You got questions? We got answers!


What kind of music do you post?

We post all kinds of music, gathered by our international team of pony music experts. Part of our aim is to bring lesser-known artists into the spotlight, so hopefully you’ll be able to discover some lesser-known artists through us!


When do you post music?

We post music at any time between 8am and midnight EST, at the top of the hour. As much as we would like to post sometime every single hour in that time frame, we can’t guarantee how much music we’ll find each day. Hopefully we can post at least once every 2 hours.


How do you distinguish between genres?

We have 3 overarching genre categories – “Rock”, “Electronic”, and “Misc”. Electronic and Rock are the 2 most common types of music produced by this fandom, so we also specify the sub-genres when posting these kinds of music. The third category, Misc, contains everything else – orchestral, jazz, rap – but please don’t get the impression we think of these as lesser genres; it’s simply a way to keep the header tidy for now. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the site, so if you have any suggestions regarding this, get in touch!


How do you decide what music to post?

Let’s get some transparency here, after all honesty is the best policy! Our team is made up of people who listen to lots of different artists, so we cover a wide range of music. When we find something we like, we suggest it to the rest of the team. If at least 2 other people like the song, it gets approved for posting on the site.


How do I navigate your website?

Good question, I’m afraid it’s not obvious at the moment (WordPress.com limitations), but there are a few different ways of doing this.

At the top of the page on the right there are 4 multi-colored buttons. The first one is a genre and production type menu. From there you can browse main genres, sub-genres, or look for original pieces, covers, and remixes. The second button shows you recent posts, our archives, and the main categories and tags on our posts. The third gives links to our social media and contact info, and the fourth is a search bar for the website.

There are also links in the sidebar to our permanent pages and site meta-details.


Can I submit my song to you?

Unlike some websites we don’t take formal submissions, however, if you’d like us to check out you music, just send us a tweet or an email, just a casual message! See our Contact page for more details.


Why should I follow this when I have Equestria Daily?

Now, by no means are trying to take viewers away from EQD, but simply build on that experience. Instead of EQD’s big group posts of mixed genres, we post songs individually, with complete genre labels, so you can easily identify the styles of music you like. Also, unlike Equestria Daily, we go out and look for the songs ourselves, rather than waiting for submissions – this way we can assure you fresh content soon after it is released.