Evgeniy Doctor – Ponies’ Anthem | Trance

Many of you remember your first feelings and emotions when you discovered MLP and the brony community, and Evgeniy Doctor made a song about just that! Fittingly covering the one and only theme song from the show, this Trance gem is full of heartfelt feelings and delightfully calls back to those early days of discovery, that changed many of our lives. Even if time passes and things are bound to change… never forget those feelings, everypony! Don’t forget how you felt, and what you still feel… because in that passion and love, Truth can be found!


Daniel Ingram – You’ll Play Your Part (Dj Gestap’s Part One Remix) | Trance

Dj Gestap is back in the pony game again, and presents us the revival of an old project as a much welcomed surprise! From the musician who made that memorable remix of Raise This Barn that is still among my favorite pony tracks ever, get a gorgeous and mystical take on You’ll Play Your Part in pure Dj Gestap Trance style. Let us partake in both blissful nostalgia and ever-present pony passion along the enthralling remix!


Daniel Ingram – Say Goodbye To The Holiday (Evgeniy Doctor Remix) | Progressive Trance

I always love seeing remixes of this song to see what people do with it as there is just so much untapped potential to the song itself and Evgeniy has done a great job fleshing out the atmosphere and adding quite a lot to the tune itself, creating a dark yet soothing trance take  with some notable nods to Tiesto’s style, it makes for quite a fun listen!


Ponytronic – Bygone | Trance

Ponytronic is still going strong, bringing us this excellent trance hit! Bygone is composed of several thematic sections, with each one managing to act as its own uplifting vibe. The track itself is adventurous and uses a solid drum beat to keep everything exciting. With some added psy elements, Ponytronic manages quite a feat by putting so much work into a very worthwhile track!


eksoka – Awakening Darkness | Trance

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 12 June 2018.

eksoka’s trance music is always awesome to hear, and this one’s a bit more aggressive than usual, giving off a dark vibe throughout which reflects well in the inspiration from the artwork above. There’s plenty of evolution of the vibes throughout the track to keep it interesting, and lots of nice little details throughout.


Synthis, 4EverfreeBrony & FritzyBeat – Cold (ertrii Remix) | Trance

Ertrii’s creativity is really on display with this new remix of an old collaboration between three well-established producers. This re-imagination of Cold stands out from the original given the big room feel of Ertrii’s progressive trance style and the modulation on FritzyBeat’s vocals, which sound like an entirely different professional singer. Simple and beautiful, be sure to check out this inventive take on an established hit!


[P@D] Midnight Musician – Exiled From Equestria (feat. Love Poisoned) | Progressive House / Trance

War change us, war break us, war tear us up…

Coming from Rebirth, Midnight Musician delivers an uplifting and yet emotional track about war, with vocal help from his sister, Love Poisoned. The atmospheric and ethereal synth work with the vocal vox/chops to fit the heavy atmosphere of the track, along with the simple drum patterns. The lyrics are also really emotional and philosophical with a simple and emotionless performance, a thing that I love in this type of track. Keep doing this type of tracks Mid! I also want to hear more stuff with your sister! Bom trabalho!

Download or buy Rebirth on a rebirthed bandcamp near you.


Flyghtning & Flutter Rex – Nothing but Discord | Electro

Electro, hard trance, whatever you want to call it, this collab between Flyghtning and Flutter Rex is pretty cool. It has this great combination of a dark soundscape, which is only enhanced by the triplets. That deep bass drives most of the song, but it occasionally breaks down into an arp that switches the whole thing into a major key all of a sudden. I love that sort of play between major and minor roots in the same key, nice work by both of these guys!