Violin Melody – Her Majesty | Progressive Trance

Who says a 2,000-year-old retired alicorn princess can’t have fun? Let me tell you, this track by Violin Melody is dynamic in every way! The fun club beats make you want to stand up and get into the party with Celestia herself. Here’s the kicker, though – Vio manages to check off emotions that speak of Celestia’s larger-than-life persona with powerful beats, uplifting inspiration, wisdom, and faith in her ability to lead her kingdom to prosperity. Her warm and gentle personality also encourages you to be the very best version of yourself. This is why Violin Melody is very effective in her music, by making you feel everything the song is and leaving a lasting impression. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – Equestria Girls Theme (JTH Remix) | Trance

JoinedTheHerd has seemingly become like the blockbuster movie franchise in the Brony music community: posts a new song/remix only 2-4 times a year, but when they drop, they are a masterpiece that has everybody talking for months before the next new track is dropped. This time, JTH has remixed a song that a lot of us probably forgot about – The Equestria Girls episode series’ theme song. This remix starts to build up towards its high energy charm that JTH is known for, but takes a surprising and sudden 180 to bring it down again to a sweet and almost atmospheric feeling, only to build itself up towards the high energy yet again. This song is a rollercoaster from beginning to end, of which my hands are up for the entire ride bopping to that infectious beat.


Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (SpinScissor Remix) | Trance

SpinScissor has pulled out all the stops for their first release of 2023! A great drawn out ethereal and soothing opening transitioning and twisting itself with a driving beat and sharp synth arpeggios it nails that Deadmau5 inspiration from yesteryear as well as some inklings of older pony music. The entirety of this large nearly eight minute long track zips by in a flash which is no small feat and the “epilogue” style ending where Thorax is finally accepted adds that satisfying closure, keeping everything tight as a drum!


RosePoni Roseluck – Princess of the Night (NeighGative_’s “Day of Reckoning” Mix) | Trance

NeighGative_’s remix of RosePoni Roseluck’s “Princess of the Night” is a adventure full of twists and turns! In its epic, near seven-minute duration, the piece takes us on a journey through a multitude of different sections, each with its own unique sound and character, keeping the listener hooked! At times, it is dark, groovy, and focused with its synths, only to give way to a new section that’s elegant, introspective, and hopeful, backed by gorgeous strings. Then it turns to something energetic and intense, with its synth stabs and wubbing bass. Throughout, you’ll hear the same Luna chops that RosePoni used in the original—they complement the piece so well as the different aspects of Luna’s character match the sections of the track! The piece eventually comes full circle and returns to its original section before closing out with the scratching sounds of a record stop. Overall, it’s breathtaking, so make sure to give this a listen through!


EveryDayDashie – Mane Melody Nightclub 2.0 | Trance

When one version of a song isn’t enough pony, pony gotta pony some more! This rework of Dashie’s nightclub theme sees him bring together several different styles and influences; not just the electronic sounds of trance and electro, but pianos and saxes playing solos with jazz harmony. Didn’t think I’d ever see that combination, but it works really well to create a lively and danceable piece!


Brilliant Venture – PleXus | Electronic Album

The legacy of Brilliant Venture is, one final time, expressed throughout this album named: PleXus. Every melody, tune, chord, vocal, beat, just… EVERYTHING! Everything hits! you can clearly hear how these 10 years have affected our beloved friend here. It is wondrous to be able to hear & feel it. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean throughout this article…

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Ardhy Mahardhy – D A S H | Trance

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Ardhy, but they’ve made a welcome return to YouTube with this trace tune. The combination of agressive and relaxing, driving and melodic elements is fitting for the genre and the mood of a high-speed solo flight.


Nicolas Dominique – Cloutains | Trance

DJ and musician Nicolas Dominique’s love for trance is essential and what a gift it is their skill when it comes to producing. Maintaining the file since February 2011 being their beginning of releasing music, it is now released and a very thoughtful decision getting the deserving work for this phenomenal song. Rich sounding pluck synths of various tones float soothingly in harmony with the rapturous bass and being in hold with the addictive drums. A natural wonder in the world of trance music. You can also catch them DJing Saturdays from 9PM (UTC) at PonyvilleFM in their show Lantern In The Dark.


MirroredReality – Apotheosis | Trance

MirroredReality never disappoints with their amazing tracks, and Apotheosis is no exception! With a stunning melody and an upbeat synth this song is sure to get you on your hooves and dancing!


Daniel Ingram & Ashleigh Ball – I’ll Fly (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Electro House/Trance

Just because Gen 5 has now officially kicked off doesn’t mean the classic show tunes won’t get any more love! Today I bring you a fun remix by EveryDayDashie, a track full of fun synths, booming drums and drops that’ll stay in your ear for quite some time, EveryDayDashie also makes good use of muffled vocal to spice up the track a bit, making for a wonderful bit of variety.