MC-Arch – TAKE BACK THE DREAM! (prod. R3CTIFIER) | Dubstep

Straight from MC-Arch‘s new album that just dropped, this fire collab with R3CTIFIER is as crazy as you could expect, and the relentlessness of the passion within Arch’s vocals is only rivaled by the onslaught of mad wubs from R3ctie’s drops. It’s all part of a grand story and message conveyed by the whole album, that you can read about from here! And don’t forget to get the album from Bandcamp here!


[ASOS] Doodled – Tempest Temper | Hip-Hop

Part of A State of Sugar Ice Cream, this inspired rap about Tempest Shadow sure is a delight, with such cool lyrics emphasizing on her character at that time, and a crazy flow that would make her proud! Even referencing Open Up Your Eyes, the track is so perfect and makes for an amazing new character theme of sorts!


FilledSilhoutte – P.O.N.Y (feat. Wootmaster) | Hip-Hop

(Lyrics and vocals used from WootMaster’s Funky House track of My Little Mixtape.)
Who loves smooth and funky hip-hop? How about some brony love and life? This remix tribute to Wootmaster is just the right mix of the humor of this fandom, and the smooth sound of old school hip-hop. A song about an everyday brony’s passion for Friendship is Magic. Have a listen. Have a chuckle. Enjoy this song. For this is Brony hip-hop done well.


Daniel Ingram – Smile Song (Nyancat380 Bootleg) | Hip-Hop / Chiptune

A recent favorite of mine that came out of nowhere, Nyancat380’s Bootleg is quite emotional with such a creative use and effects on Pinkie vocals from the beloved Smile Song. The bassline all throughout is adding even more emotion, making for quite a unique remix like we don’t get that often. The last part is especially powerful for me!


MC-Arch & RoomVR – Our Love Will Save Us All (feat. Namii) | Hip-Hop

The latest release from our beloved rapper is another collab of many wonders, with RoomVR contributing with a very dreamy and emotional instrumental, Namii doing her best Fluttershy voice, and Arch carrying on all the powerful meanings intended in this track with his heartfelt rapping and thoughtful lyrics. Read what’s written in both the video and the description to get an idea of all that is to appreciate in this track!


ShobieShy – The Sho (Full Album) | Rap/HipHop / Trap

ShobieShy is a lad I’ve been following for sometime now. A great guy, a very talented rapper, and a person I am proud to call my friend. I hereby welcome all ladies and gentlemen to The Sho. Shobie’s first album featuring the talent of many producers! Shobie really outperformed himself with this Album and gives us a wonderful performance of his skills. Massive shoutout to Doodled and Drixale for their awesome contributions to The Sho!

Keep rockin’ it bro. Keep flexin’ your might.


Ditherer – Giddyup (feat. Network Music Ensemble) | Hip-Hop

Ditherer is on a roll (again), with a constant flow of pony-inspired tunes (see what I did there), to our greatest delight! This cover of the classic Giddy Up is so lovely, the rapping is sick as always, and the lyrics are thoughtful and honest. Also check out S07E03 Unnamed Earth Mare #1, giving some chara depth to an otherwise ignored pony, and many, many more recent uploads on Ditherer’s channel!


Yanamosuda – Think Of Fluttershy | Jazz / Lounge

Every new release by Yanamosuda is a breath of Equestrian air! And love is certainly in the air with how the talented Jazz musician is expressing his tender feelings for Fluttershy with every new piece! This smooth Lounge beauty is no exception, and is actually designed as a BGM to play when he thinks of her! That concept is just so lovely and wholesome! With the music being such a bliss for the ears, this whole release is just so commendable and I can’t praise Yanamosuda enough for what he does!