Koa – Background pt. 2 | Pop

Who doesn’t love a good sequel? Acting as the Bon Bon counterpart to a recent Lyra song, Background pt. 2 is a softer song that encapsulates her feelings for Lyra. The instrumentation is more minimal, leaving more room for Koa’s vocals and the words she sings, yet every part of the composition has its role and fits together nicely.


Toby Macarony – Glitchy Vitchy | Jazz / Glitch-Hop

Toby’s got a bit of a reputation with his unique approach to music; transcending and blending genres is what he’s best known for in some circles and this song is no exception! What starts off sounding like a solemn bluesy jazz number quickly transforms into something energetic and spooky. It turns out shuffled walking basslines and punch “tombstone” drums make a great combination – who knew?


Totalspark – Perception | Liquid Drum & Bass

A recent release by Totalspark is one of the great examples of a darker style of Liquid Drum & Bass, and it proves that by wasting no time, setting a mood right away – the colorful somber pads and a plucky bell-chime melody, followed with a heavy sub, will create a gloomy picture in your mind, yet not without a glimpse of hope. It’s both simple and complex at the same time, it’s deep, intense, and will definitely get stuck in your head for quite some time – I heavily encourage you to experience this mix of dark undertones with a total spark (pun intended) of light.


Silva Hound – The Blaze (ft. Namii) | Bass House

An articulate, sassy rap delivered by Namii perfectly accentuates this earworm by Silva Hound. It features a solid, commanding synth hook that’s perfect for blasting from your best speakers, and invites the listener to “get your blaze on,” a fitting refrain for an all-around fire track.


MathematicPony – Dealbreaker (Redux) [Nyanakaru Remix] | Future Bass

Nyanakaru emphasizes the tension behind MathematicPony’s track “Dealbreaker” with this wonderful, brooding remix. Powered by shining synth work and Math’s distorted vocals, as well as a sprinkling of trap elements, you’re sure to get lost in this atmospheric banger in no time.


Synthis – All My Fears | Pop

Synthis is back again with another absolute banger. It’s good to know the homie is still out there and I hope all goes well with him! Here we have a nice song with lovely synths and funky ambient melodies expressed through both instruments and vocals that grasp you. Just the entire vibe of the track and the words sung out can definitely resonate with people. I won’t sugarcoat it; life can indeed be a frightening experience, and you’ll only see who really has your back when EVERYTHING goes wrong… But believe in the hope that this song alludes to, that things WILL get better. I hope this song reaches the people who need to hear it and know what Synthis is singing about. HMH is therefore, at your service. Happy listening!


Ponytronic – Celestial Promises EP | Electronic

Editor’s note: better late than never, right? (sorry Tron)

Following up on their 2019’s EP Luna’s Essence, Ponytronic brings you a day in the life of Princess Celestia’s royal duties as protector of Equestria! Ponytronic takes a different approach to express that through an album where Celestia is trying to figure out how not only to rule Equestria with her Sister Luna but aid her sister in re-adapting to modern Equestria. That is, however, not expressed in melodies that tell a story of struggle but these fitting beats of positively charged D&B and Drumstep tell a tale of overcoming challenges that Celestia takes on head-on! Have a listen!

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Geekbrony – The Hive | Neurofunk

It’s been quite some time since Geekbrony has released anything, but it’s been worth the wait! Over one and half years in the making, this track is here to remind you why Geek is still one of the best producers in the fandom. The hyperintense aggressive synth is only the start of this masterpiece! The deadly game between Starlight Glimmer and Queen Chrysalis is captured with vocal samples full of hate and hostility, and the big showdown vibe with how that bass hits you until you are senseless. Mixed with the aggression is this soft but passive-aggressive melody that perfectly lines up with how spiteful Chrissy is and how game Starlight is to show that in return! Geekbrony has said this is the most complex and dynamic track they have ever put together. The layers of the composition give you a banger you can really pump your fist to. This track is how you immerse your listeners into a dramatic confrontation and still make a fantastic banger! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Koa x TCB – Background pt. 1 | Pop

NB: mild language warning

A motivating track about Lyra Heartstrings, as told through Koa’s uplifting pop vocals and TCB doing his magic with mixing and creating. Lyra fans are sure to get into a good mood from this collab. Taken from Koa’s “In Your Eyes” Album, this track sends aan authentic message of being yourself, showing others what you bring to the table, and claiming your spotlight. TCB blasts this head-moving and grooving vibe that is NOT shy about being colorful! The guitar-like synths are a nice touch. Those addicting drops will have you bopping your head in rhythm to Lyra’s message of “flipping the perception of your own story!”. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Whirly Tail – Who I Could Be (feat. MathematicPony) | Hands Up

Rainbow Dash is a character with some of the most electrifying and entertaining music in the history of this music community. Music about her goals, her flighting spirit, her dreams, and her loyalty to her friends. You name it, some of the fandom’s most iconic songs are about her. Music that is high energy gets your blood pumping or your adrenaline going.

However, it has a track about who RD is as a character at its very foundation ever been done? Strap in for this one on P@D: Zenith because it has now. Close your eyes as you hear MathematicPony sings the purest vocals you hear about RD. Everything she is at her core is sung in the most inspiring manner; the lyrics embody RD’s defiance to beat the odds, A theme present throughout FiM. You can say Dashe’s desires to be the very best, but what gets shortsighted all too much is RD’s love for the skies, her home, Where her confidence indeed shows, A place where Rainbow’s best character traits come to the forefront when she is at her very best! What seals it is Whirly Tail’s just beautiful melodies that feed Math’s vocals. You feel that triumphant and uplifting emotion hit you right in your guts! The taste of beating the odds, proving everypony wrong, never quitting, and never backing down until you’ve overcome it all! Whirly drops of her happy hardcore mixed with these glorious melodies make you feel right there with Rainbow Dash, enjoying the sun on your back and the clouds in the sky! This is by far one of the very best songs about Rainbow Dash made, period! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.