Omnipony – Dragon Greed (Karise Murisu Remix) | Dubstep

A very appreciated remix of Omnipony‘s classic that shall never be forgotten, D3LTA and Butterflight‘s joint effort under the Karise Murisu alias is nostalgic but not only, as it blasts tasty Dubstep wonders and a perfect fusion of the musicians’ skills. The recognizable pony vocal chops that were recreated for the occasion are such a delight, too!


Koron Korak – A Storm of Emotions | Drum & Bass

New cuddly release from Koron, always with the cutest genres, this time “Fluffy Drum & Bass”! It really could be the inception of a new genre, with the distinct cute and mellow melodies in the song portraying the emotions of Friendship beautifully, and that time when you reflect on your bonds while looking at the stars…


Aoshi – FluttERR (feat. Fluttershy) (PSFMer Remix) | Jersey Club


Disclaimer: This is about the remix from the original song, not the original song, and while at times it may seem like im talking down on one song, i intend to compare and contrast the two.

So my take on this remixed version of fluttERR from the original, well going back and listening to both for the first time, and by a side by side character i prefer the remix. Both are talented able and potential musicians, but something stood out to me more than the tune, cords, bass or vocals was the rhythm and theme of the music. The remix sticks with the same theme all the way through with a little surprises here and there. while the original seems to jump from theme to theme, its dubstep one second, hiphop, then electro the next and its rather distracting, but still a good song and im sure it was amazing in its prime. The remix is a fun remix you almost want to dance to, as stated in the comments you could get a wrong idea with some of the lyrics it depends on the person, it sticks with a select set of vocals to accommodate the beat and rhythm of the song. With how the song is set up you can tell its a remix, but in my opinion a rather good one, it has a great drop. the little addition of a new piece every few seconds such as a squeek, grunt (or moan whichever you prefer) the bass, is a rather fun addition, while this song is only 2 min 11 seconds its a great listen to and I recommend it! only thing i wish is that it was longer, great job PSFMer, with both the cover piece and the song, i cant wait to see more of your work in the future!


Proto_ssin – Lands (feat. Koron Korak) | Progressive House

Today fellow bronies we’ve got ourselves a great track by Proto_ssin. The track starts out with the beat and some tunes and builds up until it transitions into a lovely piano solo and slowly adds other tunes again while still keeping the piano in the foreground until the beat takes over once again and builds up until it eclipses in the chorus and without any exaggeration as I heard the drop for the first time it nearly blew me out of my chair with its 220% awesomeness. After this banger of a chorus the beat calms down again only to after some time build up again to once more transition into this banger of a chorus. But wait there’s more! Proto_ssin makes you think the track is over but once more the piano picks up with a simple tune and slowly the beat return and brings us one more amazing chorus.


Vyprae – Never Forget You | Glitch-Hop

Today we’ve got a shipping song from the lovely Vyprae. This song starts out with an already amazing eat that slowly adds more stuff to make it feel like the masterpiece it is. It later adds a lovely drum loop and builds up to a drop honestly made in heaven, with sweet vocal chops and the beat taken over by it this makes you wanna jump up and down until you’re parents complain you woke them up. After that the first beat takes over again this time adding even more awesome stuff. Shortly thereafter we once more get this lovely drop with all the vocal chops. Without any exaggeration this is the best OMFG style track I’ve ever seen.


FelonOnBass – Protest | Bass/Electro House

Today we’ve got ourselves an amazing track by FelonOnBass. This track starts out simple but quickly starts adding new tunes and building up slowly until it eclipses in a way that blew me out of my chair as I was listening to it for the first time, but wait there’s more! The drop never comes down again it just continues and builds up until it comes to another drop and maybe one of the best house beats I’ve ever heard. After that and also massive amounts of jumping on my part the beat sorta calms down, it’s calmer then before but still in this state of absolute house amazingness and just as you caught your breath from all the throwing down the utterly amazing second drop happens again and the song slowly ends.


RedWire – TriFecta | Breakbeat

Today we’ve got ourselves this great track from the talented RedWire. The track starts out with an amazing beat and some birds but quickly more joins in and you realize that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill Breakbeat track. And oh my Celestia the chord progression around the thirty second mark, if you look up amazingly awesome cord progression in the dictionary that is what you get! Then, suddenly the beat changes to a more futuristic sounding beat with some industrial sounding samples accompanying it, the beat goes on like this for some time until a slightly different tune takes over for some time until it changes once again giving the whole song a really lively feel in the end a piano is heard accompanying the final part of this song.


William Anderson – The CMC Go Crusading (Toby Macarony Remix) | Eurobeat

You know Toby, you just keep being one of the most delightful musicians in this fandom. My fellow bronies, it took 9 years, but this classic CMC theme just got the most excellent remix! Toby has transformed this theme with fast and exciting Eurobeat! Those high energy wavy harmonics, those uptempo drums, and pounding basslines take this charming song of the CMC trying to get their cutie marks and as the artwork shows, injects their crusading energy with nitro! You know this theme bronies, now have it with some pure adrenaline! One that Travis Odyssey did not do, but he sure does love it; that really should give you a hint about this track! (look in the comments) Oh, if only Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scoots knew where this journey would take them. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. 


AWal – Funnn VIP (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | ChillBreak

(Listen to the original HERE)

Alright, after hearing just two of his most recent songs, you can call me hooked on Nicolas’s brand of chill music. I’d never heard of him until hearing his track on ASOS: Chocolate. Turns out Mr. Dominique is a part of the old guard of the brony music scene, as he has been very active since 2012! This remix is so breathtakingly smooth and kinda kooky at the same time. AWal’s track was fast, addictive and crazy! This remix tells a much clearer story. The melodies are full of this eerie and chaotic aura, which is perfect for what the mirror pool is. The fun and quirky Pinkie samples are all there, and holy cow, does this track give you the feeling to kinda worry about so many PINKIE PIES! At the same time the track is very smooth and chill with these dark undertones. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[VibePoniez] CAPT (Notion Pova) – i miss everypony (Cookie) | Lo-Fi

When I found out CAPT over at Equestria Terror Corps made it on this album, I was pretty happy for him. Making it onto his first compilation album VibePoniez: Homework. The track centers around the Pony Life episode: ” I, Cookie”, where Pinkie is alone and getting pretty creative about keeping herself entertained.

The music itself is this dreamy and kinda eerie sounding lo-fi beat, and it kinda fits because of what Pinkie is dealing with in that episode: animated cookies of her friends! The Lo-Fi flow and beat is very unique in the sense that with it, there is this flavor of insanity as if you listen close to all the vocal chops used. It’s pretty nice for the theme of this track. No wonder this track made it on the album. Give CAPT some love for trying something new! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.