The Ponies At Dawn: Anthology livestream is starting now!


The new Ponies At Dawn album will be released on their Bandcamp page later tonight, but to hear it first, tune in to the broadcast on PonyvilleFM, as a special episode of Lycan Dese Beats.

Listen in and join the chat at or hop into their Discord server. Alternatively, there’s a dance party going on in Legends of Equestria at Sugarcube Sugarcane Corner if that’s more your kind of scene!

Ponies At Dawn: Anthology – Album Release Party 29th September!


Normally I would say something like ‘it’s that time of year again’, but this is something special. The upcoming Ponies At Dawn album – Anthology – has something different about it.

But first the details on the release party! While there will be DJs playing from 5 PM – 5 AM UTC (1 PM – 1AM EDT) to celebrate the occassion, the livestream for the album itself starts at 10 PM UTC / 6 PM EDT on Friday 29th September. As soon as the album is released, it will be available to download for any given price (including for free!) from the Ponies At Dawn bandcamp page. If you do wish to contribute, all the money goes to the artists featured. There’s also an option to pre-order the album for $1 or more at the moment.

Like I said earlier, there’s something special about this album though. Half of the album consists of brand new tracks, and the other is a collection of some of the best songs released on the Ponies At Dawn compilation albums over the past few years. AND if that’s not enough, you can also purchase this album on CD! The limited edition comes with full artwork in a 6-panel case with 3 CDs (albeit sacrificing some of the newer tracks in order to make the physical version possible). You can find out more about it and pre-order them (due to be shipped November 1st) on the bandcamp page for Anthology.

And if nothing else, for now you can hear a preview of all the tracks from the album in a video on the Ponies At Dawn YouTube channel. We hope to see you at the release party!

Ponies At Dawn: Guardians – Album Release Party 23rd June!


We’ve been waiting for this! The new Ponies At Dawn Album, Guardians is being released this Friday, and as per usual PonyvilleFM are hosting a release party to celebrate the event. Live music from a multitude of DJs starting at 11am EDT, with the album premiere as a special episode of Lycan Dese Beats starting at 5pm.

We’ll be there, and we hope you will too!