Wootmaster – Little by Little (TCB Remix) | Future Bass / Hip Hop

TCB comes back with another remix, this time remixing Wootmaster’s opener for his magnum opus, My Little Mixtape. The chill and emotional landscapes appear in my mind as I hear the amazing rework that TCB did of the instant classic from our favorite rapper and community hero. The snare is also soo good, a crunchy vibe from it! Good job TCB!


GhostXB – Sunset (feat. Angel Love, Acarcion & TheWanderingKit) | Rap / HipHop


This heavenly track produced by GhostXb truly speaks out pure intensity and invites you on a rollercoaster full of beautiful notes and emotions played wonderfully. Acarcion and Kit keeping it real with the bars they spit while Angel sings in angelic melodies and brings in a beautiful vibe that completes this track. Legit, it’s difficult not to get emotional while writing this. I feel this man, every vibe that is brought in this… I feel it. ❤ Very well done everybody! Show some love. ❤


MC-Arch – Drivin’ (prod. MrMehster) | Hip-Hop

After various collaborations with rapper N. HollowMrMehster returns with a more straightforward but spacey trap beat. Coming off MC-Arch’s new album, If I Ever ForgetDrivin’ features Arch flexing his melodic muscles and wearing his Post Malone influence on his sleeve, mainly on the hook. Fans will be happy to discover the impassioned delivery they’re used to from Arch are here as well, but this track is highly indicative of his versatility. One of my personal favorites on the album, here’s hoping for some more singing from Arch and more chilled beats from MrMehster!


MC-Arch & PegasYs – Heart Still Beating | Hip-Hop

From MC-Arch’s debut album If I Ever Forget, Heart Still Beating conveys the force of the intent of the whole album with heartfelt vocals and meaningful lyrics. PegasYs contributed by composing a mighty instrumental to go along the vocals, and he just couldn’t help adding his own signature sound and style to it, which is such a delight! If you know that what you stand for is right and if it’s your Truth, then you know that your heart is still beating for it… Let all of our hearts connect and let the power of our feelings combined change the world!


Ditherer – Admirer (prod. TCB) | Hip-Hop

This track off Ditherer’s upcoming album tells the story of the darker side of Sweetie Belle’s emotions in The Break Up Break Down, detailing the loneliness and hopelessness she felt before and after figuring out Big Mac’s package was for Sugar Belle. The episode ends with a happy resolution, but Ditherer expertly weaves a flow detailing her sadder feelings. With a somber beat by TCB showing off his propensity for vocal chops (this time from the CMCs), this song has got me excited for Ditherer’s next project!


MC-Arch – If I Ever Forget | Album | Hip-Hop

After months of buildup, MC-Arch‘s new album has finally arrived! If I Ever Forget finds Arch rapping to anyone with hurt in their lives, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that typically plague “motivational” rappers. Along with some production from Arch, the album features several pony regulars, like Mikuma, TCB, Bank Pain, and PegasYs. Additionally, Arch experiments with several vocal stylings and has more melodic content than what he usually makes. With the Post Malone-influenced Drivin’ (featuring a lush beat from MrMehster) and the gorgeous Flutterwubs, Arch’s melodic chops are apparent and he melds them together with his always-unique flows wonderfully. This album is an emotional ride and I’m sure it was for Arch too, so be sure to pick this one up!


GhostXb – Still Here | Instrumental Hip-Hop

GhostXb is back at it with a sweet, chill out track! Still Here is a fun, laid back piece, utilizing a great fusion of different styles. The drums and synth bring a great, hip-hop beat as a foundation for smooth, delicious saxophone that keeps you movin’ along with the vibe. Great for when you need something to listen to or wanna dance while sitting in your chair, GhostXb did a fantastic job on this song!


Wootmaster – Funky House (Technickel Pony Remix) | Hip-Hop

Technickel Pony has released a whole remix album of Wootmaster‘s magnum opus album My Little Mixtape in such a short time and it’s so amazing! Following the remix of Little By Little, here’s the YouTube release of the remix of the remaster of Funky House, complete with lovely pony interactions between Wootie and the CMC! Technickel treats us with a stylish and very funky remix for the occasion. Grab it as part of the new My Little Re​-​Mixtape remix album!


Straight From The Heart – HEAT (feat. J. Free, Equestrify, MC-Arch & Doodled) (prod. TCB) | Hip-Hop

Pony Hip-Hop initiative Straight From The Heart keeps making the coolest things happen, as talented and lovely rappers from all around the community gather to collab and create magic together. With an instrumental crafted for the occasion by our homie TCB, HEAT is open to interpretation but what’s for sure is that it showcases sick verses from J. Free, Equestrify, MC-Arch and Doodled who all do a lovely job at completing each other. It all contributes to create one epic masterpiece filled with the magic of Friendship… and rap! Get ready because things are HEATing up!


Wootmaster – Little by Little | Hip-Hop

I’m normally very skeptical of Rappers who take on Classic beats and then spit over it, but Wootmaster went ABOVE and BEYOND that! Legit, this is a Banger. If you’re a Veteran within this Fandom and see/know about the Scene and how it all went / how it all is today… You’re gonna feel this. Legit, Upon listening to this again while doing the write-up I teared up. I’ll even go as far to say this Track is **THE** Rap release within the Brony fandom of the Year! I legit hope to see this go Big, Because Wootmaster deserves it! A true loyalist, Defender, and Representative of how magical, powerfull, and real it all can be within the Fandom! everybody show some love to Woot! ❤
Real hiphop, Don’t you ever forget it, its that underground shit, and its the woot that said it! skippe de flippe spiritual miracle lyrical individual
Wootmaster’s full album can be found here.