April Fools…of course. Mods are asleep, post ponies so they will put the site back to normal in the morning.

Long live horse music! Long live the herald!

HMH Update: Format Change and New Name!!!

Welcome to the new and improved House Music Herald! Starting today, our great staff of human promoters will be focused on bringing you the best and newest house music on the market!

Why house music? There’s a few reasons for our new focus on the only good thing to ever come out of Chicago.

Number 1) The domain name was available. Have you tried buying websites? There’s like no cheap ones left – but we got this one!

Number 2) Anything over 130 beats per minute is trying too hard, and we all have enough anxiety in this world.

Number 3) Everyone loves house music. It is the Kanye West of actual music. Literally everyone is on the house market.

Number 4) The expert promoters on our staff feel that house music is a very mature route of music, which symbolizes personal growth within us all. Also you can’t tell us what to do; nyah nyah ppppbbbbbttttt!

So in conclusion, we are excited to announce that from this day forward, we will be known as House Music Herald. Tell all your friends, subscribe to our socials, and all hail Avicii!