Ditherer & MC-Arch- Another Inch Away | Rap / Hip Hop

Hey y’all, trapstar extraordinaire J. Free here. Only partially kidding, but I’m very honored to say I am now part of Horse Music Herald’s guest writing staff. Hope to bring you some awesome horse tunes in future posts!

For my first writeup, I’ll be sticking in my comfort zone with a rap song, this time from the prolific MC-Arch and the youngblood Ditherer. Ditherer only just started releasing fandom music and his new album, which this song appears on, is a whopping 40 tracks long. The gloomy Shiloh Dynasty-sampling beat services the rapping quite well on this song. Ditherer raps, from a detached POV, of a man who just can’t seem to let go of a fictional girl (safe to assume it’s a pony!) and longs for a real-life version of her. The verse has a pretty amusing Ticket Master reference, too!  Ditherer’s use of internal and multisyllabic rhymes and his great imagery are on full display in this verse.

MC-Arch’s verse, on the other hand, while still as emotional as Ditherer’s and echoing similar sentiments to the first verse’s protagonist, is much more personal and much less vague as to the identity of the pony. It’s not surprising to find it’s about Fluttershy, but this is the first time Arch has ever sounded so impassioned (especially in the second half of his verse) and vulnerable rapping about his love for her and what he feels whenever she’s on his mind. Arch’s distinct stream-of-consciousness-type flow along with his fiery delivery are the real stars here.

If you’re into emotional raps and can relate to having a real adoration for your favorite pony, there is definitely something to like here!


[P@D] mikuma – Tap Out (feat. N. Hollow) | Future / Hip-Hop

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this is the stuff right here my dude. P@D Rebirth was lit, but Tap Out has somethin’ special to it, you feel? Mikuma and Hollow teaming up is a very good thing. The beat itself is like sitting in the Rock&Roller coaster from Disneyland on LSD. Its so good and so relaxing and hyped up at the same time. Legit one of Mikuma’s best work. While going crazy with Hollows flow. Legit, from one rapper to another, I am fully confident in saying that Hollow is one of the most talented rappers here in this fandom. You can all go home now. Go to work, you ain’t getting above this. Its over. Buh-bye. Omg. (both of you keep it up man. ❤ )


Ditherer – Flowcellus | Hip Hop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 June 2018.

Ditherer’s followed up his recently released album with some more music pretty quickly, and this one’s super fun! It’s a solid track on its own, but the main idea of it is that it’s got a whole lot of verses, with plenty of different attempts at fitting the style of a multitude of other rappers from the fandom, from oldschool names like MicTheMic, Swagberg and Lulz, as well as newer ones like Wootmaster and N. Hollow.


Sights Unseen – Going Down | Hip Hop

Here is an unexpected twist from the normal Sights Unseen style. While he has always been good dabbling in different genres, Going Down explores the rap genre with each character of the Mane 6 getting a verse to describe how they defend Equestria. Sights really wows in this track by supplying a different voice for each protagonist and doing it all on his own. The choruses flow very nicely and change up the track to keep it fun and interesting while featuring multiple unique voices together. Sights is definitely one of those producers that has a very distinctive sound all his own and is definitely worth checking out to see for yourself!


UndreamedPanic – The Outdoors | Album | Electronic

I don’t think I could ever count the amount of music that Panic’s made. The sheer volume of music he’s contributed to fandom is incredible and it all just keeps getting better as he grows as a producer! The Outdoors sees him taking on some more poppy styles like Future Bass, a bit of Indie Pop influence, but also a good deal of Melodic Dubstep tracks too. Anyone who’s a fan of Panic’s usual songs, or any kind of mainstream-style electronic music is bound to enjoy this.

The Outdoors is available to purchase on UndreamedPanic’s Bandcamp.


N. Hollow, MC-Arch & Brohoof Studios – Bad Trip | Riddim / Hip-Hop

Warning: explicit lyrics and drug references

Brony hip-hop is really taking off again and this crew is a big part of the movement. MC-Arch and N. Hollow rap about the pride they have in what they are doing with the Straight From The Heart movement and the importance of sticking with what is important to you in life. Brohoof Studios provides the hard, acid-trap backing track setting the stage for the intense, hallucination-based Bad Trip which Arch and Hollow use as the theme for the track. Unique and exciting, this track is a great blend of talented artists and styles so be sure to check out Bad Trip!


[P@D] J. Free & N. Hollow – Kanterlot Killas (prod. VooDoo) | Trap / Hip Hop

Yoooooooo my man this is the stuff you NEED to hear! My homeys Hollow & J. Free collabed for this dope track. Dope bars, awesome beat. VooDoo did awesome on this track and it truly completes the circle man. Outstanding work, I am truly amazed. You guys truly earned the title “Kantalot Killas” ‘cuz you guys killed it man. Keep up the awesome work! From one MC to another two, thank you for doing Hip-Hop right with this bros. And VooDoo, stay dope with the beats man you ROCK! everybody, show some love!


Technickel Ted & MCMIAG – Fear & Pony in Seattle | Album | Hip-Hop

Ted & MCMIAG collabed for this Awesome Collection of dope Hip-Hop beats. My favourites from the album are EFNW Hotel Balcony, CarToonz, Beat45, See you next con…, and cOdE oF cOnDuCt. Its truly amazing how all of it comes together. The vibes, the percussion, everything. its perfect. Ted has always been one of my favo beat producers in this fandom, and seeing MCMIAG collab with him is pretty cool imo. HMU anytime if you need somebody flowin’ on your beats. 😉 EVERYBODY, show some love. ❤

Fear & Pony in Seattle is available to download from MCMIAG’s Bandcamp for any given price!


MC-Arch – The Bridge. (Its Ok.) | Hip-Hop

MC-Arch has always been very open about his emotions through his music and this track is no different. In The Bridge, he raps about how it is ok not to be ok and uses a new trap beat to get his point across. The song includes some awesome Fluttershy vocal chops as an accompaniment to Arch’s vocals which makes for an incredible counterpoint to the verses. The title is chosen amazingly too, as we are reminded of the importance not tp burning bridges, but gather up the strength and cross them instead.




[P@D] bank pain – Sunny’s Theme (Hay Tea Remix) | Drum & Bass / Hip Hop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 March 2018.

Hay Tea brings the funk here with a super groovy remix of bank pain’s Sunset Shimmer tune Sunny’s Theme. Making excellent use of vocal samples from the original, the percussion throughout the track is top notch and the synths in the track work perfectly to give some strong vibes throughout the track, not to mention the lovely piano work.