Burning Gryphon – Ponies After Midnight | Rock

Burning Gryphon presents us with a full album of Russian brony awesomeness! The lyrics of these tracks are fully in Russian, but he also provided English translations, so come along as I take you through the six amazing songs of this album!

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SlightlyAmiss – Echoes | Metal

Today I’m very happy to finally bring you some more fire tunes from the amazing SlightlyAmiss! This one is dedicated to a dark Princess who rarely gets as much love as the others: Midnight Sparkle is a fun character to explore, and how better to do that then with some fire metal tunes?! The song has everything from an exciting intro to a fire hook that gets you headbanging no matter if you love or hate metal! It’s got your exciting vocals and hard screaming vocals, and finally a very well executed outro! So have a listen and enjoy this awesome track!


Prince & Tw3Lv3 – 2013 | Pop

Well this is certainly something new! In his newest banger the amazing PrinceWhateverer teamed up with beatmaster Tw3Lv3 to create this fun parody of Charli XCX’s track 1999. With Tw3Lv3 creating a whole new instrumental and PW supplying his amazing vocals this track is a fun travel all the way back to 2013 when things were quite different in this fandom. Definitely give this song a good listen and I can promise you’ll really enjoy it!


Jyc Row – Ardenu, Queen of Flames | Orchestral

Ardenu, Queen of Flames is the newest track from Jyc Row’s Primordial Pantheon EP, which is very closely tied to Infinite Eclipse as a bit of a prequel. With this song, he takes us away from the dramatic tension of some of his previous tracks like Midnight Sparkle, the Dark Angel, Harmony of Chaos or Together Against the Sisters, and into a more worldly sound like Jyc visited in his Heroes EP. This piece centers of the Queen of Flames, a regal Alicorn. Her theme is Asian inspired (reminiscent of Jyc’s song Beauty) with epic orchestral passages mixed with a few slower parts and chanting. Jyc Row obviously went all out on this piece, and together with the amazing artwork it makes for a worthy theme to a Queen!


Jyc Row – Chrysalis’ Revenge (feat. IbeConCept) (Malachi Mott remix) | Big Room House

Welcome back to some more amazing EDM, everypony! As part of his Remixes Album, Jyc Row got Malachi Mott to remix a song that I bet a bunch of you didn’t have on your radar anymore! Let’s break down this track to fully appreciate how amazing this remix is:

We start out with a quick guitar that sounds like it’s ushering in an orchestral piece, which is funny considering neither the original nor the GalaCon VIP was orchestral. We venture into EDM territory as IbeConCept’s vocals set in, and an amazing clapping rhythm starts building hype – but sidesteps expectations. As the clapping crescendos, the instrumental goes silent, and a small, harmonic voice of IbeConCept goes absolutely wild with his rapping. Malachi builds on the rapping and morphs it into a vocal build up that shoots us straight into a nice big room drop. You can tell that he put a lot of effort into the drop with the evil-yet-upbeat melody carrying us straight into EDM heaven! A simpler instrumental plays, allowing the vocals to once again shine. The final drop has a fuller sound that makes you miss it when it’s over!

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Childlike Wonder – Sparkle (I Eat Books) | Indie Pop / Future Bass

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this great of a pop song to ever come across my ears, but here we are! We start out immediately thrown into the fun, upbeat pop beat and soon Childlike Wonder’s amazing vocals set in, neither of the two parts really take single center stage, which for this song fits really well as there is nothing in focus but there’s a harmony of all elements during the lyrical sections. When the lyrics go quiet is when you can really appreciate how much the instrumental can stand on its own. With a guitar joining the pop beat, we also get a good taste of future bass vibes later in the track too. The drop/chorus is a wonderful combination of the fun upbeat pop sounds together with fire rock elements, which makes for a great track overall!


[Equinity] Night Blaze – Alicornisation | Hybrid Orchestral

Hybrid Orchestral? Yes please! My friend Drake has already talked about the lore behind this track here, so I’ll focus mostly on the music aspect.

Clocking in at a bit more then eight minutes this song has a lot of time to explore different moods and it earns up to that! We start out with a more dark ambient sound to it, dark strings, sinister melody and all entailing, we get first hints at the electronic part of this here as well, but the focus is definitely on Orchestral. As the electronic elements take over, we move into the second, more action focused part where the synth melody takes center stage and is supported by some orchestral and some electronic aspects. After a bit we make a switch to a again more orchestral focused sinister part that really lets the instruments shine before moving right back into the epic electronic section of the piece that soon combines with the big orchestral parts to create this wonderful harmony of sounds. Lastly we get this scenic conclusion as dark and sinister strings carry us through the rest of a bleak and tense outro.


Sparklight Productions – Eclipse | Chillout

Today I’ve got for you something special: We’ve all had our struggles, especially over the last few years, Sparklight Productions focuses here specifically on anxiety, something a lot of people fight with, and puts it into a stunning Chillout track.

We start out immediately with the slightly darker melody that represents well how anxiety can feel for people, before we get into the calmer beats, joined by a piano melody and soft drums. After a bit we get into a more atmospheric melody that slowly combines with Elements previously heard and some new ones, forming this atmospheric sounds that seems happy and uncaring yet foreboding at the same time. We pretty much stay with this sound, slow changes happen and before you know it, the song slowly comes to a close.


Harmonic Six – “Friendship is Magic” Orchestral Suite | Orchestral

Ready for a nostalgia trip everypony? Harmonic Six delivers some more orchestral sweetness, dedicated to the show that, by now years ago for most, has gotten us through a lot, let’s see what we got here!
The suite starts out sounding a bit more pop-ish then you’d expect, but this intro is quickly over and we switch to the full front of calming and soothing orchestral melodies. Harmonic six turns the us well known feel melody into an orchestral iteration beyond any rivalry, together with a quieter, more reserved part that almost sounds like chanting at a few points we get a pretty good idea of how much this show means to Harmonic. Divided by a sweet piano melody we get into the second half of this piece, we keep up on the soft and nostalgic sound of the instruments as we take what feels like a slow trip through all the achievement and happiness of the show, with motivational drums in the background this suite switches fully into a motivational masterpiece that just seems to scream at you to go and follow your calling in life!
We end this beautiful orchestral masterpiece on a bit slower, soothing outro.


Nyancat380 – Beyond the Eyeball | Uptempo / Jazz

Nyancat is always someone who brings surprises to the table! In this case they introduced me to a new genre I have never heard of before! Uptempo is certainly new for me, but it’s loads of fun! Nyancat perfectly combines the very different elements of Uptempo and Jazz to create fun melodies and fire drops in a way I just love!