One Track Mind – Lunar Dreams | Album | Electronic

One Track Mind is back and released an amazing concept album about Moonbutt which is unique and experimental! Ranging from Ambient to Drumstep, One Track Mind delivered a delicious range of textures and sounds, full of awesome tracks, my favourites being  _Null, Solitude, All Quiet In The Equestrian Front, Dream Invasion, and Memories of You. Full of wild synths and some wubby basses, One Track Mind is going to delight you with Lunar Dreams, you will love it! Keep up the good work One Track Mind! This album was really good!

Lunar Dreams is available to download on One Track Mind’s bandcamp page for free!


Pinkamena Party – A STICKY SITUATION AT FLANKSGIVING DINNER| Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Editor’s note: Listener discretion is advised, but not obligatory if you’re hardcore enough.

Hey kids, do you like hardcore music?! Do you like earraping fun?! Do you like celebrating Thanksgiving in a different way?! (And a week late too, oops!) Do you like to support awesome charities?! If so you are in the right place!

Let’s celebrate Flanksgiving, where you instead of thanks everything and everyone, you do naughty things! That’s right! At Flanksgiving we do the craziest things in the world! So yeah, listen to this album for celebrate! The Pinkamena Party Crew gave to birth another crazy compilation full of awesome and hard songs mostly about celebrating the Flanksgiving or stupid situations at Flanksgiving! And you better buy it, because the money will go to support an association that helps children with cancer. Download or buy at the Pinkamena Party bandcamp page.


Ponies At Dawn – Memories | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Another P@D album? And so soon too! But there’s a difference with this new one. Memories is a compilation of songs previously released as singles by various artists from the Ponies At Dawn collective, brought together as an alternative representation of the collective, and with a charitable initiative too.

All the money raised from this album will be donated to Save the Children (specifically the Australian branch), an international charity that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.

You can still download this compilation album for free from the Ponies At Dawn bandcamp page if you’re unable to donate, but if you are able to, thanks for helping a charitable cause! Enjoy the music and relive the memories these songs bring back to you!


Seventh Element – The Equestrian Wasteland – Part 1: Hope And Despair | Album | Post-Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 22 November 2017.

Seventh Element makes some cool tunes, but where he really excels is in the creation of concept albums such as this. With a combination of spooky ambient soundscapes and driving indie rock beats, this album definitely helps to visualise the desolate landscapes of Fallout Equestria. Check it out below for half an hour of hope and despair!


A State of Sugar – Candy | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! That’s a close enough reference and it’s time for a new ASoS album! Since the release of Lollipop this summer, the compilation album side of this project has grown alongside the promo channel that they run – this album features 36 brand new songs, and a good 2 hours or so of music for you to enjoy. The album covers a lot of the more melodic side of electronic music, as the ASoS label tends to do. There’s plenty of future bass, trance and chill stuff, but also the fair share of dubstep and bass house, and everything inbetween!

Also dat artwork, amirite?

Candy is available to download from A State of Sugar’s bandcamp page, completely for free (but you can donate if you’re feeling generous).


Ponies At Dawn – Anthology | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

It’s been a big year for Ponies At Dawn; January saw an ambitious project of an album composed entire of collabs, covers and remixes; June marked the release of Guardians, the biggest main album to date; now they’re back with something special.

Anthology isn’t like any of the other albums. The first half of the album is a collection of brand new tracks from P@D favourites such as DJT, UndreamedPanic, Silver Note, Frozen Night, Exiark and many more! The second half brings some of the best songs from all the past albums released by the collective, as chosen by the staff who put the albums together.

But that’s not all. Something that’s been requested for a long time by fans of the P@D albums is a physical release. Well merch fanatics, your wish has been granted!


This limited edition 3CD release features half of the new tracks (they couldn’t fit it all in!) on one disc and all the of the “golden oldies” on the other two. If you’re as big a fan of Ponies At Dawn as I am, don’t pass up the chance to get your hands on one of these!

Anthology is available to download for free on the Ponies At Dawn bandcamp page, and the CDs are available to purchase for $20, and are due to be shipped in early November.


Ponytronic – Times Like These (The Remixes) EP | Electronic

If I remember correctly, Ponytronic gained an affinity earlier this year for a certain couple of music ponies after reading a well-known fanfiction about them. Shortly afterwards, his song Times Like These was released – a smooth liquid dnb piece about the duo, perhaps one of his best songs to date. Now after a couple of months of an open contest, he’s proud to present the Times Like These Remixes EP!

Featuring a variety of genres, from more dnb reworks to a hip-hop remix and even a couple of really left-of-field genres, this EP has both some regular names to the brony music community and some people just breaking out into the scene. It’s also seemingly a chance for some artist to break out into new genres – I’ve never heard Metapony do Drum & Bass or UndreamedPanic do hip-hop before! Definitely give this EP a listen, you might just find a new artist or style that you’d be interested in.

Times Like These (The Remixes) EP is available to download for free on Ponytronic’s bandcamp.

PS: The music box rendition at the end is a super cute addition to the album :3


Manus Records – Ragnarock Vol. 1 | Compilation Album | Electronic

And if one compilation album wasn’t enough for you tonight, here’s another one! South Korean brony & furry label Magnus Records teamed up with our very own Cider Party to bring you a mini-album that packs a real punch. The 6-track release features Magnus regulars Einarx and Mantlegen but also has appearances from Lovestruck Brony, AJ Young, Suskii, and Chang3ling. All in all it’s a great selection of bass-heavy producers and a more bitesize compilation album for you to try.