Violin Melody – Drǝams | Progressive House / Trance

A new lovely release from Violin Melody, Drǝams is a Progressive House tune with much Trance vibes, and with a mysterious and entrancing theme too! Diving deep into the subconscious and the secrets of the mind, this piece will take you on a wonderful journey through bright melodies shining in a dark atmosphere. A real beauty of a track!


Evgeniy Doctor – Royal Guard (feat. Brilliant Venture) | Trance

Emerging trance artist Evgeniy Doctor takes Brilliant Venture out of his comfort zone with this lovely trance tunes! With some old-school vibes, the atmosphere on this tune is wonderful and both artists really bring out the best in each other. The fills, synths, and leads from Evgeniy are gorgeous and Brilliant Venture’s beautiful Rarity vocal chops compliment the feel of the song amazingly. Not one to miss if you want to immerse yourself in pony for 7 minutes.


Axiom – Equestria Undone | Album | Electronic

With some very lovely Equestria Fallout vibes, Axiom brings us his dope album named: Equestria Undone. With each tune representing an emotion like happiness, sadness, and a longing for chasing down an adventure or achieving something herioc. It’s portrayed pretty well here if you ask me. The emotions represented and the melodies really fit together. Good job Axiom, I look forward to more EPs from you. Legit, I hear what you’re capable of man and see you become better and better. Everybody, show some love!

(But I will say this though: Xeri… I wasn’t sure what so say when I saw your name on there, but you’ve done a good job here as well. I give you props for that and genuinely hope you strive to improve/learn more and more! I know you can, best of luck to you as well man, well done!)


[ASOS] eksoka – Little Journey | Trance

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 27 July 2018

More trance from eksoka can only mean that good times are around the corner, and this time we’ve got a CMC-inspired piece from them about going on an adventure. There’s heaps of awesome classic trance-y vibes throughout the track with super cool use of vocal chops to add some atmosphere to the piece as it winds through some lovely melodies.


[ASOS] MrMehster & Greyfade – Ujasiri | Psytrance

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 July 2018.

Mrmehster’s recent swing towards psytrance-style tunes has been really cool to see. A successor tune to Spirit Animal, it fits the vibes of that track whilst bringing on Greyfade as a collaborative producer. The track has an awesome combination of tribal atmosphere and upbeat synth sections that make cool use of some vocal chops and an interesting trap break.


A State of Sugar – Bubblegum | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

ASoS Bubblegum! here we go! ❤ Been looking forward to this for DAYS! The talent from this album is so wonderful and open, its extraordinary what people are capable of, and in how many ways the power of music can make its mark. Everybody did wonderful! Truly A-MA-ZING! I am proud and honored to have been a part of this with you all and I look forward to the next album! Everybody please stay talented, beautiful, and awesome. ❤ Please, promise me that. ❤

(And thank you all for having me and Ayydray on. MASSIVE S/O TO AYYDRAY HE’S THE HERO BEHIND THE TRACK! AYYDRAYY WE SEE YOU BRO ❤ )

And let’s stick like the awesome taste of Bubblegum! 😀

Bubblegum is available to download from the ASOS Bandcamp for FREE.


Evgeniy Doctor – Ponies’ Anthem | Trance

Many of you remember your first feelings and emotions when you discovered MLP and the brony community, and Evgeniy Doctor made a song about just that! Fittingly covering the one and only theme song from the show, this Trance gem is full of heartfelt feelings and delightfully calls back to those early days of discovery, that changed many of our lives. Even if time passes and things are bound to change… never forget those feelings, everypony! Don’t forget how you felt, and what you still feel… because in that passion and love, Truth can be found!


Daniel Ingram – You’ll Play Your Part (Dj Gestap’s Part One Remix) | Trance

Dj Gestap is back in the pony game again, and presents us the revival of an old project as a much welcomed surprise! From the musician who made that memorable remix of Raise This Barn that is still among my favorite pony tracks ever, get a gorgeous and mystical take on You’ll Play Your Part in pure Dj Gestap Trance style. Let us partake in both blissful nostalgia and ever-present pony passion along the enthralling remix!