and night until it suddenly stopped. This track blew off my feet as I first listened to it, the epic beat and slight changes mesmerize me every time and make this track even better than it already is.

Astedroid – Summerfest | Progressive House

Now it’s time for a really upbeat happy summer tune. Astedroid brings us this amazing track called Summerfest. The track starts out rather slowly, adds instruments slowly and becomes progressively louder until it speeds up and eclipses in an amazing chorus that really makes you wanna dance. Around the halfway point it slows down again and adds clapping which gives it the feel of a concert on a stage in the middle of summer. The track overall pretty much keeps to one beat and is built around it, which at first glance might sound lazy but no, the beat staying the same only gives it more the feeling of a concert on a beach and makes you wanna jump up and down. This song is a perfect track for all intents to just chill out and nod your head to, as a studying song in the background or to really throw down.

ricardofr-200 – Tribal Ponies 1983 | Synthwave

This track, even though it is named Tribal Ponies, starts out rather futuristic with a beat that sounds more like 2983. After some time other instruments chime in which makes it sound more tribal. The song pretty much stays the same for a long time until everything except for the main beat goes silent telling us that something is going to change. After that instruments chime in once again but this time it sounds more futuristic with less tribal sounding instruments telling us that our tribe of ponies has developed into a civilization of modern ponies who still honor their past and hold it dear.

Tw3Lv3 (feat. Drummershy, Koa, MC Arch) – One Small Thing | Progressive House

Ok everypony, last but not least of my featured five comes one of the, if not the best song from “Chocolate”. This lovely progressive house track from a whole group of artists is, even though the name would suggest it, not centered around Princess Skystar and Pinkie Pie. Contrary to what you might believe this is neither a remix nor a cover from the original “One Small Thing” from the movie, it’s its own song and if you ask me the “original” has nothing on this amazing masterpiece. But enough rambling about how amazing this song is, time to get to the bottom of it.

As a little bit of background the song was made as a thanks to Makenshi, whose article once, even though it was a small thing, went a long way to help Tw3Lv3 continue making pony music. The track already starts out amazing with just the instrumental playing, until the wonderful voice of Koa chimes in, singing about how one small thing can lead to something great, like an article can lead to a whole label being created. After that the instrumental takes over once more and speeds up until it eclipses in a chorus that is so amazing the word to describe it hasn’t been invented yet. In it Koa also lends her voice for a little line that, even though it’s just one small thing in this track, goes a long way to make it feel even more lively. Right after some more stunning instrumental MC Arch takes over with some stunning rap about how one small thing is all we need to make a difference and even if it isn’t always easy, if we stay positive we will be able to get through all the broken dreams. And even if one day we will have to go, the stories of us, our friends and our achievements will be told until the end of days. Shortly thereafter we get an amazing solo from Drummershy accompanied by just the beat and a few tunes. In the end Koa takes over again and sings about how one small thing can be the start of something great. For the big finale at the end all those small things are combined: the lovely beat by Tw3Lv3, the amazing lyrics by Koa and MC Arch and Drummershy’s amazing drums.

So these were my featured five, but just because I didn’t feature your favourite song in the album doesn’t mean it isn’t good, all the songs on the album are nothing less than stellar. In fact, here are some recommendations : “Broken Soul” by Dropper Vampire, “I Don’t Need You” by TheTaze ft. N. Hollow, “Take This” by Camelia. So up next is Luck Rock with some more amazing tracks, enjoy.
(End of Simon the Madhatterbrony´s part)

(Start of Luck Rock’s part)
It’s Luck Rock now and I wanna say how amazed I am with the vast variety of genres on this album! Here’s five songs I really appreciated:

Zythiria – Dreams | Chillout

Known for their chill tracks, Zythiria really brings something different to this album combining a peaceful composition filled with bright chimes with a faster, lively beat that transitions in and out with an ambient soundscape. The occasional running water sound and bongos in the background bring a lot of nature imagery to the relaxing parts of the song while their use of stop beats into quick fills are fantastic transitions into the more exciting portions of the track.

Jalmaan & Tw3Lv3 – Hidden Entrance | Psytrance

Let’s get a little more worldly with this album! Jalmaan and Tw3Lv3 focus this awesome track around the Egyptian lyre sound famously used in most desert landscape soundtracks. The heavy kick thump carries the beat hard and gives this song a very intense feeling which complements the increasingly dramatic lyre. The delay effect used on the instrument evokes visions of hallucinations on a perilous journey and the added choir ambience in the background is the perfect touch to solidify the powerful feel of “Hidden Entrance”!

