DoTheDaringDew – DoTheDaringDew EP | Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 July 2018.

DoTheDaringDew’s been steadily improving as a musician lately, and another step on that path is this new EP of 5 new tracks, each showcasing what he can do fairly well. His instrumental abilities are certainly a bit more advanced than his vocals, but it’s still a great package of fun with tracks about Daring Do, Starlight Glimmer and more.


bank pain – rewritable EP | Drum & Bass

Bank pain’s newest EP is the result of more than a year of work, and it really shows. With a nice mix of chill and heavy sound design bank pain sets out to show how he’s improved over the past year as a producer, and you can really tell how much improvement there has been. This is not an EP to miss if you love insane sound design. Be sure to grab it on bank pain’s Bandcamp page.


Lycan Dese Beats – Beats 4 Everfree | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Three years ago, after running a successful radio show about brony music for several months, Lycan got a bunch of musicians to pitch in some songs to make a compilation album featuring them. Fast forward to now, and this annual album is now in its 4th edition with the release of Beats 4 Everfree. The primary difference this time round is that the album is dedicated to Everfree Northwest, for which Lycan is the musical coordinator this year, and the funds raised from the album sales will go to EFNW’s chosen charity, the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy. 14 tracks from a group of consistently solid musicians and producers take this album through all sorts of genres – electronic to orchestral – so there’s something in here for everyone’s tastes!

Beats 4 Everfree is available to download for any given price from the Lycan Dese Beats Bandcamp.


UndreamedPanic – The Outdoors | Album | Electronic

I don’t think I could ever count the amount of music that Panic’s made. The sheer volume of music he’s contributed to fandom is incredible and it all just keeps getting better as he grows as a producer! The Outdoors sees him taking on some more poppy styles like Future Bass, a bit of Indie Pop influence, but also a good deal of Melodic Dubstep tracks too. Anyone who’s a fan of Panic’s usual songs, or any kind of mainstream-style electronic music is bound to enjoy this.

The Outdoors is available to purchase on UndreamedPanic’s Bandcamp.


Elias Frost – Stories Vol. II | Album | Orchestral

Here is the sequel to Elias Frost’s previous EP – Stories Volume I. The release consists of five orchestral songs, with the middle three being the focus of the album and a prologue and epilogue to introduce and conclude the extended play. While Volume I focused on Hearth’s Warming stories, the songs on Volume II all take place in different Equestrian universes including a Daring Do book, a Legends of Equestria Book, and the Diaries of Sunset Shimmer.

“Daring Do and the Temple of Hope” is an epic soundtrack inspired by the Indiana Jones pony herself. The song has an suspense-adventurous feel to it and includes some worldly influence – almost like an Egyptian Mission Impossible track.

“Song of the Sea” has its own sailing adventure score where the danger is further emphasized by great use of choir vocal chants.

“Music in Our Hearts” has a mellow, emotional start before erupting into an epic rock track and teetering between dark rock and symphonic triumph.

Each song has it’s moments of adventurous highs and hero-defining lows which serve to tell great stories through music alone, without a need for words. There is a great arc to the structure of the EP, a strength Frost plays to very well. Make sure to check out Stories Vol. II available now!


Technickel Ted & MCMIAG – Fear & Pony in Seattle | Album | Hip-Hop

Ted & MCMIAG collabed for this Awesome Collection of dope Hip-Hop beats. My favourites from the album are EFNW Hotel Balcony, CarToonz, Beat45, See you next con…, and cOdE oF cOnDuCt. Its truly amazing how all of it comes together. The vibes, the percussion, everything. its perfect. Ted has always been one of my favo beat producers in this fandom, and seeing MCMIAG collab with him is pretty cool imo. HMU anytime if you need somebody flowin’ on your beats. 😉 EVERYBODY, show some love. ❤

Fear & Pony in Seattle is available to download from MCMIAG’s Bandcamp for any given price!


Quadrivia – Filly Seekers EP | Electronic

Horses are sexy, you should f-

Quadrivia’s back with a little EP based largely around her fascination with…well I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself. The name comes from her latest P@D contribution, Filly Seekers, the first track on the EP and a sequel to a previous P@D song of the same signature complextro sound. It also features NSFW (Not Safe For Woona) II, a more progressive / electro house type song, and her remix of Filly Seekers made in collaboration with Arturo Host and MEQA.

The entire EP is available to dowload from the Duktig Records Bandcamp for free.


Ponies At Dawn – Rebirth | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre


Listening to the live album release stream for Rebirth, the thing that strikes me most is how brony musicians are always able to make such diverse songs, and to such a high level of production. From the (admittedly majority) range of electronic styles to the big rock and metal songs, to a full range of acoustic and orchestral tracks, there are constant surprises in store.

We’ll be featuring plenty of songs from the album as they’re released on YouTube by the respective artists or the P@D YouTube channel over the coming weeks. Until then, the album is available to download for any given price on Ponies At Dawn’s bandcamp page.


Exiark – Otherworldly Journey | Album | Electronic

After two big years of development and collaboration, Exiark gifts us all with an incredible electronic album! Utilizing the talents of many exceptional fandom musicians like Chi-Chi, FritzyBeat, Freest, NekoWolf, Flittzy, Namii, Megaphoric, and Lia Quo, Otherworldly Journey is comprised of a whopping 19 tracks exploring Princess Luna’s journey throughout her exile on the moon.

The tracks range in genre and encompass a great variety of electronic music while still appealing to most everyone. No matter what type of music you prefer, there’s something special on this album for you!

Aside from the obvious vocal talent featured on Otherworldly Journey, Exiark’s use of expertly crafted synths and beat tracking is on full display, and will transport you to another world! There is an excellent sense of a lunar atmosphere in the instrumentation which ranges from symphonic to synth-heavy, and the subtle space vibes will make you feel as though you are dancing with the Princess of the night herself. There is no excuse not to check out this outstanding album!

Author’s note: While I don’t like to compare fandom music to time periods for several reasons, if you had told me that several of the tracks on this album were big hits from the early days of the fandom, I would absolutely believe you. Exiark really makes the music his own style, discernible from other early fandom musicians but there’s something about the quality and energy that takes me back in time with a giant smile on my face.


One Track Mind – Lunar Dreams | Album | Electronic

One Track Mind is back and released an amazing concept album about Moonbutt which is unique and experimental! Ranging from Ambient to Drumstep, One Track Mind delivered a delicious range of textures and sounds, full of awesome tracks, my favourites being  _Null, Solitude, All Quiet In The Equestrian Front, Dream Invasion, and Memories of You. Full of wild synths and some wubby basses, One Track Mind is going to delight you with Lunar Dreams, you will love it! Keep up the good work One Track Mind! This album was really good!

Lunar Dreams is available to download on One Track Mind’s bandcamp page for free!