Vylet Pony – Magic B**ch (feat. Silva Hound, Chi-Chi & Namii) | R&B / Hip-Hop

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FilledSilhoutte – The Warmth | Hip-Hop

Chill vibes for days! FilledSilhoutte crafted a minimalist hip-hop beat perfect for a rainy day. Indeed, the song starts out with the sound of droplets hitting the ground; sweet piano chords then join in soon followed by percussion. However, it is only when the bass finally comes in that we can feel the warmth as if coming home on a cold winter day. The vibe that emanates from the beat is reminiscent to that of Vylet’s beautiful Princess. The warmth is from the hearth and for the heart as the song ends with a cute little vocal clip from A Hearth’s Warming Tail.


VibePoniez – Hearth’s Warming EP | Compilation Album | Lo-fi / Chillout

This is a great time for pony music. New faces are are showing up while old ones are returning, already existing labels are developping while new ones are being created. In terms of chill music, 2019 began with Spikey Wikey’s mix showing there was demand for this family of genres that had been previously left aside by the fandom. Later this year, Tw3Lv3, Steryotype and TheTaZe undertook the responsability of building a scene from the ground up in some sense and produced decent amounts of music to relax/study to, to quote the YouTube stream that rose lo-fi to the popularity it has today. In september they created the label VibePoniez that sought to “promote brony artists who make chill music”. They had expected to have 3 to 4 lo-fi tracks overall on their debut album but it went much beyond their expectations as they recieved submissions from a great diversity of genres and even some from big names in the community.
This long EP starts off with meme tracks from the label founders themselves that are nonetheless very pleasent to listen to. Single Purpose‘s track Setbacks is short, sweet and minimalistic and uses a heart wrenching Octavia sample. Palorisi still miss you makes creative use of Twilight vocal chops from I Have to Find a Way and has a great deep bass which creates a terrific chilled out atmosphere. TheChristmasSong(ChestnutsRoasting) from Steryotype is exactly what you’d expect from him: clean classic lo-fi beats. Reflection by Rayne Dear, an alias of PhonicB∞m apparently, uses some nice percussions made up of various sounds they recorded in their dad’s kitchen. Tw3Lv3 made a liquid drum & bass remix of GrazySmash‘s Dream from Helpie’s Corner: Other Side Of The Mirror, which definitly falls under the chill category. :Twi: by TCB will get a post of its own soon. Happy Mood is Insane Domi aka Mr.Sunset’s first ever released track. Even though it didn’t quite make it in Equinity 02: Catalyst, with a few tweaks and help with mastering from Tw3Lv3 it became a rock solid track to relax to. Lorris Power Note‘s Sentiments brings yet another genre to the album being a cute vocal chops-heavy synthwave track. VibePoniez’ first album and sucess ends on an ambient piece by GrazySmash which comes off as a surprise considering Grazy had only made hard hitting music so far.
Now we almost have enough for a 24/7 pony lo-fi radio! Make sure to follow VibePoniez on Bandcamp and YouTube to catch their latest releases!


[P@D] mikuma – Raygun (feat. J. Free) | Hybrid Trap

Let the bass rock your speakers. Track 45 of Ponies at Dawn: Eternal sees the grand return of mikuma, their first feature on a P@D album since 2018’s Enigma. Being their first release since that year, they’ve come back with a banging hybrid trap tune that starts strong and stays strong. Along with mikuma is the iconic J. Free, who provides a tactical serving of rap flow towards the end of this slice of trap mastery. Welcome back to the fold, mikuma!


Steryotype – ThruMyHead | Lo-Fi

Not long after releasing his Lofi Pon EP, Steryotype’s already got another one on the horizon: the ’03 Mini EP, which this track is a part of. As we’ve come to expect from the fandom’s emerging lo-fi scene, this song features the typical elements of a good lo-fi track, particularly the usage of old samples interpolated and edited over a modern hip-hop style drum beat. It hits in all the right places and feels perfect to relax to under a blanket, especially in this weather. ’03 Mini EP will be released soon, so look forward to that!


The Empty Tomb – Emotions | Lo-fi

“Emotions” is right. The Empty Tomb keeps coming out with new releases, and this one might be their best yet. The track is centred around a filtered sample of what could either be a guitar or a piano set to a smooth beat accented by the sound of water droplets and a moving body of water. While it may be short, there’s nothing but melancholy lo-fi goodness to be found here.


Tw3Lv3 – Release | Album | Lo-fi

The debut album from the fandom’s lo-fi giant Tw3Lv3 is finally here! It has 20 tracks, some of which will be familiar if you follow his channel, such as Old Vibes, Starlight’s Dream, Canterlot Suburb, Tsukimi and so on. Quite a few of the songs are collabs with other producers, such as TheTaze, Steryotype, Power Note and Astral. A couple guest vocalists also appear, such as ShobieShy on the vocal version of Starlight’s Dream, and MC Arch on the closing track I Will Still Think About You. Standout tracks are Memorias for its catchiness, Autumn Breeze (featuring The Empty Tomb) because of the chilled out nature, as well as the aforementioned Tsukimi, Under the Rain and I Will Still Think About You, which displays Arch’s singing abilities really well! Overall, this album is nothing short of fantastic, and an amazing debut that’s well worth the wait. Pick it up when you can!


Nexgen – Uncultured (prod.Vinyl.rawr) | Hip-Hop

It’s been a while since Nexgen’s been seen in the fandom, hasn’t it? This is his first release in 5 years, with his last track coming out in August 2014. Was it worth the wait? Let’s get into that. Backed by a beat by Vinyl.rawr, Nexgen displays his ability to flow along impressively and confidently, showing that after all this time, he hasn’t lost a single iota of his talent. Of course, Vinyl’s beat deserves recognition too, consisting of a low choir and a guitar sample, bringing back feelings of early 2000s rap. Welcome back, you two! We can’t wait to see what you’ll come out with next.


Ponyville Ciderfest – 2019 Official Convention Album | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Ponyville Ciderfest, the MLP:FiM convention coming up this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has just released a new compilation album featuring many of the musicians that will perform at the big concert! This year, the convention is holiday-themed and several of the songs on this album are new or remastered holiday tracks! The range of music is extremely diverse and flows very nicely from start to finish. Here are just a few of the many highlights on the album.

The first track is an unreleased song from Vocal Score and really sets the stage for the whole CD. Extremely festive and flowing beautifully into The Heart Carol from the original Hearth’s Warming Episode.

Prince Whateverer makes a few appearances on the Holiday Album, most notably with his new metal cover of the classic, Nightmare Night. John Kenza and loophoof, who will be performing a back-2-back together, feature remixes of each other’s songs. Galen of the Wonderbolts band and Brilliant Venture release brand new holiday hits. MC Arch also has a brand new and powerful track entitled Oathkeeper.

Other well-recognized names include 4everfreebrony, Black Gryph0n and Baasik, JoinedTheHerd with CadetRedShirt, Seventh Element, Nevermourn & TCB, MelodyBrony, Francis Vace, and more!

All proceeds go to Generations Against Bullying – the Ciderfest charity which aims to reduce childhood bullying through research and education, so be sure to help out if you can!