PinkiePieSwear- Sunshine And Celery Stalks (Likonan Remix) | Trance

PinkiePieSwear‘s 2011 classic S&CS has just been revamped by Likonan! His version of the track is a lot faster and has a 90s style trance/eurodance vibe throughout the whole thing. The familiar chopped up vocal melody from the original is also present here as a nice tribute. As is the case with his other remix videos, the video features text from Likonan about the track as well as his own feelings on the original. Beautiful vibes all around!


Sonic Rainboom – Arcana | Progressive Trance

Comebacks? Comebacks. Arcana is Sonic Rainboom’s first track in nearly 2 years, and was it worth the wait? This is a progressive trance piece that features Twilight Sparkle’s vocals chopped up to create part of the melody along with the atmospheric and filtered synths. The end result is something that sounds like a trance track from the 2000s, much like BassPon3‘s discography. What a wonderful way to return to the fold!


[Helpie’s Corner] Tw3Lv3 – Dat Spooky Bats | Dubstep/Psytrance

Ready for some spooky yet early Nightmare Night vibes? Track 7 from the Helpie’s Corner compilation Other Side Of The Mirror is Dat Spooky Bats, one of Tw3Lv3’s two appearances on the album. The song uses samples from the appearance of Flutterbat on the show before the drops while a creepy synth melody plays throughout. Musically, the song mixes elements of psytrance and dubstep, with the drops containing heavy bouncy basslines and everything in between featuring dark synth pads that really add to the spooky atmosphere. We’ve still got a ways to go until Nightmare Night shows its face, but it sure feels like it’s looming over us already!


A State of Sugar – Brownie | Compilation Album | Electronic

It is time again for another incredible ASoS album, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, then get on it! There are so many incredible tracks on this 43 song compilation album that there’s no way to highlight all the greatness in one article! Luckily there will be plenty of individual posts in the coming days on Horse Music Herald!

Brownie is another masterpiece in a collection of A State of Sugar albums which are dedicated to “sweet” themed tracks. Perhaps the most diverse of ASoS albums to date, this one features everything you could want and more!

There’s powerhouse collaborations, bright and uplifting songs, crazy and complex dance tracks, creative and catchy hip-hop, metal-EDM collaborations, and everything in-between! Brownie is high quality and a mega album like this will keep you boppin’ along for hours!



[ASOS] Ice Angel – Soarin’ | Psytrance

WOAH! What a hyper explosive track 6 of ASOS: Brownie done by Ice Angel!. A track about a stallion who frankly doesn’t get a lot of music made of him. This track about Soarin; is a hyperbolt about a wonderbolt. SO much fire and lightning in this track. Your picture Soarin’ flying with such power and speed as this track just keeps hitting you with uplifting powerful melodies and drops! To be quite honest the music here gives me such a great feeling from another uplifting track from the movie The Never ending story, The track is called Bastian’s happy flight. From start to finish, your love this track about the wonderbolts most powerful dude! You’ll get this and more from this album! As always this Qilin asks you judge for yourself


[ASOS] BassPon3 – Soarin’ Through Cloudsdale | Trance

BassPon3’s music always has a nostalgic charm to it. Track 29 from A State of Sugar: Brownie is his contribution Soarin’ Through Cloudsdale, which features his signature electronic style pulled straight from the 2000s. The song contains an etherial-sounding pad at the beginning with some faux wind instrument synths which contain the main melody before slowly pushing into a massive bouncy drop where the song truly takes flight. The sky and flying are common themes in his music lately, and it’s no wonder, since this one will definitely make you feel like you’re up in the clouds!


MirroredReality – Kirin | Psytrance

MirroredReality returns with their first track of the year: a piece about the Kirin, aptly titled… Kirin. It’s a psytrance track with plenty of tribal elements that fit their little tribe perfectly well. Ambient nature noises, orchestral instruments and tribal drums are added into the mix, making for a unique change of pace from typical trance music. The part in the middle is especially noteworthy, right from the soft breakdown to the reintroduction of EDM elements. This track will make you feel relaxed yet bouncy at the same time!


Flutter Rex – Pink Lick (Checkerëd Remix) | FuturePsy

It seems Checkerëd has a knack for remixing some really old but gold MLP fan tunes! Pink Lick is one of them, and their remix of the Flutter Rex original really changes things up! Checkerëd’s version has a faster pace and lots of trippy synthlines, including a unique trap beat as a soft supplement between the heavier bits. Prepare for the bass!


BassPon3 – Midnight Flight | Trance

Hey you. Wanna get high? Then this track from BassPon3’ll do ya good. Midnight Flight showcases an interesting blend of hip-hop and trance while also containing an uplifting atmosphere. As is to be expected of BassPon3, its heavily influenced by trance music of the 2000s with its melody, synths and choir sounds. This one’s sure to make you feel like flying late at night without a care in the world!