生命 (seimei) – 干満 (ebb and flow) | Electronica

Sitting one song away from the end of the album, seimei has no problem showing why they belong on this album! Ebb and Flow is a fun and unique instrumental of continuously growing melodies and instrumentation with plenty of surprises. The track starts off by building around a light and upbeat synth riff before taking a hard left turn into a completely different style of song that focuses on a big-room electric guitar. Just when you get used to the new style, BAM! – you’re on a gorgeous beach with the ocean and some light chords…and then right back to the guitar with all the elements of the song filling in to close out the track. There’s so much crazy and innovative stuff going on you really have to hear it to believe it!

MirroredReality – Nocturnal | Trance

MirroredReality is a skilled producer who can work a lot of genres with a particular skill for composition. Starting off with a well-written piano intro accented by violins, the track goes back and forth between a slower piano-centric orchestration and an exciting synth-driven bop you can’t help but jam along with. The central key riff is fun and shows off MirroredReality’s ability to do so much by playing around one theme. Additionally, the transitions are clean and help keep the track exciting and diverse.

Dionte George – Café de Bon Bon | Jazz

Oh baby! Who doesn’t love when the fandom turns out an amazing jazz piece? It is no wonder a lot of people in this write-up wanted to cover it! Starting off slow with just a piano and some interesting chords, Dionte George soon introduces a slow jazz beat and a saxophonic composition that takes you away for the rest of the song. Based largely around the gorgeous saxophone, this song lives up to its name as it would be the perfect soundscape to any cafe. Personally, I can’t think of a better song to listen to while sipping hot cocoa on a slow, winter day.

I would have loved to cover “Home Sweet Home” by Heartsong, “Flame to Fire” by Voltex Pixel, Cynifree & Paloris, “Hate” by Burning Gryphon (feat. Bree, PrinceWhateverer, Stallionslaughter & Scoonie), and “Broken Soul” by Dropper Vampire, but we all have to share!
(End of Luck Rock’s part)

(Start of Nick’s part)
Hi everyone, I suppose it’s my turn to share some quality music! I’m NickBrony, and honestly I’m just happy to be here. Let’s get right into the next set of tracks from this wonderful album!

Reverbrony – Liberties Lost  | Hard Rock

I start today with a truly epic song, “Liberties Lost”. This track is everything you would expect from a rock song, save for vocals. Starting off with a guitar intro, which is quickly followed by the rest of the instruments joining in, including drums and bass, the song really starts off strong. Before long though, the intro is over, and the song really takes off with nonstop energy in the music and never slows down from there. You’ll never get bored listening to this track, that’s for sure!

DigitalBeef – Catharsis | Ambient/orchestra

Wow, where to start with this track? There’s so much to say – from beginning to end, this track provides an almost unexplainably great experience of music! This track begins with some strings that set the overall tone for the song. As the track progresses, the music slowly builds,  maintaining a constant stream of chill music. I’ll be honest and say this is one of my favorites on the album, and I can’t recommend it enough!

Zizkil – Just for the Night | Trap

I really like this track, it definitely vibes. The best way I can describe it is this: the song starts out with a lot of bass, drums, and other sounds, with a nice and consistent speed. Then, it slows down for a minute towards the middle, then quickly picks up again with more synth and bass, finishing out with a chill, slow sound. So overall, this song has a lot to offer: a fun, catchy electronic song, with chill elements throughout.

Sakuraboi – I Will Touch the Sky | Trance

Next up, I Will Touch the Sky! This track is definitely something: it starts out with a short intro, which I can only describe as celestial. The music quickly builds, and gradually grows into a rather synthy symphonic song, that gracefully moves along at a quick pace. After a short slowdown in the middle, the track builds up again and continues, sounding a little quicker and with more energy! Overall, this track is a great piece of trance music, that’s simultaneously chill and energetic!

Loophoof & NeverlastStanding- Take this (TCB Remix) | Future Bass

I finish my part in this collaboration with an absolutely fantastic piece of music, Take This! This song is another personal favorite of mine on this album, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that! With this track, it’s all electronic. You can expect lots of bouncy dance music that’s quick, catchy, and definitely upbeat. The track also flows really well, so throughout it you can expect nonstop wubs and the endless tapping of your foot!

Thanks for letting me be a part of this, guys! Honestly, with an album this good, it was hard to choose just five songs. Here’s five more I’d recommend:

Have Here remix, Alicorn Commander, Thunderbolt remix, a Thousand Moons Away, Home Sweet Home
(End of Nick’s part)

(Start of Makenshi’s part)
My turn! And I’m aiming for a critical hit! Then again it’s quite easy with such an incredible album, it gives me a +50% Critical Hit Rate boost… RPG references aside, it’s time to dig in the five tracks that I’m getting to cover for this review… Starting with a very RPG-like song!

