Brilliant Venture feat. Wrillez Basics – Abandoned City Dreams (NeighGative_’s ReCoded Promise Mix) | Trance

Brilliant Venture is back with an absolute banger of a trance tune! This song is BV’s side project NeighGative_’s interpretation of an old song, whose origins predate either of these aliases. It was originally written about a decade ago with the help of his grandmother, one of his biggest influences and part of the reason he makes music today. Sadly, she passed away at the end of last year, so this rendition pays fitting tribute to her.


[P@D] MirroredReality – Alpenglow | Psytrance / World Music

MirroredReality’s penchant for blending classical instrumentation with electronic elements has created another masterpiece! This particular tune, featured on the “P@D: Aurora” album, is inspired in parts by the song “Alpine Skyline” from the game “A Hat in Time” and MLP’s Yakyakistan, and those respective inspirations are melded fantastically herein. An echoey percussive melody opens the track, and it is soon joined by a synth line that climbs with it through a beautiful melody while light percussion supports the arrangement. Things really take off with the introduction of strings, which add a lovely texture to the melody before the psytrance pulses to the fore backed by a choir melody, a shift that pumps up the energy without losing the flavor of the track. The shifts in pitch on the synth melody give it a world music vibe, the past melding with the new, before the arrangement fades. Another shift brings a whole world-music-flavored electronic arrangement, and the sound design is so good on the synths and chimes that they sound organic, machinery mimicking life. The climb into the psytrance drop and progression to the end have more little shifts that add dynamic flavor. I hope that you will enjoy as much as I did this beautiful track that is a credit to the artist’s imagination and skilled production.


Violin Melody – So Many Wubs | Trance

Ok, who is ready for a colorful trip to the 90’s trance (with Ponies!)? In that case, prepare yourself for this cute and punchy song by Violin Melody. This track starts with a powerful kick and a very cool rhythm full of all kinds of percussion. From the beginning we can feel the whole vibe of this song–suddenly (as if the sky was opening) we can hear some cool vocal chops from our favorite pony, Fluttershy, accompanied by a cute arp as well. This song is full of nostalgic feelings, and I can easily imagine this song being played in a rave full of ponies and pegasi dancing together! After an energetic and gritty lead that makes a good contrast with the little arp, we get a little break, and it’s like the song is breathing before heading higher up in the sky. Then it releases an explosion of color with more vocal chops and a very inspiring and nostalgic chord progression. I’m doing my best, but I can’t fully describe the awesomeness of this song! Violin Melody always provides us with professional quality songs that resonate with our souls, and this one is no exception, so check it out! I’m sure you will find a pleasant surprise with this track!


Evgeniy Doctor feat. Brilliant Venture – Royal Guard (NeighGative_ Dark Tech Mix) | Dark Tech Trance

This track is based off of this fantastic original version meant to evoke the feeling of Canterlot Castle at night from the perspective of the Royal Guard, but it takes the original techno delivery and gives it a wonderful Nightmare Night twist! This track debuted during the NeighGative_ set at Ponyville Ciderfest this year and now gets unleashed upon listeners through this amazing individual release. NeighGative_ videos have fantastic background art and effects, and this track is no exception. Sonically, Luna’s formerly ethereal vocals get a crunchy, blippy, distorted treatment which makes sense when the intensity ramps up and the image of Nightmare Moon appears in the background art. Ominous vocal chops round out an arrangement that pulses with dark intensity. A cool shift in the synth melody at the end accompanies a shift in the background art, and the song concludes with Luna announcing, “I am a nightmare.” The citizens of Ponyville may not be safe, but at least we listeners received this entrancing contribution to the catalog of amazing Nightmare Night tunes!


[ASOS] MirroredReality – Oracle | Dark Trance

Today we have an awesome song off of A State of Sugar’s newest album “Eclair”, and once again MirroredReality delivers an absolute masterpiece! The track starts out with some fun Trance melodies and then does a beat switch into this gorgeous melody that is sure to mesmerize you. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a build up followed by an awesome drop that will get you out of your chair and jumping! The drop is followed by some more fun melodies that seem to just radiate the energy straight from the Everfree Forest, and then we get some more lead into the build up and a drop that is as fun as the one before. We end this absolute amazing masterpiece with the drop slowly fading into a fun outro melody.
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Brilliant Venture Presents NeighGative_ – A Place In A Different Time | Trance

Sometimes an album comes along that resonates with my musical soul and forces me to really soak it in. This is one such album, and it takes me back to my early days of finding personally meaningful music on the internet. A big genre for me at that time was trance. There’s something uniquely emotional and energizing about the genre, and it’s so wonderful to be reconnected with it as I have been here. Regardless of whether you think of yourself as a trance fan or whether you continue reading this article or not, YOU ABSOLUTELY OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. The songs are ridiculously amazing and are chock full of pony goodness. Seriously, go get it now, and if you want to hang out with me in the rundown below, then come on back, but at the very least GET THIS MUSIC and then give the amazing creator behind it a big ol’ hoof bump, because they deserve it. Thank you from the bottom of my musical heart. ❤

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Ardhy Mahardhy – Through Space and Time | Progressive House / Trance

The season 5 finale of “Friendship is Magic” follows Twilight and Spike on an epic journey through time and space to oppose Starlight and save the world.  Ardhy Mahardhy has set out to capture this adventure in song form. An up-tempo melody played on a fun synth is complimented by a driving beat propelled by muted drums. Urgent sounds of time fleeing like a runaway train permeate the midsection, and I felt a sense of flying through time and space in a shower of a glittering lights. The overall effect is a feeling of time rushing towards an epic outcome as worlds collide and destinies are determined. This piece really lives up to its name as it carries the listener on an interstellar journey “through space and time!”


SpinScissor – Luna’s Nightmare (feat. Color & Flow) | Trance

Well, everypony, today we’re back again with SpinScissor, and this time he’s recruited the amazing orchestral talent that is Color & Flow! Together they have created this awesome trance banger about the Princess of the Night! This track is full of awesome Trance melodies, and SpinScissor himself provides the fantastic vocals. Combine that with the orchestral work of Color and Flow and we’ve got ourselves some of the best Trance ever made!
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[PF] NeighGative_ x loophoof – Twice Upon a Kingdom | Trance

Today I bring to you another exclusive track from the first full length Pony Family album, “Busy Having Fun“. While the first exclusive track went in more of an acapella direction, this one is the very definition of an upbeat EDM masterpiece! For this track NeighGative_ (also known as Brilliant Venture) and loophoof combined their talents for an awesome Trance banger that would make even Armin van Buuren blush. At five minutes long this track is on the longer end, but it doesn’t get boring for a second with its creative melody and lovely vocal chops.
Proofread by theCANderson; big thanks to him!


Glimm – PRINCESSES | Album | Electronic

MAGIC!, inspired by and representing every princess in this princess-themed album, is the opener to PRINCESSES by IAmGlimm. Glitch-hop inspired drums and basses accompanied by slap bass guitars ready your ears for this joyous album! The track that follows that swing-y piece is CADENZA, glittered with saw stabs, trap-inspired drums and a lush, reverberant piano that gives this track its sense of wonderous melody. With melodies, basses, and drums that are reminiscent of 90’s era trance, ILLUMINATE MY NIGHT represents Princess Luna in this album, and also acts as my personal favorite track. Last but not least, the sounds from the finishing track ENLIGHTEN emit pure euphoria. With vocal chops, sine sub-basses, and a lively second drop, ENLIGHTEN represents Princess Celestia. Although it’s a relatively small release, PRINCESSES is energetic, bouncy, and fleshed-out enough to gratify a listen or two!