VooDoo – Times To Come | Electro / Trance

Enchanted with a very interesting story/concept, VooDoo’s newest tune has got an ethereal vibe backed up with slick melodies arranged through various beautiful synths, and that makes it a piece of choice to convey an exploration into the unknown. Nopony can stop time… and Times To Come does an awesome job at reflecting the many mysteries and paradoxes that wake from the study of journeying through time.


[ASoS] Violin Melody – Raindrop | Progressive House / Trance

Violin Melody’s submission to the A State of Sugar’s album: Lollipop is pretty uplifting and sweet! The House elements are perfectly mixed with the trance elements. This track really represents the cold feeling of the raindrops in the winter. Really experimental and in an album full of uplifting, chilling and sweet songs, Raindrop is certainly one of the most avant-garde from the group!

Download or buy Lollipop at A State of Sugar’s bandcamp.


Sonic Rainboom – The Fuck-Up (feat. Francis Vace) (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Electronic

A much delightful take on an original full of depth and emotion, this remix from Nicolas Dominique is sublimating Francis‘ emotional vocals with an instrumental emphasizing on the melancholic aspect of the theme. The powerful vocals are still paying much tribute to Trixie’s character depth, while the whole remix provides a very welcome new version that stands on its own as a beautiful and unique remix!


Neon Lights – The Dark Queen (feat. Lunar Dance) | Hard Trancestep

I’ve been a fan of Lunar Dance for a long time, and I recently came across Neon Lights. They are both absolutely amazing, and this Nightmare Moon-themed collab combines both of their best talents in a unique, clever mishmash of sound. The pumping, four-on-the-floor beat is classic but strong, while the arpeggio’d synth in the drop is deliciously inventive.


ertrii – Supremacy | Uplifting Trance

Uplifting Trance, woohoo! I’m a huge fan of trance, and I’ve been eager to review some since I got here.

And what a piece of trance it is. ertrii’s music is always amazing (seriously, he’s so underrated, check him out), but to hear this much talent lovingly applied to trance? That is something beautiful. Incredibly rich sound is enhanced by clever selection of effects. The bassline, too, is powerful and almost hypnotic. ertrii takes us far away, to that magical world of talking ponies and friendship we all love.