[P@D] PrinceWhateverer – Reparation (feat. Sable Symphony) | Melodic Metalcore / Trancecore

PrinceWhateverer on Ponies At Dawn’s Anthology?! What a nice surprise! And with help from the talented Sable Symphony, both deliver a smashing and incredible track!

Trancecore and Metalcore elements mixed in a potion of clean and harsh vocals with chaotic and schizophrenic guitar riffs and electronics chords make this song one of the best from Anthology! It reminds me of chords from Constellations, another amazing track done by Whateverer. Reparation is an amazing headbanger for your weekend. Keep it up the awesome work, both of you, AJ and Sable!

Download or buy Anthology on bandcamp (seriously, just download it, I’m out of puns and creative ideas for this last paragraph, it’s too much P@D!!!!)


Nicolas Dominique – Catch the Aurora | Techno / Trance

Yeah, I definitly catch it man, The Aurora is very Present and I can definitly feel it. 🙂 Nicolas did an awesome job with this Track! The aurora of a Princess is masterfully displayed here. With the star full skies looming over a Beautifull kingdom, as you watch from your Balcony and think “This is what I fight for. This is what I struggle for, and this is what I call my Home. My Equestria, My Faith, for the Magic of Friendship.” The Transition is very well done and I appluad Nicolas for his work. Show some love everybody. ❤


[P@D] DJ Gestap & Lily Stilson – Iridescent Turbulence | Uplifting Trance

Anthology, a bunch of goldie oldies and a bunch fresh new horse tunes! And what can be more fresh than when 2 Pony Trance Gods collab together?! DJ Gestap and Lily Stilson bring that feels and emotions on this amazing track!

Mostly remember my times when I listened to some Paul Van Dyk and Robert Miles (RIP Sir) or even some old school DJ Tiësto when I was studying for a Maths exam! But this song done by the 2 of the big 4 of Pony Trance, really made my day, with wild synth work and amazing drumming, both artists did really well!

Download or buy Anthology in a bandcamp near your or buy a CD merchandise of the album! (Only for rich people, if you a poor person like me, just download it and dance, it’s my best advice right now).


174UDSI – Fly Back Home | Uplifting Trance

With a concept perhaps inspired by Legacy350’s godly art, as Dawn of the Stars was used for the thumbnail, Fly Back Home is a delightful piece made in pure 174UDSI Uplifting Trance style, and it definitely fits well to the theme of coming back home after some perilous and adventurous journey in space. Get those happy synths and beats and shake your tail to celebrate the return of our heroes!


MirroredReality – PON135 | House / Trance

Happy tunes this plays, The image shown with it is also a very fitting entity added. Mirrored’s emotions are loud and clear through this tune. It shows that despite everything that happened through lives, they still stand Together. So many different ways, but still as one, as friends. Together with the magic. ❤

It shows you why this fandom stays so amazing and still continues to inspire / reach out to the many. Thank you Mirrored. I share your emotions and am glad we’re in this together. Show some love everybody! ❤


eksoka – Being Natural | Progressive House / Trance

Inspired by Discordant Harmony, eksoka made a really uplifting, emotional and danceable Progressive House track with some Trance elements! The vocal chops of Fluttershy are really well made and I loved the synth work. The drums with the synth make a really awesome harmony, plus the vocal chops! The song is atmospheric and uplifting! If you are feeling down, listen to this song and dance! At least, for me, listening to some really awesome music makes me happy!


Dj Shadow Music – Overdose of Apples | Deep House / Psytrance

Inspired by the APPLE.MOV video of the series PONY.MOV done by hotdiggedydemon, Dj Shadow Music releases a really trippy and psychedelic track, probably that can describes the feelings of applejack when she had that really big Overdose. The sampling work is really good, and the instrumental is really well performed. Also the visuals of the video are really well done also. If you want to have a good time dancing, this is the song, turn up the volume and jam to this!


PrinceWhateverer – Constellations (Redux feat. Cadie) | Melodic Metalcore / Trancecore

PrinceWhateverer returns with a redux of one of his best songs – Constellations! The King of Brony Melodic Metalcore invited one of my favorite female singers of the moment Cadie for making the beautiful vocals in the breakdown! And her vocals are really sweet and chilling!

Talking about vocals, Prince’s vocals are also pretty good! I really loved his vocal songs, it reminds me of that Melodic Metalcore acts that only have clean vocals aka Scene Punk. The instrumental is the same as the previous song but has a better mastering and mixing! And one thing I love in the instrumental along with the trancecore classical electronic elements, the guitar riffs are really well done. The breakdown is one of the highest points in the instrumental, not just because of the progression to the synths, but because of the drumming! Also the robotic vocals used in some parts are also really awesome, Prince really wanted to do a Trancecore tune! This one rocks! \m/


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 4 | Compilation Album | Electronic

You might have seen a couple of songs from this out already, but in case you missed it, Horse Music Central released their 4th edition of their seasonal compilation albums. The general theme of summer covers the album, but as per usual each artist gets to showcase their own style. With a mix of long-time staple artists and some slightly newer faces, it’s a great chance to check out some new artists.