Ponies At Dawn – Rebirth: Album Release Party 2nd March, pre-orders open now!

~   R I S E   F R O M   T H E   A S H E S   ~

The folks over at the Ponies At Dawn collective have organised another album release party on March 2nd with the help of PonyvilleFM and Lycan Dese Beats! There will be an entire day of guest mixes from a variety of DJs with the album livestream itself starting at 4pm EST (9pm UTC). Standing at 68 tracks, the stream lasts around 6.5 hours, and the album will be released towards the end of the stream on a pay-what-you-want basis. We’ll post more updates on the day itself, so until then, GET HYPE!

Top Pony Songs of January 2018!

No, that’s not a typo in the title. Things are running a little bit differently with the Top Ten now, for a start it’s no longer a Top Ten. Unfortunately low turnout has led to a change in the format for this, so now it’s simply a collection of the most popular voted songs; in order but not starting at any particular number.

Ponies At Dawn: Memories – Charity album stream starting now!


I’ll admit, I completely forgot to post about this in advance of the event, but Ponies At Dawn are releasing a new album tonight! Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the submissions deadline! Instead, this album is a charity compilation previously standalone released songs by various past and present P@D artists. Various singles from across the past few years have been grouped together the by P@D team for this release where all money raised goes to Save The Children.

Another difference to the normal release is that the stream will be purely the music from the album, with just the track names being announced, so don’t fret if you don’t hear as much of Lycan’s…soothing tones between tracks. It starts right now (4pm EST) and should last for 4.5 hours, plenty of great music to fill your Friday night!

Join the chat on PonyvilleFM’s website or join their Discord server!