Merch Store


Ever wanted a T-shirt with the Cider Party logo on it? Well now’s your chance to get one! We’ve set up a page on Redbubble where you can buy t-shirts and other products* with our artwork and logos on them. For now we’re just offering Cider Party merchandise, but we plan on adding more in the future. Click here to go to our Redbubble page!

For now, we have a 5% markup set from the base price on all products, and in the interest of transparency, any profits gained from that will go towards our domain fees. Any profits gained past that threshold will then be donated to a charity of our choice.

Keep and eye on Redbubble’s site for promotional and discount codes. They often offer deals like 20% off T-shirts, so it’s worth checking to see what’s available. We hope you enjoy the merch, and spend your pocket money wisely! 😉

*Shirts and hoodies are available in any color, as per the usual Redbubble system, but we had to choose a fixed color for other products. We went for a bold red in the end, but if you really want it in another color, get in touch with us and we may be able to do something about it.