[P@D] L-Train – It Came From Next Tuesday | Surf Rock

It’s Ponies at Dawn time once again and that means all kinds of crazy-imaginative, new songs! The Australian shredder crafted this innovative take on It’s About Time, slapping some Twilight chops from the episode over a very California beach rock instrumental. The main guitar riff sets the tone right away with a classic, low-fuzz tone and a quick beat until suddenly you are right in the middle of a creative blend of fun times and chaos. The synth rounds the edges by adding fuzz and a sense of pandemonium to the track. Before you know what happens, L-Train slams you into a djent-y breakdown and It Came From Next Tuesday speeds out of control to its climax!


MelodyBrony – Better Life | Metal

It is always exciting to get an original track from MelodyBrony. While he is relatively new to the fandom (and young too!), Melody has proven himself a skilled songwriter and producer who is always improving. Better Life was written for the recent DustCar competition centered on Luster Dawn as a theme.

The first things you notice in this track are the metal guitars and the brilliantly mixed drums bringing a ton of energy. Melody sings from the perspective of Luster – curious about Twilight’s friends, the downsides to friendship, and how to become an accomplished unicorn like her mentor. Better Life is catchy, quick, and fun – a great pickup (as long as you don’t mind hearing magic still getting rhymed with tragic after ten years 😛 )


Vibeponiez – HomeWork | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The following article of Vibeponiez: HomeWork is a Horse Music Herald “All-Out-Attack!” Collab that is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart and Blackened Blue.
VibePoniez has returned with their second full-length album and third release overall, Homework! The album features 17 tracks from some of the fandom’s most talented and chilled-out electronic and lo-fi artists.

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JayB & Giggly Maria – Rain (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Whirly Tail has done it again, taking an absolute classic and giving it a magnificent Hardcore spin, creating a remix that is both true to the original and a legitimate original take. If you haven’t listened to the JayB and Giggly Maria original version, then please check it out! It’s a masterpiece that creates an amazing, enveloping atmosphere, and there is such a wonderful harmony between the music and vocals. I wish that more producers cared about melding a song together like this. What Whirly Tail does so well in this remix is to add urgency to the song, and the more percussive nature of this version shifts the listener into the storm itself. The vocals are now disrupted by the rain drops, the melody is caught in the deluge, and the song’s drops and choruses surge with electricity. The singer’s wish for rain has been answered with a torrent, but it’s a welcome one, and there’s nothing to do but dance through it! As the song comes to a close and the storm recedes, you just might find yourself wishing for your own delightful downpour.


Sky Sprinter – A Performance To Die For | House

You know, I love tracks such as this that show off an OC’s talent. This tune is a commission piece for a track about a character (who I believe is a deer OC) putting on some greatness before a crowd of ponies with some flawless tricks and grace that captivates the audience! The beat is so sick and electrifying, and the elements used put you right in the front row taking in this spectacle. Those keyboard notes are pretty rad I tell ya. Give Sky Sprinter (formally Jai Hyuk Choi) some love, and as always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


OnlyJustCrazy – Honest Ethics | Electro

Oh, we’ve got ourselves a very experimental track from OnlyJustCrazy with Applejack as the theme! This song is a love letter and funny way of showing love to the honest and strong AJ, with a large assortment of AJ vocal chops to please any fan with her charm and Applejack-isms. The melody has this beautiful and epic feel that gives AJ this amazing aura around her as a loved character. The vocal chops themselves are really integrated into the flow of the melody and the style of the bassline, and a track about AJ wouldn’t seem fitting without some good ol’ country guitar with the magic of FL stock sounds as OnlyJustCrazy has said in the video description. I say this is a lovely track my dude! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Toby Macarony – Accursed Magic | Alternate Electronic

