Namii & Nexgen – GREY//AF | Hip-Hop

CW: some explicit language

We once again, got these two legendary MC’s ABSOLUTELY delivering a dope collab track. Nexgen going hard as the absolute king he is, bringing the storm of chaos, laying down hard discorded bars messing with your mind. And Namii? Ohohohoooo Namii is going in, FULLY mesmerizing you, with majestic rap vocals… It’s always an exciting mystery on what could’ve happened if Discord was successful in overtaking Equestria, and discordify all of it… Biggups to Namii & Nexgen for exploring that concept! Looking forward to the full EP they’re working on! Subscribe and support them both… you do NOT want to miss it!


MC-Arch – Level up | Hip-Hop

Well, well, well, MC-Arch delivers yet another massive banger hip-hop track, sporting a melody reminiscent of Of Monster And Men (especially their song “Dirty Paws”) and his usual powerful vocals! And of course no MC-Arch banger would be complete without a little Fluttershy vocal bit to start us off!

Arch packs a lot into this song with lyrics that are bursting at the seams with meaning, heavy rhymes, and a flow that’ll stick with you accompanied by an arrangement that goes from whistling and guitar to slow drums. I’ll try my best to give you the Cliffs Notes after the break!

This is not only a love song to hip-hop–it’s also a stand against misconceptions about and prejudice against (brony) hip-hoppers. I strongly advise reading the video description to fully understand this track. Lines like, “But if for changing hip-hop I’m the “Anomaly” | I’m doing something right, won’t stop or heed”, and, “But no matter who you think makes this appeal | A pistol on your hip don’t make you Real”, make this track shine, and there’s so much more, including quite a few pony lines like, “Biggups to the new gen, love to the old”, and, “The ponyboy still trottin’ his story”!

Now to the instrumental backing: It starts out with just an acoustic guitar (to the point you wouldn’t expect this to turn into rap), followed by a lovely whistling melody and drums. The instrumentation shifts brilliantly throughout the track to add emotion and let Arch’s vocals shine!

And now, to finish off, I wanna quote the final lines of the track:
“Listen, all the stuff that I’m responsible for… YGMIGU, SFTH… You can be more than just a believer in that–you can do it, too. Brony hip-hop just hip-hop… We can be MORE than however the cutthroat industry game is played. You DO have the power to turn your life around, which is what we both want, don’t we? Well, what are you waiting for?… Better make it count.”

Big thanks to TheCANderson for helping me proofread and perfect this article!


Silvr_Scr33n – LittlePip’s Diss Track 2.0 | Hip-Hop

Light Content Warning for swear words, also the fic this is based on is rated Mature on FimFic, so proceed with some caution

Alright, this track came out of nowhere, and dam it goes hard! Almost every single line in this is a reference to the original track, and despite the pretty standard length of just under three and a half minutes this is way more then I can cover in a single article, so I’m just gonna show you some of my favourite bits: The very first line already shows you what’s up, playing around with “Little” Pip and the big bars that are about to follow and the same is continued with wordplay in multiple other spots in between the rapid fire references. During the chorus the counting is panned so as Silvr_Scr33n counts up you’ll hear the numbers “walk” by from one ear to the other. In between the bars there’s a fire instrumental section that’ll blow off your socks if the bars haven’t already done that. Silvr_Scr33n in this track goes from staby rap to almost sung vocals and some in between! And that’s not even close to everything that’s awesome in this track so definitely give this track a listen!


VibePoniez – Hearth’s Warming (vol.​2) | Compilation Album

Intro (Emma)

VibePoniez has slowly made a name for themselves as being the chill label that fills all your need for calm and relaxing music, and once again they don’t disappoint! In the following first I and then Arch will present you with two each of the amazing tracks featured on the album!

(continued after the break)

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MC-Arch – Green | Lo-Fi / Hip-hop

Be ready to put your thinking cap on with this one from MC-Arch. He states that times have changed in the past four years within this community. His rhymes speak a great deal of reality for us, in addition to the perspective of his life, setting the tone with this track. A reflective beat pulls you into his message that life has been cruel and unkind to many these last few years, undeniable in these bars – the emotion of the delivery brings out all the feels. But this is Arch we are talking about; as the beat shifts, he turns that struggle into how much he has endured, overcome and inspires others to regain power and control destiny. Soft tones of the MLP theme pays homage to the people around him who supported him during challenging times. This is something special, even by MC-Arch’s standards. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Gloomrot – Mhm (Ft. Ditherer) | Hip-Hop

The madlad Gloomrot once again delivers a dope Hip-Hop piece with the help of lyrical mastermind Ditherer, this time bringing us a tune about Marble Pie. (Legit though, we need MORE marble pie songs within this fandom!) And it is throughout this dope straight-in-your-face type of boombap beat, how the story is told regarding Marble’s well being and state of mind. Dark experiences and thoughts, can truly, TRULY change a person. And I can tell you, that cute poor mhm-ing honse deserves a hug man… Her story throughout this dark masterpiece, is in either case wonderfully produced & performed by Dith and Gloom.


TM – ¡Viva Las Pega! | Hip-Hop

I know summer hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m already feeling like vacationing in a tropical utopia! Dream vacations are no longer an imaginary fantasy as TM’s new gorgeous track “¡Viva Las Pega!” delivers a fresh, upbeat Hip-Hop vibe with its rich instrumentation. From the punchy drums to the lively trumpet fluttering in the air, you can feel the entire spectrum of vibrations around you as if you’re immersed in a real excursion to your dream destination. Give it a listen if you’re in for a chill and relaxing voyage, but don’t forget to hop in the vacation van and let TM show you the astonishing scenery all around!


MC-Arch & PrinceWhateverer – Yay on! (feat. Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVA & Namii) | Rock / Hip Hop

MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer’s first track of the new year is a collaboration powerhouse featuring not only these two legends, but also Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVa, and Namii! The track begins with mellow e-piano vibes and the incredible rapping talent of MC-Arch. Then a minute in, the electric guitars kick in, along with a couple of chiptune-esque synths and a drum feature, creating an incredible cross-genre texture unique to this song. My favorite bit though is the duet between MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer singing, “You deserve love.” It’s simply gorgeous and a fantastic message to everypony listening!

This track will be featured on the third installment of “You got me, I go us”, so make sure to check that out when it drops later this year.


The Horse Music Herald Very Belated Nightmare Night Extravaganza

What month is it again? We wanted to collate all our NMN writeups into one post this year, but we weren’t as quick off the mark as we hoped to be 😬 But you know what they say; better late than never, right? Catch a selection of songs below from the likes of Jyc Row, Prince Whateverer, Twisty Tunes, Brilliant Venture, Skyshard and more!

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Dat1Pony – Bane (Prod. Pendo46) | Hip-Hop

CW: mild gore

First time feature here for Dat1Pony! The flow of their lyrics in this is almost hypnotic, and combines perfectly with the spooky sounding beat from royalty-free producer Pendo and the artwork. Good to see the brony rap game’s still creating good players.