The_snake_skin蛇皮 – The Pony with a Hundred Faces | Rap / Hip-Hop

I can’t say I’d ever heard Chinese rap before I came across one of The_snake_skin蛇皮’s songs – the horse fandom once again fosters cultural exchange! Snake’s flow is fantastic in this rap about Pinkie flexing her many, many talents. And don’t worry if you don’t speak Chinese – the uploader provides full English subtitles!


The_snake_skin蛇皮 – The New Star of Wasteland | Hip-Hop / Rap

Littlepip considers herself as an ordinary pony, but due to her actions and sense of justice during adventures throughout the Equestrian Wasteland, it earned her word around to be known as a heroine, a role model and the new star of wasteland as titled by a rapper all the way from China! Rapping the distressed point of view of Littlepip over a disheartened type beat with a booming emotion and its 808s, this storytelling musical will grapple your heart with its on-point lyrics of survival and battle of hope. English lyrics are available in the closed captions of the video, shout out to Cosmia for the translation.


NickyD, ZD, Ditherer & 4EverFreeBrony – Daybreaker Dub (Prod. Evdog) | Hip-Hop

NickyD dropping bars once more together with the Homies ZD, Ditherer and 4EverFreeBrony on the guitars! Dropping an extremely dope track with both absolute sun-powered BARS from BOTH the vocals and guitars. I can feel the lovely reggae vibes with the chill guitars and dope laid-back vocals of 4EFB as all the rap verses formulate together. Each having their own unique take and bringing forward a very diverse rap experience to the listener.


Childlike Wonder – Ponk | Lo-fi / Hip-Hop

An underrated treasure from last month, Childlike Wonder mixes a lo-fi, and at times jazzy, backing instrumental with a creative rap which combines a stylistic flow with lyrics from an egotistical pink pony. Throw in a some Pinkie Pie vocal chops and a great video loop for the song, and you’ve got a can’t miss hit!


[VibePoniez] GhostXb – Midnight Bliss | Downtempo

I love GhostXb’s chilled out hip-hop songs like this one. He manages to create pieces with full, punch drums, but the rest of the instrumentation still brings a sense of calm a relaxation. But this also has a bit of a twist as it gorgeously transitions halfway through into a more ambient section. It feels like a sonic representation of breaking through the clouds to a clear night sky… Fitting choice of background art then, isn’t it?


vul – Flutterbutter | Trap/Hip-hop

Content Warning: profanity!

vul might be new to the fandom music scene, but with a full album and active release schedule, they are definitely a talent to watch! “Flutterbutter” comes at you quick with a mountain of hard-hitting lyrics, all performed through AI voicing. The track is impressive both for the writing, trap beat, and the extensive work in coordinating all the AI chops with hip-hop flow! vul announced a hip-hop album is in the works so be sure to watch out for that!


[P@D] Tw3Lv3 & Doodled – Peak Vibes | Drum & Bass/Hip Hop

Another exciting pre-release for the big Ponies at Dawn release for Zenith, Tw3Lv3 and Doodled went all-out combining their specialties! Peak Vibes combines the chaotic, fast-paced percussion of DnB while Doodled’s chilled vocals and flow provide a soothing atmosphere. The back-and-forth transitions range from wild and uptempo to relaxing on a hot afternoon – truly “Peak Vibes”!

[P@D] TCB – Above (feat. Kozzy) | Color Bass/Hip Hop

TCB continues to amaze with his fun, wonky sound design and subtle melodies. His latest funky creation, “Above” is yet another awesome pre-release from Ponies at Dawn’s upcoming compilation album, “Zenith.”  Muted, yet powerfully delivered rap vocals from Kozzy are supported by a bouncy color bass beat, with some oriental-sounding instrumentation providing extra flavor throughout. With its stellar rap vocals and energetic sound design, this track will make you want to get up and dance!

loopy x Koa – Pull Over (Siren Song) | Remix Album

A big hit off Ponies at Dawn’s Oceansong from a year ago was the single Pull Over (Siren Song). While popular in its own right, the collaboration between Koa and loopyy really took off after the duo pair launched a remix contest with the prize including admission to this remix album.

I spoke with Koa recently who said the album was conceived because it sounded like a fun idea. She told me that she really enjoys the diversity in creative elements that come about from such a contest. The number of directions different people can take with the same source is astounding! With 26 initial remix submissions, this winter was certainly full of unique interpretations of the same project!

AnNy Tr3e Remix – You wouldn’t know you are listening to Siren Song at first with this remix. Perhaps the best at subverting expectations, AnNy Tr3e brings a very big room feel to the album.

Payyn Remix – A big buildup at the very beginning lets you know something big is coming! The mix lulls you in with soft space-y vibes right up until it punches you in the face with heavy bass and crazy wubs.