[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony & Replacer – Piece of History | Classic Rock

The hype for Enigma has been building up for a while, but it’s in full swing now that we have our first real taste of the music! 4Everfree and Replacer have come thru with a magnificently catchy tune about Princess Twilight struggling with her princesshood and longing to recede from the public eye. The vocals (especially the falsetto backing vocals in the chorus) and production, as indicated in the description, is highly reminiscent of Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra’s, which is always a plus for me. The premise of the song is a wonderful juxtaposition with its actual sound and this is truly something everypony can enjoy. Well done, guys!


StrachAttack – Dusk | Melodic Dubstep

Stratch is back at it again! But with something a little more laid back this time. Immediately we are hit with a ton of atmosphere and some wonderful piano stabs and the infectious vocal chops and chords set the stage for the night and all around it’s a nice change of pace to and definitely worth a listen!


Blackened Blue – From The Shadows | Metal

What better way to express suppressed feelings than with a Metal song and the power of rock music? From The Shadows deals with Stygian’s Shadow (remember he -spoiler alert- wrote a book about it) and what it represents, and the fitting heavy guitars and drums are so perfectly conveying that theme. The melodic parts are a real delight too and overall this track stands as a masterpiece of heavy metal!


One Track Mind – Good ‘ol Days | Glitch-Hop


One Track Mind is on a roll, and just like a certain Brilliant Venture, he decided to show some love to the older style of pony music, with that nostalgic and innocent old-school Glitch-Hop sound! Fittingly calling back to Vinyl and Octavia’s relationship as depicted in the momentous S05E09 Slice of Life, it delivers those sweet vibes and nostalgia along Vinyl-approved wubs, and you can even hear the two ponies in the song! Let’s partake in blissful melodies and memories together…


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Thousand Pieces (Tusen Bitar Parody) | Classic Pop

New release from Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra, and you know what that means! New tender and heartfelt pony song! This time it’s a ponification of Björn Afzelius’ Tusen Bitar and it’s so amazingly done! In memory of Björn Afzelius, this tune is also assimilated with Twilight and Spike and it’s always such a welcome alternate meaning.


Francis Vace – The Spectacle (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Ska

The Spectacle never ends! Francis Vace enters the stage and performs a lovely and refined Ska cover of Rara’s hit under the Countess Coloratura name. Full of the musician’s signature musical style, the cover is also a wonderful playground to showcase the extent of his vocal talent, featuring incredibly sincere and strong vocals in more ways than one. The “two-thirds time” part near the end is very creative as well and contributes to the many wonders of this perfect cover. One More!


John Doe – Circle of Rockets | Orchestral

That gamechanger official figurine from Hasbro starring Trixie and Starlight riding a rocket will never stop inspiring the community! John Doe joins the game with a gorgeous and progressive Orchestral track depicting the scene and delightfully covering a melody that Final Fantasy 13 players will recognize for sure. Portraying the rocket launch and the friendship that those two share, to then perhaps depict the concept of space in the last ambient part of the song, its progression definitely tells a story!


Evgeniy Doctor – Royal Guard (feat. Brilliant Venture) | Trance

Emerging trance artist Evgeniy Doctor takes Brilliant Venture out of his comfort zone with this lovely trance tunes! With some old-school vibes, the atmosphere on this tune is wonderful and both artists really bring out the best in each other. The fills, synths, and leads from Evgeniy are gorgeous and Brilliant Venture’s beautiful Rarity vocal chops compliment the feel of the song amazingly. Not one to miss if you want to immerse yourself in pony for 7 minutes.