Koron Korak – Goodbye Can Also Be A New Hello | Hybrid Orchestral

To say that the official reveal of MLP’s fifth generation has inspired people to create many forms of art would be a massive understatement. Even between the accidental reveal of a bedspread containing three of its main characters and the official reveal showing screenshots from the upcoming movie, fan creations came out in droves. Songs have been one of these forms, notably MelodyBrony’s Onward, and Koron Korak’s latest outing, Goodbye Can Also Be A New Hello. The latter song is a trance piece that oozes optimism to the nth degree. Many of the instruments work in harmony to capture that feeling of moving on to great things. Piano and synth sounds permeate through its two and a half minute length and really cut through the mix right next to the punchy drums. The hopeful melody is created by strings which also adds a sense of adventure, something I’m sure we can all feel now that we’re heading into new territory. The future ahead of us is filled with hope and possibility; if we’re already bombarded with fan content that’s this good when we barely have anything to work with at all, who knows how far it’ll go when the movie and show come out?


MirroredReality – Fire | Psytrance

MirroredReality continues their exploration of blending specific musical flavors with electronic music (see “Mirage”), and man, is it a banger! Inspired by Brilliant Venture’s “‘World on Fire’ 2020 Mix” (AMAZING video) of Lectro Dub’s song “Fallen” (SO GOOD), MirroredReality attempts a more aggressive sound on this fantastic track. The accompanying video reflects the song’s intention: Trying to capture the rage and aggression of MLP characters like Daybreaker and the Niriks. The combination of traditional and electronic percussion, electronic effects, piano, and eastern world music instrumentation is such a wonderful blend. The psytrance delivery lends an urgency to the arrangement, and it’s great how it really serves as the catalyst for the song by providing a foundation for all of the other elements, allowing them to jump in and out as if you are caught in a firestorm and catching glimpses of destruction. A wonderful song and a fantastic tribute to some masters of fiery violence! 


One Track Mind – Cyberpony EP | Electronic

Okay, everypony, I’m going to level with you. I almost didn’t listen to this album. The first time that I played “Flyby at Night”, I got about a minute in, and I bailed. “This is too much 80s-style synth for me,” I remember saying at the time. I guess I was busy with some other stuff, and it didn’t engage me at first. Then I looked at the Bandcamp page and modus_ponens’s review. It was a glowing review, and it listed “Flyby at Night” as the reviewer’s favorite track. “Okay, okay,” I thought to myself. “I’ll give it another shot.” Later that day I found myself in the kitchen needing to get a bunch of cooking done and wanting a little background music. Long story short, that time flew by, and now I have to agree with modus_ponens–these are all great songs. Please give this album a listen! Feel free to read on for my take on this soundtrack to a story that I wish that I knew better!

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Violin Melody – Hope (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Uplifting Trance

Today we return once again to Nicolas Dominique, this time with an amazing remix to Violin Melody’s “Hope”. The track starts out with a lovely drum loop and quickly the synths, who are muffled at first become clearer and take over, later on another synth joins in which really gives this song power. Later the song changes a bit and we get an all new combination of drum loop and synths giving everything a lovely progression. This track is more on the simple side and that, for me, is actually something I prefer in combination with trance, this happy simple melody makes it perfect for working while the song is in the background to keep your spirits high.
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Skyshard – Canterlot Fireworks | Electronic

Spreading around positive messages and the values from the show are what makes us bronies! And what better way to do it than with the voices of our beloved ponies themselves! Skyshard did wonderful making use of pony voice generator and imbuing the previously released song Fireworks (part of the EP Hearth’s Warming Stories vol. 1) with such important messages to try to change the world. With more people hearing this, and most importantly, actually applying those messages, the world will be a better place! For Equestria!


MirroredReality- Magic | House/Psytrance

Today everypony we return to MirroredReality, who brings us an amazing House/Psytrance mix song about the greatest and most powerful Magician and Showmare in Equestria! The track starts out extremely catchy but only gives you enough time to realize what a masterpiece you’ve stumbled on before it throws the first build up and drop at you. In the drop especially you can hear the Psytrance elements shining but always with this happy house vibe. After the drop ends the song transitions more and more into this darker Psytrance vibe until the second drop fully embraces it, which makes for a lovely progression. After the second drop we return once more to the happy upbeat melody which is quickly replaced by a more mysterious beat only to be added back on, making for an odd but just as awesome combination. For a third drop we get a combination of drops one and two for a final progression. As an outro we once more get the happy House/Psytrance melody from the beginning.

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[P@D] John Kenza – Remember | Progressive Trance

So, everypony, for our next “Eclipse” track we’ve got John Kenza’s “Remember”–5 minutes of purely awesome Progressive Trance. The song gives off this video game-y vibe that immediately reminded me of the amazing times I have had with my friends playing all kinds of games, so I would say that if creating a sense of nostalgia is the goal then this song accomplishes that right out of the gate. But enough of me just rambling on–let’s get to this beauty of a track. The song, as I mentioned before, starts out on a video game-y beat and melody with an understated backing melody creating a little extra atmosphere until, without warning, it gets even more awesome by launching into a high energy, all-out beat. Then, suddenly, the music fades out. Surprise! A wild piano solo appears! I have seen piano solos used in the middle of EDM tracks more and more over time, and it is an amazing addition! After the piano plays its last note a beat begins that’s similar to the one before, and it really puts the progression into Progressive Trance. After that we get a buildup where you can actually hear the first notes of a new, third beat, and sweet Celestia the third one goes all out! It’s happy and upbeat, it has a melody that fits perfectly to the synth, and the drum loop is catchy as well. The outro with a ticking clock signals that you have reached the end of an amazing journey through your memories. I highly enjoyed the trip myself, and I hope that you will enjoy your own journey as you listen to this song!

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Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC-Arch) (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Trance

So, everypony, today we have a remix of what might be the best “ASOS: Chocolate” track, “One Small Thing”, and who better to remix an already great song into something that may be even greater than Nicolas Dominique? The song starts out with Koa’s amazing vocals muffled behind a calming beat, and the vocals get louder and clearer as the beat builds up. Then the vocals stop and we are able to fully appreciate the awesomeness of the beat before Koa’s voice comes back in and the beat takes a back seat and becomes more drum heavy to support the lyrics. The beat then takes over once more showing how well it stands on its own. As the chorus sets in the beat ramps up to awesomeness levels way beyond 20% cooler, and as the song builds up to Arch’s rap the beat stands on its own supported by a loop of Koa’s amazing singing. As Arch starts rapping the beat again becomes more drum heavy to support the expertly delivered lyrics, and it stays that way as Koa takes over once more. The song ends on a slightly different version of the beat for a worthy send off.

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