sci – Fluttershy in Kanadaland (Technickel Pony Remix) | Hip-Hop

Technickel Music/Pony/Ted’s always been great at making remixes with that classic hip-hop feel. I admittedly don’t know the orignal version of this, but Ted sure follows in sci’s sample-based footsteps with his production style…but in a slightly less chaotic fashion.


MC-Arch – You Can Tell Me Everything | Hip-Hop

Warning: Content includes strong language.
MC-Arch is back at it with an emotional rap piece about society and issue that plague us all. Discussing anger, persistence, and his hope for the future, Arch turns to Princess Celestia as a role model for leadership and knowledge in trying times. With a simple, ambient backing track, solid beat, and steady flow, You Can Tell Me Everything is a great, hard-hitting track!



[SoK] MC-Arch – Feathers. (Keep you high) | Hip-Hop

One of the highlights of Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch for sure, MC-Arch’s newest song is a wonderful expression of care and love. Spreading hope and meaningful messages though heartfelt vocals, it covers a wide range with both cool rapping and more mellow vocals, and also got a neat and inventive instrumental to back it up. Strength, love, and a big fluffy hug are all conveyed with this beautiful song that will never stop shining and aiming for the bright skies.


Vylet Pony – Every Little Thing She Does | Lofi Hip-Hop

Chill vibes on this one man, I love it. ❤ We need more starlight glimmer songs like this man. I really enjoy the Vocals on this one with the Flute thingy enforcing the Melody. The drums are dope af and I Just really dig the guitars in this man. Its amazing. The beat is indeed reminiscent to how our lovely glimglam thinks of Twilight; Every Little thing she does man, damn. I love it ❤ Joji keep up the good work my dude I love it. Everybody show some love. ❤


Daniel Ingram – Acadeca (Drixale Remix) | Trap / Moombahton

An amazing EQD song remix done by the amazing Drixale! The urban and gangsta sound of Trap mixes with the exotic sound of Moombah, making an unique sound unlike any other! Drixale’s tracks are really amazing and they surprise me all the time. Drixale makes some really sick tunes and brings new genres to the fandom, mostly Moombahton, Kizomba, Salsa, etc. This time is a more hip hop thing that I love a lot! The vocals are well treated and the instrumental for the song is well done! Good job on this one Drixale and I hope you bring more of your creative mind!


Wootmaster – Magic Bling (TCB Remix) | Future Bass / Hip-Hop

Wootmaster’s Magic Bling is arguably one of the best ponified parody songs of 2016. TCB has remixed the Drake parody to perfection! A future bass soundscape complements Wootmaster’s vocals quite well. With a “kawaii” atmosphere, one can really get down a boogie to this remix! Be sure to grab a download from TCB’s Bandcamp!


BlueBrony – Namby Pamby | Hip-Hop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 November 2017.

BlueBrony always makes awesome unique interpretations of recent episodes, and this one about Pharynx is excellently done. A bit of 90’s style rapping with a funky beat helps tell a humorous story from the changeling’s perspective and the vocals are just the right amount of cheesy throughout, with some clever lyrics too.