TCB – Atychiphobia (Vylet Pony Remix) | Dubstep

TCB‘s amazing tracks from the Cutie Cuts EP have been infused with much character depth from the CMC, and all that pony musical greatness didn’t go unnoticed for Vylet Pony who took on a remix of Scootaloo’s song Atychiphobia, and it’s definitely very awesome of him!! Going all-out and proving his talent once again, Vylet lays out a powerful and inspired Dubstep remix with many influences, bringing all the amazing-sounding synths, sublimating TCB’s pony vocal chops, and setting the room on fire with radical drops certainly born from the accumulation of all those hard-hitting experiences from Mystic Acoustics.


MC Arch & Agatan – Not Like Them (TCB Remix) | Hip-Hop / Dubstep

Here’s a remix of MC-Arch’s “Not Like Them,” brought to you by TCB, who put a little bit of a dubstep/trap twist to it!  The vocals pair well with the remixed sound design and composition, and the drops are definitely one-of-a-kind.  It gives the original version a whole different feel that one gets to experience.  It’s just as emotional as the original!  Nice job!


Daniel Ingram vs Silva Hound – Becoming Popular (Vylet Pony & Syzygy Edit) | Riddim

First debuted at Bronycon 2017, Vylet Pony with help of Syzy, makes a pretty good edit of an old mashup done by Silva Hound, where Silva mixed Levels by Avicii with the amazing Becoming Popular sung by Rarity! The edit is pretty nice and the wubs are really well performed, the vocal preparation and sampling is also on point. I really liked what Vylet and Syzy did here, a hell of track for end this amazing weekend and for the rest of this amazing week!


[P@D] Omnipony – Clouds (Anon Remix) | Hybrid Trap / Dubstep

Time for another remix of the iconic “Clouds”, by Omnipony, with this remix by…, well we may never know, as this one was made by an anonymous musician! But to whom-ever did this, it came out splendid! The Flutterchops have a rather interesting take, with them played in different octaves, a different key (not to mention the whole work), and with a cool tape stop at the end (Spoiler alert!). But the resonant basses are what really get the track going, and the variance with the drops adds a nice variety. That’s some smooth stuff there! Well done!
Just, who did this anyway?!
Go check out P@D’s “Anthology” album here!

Editor’s note: This remix is also featured on P@D’s YouTube channel.


[P@D] Suskii – Horse Or Die | Dubstep

Suskii is at it again with the good Dubstep stuff. I love it. 🙂 I like the 20% Cooler sample in it though. Brings back alot of Nostalgia. Dubstep aswell is always welcome to come from my Speakers too. Love it. I do love how the title “Horse Or Die” is used here though, together with the Nostalgia vibes. I quess we both know what happened on Twitter some time ago huh? I will however say ONE THING regarding that though; You don’t need to worry about People who think that your Voice / Style doesn’t matter. Because it obviously does. Remember why you started, and keep going. and I promise you, you will Succeed. I think that too is a Beautifull hidden message coming from this Track together with the nostalia. Good vibes man, good vibes. Keep up the good work Suss. everybody, show some love to our guy. ❤

This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Anthology.


[P@D] R3CTIFIER & StrachAttack – Grimoire | Dubstep

Masters of slick bangers R3CTIFIER and StrachAttack teamed up for Ponies at Dawn Anthology, and what a tune they made! Highlighting the magic of their collaboration, it features top-notch pony vocal chops and very pony-like melodies for a blissful result. The cover art by Sora is definitely embodying the concept well and further complements the song with thoughts of Starlight’s huge magical potential!


[P@D] Mantlegen & Einarx – Hidden Piece | Dubstep

It’s always a feast getting such hard-hitting bangers from Magnus Records musicians, and we’re delighted to have Mantlegen and Einarx delivering their new incredible Dubstep banger through P@D Anthology! Bringing beautiful pony vocal chops and crazy wubs in the drops, this track also has a quite rich concept. Inspired by a novel, the story of this track is about a virtual reality game in the future that connects to Equestria, and in which ponies appear! With a new danger appearing, a new Mane 6 stands to protect Equestria from it, and they find the remnant of the Elements of Harmony, which is a Hidden Piece!


[P@D] syzygy. – Lunar Attack | Dubstep

To kick off her latest EP, “Paradoxical,” which is set to release on October the 7th, Syzygy gives us one of her works a little bit early, just for the hype of it, and boy did she pick a good one!  Oh, my wow, those basses are so strong, and the lead really gets the hype going for the drops!  A work like this is the perfect example of a textbook dubstep song.  If there was an MLP-themed Getter out there, Syzy would be it!

Go check out the rest of P@D’s Anthology album here!


Vylet & VooDoo – TEMPEST (ft. Namii) | Dubstep

(Mild MLP Movie spoilers, nothing more than what the trailers show)

This brand new track from Vylet, VooDoo, and Namii (formerly Cadie) took 3 months to make, and boy does the effort put into it show! Namii’s vocals near the start help shift the song from a melodic moment of calm into the buildup for the drop. And the drop itself – for me the sound design really hits a sweet spot between the regular growls and bass sounds familiar to this genre and the more experimental sounds that Vylet often incorporates into his music. Go check out the song for MLP movie hype!

Also, please consider taking a moment of silence for Fishman, may he drop in peace.