TCB – :TWI: (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Future Bass

Today we’ve got ourselves a track by TCB remixed by Tw3Lv3. The track starts out with a lovely Christmas-y melody which is quickly joined by vocal chops, and the whole track ramps up a notch. The track is filled with crystal clean sounds and ascending/descending melodies. You get a drop, and then the melody calms down, only to throw another jump-worthy drop at you afterwards. It gives the whole track a definite structure while still shifting throughout, which is a difficult combination to pull off, but Tw3Lv3 absolutely nails it!

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Zephysonas – Windport | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves a shorter song by Zephysonas. “Windport” is a lovely Orchestral piece that gives you this feeling of summer and of freedom. The song starts out with a happy, upbeat, summer-y melody using lovely instruments that you immediately associate with going away on holidays. Later more instruments join in and give the whole song this vibe that made me think of Venice, which makes for a great theme. Closer to the end the instruments evoke a chill day on the beach. Overall, this sunny piece with vacation vibes is a welcome change to all the cold and snowy weather outside.

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Wandering Artist – Lullaby | Soundtrack

Today we’ve got ourselves a fantastic piece by the talented Wandering Artist. As part of the holiday OST for Ponytown we get a lovely combination of an alto glockenspiel and a piano. The track is really calming and perfect as a background track for just trotting around while waiting for Hearth’s Warming Eve.

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MelodyBrony – Better Rush! | Pop Punk

Right in time for Hearth’s Warming, MelodyBrony rushes (heh) back into the scene with an appropriately speedy song for the season, Better Rush! All about Best Gift Ever, the message is all about rushing to make ends meet and finding the perfect gift. I’m sure some of you can definitely relate to that feeling!


[P@D] replacer – high & dry | Indie Pop

Today we’ve got ourselves another amazing track from replacer! He brings us this fantastic (insert genre) track as part of P@D’s “Eclipse” Album. The song immediately grabs your ear with a catchy melody, and replacer doesn’t wait long before he throws some stunning lyrics at us. However, just because we have vocals now doesn’t mean the music gets any less amazing; it just takes a back seat and works in tandem with replacer’s voice for most of the track. The combination has an oddly calming effect, which is always a bonus for me. This is one of those songs I can highly recommend playing as soothing background music while doing any type of work so you don’t go all cray cray, and it’s also great for just chilling out after a long day at work or school. In the end we get the sound of wind whisking us on to the next track of our playlist. Twitter: @replacer808

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Heartlead – Downtown Housepony (That’s Right!) | House

Today we’ve got ourselves a first, everypony! I proudly present to you the first featured song of Heartlead. “Downtown Housepony” is a lovely house track that goes all out for seven whole minutes and still keeps everything fresh and new, never getting boring. The track starts us off with an amazing beat that is quickly joined by an equally awesome drum loop and some more components as the song continues. Close to the middle of the track another synth takes over center stage, and we have more of the awesome progression that keeps this track at a stellar grade, and the progression never stops! I could gush on for pages about the progression and the changes and vocal chops in this track, but I think you get the point, so go on and listen to it yourself!

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MirroredReality- Magic | House/Psytrance

Today everypony we return to MirroredReality, who brings us an amazing House/Psytrance mix song about the greatest and most powerful Magician and Showmare in Equestria! The track starts out extremely catchy but only gives you enough time to realize what a masterpiece you’ve stumbled on before it throws the first build up and drop at you. In the drop especially you can hear the Psytrance elements shining but always with this happy house vibe. After the drop ends the song transitions more and more into this darker Psytrance vibe until the second drop fully embraces it, which makes for a lovely progression. After the second drop we return once more to the happy upbeat melody which is quickly replaced by a more mysterious beat only to be added back on, making for an odd but just as awesome combination. For a third drop we get a combination of drops one and two for a final progression. As an outro we once more get the happy House/Psytrance melody from the beginning.

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Crusader! – Firelight (Covering Aurelleah & John Kenza) (feat. PegasYs) | Folk

Today everypony we have an awesome remix by Crusader! of a classic. Crusader! has the perfect voice for a happy upbeat cover of this amazing song. The track starts with a lovely Melodica solo accompanied by a little guitar until Crusader! begins singing the amazing lyrics, which are now mostly accompanied by the guitar. As we near the drop the guitar nearly completely disappears until the drop. Oh the drop–what I haven’t mentioned yet is that Crusader! doesn’t use any of the original synths or drum loops, and the effect is that, especially in the drop, with the guitar and the Melodica going wild, it feels like a whole new song! After we return to the lyrics Crusader! surprises us once more by all of a sudden adding claps, hammering in the campfire vibe. The claps disappear as we near the drop. Leading with the classical Crusader! GO!,  we get an even more beefed up version of the drop than before, this time with the addition of the claps and even more. For the finish we first get a combination of both vocals and the drop before the outro takes us home with some more awesome singing.
So time for some more detail gushing!
You might have realized it or not (it certainly took me a few listens through), but at some points Crusader! accentuates the lyrics a bit differently than PegasYs did in the original, making for a small but all the more amazing difference that helps make this feel like a whole new song. In addition to all the things I mentioned above you can also at times hear a clarinet playing as a bit of a background melody.

Once more thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading and happy holidays to all of you!


GeekBrony – Pony Zone: Round Three (feat. 15ai & PVPP) | Drum and Bass

Psst…it’s time.


That’s right – after the first two installations earlier this year, GeekBrony went all out with a full visual video and song 5 months in the making. We return to the pony zone, this time focusing on Rainbow Dash and Applejack whose chops were supplied through show clips and the help of 15ai and the Pony Voice Preservation Project. The instrumental works well with the DnB beat given the quick, heart rate-increasing tempo. GeekBrony makes great use of an added synth to transition measure to measure. While that loops, the focus stays primarily on what the ponies are singing to the listener.

The lyrics and erotic and degenerate.

The visuals on the video are pretty amazing! GeekBrony edited the whole video to have each member of the Mane 6 on screen singing their parts, moving around, and making faces. There are some added flash graphics for those that know. It is really captivating to watch and helps demonstrate just how much work went into this project!


7th Stive – Frames | Bass House

Every now and then there’s a song that catches you off guard with how good it is! It should be no surprise that 7th Stive can turn out a hot, dirty mix like Frames given how hot their tracks have been this year!

Frames is the first song off their amazing new album of the same name (which you should definitely check out and buy!) The track starts off with an unassuming lead, syncopated excellently to lead into the beat. The bass on this track is fantastic – making it impossible not to nod your head along. Add in some extra sound effects and professional sound design and you’ve got an amazing door into an even more amazing album!