ShobieShy – Blinded By Love | Hip-hop

[Content & Profanity Warning!]

The Real Glim Shady is back at it with a story of getting duped by a changeling. ShobieShy always brings a little something new with each track and Blinded By Love uses pretty simple instrumentation to its fullest. A simple riff, beat, and bass you can feel combined with Shobie’s flow makes for a great storytelling device. The chorus mixes up the style with staggering vocal effects to really hit the depth and impact of the conflict. Shobie always writes music from the viewpoint of himself in Equestria and this song really paints a vivid picture of what a threat some creatures could be to interpersonal relationships in such a world.


Paloris – I Still Miss You (TheTaZe Remix) | Chillstep/Hip-hop

(To hear Paloris original track click here)

HMH here keeping ASOS: Brownie tracks coming at you bronies! With track 41 of this album. Do you want to go for a walk and chill for a bit? TheTaze has you covered here. This remix of Paloris’s track will be having you humming and vibeing the chillstep hip/hop melody. A track about a worrying bookhorse as per the original, has the wonderful distorted piano and vocal chops. TaZe cleverly mods the track to a R&B and stylish sound that will give you a little more into your trot. It would like you walking down the streets of manehattan with your friends having a great time. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.



Steryotype – ’04 EP | Lo-fi / Chillout

If I had to use one adjective to describe this album, I’d pick “Vibin’.” This EP is 100% Lo-Fi music, and each song is just a little different. There’s some jazz elements in tracks like 1998, and some hip hop and rap music elements used in songs like Projectz and HearYouInTheBackground. Throughout the album, there are bits of dialog mixed in with the music as well that add to the whole feel of the album as well as the songs individually. Overall, a great album if you love chilling out to some Lo-Fi hip hop!


TheTaze – Memories | Lo-Fi

TheTaZe has a varied discography, consisting of fast paced songs to ones that you can sit down and study to, this one being the latter. Memories is a lo-fi hip hop instrumental that gives off a sentimental atmosphere. The soundscapes are huge given that there’s little here: a chilled-out drum beat, soft synth notes and the sound of falling rain. Sprinkled around the track are samples from the show during a break and towards the end, adding a nice nostalgic touch. Overall, Memories does a wonderful job at bringing back some, well, memories of the show that brought us together!


Kozmos – Underdog (feat. Doodled) | Hip-Hop

He’s not dead yet. Words from the stallion himself. Underdog is Kozmos’ first original track in a year, and along for the ride is Doodled who delivers an extra verse towards the end, and Technickel Ted, the producer of the beat. Both rappers bring forth a braggadocios verse each, also showing that after all this time, Kozzy hasn’t lost his touch. Welcome back to the grind, Koz!