Night Blaze – The Night the Lunar Ground Shifted | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Night Blaze creates a beautifully powerful mood in this orchestral piece that conveys an epic, interstellar feel from start to finish.  The track skillfully balances the deep and dark elements of the night with the nighttime’s lighter elements of majesty and peace.  The track begins with heavy, sustained piano chords that establish a weighty atmosphere.  Soon, a twinkling melody casts forth the warm glow of a sky filled with constellations.  Later, this light melody falls away and is replaced by emotional strings and majestic choirs undergirded by tympanic drumbeats of war in the heavens. Finally, the orchestra pulls away to highlight the piano and return to the beginning melody, creating a more peaceful, “the storm has passed” mood.  Still, the solemn piano chords continue to the end, hinting that behind the curtain of beauty painted by the peaceful night, the storm has left much sadness and pain in its wake.


Dandelion – Daring Doo’s Theme | Synthwave

Today we’ve got ourselves something of a throwback in the sense that the technology used to make this song is of the older variety. This is a lovely Synthwave track actually played real time with a bunch of different instruments, a list of which can be found in the description on YT. The song starts out with a small sound bite which, believe it or not, is not actually taken from the show but rather is voiced by the amazing MeleePrincess, and then we go straight into the Synthwave sweetness with a lovely melody. The melody itself has loads of changes and never stays the same for long, and everything has this amazing progression to it. We end on another awesome sound bite by MeleePrincess.
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Note: This song is actually a reupload of a song released before under the alias Shining Mane. Find the post of the original upload here.


SeriousDamir – Army Of The Moonlight | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves something a little bit different from SeriousDamir. “Army of The Moonlight” is a dark, interesting orchestral piece. The piece starts out with deep, dark strings giving a sense of dread. Soon those strings are joined by epic drums, and the song becomes a bit lighter but no less intense. A bit later on we get a complete change as a sinister choir joins the mix, and the song ramps up quite a bit and gets fuller which makes for a nice effect. Later on the choir stops and the song calms down again giving everything this lovely progression before the song calms even more down and a lot of the instruments leave with only the drums and dark strings remaining. After a while the rest of the arrangement is added back in before we end on a piano solo.


TIFWhitney – Le Derp (Aventrix Bootleg Remix) | Electro Swing / Complextro House

The original version of this song by TiFWhitney is a bouncy delight that fuses electro swing and glitch hop to great effect. This version retains those wonderful elements but delivers them at House pace creating a danceable and delightful uptempo remix! The song sounds as if it was always intended to run at express pace, and the Derpy vocal chops are a nice addition, too. Also, if you got a little bit of a Star Wars cantina vibe from the music then you might enjoy the choice of artwork for the video. The Derp is strong with this one.


Japkozjad – Hi | Electro / Glitch-Hop

Inspired by the simple word “Hi” from Pinkie, Japkozjad delivers a catchy melody and fun sound design that perfectly fits the bouncy nature of our favorite pink party pony. Darker, glitchy sound design in the drop sections highlights the contrast between Pinkie’s upbeat, quirky personality and her undefinable, almost other-worldly nature. Even the melody itself is not all sunshine and rainbows; instead, it emphasizes Pinkie’s depth. Even though joy and laughter are her defining traits, she displays and array of emotion. She always comforts those feeling down in whatever way is needed, be it cheering them up with a party or just listening to the pony in need, perhaps, sometimes, even shedding a few tears with them. Even when she’s feeling down, it usually doesn’t take long for her to bounce back. This creative track really highlight the multifaceted aspects of Pinkie’s disposition while still keeping the overall upbeat tone she is known for.


Algo at All – just the view | Alternative Electronic / Ambient

Drawing inspiration from Autumn Blaze’s lyric, “just the view for company,” Algo at All skillfully captures Autumn’s conflicting emotions during her exile from the Kirin Village.  This unique ambient track begins with neutral vibes but soon transitions into something darker, symbolic of how Autumn may have felt as she sat in solitude near her castaway-style hut and stared down at the beautiful valley below.  The melancholy nature of the piece effectively conveys the pain of Autumn’s self-imposed isolation, the difficult choice she made in order to preserve her freedom of expression.  The whispery background vocals hint at the quiet conversations that may have played softly in Autumn’s imagination, as she clung to the hope of one day sharing her thoughts with someone who would understand what she has lost and the price she has paid for her freedom.  The piece soon gains a lighter mood, however, as Autumn sings of the importance of keeping her voice.  The greatest strength of this track is the expression it gives to the progression of Autumn’s emotions throughout her exile.  We can see her initial resolve, her subsequent doubt about that choice she has made, and finally, the joy she feels as she meets someone she can talk to.  At this climactic moment, the fire is reignited within her as she celebrates her principled choice with more confidence than ever.


Frozen Night – Nymerion | Epic Orchestral

Frozen Night’s new release, Nymerion, brims with the promise of heroic adventures that are sure to ignite the inner hero in us all!  Nymerion is the first track to be released from Frozen Night’s upcoming album, Time’s Arrow, which will have its own novel like story and will serve as a prequel to his previous album, Thorn of the Frozen Star. In this story, Nymerion is the capital city of a land of dragons, and the oriental sound design in this piece perfectly fits this concept. A gentle melody flows like epic wind throughout the piece. Peaceful woodwinds backed by majestic strings and choirs create a truly awe-inspiring mood. Seamless transitions between minor and major chords create a sense of a peaceful time gone by, while still hinting at conflict to come. If this is only the first taste of the new album, then we can expect great things to come, and be sure to follow along with the story, as well!


Tw3Lw3 – Simp EP | Multi-Genre

If for some odd reason this is your first time listening to Tw3Lv3 then there are a couple of things that you should know: She is known for her high quality production of music that she seems to do at record speeds, and she is also known for her remixing ability allows her to change canon or fan made songs by adding her creative magic that makes the track even more epic or take it in a direction that makes it her own. Oh, and she is so versatile that she is able to do just about any genre. TCB is one of her close friends and another creative genius producer. And so, my friend,  with this album you get “a journey into a world of pure imagination | take a look around and you’ll see into your imagination,” as Willy Wonka once said. Six of TCB’s best songs remixed and reimagined as only Tw3Lv3 can. If you still have not hear Tw3Lv3’s magic, you are going to find out why she is one of the hottest musicians in the fandom. Now, enough talk. Let’s have a look!

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PrinceWhateverer – Remember Me (feat. Blackened Blue) | Metal

Is it me? or is PrinceWhateverer improving on telling a story through his music? This deep track from Starlight Glimmer’s point of view integrates the events of seasons five and six. Prince sings about Starlight’s desires to improve herself and the events of yearning to once again see Sunburst. Starlight hopes that her old friend remembers and feels the same, and maybe something more. Prince is on top of his vocal game along with the help of Blackened Blue in the harmonies, to screaming with sorrow for her anger and sadness. The heavy metal and sweet piano chords are oh so fitting for this track; gets you right into the head of Starlight, front and center. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Whirlwind – Thank You | Piano Solo

This right here is just precious, done by my friend Whirlwind in honor of the day he found this show and this fandom. My word, what a lovely piece of music. Just close your eyes and think about how this show and fandom have shaped you. Whirlwind and myself talk about music all the time, and I gotta tell you, when he says this show changed him for the better, it shows in these sweet, friendship filled piano notes with a hint of the sunshine and birds chirping. You can’t help but picture you and your friends at a pony con, at a meetup or in a Discord server just talking about the characters that have meant so much to us all. Have a listen and take in Whirlwind’s joy, and as always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.