FrøstFyre – Let’s Rave | Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves a amazing Trance track by FrøstFyre. The song starts out upbeat and happy and slowly builds up only to become slower and build up again until it eclipses in a truly bob worthy tune supported by voice samples and the song never calms down again from this point on you should watch your bobbing or else you might throw off your headphones. Later the beat builds up again until the song reaches its apex in one of the best beats I’ve ever heard. This song easily qualifies as one of the best of it’s kind and with the variation of different background tunes it also has a great progression and I can only recommend this song to everyone no matter if you like Trance or not.


[ASOS] Tw3lv3 – One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa and MC-Arch) | Progressive House

The lineup of musicians assembled for this collaboration seems like the answer to a challenge: Assemble a group of current fandom musicians that are not only talented and accomplished artists but also great ambassadors for the fandom and values to which the community aspires. Okay, now have that lineup write a fantastic song about how even small acts of kindness and friendship can have a huge impact on someone’s life. If there is an “Elements of Harmony Award”, then give it to this group, because that challenge has been thoroughly met! One of my favorite things about the fandom is how well musicians collaborate together and how collaborations are often so successful at melding the talents of their contributors, and this song is a prime example of that! First, the ultra smooth, vibrant, uplifting backbone of the song, the music that Tw3lv3 has created, lends itself so well to each successive contribution. Then come Koa’s fantastic vocals, which echo the wonderful song “One Small Thing” from “MLP: The Movie” and its amazing duet between Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar. This message is one that especially resonates with Tw3lv3 and has so many echoes with her own journey as a musician in the fandom. These lyrics and her story is an amazing testament to the power of inclusion, of helping each other and finding ways to grow individually and collectively. MC-Arch then contributes his own amazing vocals, and it seems appropriate to have this message of perseverance come from someone who is continually advocating for more positive interactions within the community. Last (but in no way least) Drummershy lends his considerable percussive proficiency to the mix, creating an excellent passage of drumming that, as with the vocals in the song, stands out on its own before being swirled into the blissful mix. As the song sounds its final triumphant beats and the final notes soar and softly dissipate, it certainly feels as though a journey has begun, forged from struggle, fired by friendship, and triumphantly climbing onward.


[ASOS] Nicolas Dominique – Centuries Passed Away | Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves another ASOS: Chocolate track, this one is a trance track by Nicolas Dominique. The track immediately starts out with full power and continues on just as awesome. A bit later the beat calms down a bit just to build back up shortly after. This track stays the same for most of its runtime and with that is perfect as background music for working on whatever you need to finish and at least have a bit of fun doing it.


[ASOS] Thorinair – Lessons in Friendship | Uplifting Trance

Brony Fandom! Are you ready for A State of Sugar: Chocolate!? Wella, let this dragon pony kick off Horse Music Herald’s coverage with a mythical track. An epic song about our beloved Book Horse and newly crowned ruler of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle! 

Thorinair has been away from the scene for a while. What an amazing way to return with a track of epic production!

You want a breathtaking song about her, Then get ready for a real treat!

After everything that has happened in 9 seasons, this track tells one big story: Through all of the trials, the quests, the dangers, the lesson, the hardships, and the seemingly insurmountable odds that Twilight has had to face, she has had the strength and courage to face her own demons and overcome them all. The wonderful beat that carries this track gives you such a big smile, as you can picture Twilight running to this beat through all of these past adventures. Oh, those hyper snap drums before the drops are like a huge burst of positive light hitting you. The slow and emotional melody with such inspiring elements and keyboard notes is so powerful. You feel like you are there with twilight as she passes each test and bests each challenge. She’s never been alone; she had her friends and every single brony standing behind her giving her support. You really can see her grow as a character as the song progresses. There is a section right in the middle of the track that builds up into this emotional drop that will give you chills. It recalls a great moment from the series finale, when Twilight’s friends believed in her when she didn’t believe in herself and the stakes were so high. We all watched our screens and believed in her when she felt she had messed up so badly and failed everyone she loved. (you can watch that clip here) When that drop happens, it is like the moment when Twilight found her resolve and became a hero that refused to be stopped. This track is so powerful and so uplifting, you will be yelling “BOOK HORSE!” with passion. This is the Twilight song that we needed. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


MrMehster – Spirit Animal (Checkerëd remix) | PsyTrance

Today we have a new track from Checkerëd who remixed MrMehster’s Spirit animal. The track starts out pretty decent with howling and what sounds like a blacksmith hammering a sword on an anvil, but when the beat sets in you realize that this is going to be a burner and a half with his rather simple and sinister sounding beat Checkerëd is sure to impress you, then around the half way point the beat again calms down a bit before picking up again this time adding the shriek of an eagle. If you have searched the internet for a piece of music that makes you bob your head along while introducing you to a style of music that you might not even have realized existed than look no farther than this track.


eksoka – Tale of Autumn | Progressive Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves another song published by our friends over at Cider Party. Eksoka brings us this amazing Progressive Trance song that, even tho it clocks in at about six and a half minutes and with that can be considered a longer song, never losses it´s awesomeness even a bit. The song is held fairly simple which prevents an overload of different sounds and also is completely without lyrics, which makes it perfect for a background song while you work or as a song to just lean back and chill. Overall this song’s awesomeness can’t be described better than with the fact that it made me fall in love with it on the first listen even though I dislike Trance overall.


DJ MHM – Pinkie Rage (D3LTA Remix) | Trance

I’m so glad that older pony songs such as Pinkie Rage are still getting remixes to this day! I sure recognized that one and its Flutterchops! Obviously very nostalgic, D3LTA’s remix is perfectly extending the vibes of the original, going for a fresh take all while keeping the remix pretty close to the original in its spirit. It’s so very appreciated, as now we can relive those times in a way!


[Equinity] Evgeniy Doctor & GrazySmash – Invasion | Psytrance

Evgeniy and Grazy are two rather impressive trance artists I’ve come to love in the fandom, and what could make it better? Sitting them down together to collaborate together for Equinity’s third album, ‘Breach’! An orchestral thematic opening announcing the arrival of the army blends seamlessly into the concussive force of psytrance, a wide soundstage and lots of varying sounds carried along the beat, we even have some nice little switch ups and breakdowns which are done incredibly smooth and the builds alone are a treat to listen to! Nice little touches of big room add some flare to an already gorgeous beat and what can I say other than “You need to hear it for yourself!”


SP1TF1R3 & 4mplitude – Insomnia | Psytrance / Dubstep

Psytrance is always a genre I appreciate, especially when its mixed in with another genre like dubstep. This one is short and sweet with an ominous tone and does a very good job at allowing the tension and energy to ebb and flow, the varying rhythms between genres is always a nice addition in my book and its especially well done here, utilizing every second of its length to bring about an interesting evolution of the song!


Various Artists – Equinity 03: Breach | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This article on Equinity 03: Breach is a Horse Music Herald collab piece, co-written by Canatime, Cynifree and DrakeEmberHeart.

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