Algo at All – Wonders | Drum & Bass

Pony music still thrives in the community and that makes me so happy!! Here Algo at All presents us an utterly wonderful and aptly named beauty of a track, showcasing emotional pony vocal chops and an equally emotional instrumental. Reminiscent of SGaP’s stuff all while feeling fresh and unique, this awesomely composed gem is sublimating the voice of our beloved characters and calling for our shared feelings toward them, making a special emotion happen, and resonating with our Passion!


PSFMer – Hice | Techno

Man, let me tell you there is still a fantastic charm to good old fashioned Techno. Enter this track by PSFMer. It’s rather trippy with a satisfying tempo with the bass kicks and pound elements that want you to get up and move your flanks. The scene itself is a party inside Twilight castle of friendship, and man, the new ruler of Equestria, is just loving this moment with her friends. Who could not blame her? The percussion and the bright elements make this track so entertaining. Oh, if you listen close, you can hear the vocal chops of the Mane 6 talking about if Fluttershy is a tree or not? Just kick back and listen to yet another charm about PSFmer as a brony musician! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Tw3Lv3 & 4EverfreeBrony – Introversion | Chill Pop

By hearing the opening plings of the blues guitar, you know this is going to be unique; Why would you expect anything less from a collab such as this! A dream pairing for talents that have one particular thing about them, they share in common. “Versatility,” How else can track about Princess Skystar and the Seaponies desire to once again come out of hiding and fear sound sooo smooth! To see the sunset, the mountains, and beauties of Equestria again, without the fear of the Storm King. We first have Tw3Lv3, who is a little over two short years has become one of the most versatile and dynamic music producers in the whole fandom, Able to blend styles and genres like their peas and carrots and make it sound easy. It is no wonder she has become so renowned within the music community! Then there is 4everfreebrony. The music man can adapt his musical skills to anyone’s style and kill it with his voice or talent playing the guitar every time!

This song is such a splendid example of what these two can do. Tw3lv3 composes a stunning hybrid of blues and lo-fi with soft melodies and chimes that feed into the soul of the sea ponies’ message with a sprinkle of violin for taste! Bringing something new to the table is 4everfreebrony, who lends his voice to this beat as someone who knows that lo-fi is not his cup of tea. You would not guess that listening to him sing with this ultra-smooth blues style makes you smile at how much swagger you hear. Plus that blues guitar. It makes you close your eyes and feel so delightful and light. This track seems to be fate to show how to skill the two of them have in adapting their talents. It’s a dream match that has been worth the wait! Way to go, both of you, for this treat of a song!

You can catch this one-of-a-kind song on P@D: Oceansong very soon! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


PumpkinZ – Diamonds and Spoons 2021 | Melodic Dubstep

(You can see just how far PumpkinZ has come with this remake by listening to the original here!)

Ah, this track is the perfect showcase of how far you can come in just a year. To learn for yourself, listen to the original real close. I’m sure you’ll hear the more vibrant and colorful melodies that give this track just a little more of a spark. Charming and wholesome to your ears. Your notice the keyboard too! Adding a luxurious vibe to this composition, it’s like you’re enjoying a super amazing sleepover with the reformed bullies over at Diamond’s big mansion! The vocal chops add a flavor of them having a good time with friends. This remake shows you that a musician’s talent can improve with little feedback and help from good friends (thanks TCB and JohnKenza!).


Spikey Wikey – H.O.R.S.E. (The Word Is) (Rokii Re-Remix) | Techno

(You can listen to the original track here and Rokii’s first remix here!)

RokiiDokiiLoki’s music is personally some of my favorite music composed in this fandom due to his style of creating these fascinating melodies that change their tone and emotions with each build-up to his drops. You hear this consistent beat and baseline of the track always, but he always seems to add more exciting layers and elements that keep upping the ante to the music. In his extended re-remix of H.O.R.S.E, it is no different as you listen to each of the drops; the elements and atmosphere change in a snap. Honesty, if you never heard Rokii’s stuff, this is the greatest strength of molding music to his will with just a few twinks to elements used! After the first drop, you get a more intense and bouncy feel—the mood switches after the 2nd drop. You are now treated to electric violin and crunchy elements to add to the harmonies. In the 3rd drop, you get a more vibrant and banging version of the track’s main beat that you should know from his set from the first burning mare! This is honestly Rokii’s MO, and it’s soo delightful to hear. Ohh, yeah.. the vocal chops, even those, are used in a way to set up the drops! I must also highlight the video animation that comes with this video. Little known fact: Rokii also has the talent to do his animations, so much love to him for that! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Stallionslaughter – Equestrian Diabolic | Album | Death Metal

WARNING: This is a Stallionslaughter album, so swearing and lyrical themes of gore and sexual abuse are abundant. But you knew that already, so click ahead for the review.

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Daniel Ingram – Rules of Rarity (Repent In Reprise’s Steampunk Arrangement) | Soundtrack

It’s been a year since Repent in Reprise’s last MLP steampunk arrangement, but now they’re back with Rules of Rarity! This one gives it a different feeling, as if Rarity’s an ancient ruler from a distant land. Such is befitting for a mare as elegant as her. To me, it feels like an extension of the pessimistic lyrics from the original song’s reprise which really gives it that unique touch, which I really like!


[P@D] RKDM – Superstratus | Electro

Here it is, the first pre-release track from Ponies At Dawn’s newest Compilation album, “Oceansong“. And what a banger it is! RKDM brings us this awesome Electro song called “Superstratus”, and it is indeed super! With a sort of chiptune sound to it and a lot of awesome pony vocal chops, this song blew my expectations away, and I’m sure that it will exceed yours, too! One special thing I want to point out is that, for the first drop, we start with the normal build up and stuff, but when we all wait to jump RKDM completely breaks our expectation and starts this drop completely muffled. It’s one of many interesting narrative decisions throughout a song that is simultaneously summery and intense!
Proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


Daniel Ingram – Music in the Treetops (SpinScissor Remix) | House

Today we get a brand new remix from SpinScissor, this time of a lovely show song that hasn’t quite gotten the attention it deserves. This track starts out with just the melody accompanied by some awesome Flutterchops, and it slowly builds up until we get the awesome vocals that build everything up even more before we get some more instrumental. In what might be the quickest final build up I’ve ever heard we get to a drop made of the sweetest of melodies and the most melodic yellow horse noises. As the drop ends the vocals set back in, and we’re treated to another combination of first lyrics and then lovely instrumental. This time the drop just sets in as part of the instrumental with next to no build up, something I’ve never heard before but definitely enjoyed. As sort of a final act of this second drop SpinScissor combines the drop with the awesome lyrics and ends the song on a lovely last bit of instrumental.

This article was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him.


MirroredReality – Harvest | House

Today we’ve got ourselves another awesome track from MirroredReality, by now we’re used to this guy releasing banger after banger, but with this one he really blew it out of the water. The fun House beats, the build ups, the drops–everything is perfect. If anyone doubts that House is worthwhile or thinks house is all bad, I advise that they listen to this here track. I can guarantee their opinion will change!

Proofread by theCANderson, all the thanks to him!