voodoopony – Siege of the Lunar Empire (Nevermourn Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Nevermourn had slowed down music production and instead focused on DJing, but they’re back with a remix of an old fandom song. The original by [voodoopony] has been taken down by its author along with most of their music, but the vast majority of it can be found on the pony music archive. [voodoopony] was a pioneer of dnb in the fandom and it only made sense that someone from today’s flourishing scene like Nevermourn provided their take on a piece of their discography, here with a banging liquid flip of a track from 2012. The first part is made up of amen breaks on top of heavy interferences, later the drums and the bass take their place while a lot is happenning in the background as well.


[ETC] DAϟH – Discorded Ponyville | Speedcore

Dark starts this sick and speedy new tune from DAϟH. Spick and span from the fairly recent compilation album Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville is this speedcore tune, containing mind-bending fast rhythms and voice samples from Discord that truly connects this piece with its title. This collage of chaos, this frenzied assembly, this hoard of discord, will surely set ablaze any rave floor you play it for! Also, I’m extremely excited to see the future of Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville!


[ETC] Spikey Wikey – Facts and Figures VIP | Hardcore

A V.I.P. so clean you could eat off of it! There’s nothing more intriguing in a piece like Facts and Figures than a traditional techno kick and the “Think Break.” And the curiosity gradually pays off with the filtered introduction of a smooth legato synth playing melodies in minor. The saw bass and vocal samples combine to create a truly beautiful and ominous atmosphere. And what better follow-up to that atmosphere is there than heavy gabber kicks, an industrial snare, and the sweet varnish of glitches? Then there exists an awesome implementation of vocals from The Failure Song to take you back to the goosebump-giving atmosphere of the introduction. This is honestly one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Spikey Wikey, and who could expect any less from a track included in the great compilation album Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville?


BeatSpark – Hooves Upon Tartarus | Dubstep


In the midst of the nonexistent EDM festival season, BeatSpark decided to take a few pages out of Disciple’s playbook and make this nasty beast of a track. Seriously the distorted sub at the beginning, the build with those nice punchy (to the point my subs in my 4 inch monitors were producing so much power that I could feel it across my studio) kicks, that nasty predrop to the drop was just pure festival vibes. When it hits to that breakdown after that first drop and that soft saw wave melody came in, I audibly said, “Is it ending already? No way!” especially when everything faded out with the reverb tail. The second 8 bar predrop to the drop was surprising and seriously threw me off which I enjoyed quite well! BeatSpark is definitely one of the dubstep producers to keep an eye on for more bangers in the future!!


Equestrian Terror Corps – COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville | Compilation Album | Horror Hardcore / Breakcore

(Warning: The following album has strong adult language, and intense horror themes. you have been warned.)

This article was Co-written by Nevermourn and DrakeEmberHeart.

If you’re looking for something really out there, or if you’re feeling adventurous in the realm of the brony music community, then my partner for this article, Nevermourn, and I want to point you to Equestrian Terror Corps’s first compilation album, “COREQUESTRIA Vol 1: Ponyville”. From listening to this Album, it’s very different from a lot of electronic music out there in the fandom. The theme of this album is horror, chaotic and disturbing electronic music that tells the tale of a disorated Ponyville, plagued by these themes. You’ll find hardcore, rawstyle, speedcore, terrorcore, breakcore, Spittercore and even some chiptune! The tracks themselves are full of some of the most interesting productions of music I’ve heard. The use of vocal chops and insanely fast, haunting and eerie-sounding elements are well done. The album will basically brainwash you into listening, as well as give you a sense of the bizarre! One of the most intriguing things is the recurring theme of various moments or episodes from the show and getting them twisted and turned for some of these tracks. It’s worth a listen. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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[ETC] Srgt. Moon/Enuna – The Twilight Zone | Hardcore


Keeping with the theme of insanely bizarre compositions, Sergeant Moon\Enuna seems to have a thing for vocal chops in a lot of them! This one has a melody of what I like to think is distorted hip hop music with a haunting texture to it. Just like the show The Twilight Zone. No pun intended. This song goes into the mind of a crazy Twilight Sparkle. There is a flavor of distorted vocal chops in this track of well-known mainstream rapper Lil’ Jon manipulated to the point where it sounds like he is saying horse puns. Off-putting as that sounds, it’s strange but it works! The composer amps up as the track gets more insane. Even Twilight herself asks for more with the help of Pony.Ai. This track, like I said, may not be for everybody, but it’s certainly something that stands out about how bizarre in creative Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville is. You must hear it for yourself. As always, this Qilin really wants you to judge for yourself!


