SCR4TCHK4T – Dance Party (feat. SOUND BANDIT) | Hyperpop

CW: explicit language

Straight from her latest album, Melodies of Equestria, SCR4TCHK4T joins forces with SOUND BANDIT to bring us the ultimate party song! This short but sweet song brings a few different styles to the table; a bit of a hardcore beat, some hyperpop, and a sick wonky breakdown to wrap things up. It just transitions so well between each part too! Check it out for your next dance anthem.


Koa – Rainbow Disaster Pop | Album | Hyperpop

Content warning: This album features adult language and other explicit content.

Hyperpop has been on the rise in the fandom for the past few years, and now Koa contributes a full album worth of crazy, silly, super-boppin’ hits! Every track on Rainbow Disaster Pop is conceptualized through a different episode from Dawn Somewhere’s series Rainbow Dash Presents, a comical video set which retold notable MLP fanfiction through parody. The entire album exudes punk energy with lots of fun vocal effects, subtle audio nods to Dawn Somewhere, chaotic randomness, hilarity, and so much more!

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SpinScissor & SOUND BANDIT – Pony Town Prodigy | Hyperpop

SpinScissor and SOUND BANDIT bring us a fun little hyperpop collab with everything you expect. We have fun vocal processing and effects combined with a carefree instrumental that gets you in the right mood, and evokes feelings of the namesake game. I love the little surprise at the end of the song, which is a great contrast to the rest of the instrumental.



SOUND BANDIT never ceases to amaze me with their production and visuals. A slower, heavier tune, this one has a powerful trap influenced feeling and the occasional heavily processed MLP sample. The vocals have a lot going on. From distorted melodic riffs to the rhythmic pitch glides, ‘DIMENSIONAL’ is a short, yet powerful song.


SOUND BANDIT – break the cycle / sleepless nights ft. Fetlocked | Hyperpop / Breakcore

Sound Bandit and Fetlocked have teamed up to create a masterpiece! The signature hyperpop-esque vocals with a fast and chaotic breakbeat rhythm while still reigning in that energy with a soothing, beautiful melody leads to an interesting melancholic experience! Break the Cycle / Sleepless Nights somehow gets the blood pumping while managing an atmosphere where the listener can just lean back on a rooftop in retrospect. The Fluttershy vocal chops in the breakdown just add to the overall ambience of this relaxed, yet restless piece. Perfect for a sleepless night.


SpinScissor & Nyancat380 – BRUSH ADDICT | Hyperpop

A dream collab that was meant to happen, two of our regulars teamed up for a magical result. Colgate aka Minuette got a new song, and a pretty dank one at that. Not only the cool and light-hearted lyrics are making for an awesome reminder of brony spirit, but the vocals come in all shapes and sizes, with a cuteness overload happening several times during the track. As for the instrumental, it’s sparking from the fusion of the two musicians’ skills! Give it up for SpinScissor and Nyancat380 everypony!


KaraJam – Plastic Horse (feat. Sound Bandit & Amy Bestevez) | Hyperpop

Hyperpop seems like the perfect genre for celebrating the joys of getting lost in imagination while playing with plastic horses. The amped up, super sweet instrumental zips the song along through pastel landscapes of bubbly synths and bouncy beats. The lyrics are fantastic, delivered perfectly by the collaborating artists, and the whole package pairs so well with the visualizer. Would life be better as a plastic horse? There no way of knowing, but at least we have this song to help us get there in imagination land!


Sound Bandit & Fin – U Smooze U Lose (Evershade’s Party Remix) | Hyperpop

The Smooze has been doubled! Evershade extends the fun with a “party remix” that you can play at galas in Equestria while wearing the outfit that Discord wore then! It’s definitely appreciated and Evershade did awesome with it! Come on, the night will last forever!


Arzterrent, goat, popstonia, SOUND BANDIT and Toasterless – HOOVESTOMP | Hyperpop

The fandom’s very own 100 gecs has returned with HOOVESTOMP! This hip-hop banger is loud and overwhelming with lots of guest verses about having fun with a couple MLP references tossed in for the fans, and that’s exactly what this track is: fun. If you want something to just lose your mind to, this is the one for you!


Wrillez Basics – Freako Way [Hybrid Mix] (feat. Brilliant Venture) | Hyperpop

Now this one’s just unique. 6 years in the making, Freako Way goes hard and doesn’t let up. There’s lots of crazy synths and vocal chops along with hard drops and heavenly atmosphere. Those trance synths in the breakdown along with the pitched vocals just hit me right in the heart. It really is on another level!