MrMehster & Tw3Lv3 – Work in Progress (TheTaZe Remix) (Feat. Doodled) | Trap

(Listen to the orginal Here)

Doodled continues to be very consistent in this fandom as a brony rapper with a unique style of rhyme delivery that only he can do. TheTaZe sure does know how to remix a track to give a flow that compliments Doodled’s talent, transforming a prolific hardstyle track (originally from the album Equinity02), to a very smooth and vibing Trap flavor. Doodled delivers a rhythm of rhymes full of inside jokes, gamer humor, references and general trash-talking about originality and the fandom. The lyrics are courtesy of ideas from his goofy friends, TaZe, MrMehster and Tw3Lv3. Leave it to Doodled to try not to laugh while he’s trying to rhyme. You’ve gotta love that charisma. TaZe delivers on another treat that should make you click. As always, this Qilin asked you to judge for yourself. OH and do enjoy the smooth and silky main melody of the the original track. It’s like butter oh yeah!


TCB – Integrity VIP, YONA GONNA, GLOOM & BLOOM, Death in The Afternoon VIP | Multi-Genre

TCB has been quite active recently and submitted songs to most of the labels in the fandom. He uploaded four of them in the form of the present mix and all the links to the albums and the entire tracks are in the video description. Uniqueness is a defining trait of TCB’s music, every time bringing fresh and original ideas to the table. With insane sound design, the use of a wide range of orchestral instruments and ingenious work with vocals, TCB builds a universe of sounds from the ground up with each new release of his. Integrity VIP is a variation of a track from the Keys & Cuts EP using vocals from The Magic Inside. YONA GONNA has input from Loophoof and hits very hard, even if it has emotional moments nonetheless. GLOOM & BLOOM uses the lullaby from Bloom & Gloom, aims to target the feels and succeeds. Death in The Afternoon VIP is a new take on the track from the album The Closet Anthology that unfortunately went a bit under the radar so it is nice to see it getting some more love. It still features Ditherer but gives a more central role to the instrumental which doesn’t only serve as a backbeat to support her rapping anymore. As a last note TCB’s set at BronyBashOnline includes exclusive yet-to-be-released VIPs and Remixes, it would be a shame to miss them.


Pony Abstract – Night (Live at Burning Mare 2020) | Hip-Hop

Pony Abstract has been performing at most online cons lately. Night was performed during their set at the Burning Mare 2020 pony music festival (second edition coming June 27th–28th) and this video is a clip of it. The production by rizi is a hip-hop beat, but it is as much suited for rapping as it is for singing thanks to the emphasis on the melodic aspects. Pony AB’s enthusiasm and energy is a very welcome breath of fresh air and both their songs and their sets at cons are to be followed closely.


[P@D] PrinceWhateverer – Breaking Bonds 2020 (feat. P1K, NRG, VooDoo, Suskii & Lulz) | Metalcore

(Please be advised that this song contains adult language. You have been warned)
(Listen to the original Breaking Bonds Here)
This Article is a Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and Luck Rock
From a musically technical standpoint, the original Breaking Bonds (back in 2012) was such a groundbreaking musical project for such a young fandom. Some could make the argument that it should have been left alone. Myself and my co-writer Luck Rock wondered how this song could be made better. Lucky for all of you. We are going to tell you why PrinceWhateverer, IBringdaLulz, and a group of 4 new cast members have done so for track 20 of P@D: Ignite. For those who don’t know, it’s about the season one episode “Griffon the Brush-Off.

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Pony Abstract – FUF (feat. N. Hollow) (Parody of Rae Sremmurd – Swang) | Hip-Hop

The support for Ponyfest Online has been groundbreaking in our fandom, and that’s just putting it lightly mind you. So, now the pair of Pony Abstract and N.Hollow  have gone the extra mile by (doing a pony parody of Rae sremmurd – Swang) creating a low bouncing and booming track , full of hip hop bass and club-style atmospheric melodies. PA then pays tribute to Ponyfest Online with very chill lyrics that make  light of the whole convention itself with all the fun little bits and memes. N.Hollow, done with taking crap from critics, throws down some quick rhymes for those folks in his trademark manner. It’s a fun little theme song for Ponyfest Online, complete with some visuals from some PonyTown shenanigans that make it look like someone had a lot of time on their hands. FuF stuff I tell ya. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Pony Abstract, Acarcion, CER10, SoftieShy, Rain Dreamer & RareRhyme – WATCH THIS (Prod. Steryotype & Pony Abstract) | Hip-Hop

The awesome pony rappers of our community gathered to make a new mega collab! With a vibing and blissful instrumental by Steryotype and Pony Abstract, the song takes us through lovely and fire verses by Acarcion, CER10, SoftieShy, Rain Dreamer and RareRhyme, with Pony Abstract ending with his verse full of pony lyrics that are just making me melt. He even mixed in pony samples and that is just so awesome and nostalgic! Everypony did so impressive, and such mega collabs are always so lovely to witness! And ZD made very appreciated MLP-like visuals too! Keep it up everypony! Peace.


Technickel Pony – Pink’s Boutique | Album | Multi-Genre

Please stop by Pink’s Boutique, they have funky tunes! And please savor this new album from Technickel Pony filled with many musical wonders from over the years, awesomely compiled in one stylish album. From Technickel’s awesome and breezy flip on A Kirin Tale, to songs themed and sampling ponies such as Cheerilee, to various remixes sending love to other pony musicians, the album is packed with blissful sounds and will take you in its groove early on! Check it out!


[VibePoniez] TheTaZe – Sunset | Lo-Fi

TheTaZe’s original contribution to Skyscrapers is Sunset, a truly good taste of lo-fi bittersweetness and the 7th track overall. Using a guitar strum sample as well as a violin sound, the track goes on to paint a picture of Celestia lowering her beautiful sun to let her sister’s equally lovely night sky shine. Imagine yourself sitting back on a hill next to a warm fire as you watch the stars come out, because this serves to fit the mood perfectly…


VibePoniez – Skyscrapers LP | Compilation Album | Chillout

Challenger approaching… VibePoniez – an electronic label formed by TheTaZe, Steryotype and Tw3Lv3 – has recently released their first full-length compilation album Skyscrapers, a collection of 20 songs with chill vibes primarily in the electronic genre. Our opening track is a remix of the Single Purpose song Setbacks brought to you by TheTaZe, featuring heartbreaking voice samples from I Am Octavia. The next track comes from fandom lo-fi giant Steryotype, CafeIn3Parts. True to its name, it goes through three phases of smooth, chilled out lo-fi hip hop as we’ve come to expect from him. The album also features appearances from PeKaNo, GrazySmash, Paloris, TCB and many more. If you like your electronic music to be chill and uplifting, you’re in for a treat with this album.