Scraton – Dodge This 2019 (feat. Genesis Wave, Blitz, TheWanderingKit & Kozmos) | Electronic / Hip-Hop

Classics will never be forgotten, and here’s an amazing renewal of Dodge This that uses a banging instrumental from the one and only Scraton! Kozmos gathered the vocal talents and passion of Genesis Wave, Blitz and TheWanderingKit as well as TCB on the mixing to make a sequel and spiritual successor to the original, and it shows the love with cool new verses!


MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN – The Pones We Play (Wootmaster x Pusha T) | Hip Hop / Mashup

Pretty incredible how great such a simple mashup can sound! Taking the instrumental from Pusha T’s The Games We Play off his stellar Daytona album and Wootmaster’s vocals from his Drake parody The Ride Ain’t OverMCMIAG shows off how well Woot’s flow (and slightly comical lyrics) complements the grittiness of the original beat. As a sucker for mashup, MCMIAG has been pumping out some pretty great ones recently and this is just one of many!


ZD & Kozmos – A Manehattan Story (prod. Steryotype) | Hip-Hop

A story from two ponies points of view. One tells of the wonder and excitement of exploring a city full of lights and music. The other outlines the struggles of living the day-to-day life in a city full of crime and sadness. The difference in rapping styles and the contrast in accents matches perfectly with the two takes on the same tale.
Kozmos and ZD are the talents behind the vocals, while Steryotype produced the beat. This combination is definitely one I would be happy to see used again in the future.


MC-Arch & Mikuma – FlutterWubs | Hip-Hop

A love song toward Fluttershy made from the heart, and a token of the power of love and passion! That’s what you’re in for with FlutterWubs, MC-Arch’s collaboration with Mikuma that displays the passionate rapper’s feelings and vocal talents, as well as the moe Future musician’s proficiency at composing such a fluffy beat! This utterly lovely song is available as part of MC-Arch’s album If I ever Forget!


Technickel Pony – PCD | Album | Hip-Hop

Technickel Pony‘s self-described “retrospective of the feelings experienced at a con” has arrived. After his wonderful collab album with mycutiemarkisagun, he continues the trend of convention-themed project and brings along his signature flips of various funk tunes along for the ride. He does delve into various other genres on tracks like “The Dance Floor,” and the album features a wealth of vocals from Wootmaster, as well as a rap from Doodled. A great album for reminiscing or kicking back on a weekend, this is a very worthwhile listen!


Pony Abstract – Star Swirl (Drixale Remix) | Hip-Hop

Pony Abstract is a rapper I didn’t know before, and I thank Drixale for letting me know about him through this remix! That’s another magic of a remix, it lets you discover new artists sometimes! Drixale certainly did amazing presenting the original vocals in such a cool new way, with electronic and reggaeton influences making for such a varied track full of different flavors!


Acarcion – Thank You (prod. Technickel Pony) | Hip-Hop

Heartfelt rapping is the best rapping, and Acarcion did wonders by laying out verses written with love along a sweet instrumental by Technickel Pony and art by Namii! Taking inspiration from emotion from a pony con and feelings for fellow pony musician friends, Acarcion sings with heart and conviction and it makes for such a comfy and heart-warming song, filled with lovely references too. Try to spot them all without looking at the answers in the comments!