JayB – I Love Everything (Faulty & JoinedTheHerd Remix) | House / Trance

An awesome surprise, Faulty and JoinedTheHerd teamed up for many more wonders that Fluttershy would approve of! Blending their influences and styles for a stunning result involving cool Trance vibes, punchy House beats and an enthralling play on the original vocal chops, the two musicians paid tribute to Fluttershy’s love toward Nature in creative musical ways, and to JayB‘s legacy that will remain timeless.


Evgeniy Doctor – Eternal Nightmare | Psytrance

Trance prodigy Evgeniy Doctor continues to develop his style rapidly and this new menacing psytrance tune from him is, in my opinion, a crowning achievement. With careful attention to detail in the atmosphere, using techniques like transforming lighthearted samples from the show into something truly dark, amazing fills, unique rhythms, and some haunting but subtle vocal chops, this banger is truly something special!


Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (Evgeniy Doctor Remix) | Trance

I’m so happy to get some more Trance music in the community! This was definitely an awesome idea, and Evgeniy Doctor delivers over 11 minutes of tasty Trance in this remix of Spike’s song A Changeling Can Change that presents his vocals in a brand new way. Uplifting yet dreamy, this track showcases one of the many powers of Trance music in such a delightful way along the vocals!


Evgeniy Doctor – Royal Guard (feat. Brilliant Venture) | Trance

Emerging trance artist Evgeniy Doctor takes Brilliant Venture out of his comfort zone with this lovely trance tunes! With some old-school vibes, the atmosphere on this tune is wonderful and both artists really bring out the best in each other. The fills, synths, and leads from Evgeniy are gorgeous and Brilliant Venture’s beautiful Rarity vocal chops compliment the feel of the song amazingly. Not one to miss if you want to immerse yourself in pony for 7 minutes.


Axiom – Equestria Undone | Album | Electronic

With some very lovely Equestria Fallout vibes, Axiom brings us his dope album named: Equestria Undone. With each tune representing an emotion like happiness, sadness, and a longing for chasing down an adventure or achieving something herioc. It’s portrayed pretty well here if you ask me. The emotions represented and the melodies really fit together. Good job Axiom, I look forward to more EPs from you. Legit, I hear what you’re capable of man and see you become better and better. Everybody, show some love!

(But I will say this though: Xeri… I wasn’t sure what so say when I saw your name on there, but you’ve done a good job here as well. I give you props for that and genuinely hope you strive to improve/learn more and more! I know you can, best of luck to you as well man, well done!)