Lianella Stilson – Ears Up! | Dubstep

Lianella Stilson isn’t holding back with this one. Ears Up showcases her soft vocals in front of a powerful electronic backing, which mixes hardstyle and dubstep and even metal, as shown when Stilson growls “kill you” in a brutal fashion. Juxtaposed with this track is one of her staple components when it comes to her music, a cute visual of her pony looking around sheepishly in front of an explosion, her eyes occasionally turning black. Everypony has a dark side…


[Helpie’s Corner] Tw3Lv3 – Dat Spooky Bats | Dubstep/Psytrance

Ready for some spooky yet early Nightmare Night vibes? Track 7 from the Helpie’s Corner compilation Other Side Of The Mirror is Dat Spooky Bats, one of Tw3Lv3’s two appearances on the album. The song uses samples from the appearance of Flutterbat on the show before the drops while a creepy synth melody plays throughout. Musically, the song mixes elements of psytrance and dubstep, with the drops containing heavy bouncy basslines and everything in between featuring dark synth pads that really add to the spooky atmosphere. We’ve still got a ways to go until Nightmare Night shows its face, but it sure feels like it’s looming over us already!


A State of Sugar – Brownie | Compilation Album | Electronic

It is time again for another incredible ASoS album, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, then get on it! There are so many incredible tracks on this 43 song compilation album that there’s no way to highlight all the greatness in one article! Luckily there will be plenty of individual posts in the coming days on Horse Music Herald!

Brownie is another masterpiece in a collection of A State of Sugar albums which are dedicated to “sweet” themed tracks. Perhaps the most diverse of ASoS albums to date, this one features everything you could want and more!

There’s powerhouse collaborations, bright and uplifting songs, crazy and complex dance tracks, creative and catchy hip-hop, metal-EDM collaborations, and everything in-between! Brownie is high quality and a mega album like this will keep you boppin’ along for hours!



[ASOS] Suskii and Rokii – SMART PONY UNIT SO. CONN-D33Z | Complextro


Harmony by definition: A consistent, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity

That would best sum up the opening track of ASOS: Brownie. Suskii and Rokii have baked up something really pleasing here in their collab. A tag team of sorts, is how this complextro of a track has been presented. The song opens up to wonder and mystery then Suskii comes in first with this harsh, robotic dubstep style beat that gives off this notion of a robotic pony trying to move and groove, very hardcore in nature. The song goes into this amazing and chilling drop that builds and builds up to the tag in of Rokii’s part. Who comes in with his signature epic future bass style. As if the robot pony has found paradise. The melody is frankly one of biggest reasons why I love Rokii’s style and sound so much. Him and Suskii work VERY well together to make great harmony of this track. One of many good ones on ASOS brownie. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] Hoofy – CAKE! | Bass House

Hoofy’s sound design just gets better and better. Track 25 from A State Of Sugar: Brownie is CAKE!, a powerful bass house tune with some sweet, tasty saws. Once that drop hits, the chance of you staying still is incredibly low. This one starts off bouncy and doesn’t let up until the very end. A few dubstep elements are sprinkled through this track, particularly in one of the drops where the tempo slows down ever so to bring in the heaviness. One of the harder flavours on the album!


Knife Pony – Stay (Light Assassin Remix) | Synthstep

80s synthpop meets 2010s dubstep in this fantastic remix of Knife Pony‘s Stay by Light Assassin. This take on the original is faster and blends synthwave and dubstep with Feather‘s vocal track, including a drop that perfectly combines the two genres. The most beautiful part is the breakdown after the drop with rain sounds and soft arpeggiated synths as Feather sings. It’s a nice change of pace from the original, and certainly refreshing to hear Feather’s voice again. If only she’d come back!


Omnipony – Dragon Greed (Brilliant Venture’s DnB Drive Mix) | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

Dragon Greed is an old Omnipony song, Brilliant Venture remixed it for their album Legacy : In the Mix, and this is a VIP of this remix that was performed live at HarmonyCon. The magical Rainbow Dash vocal chops from Winter Wrap Up of the original are still here, but Brilliant Venture is spicing it up with some additional ones. The song is made up of two distinct parts sectioned off by a short clip from Secret of My Excess, which inspired the track in the first place. The first part is a classic dubstep banger featuring old school wubs and the second an epic drum & bass section that ends with a sweet melodic segment. As a side note this is an epilepsy warning for the neat visuals of the video, which came out the same day Omnipony posted their first pony song in over five years!