Eurobeat Brony – Luna (ROKII Remix) | Future

A true Classic being Remixed once again this time by ROKII! Eurobeat’s Luna has always been a favourite track to bump on the speakers. Witnessing it LIVE at HarmonyCon this year was most definitly a magnificent experience! ROKII re-evamping that Experience with this awesome remix is a great enjoyment! I really like every variant of how you can listen to this song, and I say with full pride that this one is no exception! The bass drops are marvelous, and the mixdown is great!

Well done Rok! This remix is great, and I look forward to adding this one into my music collection! ❤


4everfreebrony – Who Knows (feat. Milkymomo, EileMonty, & MemJ0123) | Showtunes


4everfreebrony has teamed up with quite an array of talent to bring us a narrative song so good that you would think it came right out of the show! Milkymomo, EileMonty, and MemJ0123 take the roles of Twilight, Luna, and Celestia and try to solve the issue of getting the sun to rise after Celestia refuses to get out of bed. Very lighthearted in style and tone, Who Knows bounces to a soft, tambourine beat carried by a high synth and the singers’ jovial attitude.


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Bind Us Together | Classic Pop

A new heartfelt pony song from Moon Flame, this one is inspired by a poem from Lyra on Equestria Amino about Cadance and Shining’s love! Quite the perfect topic for the musician who we know is writing his pony songs and lyrics with love, and the result is a much tender song that does wonders to bring that concept to life, and convey all the love!


Rusty Thorsell – Fields of Phall (For Gears) | Power Pop / Indie Pop

Rusty brings the feels to the town of music with this beautiful ballad bilingual (swedish and english). The Beatles style sound makes this even more beautiful and emotional, aswell with the themes behind the song: our ponysona help us treating the insecurity about ourselfs, it’s amazing how a song can be soo beatiful!
Hope you are all alright, dear readers. And keep up the good work Rusty!


Vylet Pony – Convergence | Cinematic

VYLET back at it again with the good stuff! Again from her Masterpiece Album Homeward! Link to that can be found here.
Convergence is a track that conveys the feeling of both Enlightment and Desperation with The Starship Ponyville (A Hyperspace-cruiser Space Ship.) To explore the Galaxy for habitable planets to Colonise and unite upon! A most certain desperate but necesary step for Equestria according to the Storyline of Homeward. It represents both a Major Scientific Evolutionary step with prosperity for all, but none the less with a Sad reasoning behind it. The Contrast is very Interresting.
Next to that, It is portrayed masterfully in this Track! Legit, I enjoy songs that bring such passion and potrayal of magnificent untold storylines in Music! I am most definitly eager to hear more of Pieces such as these!
VYLET Girl, you rocked it! ❤


Scraton – Mares In Black | Dubstep

Scraton has finally returned to the land of Equestria with their new EP Mares In Black. This song is deeply melodic and heavy hitting, with very crisp and atmospheric mixing. The vocal sampling is on point as well and takes me back to the “Skream Me Some More” days, and in general this track is an astonishing nostalgia trip and to me at least I hear huge nods to “Big in Da Clubs”. Scraton is pulling out all the stops for this Seven track EP and is definitely worth your time!


Daniel Ingram – A Friend for Life (eksoka Remix) | Trance

Eksoka is back with a new amazing creation and tribute! The ending credits song from the first EQG movie, A Friend for Life, gets a gorgeous new take with this Trance arrangement that sublimates the original vocals along more than 6 minutes of high-energy beats and a dreamy atmosphere that lifts you to a higher plane. That’s the power of music, and Eksoka is so good at it!