Heartsong – Home Sweet Home | Soundtrack

Believe it or not, but the musical inspiration behind this song was a certain OST track from my favorite J-RPG and game ever, Final Fantasy 9. Heartsong encompassed those memories and that emotion into a brand new meaning about Equestria being our Home Sweet Home for us bronies, and I highly recommend that you check out the description on YouTube to see all the depth and love that the musician poured into this emotional song. A very special track for me, inspired by a game that is very special for both me and Heartsong!

Cynifree – Love Everything | Midtempo

I always look forward to Cynifree’s new releases so much, as they always tend to have that distinct emotion to them that tugs on my heartstrings in a way that I can’t explain. This one is no exception, with the emotional and effect-powered Fluttervocals sublimating an instrumental of so many wonders that gives me shivers. Deep, rich, and enthralling, this song is a journey in Nature with Fluttershy unlike any other!

Thorinair – Lessons in Friendship | Trance

I got introduced to this track a while back and I’m so glad that Thori finished it and submitted it to this album. “Lessons in Friendship” encompasses the love and emotion of the show in one gorgeous and emotional composition that definitely feels very special. The name is very fitting as it seems like it’s reflecting on the many lessons that we learned along Twilight and her friends over the course of the show!

Nicolas Dominique – Centuries Passed Away | Trance

This new track from Nicolas instantly became my new favorite from him, with such emotional melodies happening on those synths, creating a unique sensation that we don’t get so often. And right when you already got so much blown away, the track surprises you some more with more progression! A powerhouse of Trance, it’s a powerful tribute to Celestia that shines in the album like her sun!

Painters & Poets – Everything Here | Soft Rock

What better way to close off my review than with a Pinkie-themed track! With some subtle Pink Floyd vibes, this one echoes the depth of songs like “Time” with such lyrics and meanings. Check them out from the description on YouTube! Acouste Wholenote and SlightlyAmiss did wonderful as a duo once again, paying much tribute to Pinkie and offering a very relatable and reflective experience accompanied by the gorgeous vocals and the power of music…

And as for my 5 additional recommendations… Aside from “the whole album”, I would definitely suggest loophoof & NeverlastStanding – Have Here (TCB Remix), NeverLastStanding – Your Friend (Paloris & Ponyman Remix), Camelia – Take This, Violin Melody – One Thousand Years, and Dionte George – Café de Bon Bon!

You thought that review was over? Nope, there is one last member in this party! Thanks for the assist with this last track showcase, Canatime! One More!
(End of Makenshi’s part)

(Start of Canatime’s part)
replacer – swim | Indie Pop / Alternative Electronic

Thank you all for partaking in this ambitious endeavor of making one of, if not the longest article out of the five thousand on the website, and this album most certainly deserves it. I want to thank the reader too for getting this far.

The last bonus write-up will be about the antepenultimate track on the album: the captivating “swim”. Replacer says it’s “a song about swimming” but it clearly isn’t, or rather, it isn’t just about that. By now replacer’s obsession with the color blue has become quite evident, and this song is no exception, being blue in many ways. The ambiguity of the instrumental only matches the equivocalness of the lyrics with the repetition of the words “let me go down” and “swim in the ocean” contrasting with the “keep away” and the “stay away”. Most of replacer’s works bear several meanings, all intertwined and overlapping – and just like an ocean, the more you explore the more there seems to be left to discover. But all of them have an overarching tone they radiate. Here, the feeling of oppression and the uneasiness is transcribed with the underwater effects on all the instruments and the vocals, and by the fact that a lot is happening in the low frequencies as well. The song, most likely sung from the perspective of his OC, Happy Dream, leaves you pondering and leads perfecly into the end of the album.
(End of Canatime’s part)

All the songs are down! Here’s our chance for an All-Out Attack!

All-Out Attack HMH Party ASOS Chocolate

This is what this All-Out Article was about! We showed you some of the highlights of the album and just how many masterpieces this mega compilation album has in store for you. Now let’s party hard to celebrate once again the many wonders from A State of Sugar Chocolate!
Shoutouts to Drake for hosting this collab article and to Luck, Nick, and Simon for all making such an awesome party! We all get the same EXP! Anyway, go grab this album of insane quality if you haven’t already, and go hug the organizers and the musicians to show them your love! And here’s all of us writers at Horse Music Herald sending hugs to you for reading this and supporting the scene! Pony music forever!

Makenshi thank you so much for that beautiful outro! And…Lord…hehe that piece of artwork to put a nice cherry on top of this tasty review  This article was not possible with my comrades. So go listen to this album! As always, this Qilin and my very best teammates. Ask you to judge for yourself.


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