CAPT – Detective Rarity??? | Electronica

CAPT started a new series going in the direction of spontaneous tributes to specific things from episodes and experimenting musically too! This first track about the very appreciated return of Detective Rarity in that one Pony Life episode is certainly having the series off to a great start, with Rarity’s antics accompanied by some tasty sounds and Electronic experimentation!


Sound Bandit & Friends (My Band) – The Song | Indie Pop / Alternate Electronic

A collab of no less than 34 musicians, this band’s new song was organized by Sound Bandit for the latest DustCar race calling for collabs, and boy did it deliver! The emotional vibes from both the instrumental and the vocals are palpable, and everypony felt that during the stream party of the race. Find the credits and links to all of the contributing musicians as well as the lyrics here!


RedSpark – Legacy | Orchestral

Spontaneous fan works about specific characters or themes from the show are so awesome!! RedSpark wins our hearts once again with a composition dedicated to the passing of power from Celestia to Twilight, and for a track made in such a short amount of time it sure it sounding amazing!!


Koron Korak – A Light Among Despair | Orchestral

Finding the light back at the end of the tunnel can be tough and can take a lot of time, but Koron seems to be off to a great new start after that difficult experience! Vent art is definitely good to help you cope with it too, and if it can be of any indication, the sheer magnificence of this track using violin and choirs is showing the might of creativity under such circumstances.


Ocean Melody – Waltz of the Stars | Lyre Solo

Paying tribute to Lyra from the acclaimed fanfic Background Pony some more, Ocean Melody treats us to a new waltz under the stars (giving me FF8 vibes with that title), expressing gratitude in the description as well for the occasion of Thanksgiving!


OnlyJustCrazy – Spiked Punch (Far Out, Dude) | Electro

OnlyJustCrazy/DnBeanie closes their Mane 6 & Spike series with an appreciated song about our dragon friend, taking an interesting approach… The song is blending cute melodies with Trap vibes so well, and it’s a combo that works well for this concept!


[P@D] John Kenza – Remember | Progressive Trance

So, everypony, for our next “Eclipse” track we’ve got John Kenza’s “Remember”–5 minutes of purely awesome Progressive Trance. The song gives off this video game-y vibe that immediately reminded me of the amazing times I have had with my friends playing all kinds of games, so I would say that if creating a sense of nostalgia is the goal then this song accomplishes that right out of the gate. But enough of me just rambling on–let’s get to this beauty of a track. The song, as I mentioned before, starts out on a video game-y beat and melody with an understated backing melody creating a little extra atmosphere until, without warning, it gets even more awesome by launching into a high energy, all-out beat. Then, suddenly, the music fades out. Surprise! A wild piano solo appears! I have seen piano solos used in the middle of EDM tracks more and more over time, and it is an amazing addition! After the piano plays its last note a beat begins that’s similar to the one before, and it really puts the progression into Progressive Trance. After that we get a buildup where you can actually hear the first notes of a new, third beat, and sweet Celestia the third one goes all out! It’s happy and upbeat, it has a melody that fits perfectly to the synth, and the drum loop is catchy as well. The outro with a ticking clock signals that you have reached the end of an amazing journey through your memories. I highly enjoyed the trip myself, and I hope that you will enjoy your own journey as you listen to this song!

As always thanks to thecanderson for making sure my writing actually makes sense!


[P@D] Totalspark and Tw3lv3 – Orbit | Liquid Drum and Bass

Today, everypony, we’ve got ourselves some lovely DnB tunes by Totalspark and Tw3lv3 straight from Ponies at Dawn’s newest album “Eclipse”. The track starts out with a muffled beat and a beeping timer counting down to the song, which fully embraces the beat after some lovely singing. The main theme is a faster DnB beat that really can’t be described other than saying it’s absolutely awesome. After the beat fades out we get some more lovely singing, and you can very slowly but surely hear the beat building up for the drop again. Another round of vocals then transitions the song back to the faster beat. But wait, there’s more! Rather than simply fading out, the song concludes with a lovely bit of piano that is at once calm, atmospheric, and gripping.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (feat. Lena Hall) (Ferality Bootleg Remix) | Electro House

Today we’ve got something very special, Everypony! Ferality Bootleg brings us this explosion of multiple genres thrown together, and it sounds amazing! The song mostly is a mix of Electro House, Complextro and Bass House with loads of other things sprinkled in making for a unique and awesome experience. The song starts out with a remixed and seemingly darker version of the original beat until the Countess herself blesses us with the amazing vocals for this song. Especially in the refrain you can hear the changes made to the beat which are done so well they sound like they were part of the original, which is something very difficult to pull off, but Ferality nails it. Then as we reach the apex of the build up the drop happens engulfing you completely in a seemingly new beat that fits perfectly into the track and will have you bobbing your head along. Coloratura then joins in again and makes this awesome drop even better! The song then settles into a calmer beat which it maintains until the end.

As always this article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!