Violin Melody – Hope (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Uplifting Trance

Today we return once again to Nicolas Dominique, this time with an amazing remix to Violin Melody’s “Hope”. The track starts out with a lovely drum loop and quickly the synths, who are muffled at first become clearer and take over, later on another synth joins in which really gives this song power. Later the song changes a bit and we get an all new combination of drum loop and synths giving everything a lovely progression. This track is more on the simple side and that, for me, is actually something I prefer in combination with trance, this happy simple melody makes it perfect for working while the song is in the background to keep your spirits high.
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Thunder Dash – Celestia’s Anthem To The Sun | Pipe Organ Ballad

Now for something very different and pleasant. We don’t get a lot of classy musical scores that pay tribute to Celestia’s character, let alone a score done by a pipe organ! I am not going to lie. It is nice that her character is at last getting a song like this. Let’s put aside for a moment how she was used in the show and focus of her character. Celestia is everything we could want in an all-powerful character. She is wise, she is very beautiful, she is very nurturing and supportive, and she is very powerful with full control of her Alicorn magic! At her core however, she’s just a regular pony. She will talk, guide, and be supportive of anyone that she can help. She is somepony that, through just a conversation, can not only make you feel comforted, warm, and cozy, but also powerful, mighty, and ready for a fight if needed.

The score of this song along with the artwork (WOW!) speaks to these strengths and touches on how precious she really is to a lot of bronies, Thunder Dash has put together something that Celestia’s fans can really just listen to and smile. Just close your eyes and picture yourself in the room with Celestia in all her glory enjoying this song with all of her dear ponies that she loves so very much. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


TheBluishPony – Wub Wubs | Electro

You know, the use of with pony voices can be very creative and pretty useful if done right. In the case of TheBluishPony, this track seems to pay homage to everyone’s favorite Vinyl Scratch! As the track is titled, there are various types of WUBS in this track. Big one, little ones, rumbling ones, popping ones, vibing ones, crushy ones, all with this smooth and cool baseline to back the track as the wubbing carries on! While I’m not sure what to think of the pony AI characters talking so much trash, the music itself it like all of us reacting to it live, hehe! Overall, this track is smooth and delightful. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


FilledSilhoutte – Rarity’s Fashion Playlist | Album | Future Funk / French House

FilledSilhoutte is back with their last album under their aforementioned alias and I have to say its a really treat of funky and fresh vibes all around! A great assortment of fifteen future funk and french house tracks and if you aren’t already familiar with Silhoutte’s style and flare, you are in for a TREAT!

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