[P@D] GrazySmash – Thunderbolt | Psytrance

This track just hits you in the face as soon as it starts, with no chill. Grazy is an up and coming artist who has released some excellent tracks lately, with this one providing one of the best examples of fandom psytrance I’ve heard. Absolutely evoking the feeling of being lost in amongst a thunderstorm, the classic psy bass design combines perfect with orcherstral and vocal hits alongside some terrific stormy atmosphere. Definitely an artist to watch if they keep up stuff like this!


[P@D] John Kenza – Life Box | Melodic House/Trance

John Kenza’s new song Life Box is full of his trademark melodies and sounds. The gentle tunes fill me with serene joy. Listening to this song makes me think of Rainbow Dash soaring through the clouds, free as can be.

Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp.


Evgeniy Doctor – Lethal Wrap Up | Progressive Trance

Based off of the track Lethal Industry by Tiesto and blending a heavily processed version of Winter Wrap Up, Evgeniy delivers an energetic and fun track with a very smooth progression that stays interesting throughout. I especially like how the vocals are reminiscent of General Mumble’s style with just enough distortion and tuning and helps bring out the darkness in the track without smothering it completely. An excellent track all around!


Toby Macarony – Blaze | Oldschool Trance


Toby Macarony is always up to something crazy and this track off of their Wonderbolts themed album keeps it interesting! The upbeat, happy style of Blaze serves as an anthem of sorts for the speed flyer in a way that’s just as mysterious as the Wonderbolt herself. The track utilizes a myriad of instruments and styles from arena organ syncopations, synth riffs, a solid dance beat, and so much more! The only real way to understand the insanity of Blaze is to give it a listen!


Lianella Stilson – Fireworks | Dubstep / Trance

Watching fireworks with another pony friend has never felt so awesome! Lianella Stilson shares a personal cuddly pony experience with us through music, and the result is a breathtaking Trance-y track featuring gorgeous vocals and a dreamy and stunning electronic arrangement! Beautiful sounds and melodies all around make for the night of a lifetime for the two ponies, amazingly animated in the video!


UndreamedPanic – 10k Sub Special Mix ~ Songs Not Uploaded To YouTube | House / Trance

UndreamedPanic da Mad-Manic is back At It with da radio Static, da good music making Habit that’ll make you trip on Acid forget your Medicine Cabit ‘cuz this stuff is Fantastic and maaaan Am I excited for this! I extend my congratulations to Panic for his fantastic and marvelous work that got him 10K subscribers! He deserves to be Famous with the fantastic music productions he does and I am happy I can write a HMH post for him! As it was an honor to collab with him multible times! (Now that I mention it, HELP PANIC GET TO BRONYCON! He deserves it to be there!)
I hope you guys will enjoy this mix as I enjoyed writing about it, There’s alot of good techno, house, and wubs in there!


Daniel Ingram – A Friend for Life (eksoka Remix) | Trance

Eksoka is back with a new amazing creation and tribute! The ending credits song from the first EQG movie, A Friend for Life, gets a gorgeous new take with this Trance arrangement that sublimates the original vocals along more than 6 minutes of high-energy beats and a dreamy atmosphere that lifts you to a higher plane. That’s the power of music, and Eksoka is so good at it!