Horse Music Hotstpot

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As part of our affiliation with Ponyville FM, we have a monthly show on their station called the “Horse Music Hotspot”, hosted by Intersekt, where we showcase some of our favourite music from the past month. Catch it at 4pm EST on the last Sunday of every month!

The two most recent episodes* will also be available on these services / in these formats:

Soundcloud   –   iTunes   –   RSS Feedfi

UPDATE MARCH 2017: Our podcast RSS feed, which is based on SoundCloud uploads seems to broken for some reason. We don’t know why but we’re looking into other hosting options. Sorry about that.

*We’re currently using a free plan which only allows us to have 3 hours of content uploaded at a time; depending on the length of the episodes, we may only be able to keep 2 episodes live at any given point. We plan to move to a paid plan in the future where we can keep all previous episodes up. However, all our previous episodes are available on our YouTube channel