Altius Volantis – Spark of Friendship | Chillout

Today we’ve got ourselves a lovely Chillout track by the amazing Altius Volantis. The song starts out with a lovely, calm melody that is soon joined by an equally relaxed synth and even more. As the song progresses most of these elements subside, and in the end the gentle melody carries us away on the night breeze. This is another song I really recommend for just lying down and putting on repeat as you just, well, chill out, as the calming beat is perfect for that. There are no big beat fireworks here, just the gentle reassurance that the spark of friendship will carry you through anything.

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Arabesque Sympony – One More Day (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Synth Rock

Ok, everypony, today we have another song by Arabesque Sympony! This time he brings us a fantastic Rock cover of “One More Day” from the Christmas special “The Best Gift Ever”. The lyrics are kept pretty much the same as the original and are sung by Arabesque himself, so let’s get to the bottom of this piece! The song opens with the original melody remade by Arabesque as he sings along with his guitar accompanied by traditional folk strings. As he sings the instrumental builds up, and for a brief passage the instrumental takes center stage while Arabesque’s voice is more in the background, which makes for an amazing change. There is a brief instrumental section as the song builds up to the chorus, which has a very bass-forward rock delivery. After that the instrumental calms down a bit for a slower part, and we actually get a synth-y folk beat in the background. As we leave the slower part the instrumental builds up again until it peaks in the chorus. After the chorus the instrumental and the lyrics actually interchange, and the song ends on some lovely piano notes.

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StealingShad3z – Pretty Penny Betting Her Last Dime | Pop Punk

Today we return to StealingShad3z with a Friendship with Benefits Song! The song starts out with a bit of instrumental giving it some time to build up before the vocals begin (as I did with the article for Vylet Pony’s “LESBIAN PONIES WITH WEAPONS”, I’m gonna tackle the lyrics for this one in a separate part later on). While the vocals are going on the song builds up in the background preparing for the chorus. For the chorus Shad3z delivers some lovely vocals while the background music is still building up, culminating in a short but sweet Instrumental part before we go on to the next verse. In the next verse the background music maintains the awesome level of the chorus to keep you rockin’ along, and as the chorus returns the instrumental just keeps ramping up!  Even after we start the next verse the music keeps building and building! The music only calms down for a little pre-chorus before immediately returning to the upbeat final form of the instrumental before ending on a sharp note, which is a really great touch.

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[ASOS] Cynifree – Love Everything | Future House

Today we’ve got ourselves another amazing track from A State Of Sugar’s “Chocolate” Album. Cynifree brings us an awesome Future House track featuring some lovely Flutters Vocal chops. The track starts out with a catchy drum loop that’s quickly joined by all sorts of other amazing stuff and turns into a lovely melody accompanied by vocal chops of our favorite shy horse! Later on the melody changes a bit only to change back later which gives the song an interesting progression that’s more like different chapters to the song rather than verses and drops. Closer to the end we do actually get a drop that really feels like another chapter since it never really comes back down and rather combines with other elements for sort of a final chapter.
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Zizkil – Zizkil Digs Through His Garbage Can Cuz He Dropped His Keys In The Trash Can | Album | Various Genres

So, everypony, today we’ve got an album full of amazing randomness by Zizkil. The whole album is a compilation of unfinished songs he made over time, and it includes both small pieces of unfinished songs and songs that are pretty much finished but haven’t been released. He himself says that some songs on this album might be considered cringe, but either way there’s a plethora of different genres on it! This article’s intention is to highlight some of these great songs, both short and long, because there really is some good stuff on here!

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TCB – :TWI: (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Future Bass

Today we’ve got ourselves a track by TCB remixed by Tw3Lv3. The track starts out with a lovely Christmas-y melody which is quickly joined by vocal chops, and the whole track ramps up a notch. The track is filled with crystal clean sounds and ascending/descending melodies. You get a drop, and then the melody calms down, only to throw another jump-worthy drop at you afterwards. It gives the whole track a definite structure while still shifting throughout, which is a difficult combination to pull off, but Tw3Lv3 absolutely nails it!

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Zephysonas – Windport | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves a shorter song by Zephysonas. “Windport” is a lovely Orchestral piece that gives you this feeling of summer and of freedom. The song starts out with a happy, upbeat, summer-y melody using lovely instruments that you immediately associate with going away on holidays. Later more instruments join in and give the whole song this vibe that made me think of Venice, which makes for a great theme. Closer to the end the instruments evoke a chill day on the beach. Overall, this sunny piece with vacation vibes is a welcome change to all the cold and snowy weather outside.

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Wandering Artist – Lullaby | Soundtrack

Today we’ve got ourselves a fantastic piece by the talented Wandering Artist. As part of the holiday OST for Ponytown we get a lovely combination of an alto glockenspiel and a piano. The track is really calming and perfect as a background track for just trotting around while waiting for Hearth’s Warming Eve.

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[P@D] replacer – high & dry | Indie Pop

Today we’ve got ourselves another amazing track from replacer! He brings us this fantastic (insert genre) track as part of P@D’s “Eclipse” Album. The song immediately grabs your ear with a catchy melody, and replacer doesn’t wait long before he throws some stunning lyrics at us. However, just because we have vocals now doesn’t mean the music gets any less amazing; it just takes a back seat and works in tandem with replacer’s voice for most of the track. The combination has an oddly calming effect, which is always a bonus for me. This is one of those songs I can highly recommend playing as soothing background music while doing any type of work so you don’t go all cray cray, and it’s also great for just chilling out after a long day at work or school. In the end we get the sound of wind whisking us on to the next track of our playlist. Twitter: @replacer808

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Heartlead – Downtown Housepony (That’s Right!) | House

Today we’ve got ourselves a first, everypony! I proudly present to you the first featured song of Heartlead. “Downtown Housepony” is a lovely house track that goes all out for seven whole minutes and still keeps everything fresh and new, never getting boring. The track starts us off with an amazing beat that is quickly joined by an equally awesome drum loop and some more components as the song continues. Close to the middle of the track another synth takes over center stage, and we have more of the awesome progression that keeps this track at a stellar grade, and the progression never stops! I could gush on for pages about the progression and the changes and vocal chops in this track, but I think you get the point, so go on and listen to it yourself!

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