BeatSpark – Hooves Upon Tartarus | Dubstep


In the midst of the nonexistent EDM festival season, BeatSpark decided to take a few pages out of Disciple’s playbook and make this nasty beast of a track. Seriously the distorted sub at the beginning, the build with those nice punchy (to the point my subs in my 4 inch monitors were producing so much power that I could feel it across my studio) kicks, that nasty predrop to the drop was just pure festival vibes. When it hits to that breakdown after that first drop and that soft saw wave melody came in, I audibly said, “Is it ending already? No way!” especially when everything faded out with the reverb tail. The second 8 bar predrop to the drop was surprising and seriously threw me off which I enjoyed quite well! BeatSpark is definitely one of the dubstep producers to keep an eye on for more bangers in the future!!


TCB – Integrity VIP, YONA GONNA, GLOOM & BLOOM, Death in The Afternoon VIP | Multi-Genre

TCB has been quite active recently and submitted songs to most of the labels in the fandom. He uploaded four of them in the form of the present mix and all the links to the albums and the entire tracks are in the video description. Uniqueness is a defining trait of TCB’s music, every time bringing fresh and original ideas to the table. With insane sound design, the use of a wide range of orchestral instruments and ingenious work with vocals, TCB builds a universe of sounds from the ground up with each new release of his. Integrity VIP is a variation of a track from the Keys & Cuts EP using vocals from The Magic Inside. YONA GONNA has input from Loophoof and hits very hard, even if it has emotional moments nonetheless. GLOOM & BLOOM uses the lullaby from Bloom & Gloom, aims to target the feels and succeeds. Death in The Afternoon VIP is a new take on the track from the album The Closet Anthology that unfortunately went a bit under the radar so it is nice to see it getting some more love. It still features Ditherer but gives a more central role to the instrumental which doesn’t only serve as a backbeat to support her rapping anymore. As a last note TCB’s set at BronyBashOnline includes exclusive yet-to-be-released VIPs and Remixes, it would be a shame to miss them.


Nyancat380 – Depressed | Alternate Electronic

Nyan has always had some interesting and fun tracks and this no exception! A nice expansive melody that slips around constantly opens the track, trying to hold itself together as it builds. The multiple drops however are a different animal all together! Its hard for me to describe from percussive focused hard hitting energy to shuffling DnB style drops with a healthy sprinkling of power chords, you can feel the swing in mood and raw emotion and they do an excellent job switching between sad, and angry. If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ve found it!


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable: Vol 3 | Compilation Album | EDM

Never Say Neigh just unveiled their newest album and as with the previous two compilations, this one hits hard and with fantastic quality! The eight-track album has a nice variety of producers and collaborations who all combine to show that NSN is a stand-out project within the fandom to continue paying attention to! Do not be afraid to turn NSN3 up and make it loud – that’s how it is meant to be played!

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[NSN] Spikey Wikey – Starved | Dubstep

Spikey Wikey’s contribution to Black Stable: Vol 3 from Never Say Neigh Records is not only an impressive foray into the hard-hitting wonders of Dubstep, it also samples Thorax vocals from S06E16 The Times They Are A Changeling to bring a unique concept to life! We can tell Spikey had fun with this one, not to mention it was Spike who was the hero of that episode, and it’s a real delight to have him in the album!


Daniel Ingram – The Magic Inside (PonyBoy441 Remix) | Melodic Dubstep

This show-song needs no introduction, with it being (in my opinion, of course!) one of the best and most memorable from Season 5. This fun remix gives new energy to the track with some epic wubs in the new dubstep music, but keeps with the emotional backdrop of the track by having the original piano parts, which mixes very well with the new music, making for a fantastic remix!


[P@D] Skron – Maze of Thoughts | Melodic Dubstep

Leave it to Skron, an up and coming producer to make a track with a dreamy and reflecting theme to it. A track that goes into the mind of our newly crowned bookhorse. The melodies effectively make you feel this as the song is right out of the show. It’s right in touch on how twilight would be talking, feeling about being the new ruler of equestria. There are some lovely transitions and drops that take the emotion from, uncertainty to courage, power and overcoming the odds. Skron vocals really drive you into her mind and her sense of wonder. If there was ever a way, really to use Twilight’s character growth over 9 seasons. Skron I’ll say, has done so in this package of bliss and celebration for track 42 on P@D: Ignite. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] LaunchSix – Shrapnel | Riddim

(This Article Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and Whirly Tail)

Woooo Hoooo, how about a slight break from my streak of Ponies at Dawn tracks to bring you this fully loaded of a zinger track of a banger from ASOS: Brownie. I’m not alone, I came with my buddy Whirly Tail to do something on his turf. Shrapnel is a such a hard and harsh track. As soon as you start this track, it’s go time. The fight is coming as you feel like you’re about enter a battle. The melody sets that mood until that first drop. The effects of police sirens with harsh and grungy mixing of beats and tones, really gives the sense of a war zone going on, and I really like the how the mixing creates unique elements that sound like a battle is going down. Fans of Fallout Equestra’s own BlackJack will find the song super enjoyable as it based off LaunchSix’s love for the character. But as I said, I did not come alone to this warzone, Whirly Tail! all yours my friend.

Whirly Tail: Thanks, Drake! Oh my GOSH does this track go off!! The intro just gets you primed, moving along to the beat, head bobbin’ away, and BAM, THOSE BASSES JUST TEAR YOU APART!! Don’t even get me STARTED ON THE SECOND DROP, MMM THOSE CLASSIC DISTORTED YOIS, LaunchSix REALLY knows how you get you absolutely RAILING!! mmmm, great job as always, buddy <333 And thank you Drake for working with me on this write-up! I look forward to more from LaunchSix, and I can’t wait for the next installment of ASOS

This was Drake and Whirly of HMH. We both hope you enjoy this track. As always, This Qilin and Whirly One. ask you to judge for yourself.


sleepy toaster – Hey I Brought You A Flower | Future Bass / Dubstep

This song is really interesting and filled to the brim with musical creativity. It starts with ambient sounds then builds up to a fun and energetic drop. The second buildup sounds like it will lead to the same drop, but instead surprises us with a last minute psy switch up with trap hats. The music box has a high responsibility in the lively vibes radiating from the song. Let’s hope sleepy toaster keeps doing more of this because it is very promising.