Steryotype – Study Tapes Vol​.​1 | Album | Lo-fi

Here’s something different and vibe-y! Study Tapes Vol.1 is Steryotype’s brand new beat tape – full of creative productions and samples that show off the innovative possibilities of the lo-fi genre. Most of the tracks last just long enough to set the tone and get some solid samples, while a few of the tracks on this tape are fleshed out and meant to stand on their own.

One of the standout demos is called Bleu and combines a more lively jazz beat with a trumpet carrying the melody. Combined with the lo-fi soundscape and a couple of charismatic chops, this sample really grabs your attention and is super fun to nod along to.

The longest track on the 19 track tape is UnVerguenza which utilizes the marimba for the melody and a subtle piano to fill out the background. This chill song is the quintessential lo-fi beat – chill, not too complicated, stands on its own, and is perfect to get lost in.

Study Tapes Vol.1 shows off a lot of what lo-fi fandom music can be, and hopefully we will get to see some of these tracks put to great use. Steryotype represents the genre well and has a great commitment to his craft. Lookout for more from this talented creator and hopefully we will get a Volume 2 in the future!


[VibePoniez] Skyshard – Cloudsdale Ascended | Hybrid Orchestral

This uplifting track could fit well as a BGM for some kind of event in Cloudsdale and perhaps that was part of its concept! Electronic elements blended with Orchestral elements are making for a creative experience savored best while imagining a scene happening in Cloudsdale with your favorite ponies!


Ponytronic – Myopia | Drumstep

Creative even when blinded, this new endeavor by Ponytronic is sharing some more story and thoughts involving Tavi and Vinyl as you can read from the description, all while laying out a progression of sound design and rhythmic wonders!


Acid Applejack x Valoria – 20% Louder | Bass House / Future House

Who’s up for a nostalgic song making use of classic pony vocal samples, all while feeling so fresh? Check out Acid Applejack’s new collab with Valoria and how they’re calling back to the early days, or rather, keep those special days happening in the present!!


Cherry Blossom – Fluttershy’s Peace | Orchestral / Acoustic

Cherry Blossom aka MidnightFritz presents us their own share of so many wonders with a lovely Fluttersong featuring the art of Aquila and their daughter! A tribute to the episode Filli Vanilli and its moral, the piece conveys soothing vibes that Flutter would approve of! Also, that title has got to remind me of Kyne’s Peace from the OST of Skyrim!


Daniel Ingram – Cafeteria Song (Lexie Remix) | Future Funk

Well, everypony, the very first Equestria Girls movie might have been out for a while now (8 years!), but that doesn’t mean that we won’t still get awesome remixes of its songs! Today, I bring to you a great new remix by Lexie. This track starts out right away with the lyrics and then quickly brings in the funk. We also get this awesome bass guitar (that goes on through pretty much the entire song) followed soon by some great, funky synths and even some trumpets! Soon we get into some awesome vocal chops and a backspin effect, which I didn’t expect to hear, but it certainly increases the funk of this song! As we leave the vocal chops we get back to the normal lyrics with some more bass and some more trumpets. We end this track with some more of the great vocal chops.
This was proofread by the great theCANderson. Big thanks to him!