WoodenToaster – Rainbow Factory (Japkozjad & Hiverro Remix) | Dubstep

(Light content warning: slight grimdark theme)

It’s always a delight to see older songs get some love, and as one of the most famous tracks it feels very fitting that Rainbow Factory keeps getting remixed even to this day! Japkozjad and Hiverro definitely delivered a banger track featuring the usual heavy dubstep sounds that fit perfectly to what the track is about and great cover vocals this is a certified banger!


[P@D] R3CTIFIER & loophoof – Scholars | Melodic Dubstep

For Ponies at Dawn’s newest album, Dreamwalkers, loophoof has brought P@D veteran, R3CTIFIER, out of retirement to create “Scholars.” This colorful melodic dubstep tune features an uplifting melody, playful vocal chops, and bouncy wubs.  Vocals from Celestia and Twilight enhance the track’s nostalgic vibe and highlight the value of being a true “scholar” of friendship!


Daniel Ingram – Time to Be Awesome (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Dubstep

The jack-of-all-genres EveryDayDashie brings us an orchestral dubstep remix of this iconic song from the 2017 movie. From the first hard-hitting note to RD’s modified vocals you know you’re in for a unique ride. The buildup will have you headbanging, and it only gets more intense from there. Keep an ear out for the fiddle, at which point the track really takes off. That combined with the G5 voice clips (in a G4 song!) really help to accentuate the rebellious spirit of the original track. You definitely won’t regret giving this one a listen!


[VibePoniez] PSFMer – I’ve Kind of Grown to Like You | Deep Dubstep

For the newest VibePoniez album, PSFMer branched out to try a new genre: deep dubstep! This Misty-inspired track is very minimalist and ASMR-like with its crisp percussion and effects being a large focus of the piece. The ethereal synths will you leave you longing in the same way Misty longs for a cutie mark, and the sub-bass will have you grooving along to the beat. It even features some of Misty’s voice lines fading in and out, a nice final touch to a relaxing piece!


Rarity Vrymer Collective – Rarity Investigates (VIP) | Dubstep

Well then, this certainly was a surprise I didn’t see coming! Starting out with entire spoken lines from the Equestria girls special with some lovely melodies the song at first seems to focus a lot on official vocals, but other then the intro you get one more bit of official lines, and other then that it’s just pure dubstep beauty! The song has everything from smooth melodies, drum builds, vocal builds and fills, and incredibly fun and energy filled drops, in simplest terms the track is six minutes of pure power and never stopping fun, and not a second seems boring or repetitive!


Proto_ssin & GrazySmash – Depth pt. II (feat. Koa) [Ice Angel Remix] | Dubstep

Ice Angel’s remix of Depth pt. II begins with the lush tones of piano and Koa’s voice reverberating to create an ethereal space. But don’t let that fool you—as the drums and orchestra come in, it all builds up to when the electrifying drop hits. Here, the heavier dub rhythms blend nicely with the ethereal pads, still floating effortlessly above. The track then interludes with the sound of rainfall and xylophone-like bells before a four-on-the-floor bass drum delivers us to the track’s intense climax.


Brilliant Venture – PleXus | Electronic Album

The legacy of Brilliant Venture is, one final time, expressed throughout this album named: PleXus. Every melody, tune, chord, vocal, beat, just… EVERYTHING! Everything hits! you can clearly hear how these 10 years have affected our beloved friend here. It is wondrous to be able to hear & feel it. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean throughout this article…

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Dijit & R3CTIFIER – Exiled (feat. N. Hollow) (TCB CIDERFEST ’22 BOOTLEG) | Colour Bass / Hybrid Trap

Originally debuting at Ponyville Ciderfest this year, TCB’s bootleg of this heavy hitting Fallout Equestria piece from Ponies At Dawn: Rebirth finally gets a finished and full mix! Staying true to many of the trap elements of the original, this remix takes things to a new dimension of sound, bending and skewing perspective with otherworldly and intense drops. A balancing act of colour bass flare and spectacle with the grit and rawness of riddim. A new perspective on an already great song, this one is a must listen!


Pipetka – Autumn Dreams | Chillstep

As the days shorten and the nights draw in sooner, Pipetka has something for us to reflect the vibe of the season. Vintage-sounding guitars and strings combine with a trap-inspired drum beat to create a relaxed atmosphere. Take a listen for a bit of a nostalgic feel as the weather grows cooler.


[BP] Dauntless Dan – Bioluminescence VIP | Melodic Dubstep

The original version of Bioluminescence is a cherry on top to enjoy by the river side of the Everfree Forest, wich was featured on the Everfree Park Rangers album Woodland Guide.
Now having a VIP version, the melodious rainbow drops will dive you from the top of a waterfall into a body water of palpable clean drums and short crisped synth breaks. With a smooth bridge, it’ll have you back floating and admire the astral sky and fall again into a second prismatic drop. This jam is available on the album Everfree Park : After Hours from the label Balloon Party.