Dynamite Grizzly – Greater Dawn | Hard-Tech

Starting off with a rather holy sounding melodic vocal hook and jungle-style drum roll you’d expect this track to be a delicious foray into Drum & Bass. However, the track quickly opens up into a much more decadent mix of hardcore meets hard-tech. The further addition of Arabic inspired instruments and Heavy Rock guitars makes this track a very unique listening experience. The seemingly incompatible sounds work very well together making the track just as pleasant to listen to as it is uncommon.


FritzyBeat & NyxTheShield – Scootaloo’s Wings (covering JackleApp) | Acoustic

FritzyBeat is no stranger to beautiful vocal work and it shows in this wonderful cover of a JackleApp track, Scootaloo’s Wings. Fritzy is joined by an Undertale fan-music veteran, NyxTheShield, on guitar. It’s a wonderfully powerful rendition; the guitar strumming is smooth and expertly plucked with vocals perfectly layered atop. Fritzy’s vocals are considerably deeper and more drawn out than the original, and the guitar plucks from NyxTheShield more sharp too, making this track a treat even for those intimately familiar with the original.