MC Arch & Agatan – Not Like Them (TCB Remix) | Hip-Hop / Dubstep

Here’s a remix of MC-Arch’s “Not Like Them,” brought to you by TCB, who put a little bit of a dubstep/trap twist to it!  The vocals pair well with the remixed sound design and composition, and the drops are definitely one-of-a-kind.  It gives the original version a whole different feel that one gets to experience.  It’s just as emotional as the original!  Nice job!


MC-Arch & Agatan – Not Like Them | Rap / Hip-Hop

Time for another ambient hip hop track from MC-Arch, who paired up with Agatan Music once again!  Inspired from Diamond Tiara’s change of heart in “Crusaders of the Last Mark,” the lyrics can be quite emotional, and they are well-executed.  The ambient synths do a wonderful job at tying everything in, and the amazing pairing of MC-Arch and Diamond Tiara near the end is just wonderful.  Quite the emotion in one work!  That’s good stuff, there!


Virus Ponies – Split (feat. N. Hollow) | Trap

Hollow and Virus have been pretty busy I see, I like it Man. 🙂 Dope beat, dope flows, I love it. I think the delivery is very well done. That one punchline though… “Fill up Pinkie’s cannon with them boulders” lmfao. N. Hollow kinda reminds me of Tyler the Creator at the beginning. Its a style that’s pretty underrated if you ask me. As for Virus, what a dope beat. Yes, this is good work guys, love man love. ❤


Prey – Black Magic | Hip-Hop / Trap

Yes yes yes niiiiiice this is a good Trap beat man. dope drums With some a nice vibe to it. Nice techno pieces in there too, I honestly find it abit hard to say how this is MLP related though, but its always Lovely and cool to see people getting into the Brony Vibe. Welcome Prey! good stuff my man, keep up the good Work. Just as the Magic definitly works. 🙂 and for all the (T)Rappers out there; I definitly reccomend check this out. 😉 Show some love everybody! ❤


[P@D] Replacer – Paper Lady | Indie Pop / Hip-Hop

One of my top favorites from P@D Anthology, this new very unique track from Replacer has got quite an intricate and elaborate story set in the past Equestria, and it’s told through poetic lyrics and blissful vocals through an instrumental of many wonders. Acoustic guitar, synths that will remind you of some Classic Rock and Prog Rock goldies from the 70s, and even an Ambient part, this masterpiece of a track is quite the unique gem. Replacer even drew the cover art himself, representing the character from the story!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (The Remixes) EP | Electronic

If I remember correctly, Ponytronic gained an affinity earlier this year for a certain couple of music ponies after reading a well-known fanfiction about them. Shortly afterwards, his song Times Like These was released – a smooth liquid dnb piece about the duo, perhaps one of his best songs to date. Now after a couple of months of an open contest, he’s proud to present the Times Like These Remixes EP!

Featuring a variety of genres, from more dnb reworks to a hip-hop remix and even a couple of really left-of-field genres, this EP has both some regular names to the brony music community and some people just breaking out into the scene. It’s also seemingly a chance for some artist to break out into new genres – I’ve never heard Metapony do Drum & Bass or UndreamedPanic do hip-hop before! Definitely give this EP a listen, you might just find a new artist or style that you’d be interested in.

Times Like These (The Remixes) EP is available to download for free on Ponytronic’s bandcamp.

PS: The music box rendition at the end is a super cute addition to the album :3


MC-Arch – This War of Mine | Hip-Hop

MC-Arch’s highly-awaited new heartfelt track is here, and this one is extra special as it shares some very deep beliefs! I invite you to read the description and listen to the lyrics, you may be able to relate in one way or another. Through a tender instrumental and a rapping driven by pure strength of conviction, MC-Arch is spreading his message and changing the world at his own pace. The feelings and beliefs conveyed here through this song are truly gorgeous and moving, and I can only thank MC-Arch for making these beautiful and meaningful pieces of love and “important things”. Keep holding on to the Truth!


JOSHH – As The Sun Surely Rises | Hip-Hop / Trap

JOSHH returns with even more blissful pony music, and this time it’s the power of the sun shining in musical way through this track definitely very interesting and unique. Starting with an acoustic guitar and Classic Rock vibes, the song then evolves into an electronic-oriented Hip-Hop/Trap instrumental, with added vocals! Definitely a treat showing much inventivity.