Welcome to the party! Don’t worry–I’m sure that Pinkie’s friends were already like that when she found them. Finally, someone has addressed the need for more “dark western trap” (frankly a criminally underrepresented genre)! What’s great about this track (apart from being perfect for making your friends and family worry about your music listening habits) is how it takes elements found elsewhere on the “Shenanigans Two” album and twists them to serve its unsettling narrative. Choirs, synths, and distortion used to evoke wonder or adventure on other tracks create a foreboding atmosphere. The guitar that was a hero on “Chiptune Train” plays its last, tortured notes before never being heard from again. The grooving bass line, introduced after the instrumental opening, pairs with dark chimes to create a twisted music box melody. When joined by the guitar and ominous harmonica, it creates an amazing effect, completing Toby Macarony’s latest masterful layering of unlikely accompanying elements. The song jangles, rattles, and scratches its way to its dark conclusion as the light fades along with your hopes of escaping a terrible fate. All of this works amazingly well with the video, which in turn burns, wavers, and pulses to the music to great effect. To borrow from another Toby Macarony album title, this is grim, dark, and groovy stuff.


Ice Angel – Reunify Once More | Progressive House

Today we’ve got ourselves another song in celebration of the 10th anniversary, this time from the talented Ice Angel. The song starts out with a chord progression so lovely it will knock you off your feet, which is quickly built upon in an awesome way. Instead of a drop where you might expect one we’re met with another beat and even more awesome buildup, and this time we get to hear the awesome, breathtaking drop that is sure to make your head bob along. Then suddenly everything stops and makes way for an awesome piano solo. All of a sudden this House track turns into an epic orchestral piece which is sure to hype you up as the beat starts once more and builds up similarly until the synth changes, giving the whole song a feeling of a journey, a journey filled with awesomeness and unexpected adventures from start to finish. For the end the piano takes over again. My first reaction after listening to this song was to sit in silent for a solid minute until just letting out a single “wow”. Nothing more needs to be said. Go listen to the song!

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


[Equinity] Night Blaze – Moontown | Orchestral

When we reviewed Equinity 03: Breach, we said there were so many really good and different tracks. This is one of them. After a few listens I realized this track went way under the radar; knowing what this track is about now, it’s fantastic. The theme is all about Night Blaze’s theory on the origins of the bat ponies and how this song can be is just fascinating!  Them living and building a kingdom on the moon with the help of Princess Luna and learning to live their lives with night dragons… Just wow! (Not going to give everything away, the story is in the video description.) This track paints that picture of the kingdom of bat ponies with elements used like the piano, orchestral horns, violins and basses. Some awesome electronic harmonics are sprinkled in too to give this wondrous feeling of a thriving kingdom much like Equestria, (does this hint that Luna wasn’t evil; why as Nightmare Moon in her banishment?) and there is even a pretty epic guitar used with the score, and through this track you hear the bat ponies singing out in harmony as they are thankful for the help of the princess of the night. This is an amazing track that gives any fan of the bat ponies some joy, but the song however doesn’t explain why bat ponies have an addiction to mangos however, LOL. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. 


Dandelion Ass – A Pegasusgirl in the Secret Garden (feat. Helen) | Chillout

Fluttershy fans, this track is for you. This really captures why Fluttershy is such a beloved character of the show; I love Flutters too. The backstory of this track falls under the familiar headcanon of Twilight outliving her friends. Fluttershy has opened up her own vet clinic, found love, started a family with a stallion named Buddy, they had a foal named after the G1 pony Posey, which is fitting because she is essentially the G1 version of Fluttershy which Lauren Faust molded into the Flutters we love (the full story is in the video’s description). You will be fighting back tears as the melodies of this track tell the story of Fluttershy’s final day. The lyrics are sung by Helen as the singing voice of Posey as she fulfils Flutters’ final request. The elements used are a mix of Lo-fi beats, a pretty and soulful piano, and those harmonies… Oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous! And then the sad end with this moment of power and sadness with such a tear-jerking moment. Helen releases a high note accompanied by all the elements and this violin melody that signals Fluttershy passing away peacefully as her daughter sings to her. How can such a song be so chill and beautiful yet so sad and emotional but also be so good? Dandelion has made something very fitting of Fluttershy’s character. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.