Yanamosuda – Think Of Fluttershy | Jazz / Lounge

Every new release by Yanamosuda is a breath of Equestrian air! And love is certainly in the air with how the talented Jazz musician is expressing his tender feelings for Fluttershy with every new piece! This smooth Lounge beauty is no exception, and is actually designed as a BGM to play when he thinks of her! That concept is just so lovely and wholesome! With the music being such a bliss for the ears, this whole release is just so commendable and I can’t praise Yanamosuda enough for what he does!


TheWanderingKit & Drixale – B1T$H | Hip-Hop

The pony rap scene is home of some of the sickest collabs, and it’s so awesome to see rappers teaming with beat makers to produce inspired songs! Always spreading the love for pony, this one is about bits, or Equestria’s money. Drixale on the instrumental and TheWanderingKit on the vocals both did awesome to bring those tasty underground vibes and the track is so funky and cool! With visuals by yours truly!


Vylet Pony – The King is Back (feat. Namii) | Dubstep / Hip-Hop

And so the king had returned, as did Vylet and Namii with this dope collaboration made in admiration for King Sombra! I honestly adore it. No cap, after seeing the final season opener for this Generation, it feels good to see the spark of creativity still being as active as when this wonderful adventure started for all of us. The beat itself is sick, the rapping is hype and innovative af, and overall its just very catchy! Nice work you both! Everybody you know what to do. ❤ Show some love.


TCB & Ditherer – The Closet Anthology | Album | Hip-Hop

This is an album that deserves thousands of posts! Our dear pony musicians TCB and Ditherer teamed up for the loveliest of results: a 15-tracks Hip-Hop album brimming with passion toward ponies and episodes! Why, Ditherer imagined so many rich and deep backstories and headcanon to ponies, wrote a lot of amazing and thoughtful lyrics about them, and sang them in all those themed songs! That’s a lot of pony passion and dedication and I LOVE it! Equally dedicated to the cause, TCB did amazing as well with so many instrumentals that truly shine, both in themselves and in accompaniment of the vocals, and if you know TCB you just know they have that special emotion that we get from TCB’s music and unique creativity. Each of the tracks has something special, much emotion, and a lot of love and passion to express toward ponies, but let’s mention Schism of Years about that fateful fight between the two sisters and its aftermath, In Loco Parentis about a deeper-than-ever Trixie, Farewell to Spring about Roseluck, Death in the Afternoon about Berry Punch’s drinking problems and relationships, Multiple Choice about the events of the S5 finale, and so, so many others that have so much in store for you. Grab it all from Ditherer’s Bandcamp, or listen to each track individually from Ditherer’s YouTube channel!


FenPony – Flow Rhyme Till the End of Time | Hip Hop / Rap

FenPony returns with another fiery rap, this time over a self-produced flip of the season 7 opener’s tune! Fen delivers a frantic rap over the Amen Break-heavy beat, switching perspectives between each of the Mane Six and adjusting his cadence and content to signal the switches. Of course, Fen’s signature speed rap is present here and, as usual, he doesn’t miss a beat. Hip hop heads won’t wanna miss out on this one!