Spikey Wikey – This Season | House

Everypony, prepare yourselves for some amazing House music! Spikey Wikey brings us this fantastic track by the name of “This Season”. The track starts out with some awesome drum loops and a few more background instruments. Soon you can hear short teases of the melody, and, with a sharp breath, the song kicks into a catchy house melody and accompanying pony vocal chops. The lovely melody is guaranteed to immediately grab you, and it’s not gonna let you go any time soon!

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Noizzer – Catacombs EP | Ambient / Experimental

There’s something to be said for musicians that embrace their musical past and acknowledge it for what it is rather than deleting everything, and Noizzer’s re-release of this very early work admirably embraces that ethos with aplomb. As the album description says, the premise of the album is that Discord has imprisoned Twilight in a catacomb, and she must now find her way out. It’s some of Noizzer’s earliest work, so he cautions the listener about the quality, but I thought that it was a really cool concept that actually resulted in some interesting and enjoyable music. Let’s dive into what Nozzier came up with!

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Songbird Choir – Appleoosa Rag – Piano Solo

Ahhh, more season one-inspired music! It really takes you back to the days of just how charming FiM really was becoming! This delightful piano solo takes you back to the episode “Over A Barrel.” Songbird Choir grabs you in the flavor of classic old west charm as you could very well hear this coming from the salt saloon as you take your tour of APPLEOOOOOSA! Please support and check out Songbird Choir’s other charming works. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Koron Korak – Octavia Dead and Unforgiven (Covering AaRD) | Orchestral

(Listen to the original Here!)

The power you find even in the darkness. Why, the emotion behind this track is very personal to Koron Korak. (In all seriousness, give the guy some love and encouragement or a hug!) This cover of AaRD’s score is just breathtakingly pretty. The melodies are very lush and plentiful. Taking the original and beefing it up with his skill with the Violin and Cello. They are some major Russian/German influences within this cover that gives the track a rich favor and pulls you into the emotion; as Dionte George told me, “It kinda also sounds like opera seria (serious opera) in a way. Please support Koron, my friends, and send him some kind words of support. As always, this qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SpinScissor – Everywhere at Once | Liquid Drum & Bass

Today we’ve got ourselves an awesome Liquid DnB / Indie Pop track by the amazing SpinScissor, and this one has everything from awesome vocal chops to amazing original singing. But enough rambling–let’s cut straight to the chase!
After a very short ramp up the song launches into a full arrangement, and we immediately get the vocals accompanied by the amazing liquid melodies, and here’s where I point out the obvious: A Seaquestria song and LIQUID DnB? I love it! Later on we get some pitched Sweetie Belle vocals from the song “Your Heart Is In Two Places” from the episode Surf and/or Turf. Then there is a short instrumental buildup before the vocals join back in. Later on we get a bit of a beat change which is presented in an awesome instrumental part. Shortly after that we get vocals paired with more pitched vocal chops which later take over completely before the song ends with another instrumental section.

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SeriousDamir – Big Iron (Parody) | Country

So, everypony, today we’ve got ourselves something special. SeriousDamir brings us this amazing Parody of “Big Iron”, a song from Fallout: New Vegas, and what could be better than turning that song into a Fallout Equestria song! But enough of that–let’s get straight to the song! The song starts out with a lovely acoustic solo that first made me think of Avicii, and believe me when I say that what we’re about to get is just as awesome! Quickly the vocals set in (everything is ponified, of course) and everything is accompanied by the guitar and backing vocals. The song’s lyrics take the original version, in which a ranger is after a guy called Texas Red, and change things up so that Littlepip is after the enclave colonel Autumn Leaf and her trusty “Big Iron”, who is of course Little Macintosh. Pip travels through town after town, all the while accompanied by the guitar and backing vocals, and everywhere she goes they know her as the “Hellmare”. She travels all the way to Red Eye’s cathedral, and in the end she not only finds her target but also Red Eye himself. After everything is said and done we end with some more awesome guitar.

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Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (Snow Swirl Remix) | Garage

Snow Swirl’s interpretation on the season six number A Changeling Can Change makes things more homely. The intro features an ethereal synth behind some charming bell sounds and vocal samples before Spike’s vocals kick in proper. This beat really works well with the song’s melody, bringing in all those homely vibes! Can’t get enough of this one.


[Equinity] 7th Stive – Blazed | Dark Techno

Today we’ve got ourselves yet another lovely track from the recently released fourth Equinity album “Immersion“! This one is an amazing Dark Techno song by 7th Stive. This track starts out darkly and with a slow build up until we get some static and a change of the beat, more static, and yet another beat change, this time with part of the first beat also implemented. After yet another beat change we return once more to the first beat and then get more static to transition into a different beat again. We end on a fast and fun beat that is combined again with the very first one.
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Dandelion & Alex – PonyTron-Ic 2000 | Synthwave

Here we go, everypony! After Dandelion had Alex perform “Art Of The Dress” and make a stunning cover out of it, the duo have now picked up the EDM music again and made this fantastic original piece.
The song starts out with a slow build up that includes a lovely piano, and then we get the first of many vocal chops taken from both pony games and the show. Then we get the first drop and, oh god, it’s amazing! The drop is an astounding explosion of Synth melodies, and it’s just lovely! The song then doesn’t calm down for a while; when it does we once more get a focus on the main leads that Alex made. Later, intro-ed by a rarity vocal chop straight from the show, we get another build up, and then we get the amazing drop again, this time also featuring claps which give it just this last bit of fullness and make it so much more awesome. To end the song we get some more vocal chops, and the track slowly goes silent.

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[Equinity] Proto_ssin & GrazySmash – Depth (Part One) | Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves a lovely collab from GrazySmash and Proto_ssin straight from the newest Equinity Album “Immersion“!
This song starts out with amazing choirs that give this deeply immersed and epic feeling that later transitions into a lovely melody after which the song fully starts with the main beat. After a while the main synth joins in, and the song experiences a slight change as the intensity ramps up. The drop is prefaced by a little text in the video, and then it’s just a fun trance explosion of upbeat synths that still seem sad. After the drop the song calms down a lot just to pick up again later, and it maintains this energy until the end.

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