Whirly Tail – Thinking Out Loud (Cynifree Remix) | Psytrance

(Listen to Whirly Tail’s Original Here )

Folks, there is no one in this fandom – in my opinion – that captures atmospheric and environmental melodies like Cynifree! He puts on a darker, menacing but exciting tone to Whirly Tail’s emotional and fun “Thinking Out Loud” which, in its own right (being a trance song), is moody. Cynifree takes the first half with this sort of aggressive and confrontational composure while keeping Whirly’s original tone and flow. It gives you the feeling of eyes watching you the whole time while moving. After this drop and severe mood swing with a crunch, the song then turns in a much more combative, sinister vibe, and my goodness it really gets the blood rushing, so well done! This is a genre called “Forest Psy”, and I want to hear more! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


TCB – Integrity VIP, YONA GONNA, GLOOM & BLOOM, Death in The Afternoon VIP | Multi-Genre

TCB has been quite active recently and submitted songs to most of the labels in the fandom. He uploaded four of them in the form of the present mix and all the links to the albums and the entire tracks are in the video description. Uniqueness is a defining trait of TCB’s music, every time bringing fresh and original ideas to the table. With insane sound design, the use of a wide range of orchestral instruments and ingenious work with vocals, TCB builds a universe of sounds from the ground up with each new release of his. Integrity VIP is a variation of a track from the Keys & Cuts EP using vocals from The Magic Inside. YONA GONNA has input from Loophoof and hits very hard, even if it has emotional moments nonetheless. GLOOM & BLOOM uses the lullaby from Bloom & Gloom, aims to target the feels and succeeds. Death in The Afternoon VIP is a new take on the track from the album The Closet Anthology that unfortunately went a bit under the radar so it is nice to see it getting some more love. It still features Ditherer but gives a more central role to the instrumental which doesn’t only serve as a backbeat to support her rapping anymore. As a last note TCB’s set at BronyBashOnline includes exclusive yet-to-be-released VIPs and Remixes, it would be a shame to miss them.


[P@D] Ryazan a.k.a lixound – Collective Memory | Melodic Drum & Bass

Ponies with a bit of Sci-Fi, eh? Alright, let’s roll with this shall we, Sir PonyToast? This song has such a gorgeous theme and composure to it. The melody tells this space-opera tale of Equestrians venturing into the mists of space. There are some epic layers to this track structure. The feeling you get is that Rainbow Dash has been given the task of leading the Equestrian Space corps, by order of Princess Twilight, to seek out other life and give them the magic of friendship. The exemplary structure of the track gives you this feeling of adventure. With its travelling drum beats, spacious sounding riffs and synths, and those vocal chops, wow! Track 48 of P@D: Ignite brings imagination to the space pony frontier. Now just how deep and intricate is this melody? For this, I point to a man that knows how these kinds of things tick. The Head of P@D and my colleague,  ExplodingPonyToast, do ya thing, mate.

EPT’s part: Thanks Drake. I was really excited to see a new pony track from Ryazan, as the infectious energy he pours into his tunes is always wonderful to listen to. He’s been busy making cool new tunes for rhythm games under the new alias lixound the last couple years, and this return to p@d includes plenty of the skills he’s honed over that time. With all the hallmarks I love in melodic drum & bass music, it’s definitely one of my favourite tracks from Ignite. The synth composition is memorable, unique and continues to add in depth throughout the track especially with the introduction of some killer vocal chops that make this track well worth a listen.

YOU heard it right from EPT mouth, high praise from the head of ponies at dawn. We both loved the creative of this track, For me personally it felt like epic video game soundtrack, The art by the way is awesome, it makes RD look like she is super enhanced pony! As always this Qilin and EPT ask you to judge for yourself, Live long and love ponies!


Nyancat380 – Depressed | Alternate Electronic

Nyan has always had some interesting and fun tracks and this no exception! A nice expansive melody that slips around constantly opens the track, trying to hold itself together as it builds. The multiple drops however are a different animal all together! Its hard for me to describe from percussive focused hard hitting energy to shuffling DnB style drops with a healthy sprinkling of power chords, you can feel the swing in mood and raw emotion and they do an excellent job switching between sad, and angry. If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ve found it!