Throwback Thursday | ShadyVox – Pony Rock Anthem (feat. Nowacking & BreeFaithVA) | Electro House

Editor’s note: hey look remember TBTs haha we didn’t for a long time

If there’s a single song that truly captures the zeitgeist of 2012, this might well be it. ShadyVox‘s lead vocals as Neon Lights are excellent, Nowacking does a flawless Vinyl as usual, and BreeFaithVA‘s at home as Pinkie. The pumping beat, soaring leads, and ecstatic vocals all combine to form a perfect hype-up tune. If you’ve heard this before, you’re in for some serious nostalgia. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.


Throwback Thursday | Del Rom – Skyline | Chillout

While I was scrolling through my list of subscriptions to try and choose a TBT piece for us this week, I stumbled across Del Rom’s channel. He has a fairly small following, but deserves more subscribers in my opinion. He released this song 8 months before anything else, somewhat of an anomaly from the usual Drumstep and Electro on his channel, but perhaps his most beautiful song. Sit back and enjoy this.


Throwback Thursday | Kreühn Pöny | Artist Spotlight


You may or may not have heard of this musician, they were one of the more, shall we say, elusive members of the fandom. Kreühn Pöny specialised in jazzy stuff; songs with odd time signatures and irregular beat patterns. You know, a similar feel that of SoGreatandPowerful’s music (which is a completely different kettle of fish that we’ll revisit another time!). So without further ado, let’s get to his small yet brilliant discography! Catch it all after the break…

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Throwback Thursday | AcousticBrony & MandoPony – I’ll Fly Higher | Alt. Rock

2 legends of the old fandom music days, AcousticBrony and MandoPony both started making waves in 2011. They were already two of the best-known fandom musicians…and then they collaborated to make this masterpiece. Well, okay, this is a re-recorded version which sounds much better, but the original was uploaded in December 2011 on both AcousticBrony (now making music under the alias Re:Make) and MandoPony‘s respective channels.

Despite its age, this song’s theme still holds strong today. The lyrics are sung from Scootaloo’s perspective and speak of her determination and inspiration from Rainbow Dash to be the best she can be. Whether she flies higher literally or metaphorically, Scootaloo still regards Dashie as a role model, and I hope we get to see more of that relationship develop in season 6. Until then, I’m gonna get nostalgic and listen to this song on repeat, enjoy.


Throwback Thursday | PinkiePieSwear | Artist Spotlight


If you’ve joined the fandom in the past 2 years, you might not have heard of this artist, but PinkiePieSwear was a common favourite back in the earlier days of the fandom (late 2011, early 2012), and was quite possibly the main reason vocal splicing became popular. So, whether you’ve never heard of their music before, or if you want to go on a trip down memory lane, head on below the break for some of my favourite old-school pony songs.

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Throwback Thursday | ImTheMoon | Artist Spotlight

ImTheMoonBreaking the infamous curse of unlisted videos, I present to you ImTheMoon, one of the most forsaken pony musicians to have graced us with their music. All of the pony songs from the channel are unlisted, but very fortunately a public playlist remains, containing all the much valued songs now easy to reach despite being unlisted. Below the break, behold a few of those timeless gems!

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Introducing: Throwback Thursdays!


That’s right, starting today, we’re going to be doing Throwback Thursday posts. Each week we’ll make a post about either a specific song from a few years ago or a specific artist who may not have been as well-known as others.

First one will be up later today, we hope you enjoy it!