Nyancat380 – Nightmares | Minatory/Deathstep

Today we’ve got ourselves a song by the amazing Nyancat380. This is honestly my first Deathstep song and I didn’t know much about the genre and what to expect but sweet Celestia did it drive a chill down my spine, but enough rambling let’s get to the bottom of this masterpiece. The track starts out with the sounds of a dark night and a beat that is sure to drive several chills down your spine, quickly the beat is joined by some extra tunes giving it even more awesomeness without loosing the scary vibe. Suddenly the beat moves to the background and something else takes over, it’s your scary build up! Boom the drop hits you like a freight train but quickly calms down again only to do the same thing again. The intense chorus will engulf you with it’s scary but hard wubs, then the song continues and goes over into some more vocal chops and another build up to an awesome chorus and in the end after the chorus calms down it starts again to end the song.


[ASOS] GrazySmash – Thunderbolt (Ice Angel Remix) | Hybrid Trap

(Listen to the original HERE from P@D: Skyward)

We now give you more sweet and chocolatey music from ASOS:Chocolate, with this remix that just slaps you with flavor! Grazy’s original is all about fighting for your life in Fallout: Equestria. The same could be said in Ice Angel’s remix, and it seems like Littlepip is ready for round two with this track. The mood changes after each drop, and yes, there are 3 of them, and all emotional changes at that! We have Littlepip on the run and on high alert, trying to fight her way out of battle! With all the elements used, the feel changes after the 2nd drop with this amazing bassline that seems like the battle is in slow motion and Littlepip is taking down enemies with careful aim, and then she makes a break for it! The last mood change comes in after the final drop, when it looks like she is in the clear now, having taken down her attackers and is back to safety. This track was just awesome! At track 23, Ice Angel was able to keep the dire feeling of the original and break it down in mood changes with each drop. This is another great track from the album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


AC-527 – Diamond in the Rough | Melodic Dubstep

Don’t get afraid to get dirty with this song!, AC-27 gives us a splendid melodic track. Inspired by how glamorous and elegant Rarity is, (our favorite marshmallow), throughout the track you can feel all that characteristic shine of Rarity, occupying all kinds of synthesizers and bright sounds, with very emotional and catchy melodies, even occupying the voice of Rarity in the 26th episode of the classic and nostalgic season 1, but AC-27 puts a sensational twist on it with an autotune effect, which gives a special feel to the whole song. Like a diamond in the rough on a nostalgic journey full of shine, listen.

This song is quite an experience, a great and brilliant experience, do not hesitate to listen to it!


Budzy – Crusher VIP | Riddim

(You can listen to the original here that was featured on P@D: Anthology)

Budzy was going to submit this to Equinity 03, and I have little doubt that this would have made the cut. Taking his original and slowing it down a bit as is the case for riddim dubstep, this track sure tells more of the cerebral side of Big Bad Tirek. All the elements and vocal chops from the original are still present. Instead of speed, there are these slow, intense elements along with electrifying buzzing elements that are paired with those deep bass drops commonly heard in dubstep. Oh, and that deep methodical melody that goes with the track really empathizes just how vile Tirek really is, it so complements the theme of the track. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] Voltex Pixel & Cynifree & Paloris – Flame To Fire | Melodic Dubstep

Today we have yet another Sugar post, this time Voltex Pixel, Cynifree and Paloris have come together to bring us this amazing Melodic Dubstep track that is sure to lift your spirits. This song is about the friendship of Spike and Smolder and starts out with a beat and some samples and slowly adds more beats, it slowly begins building up and eclipses in the hook with some completely different and yet similar beats. After the hook the song becomes simpler but immediately starts adding more beats and building up again until the catchy hook plays once more. This track no matter if you like dubstep, no matter if you like melodic tracks will make you move you head along to the beat and make you dance as soon as the hook hits.


[Equinity] Budzy – Throwback | Dubstep

Today we have got ourselves another great song from the Equinity 3: Breach album. Budzy brings us a Dubstep track modeled after his older releases. The track starts out how you expecte a clubsong to start out: with happy uptune beats, but as soon as the beat picks up you know this isn´t your run-off-the-mill club song, the massive beat is sure to blow you off your feet and the beat from the beginning get´s repeated in different versions through out the song and is sure to make you smile. Lovers and haters of Dupstep alike I can promise a exceptional experience with this stellar track.


[Equinity] Suskii – Crystal | Metalstep

Track 2 from Equinity 03: Breach is Crystal, a unique contribution from Suskii! Beginning with a deep electronic riff with a sample of Celestia speaking about Sombra, a quick build up is telegraphed by her saying “now go!”, before building up to an insanely heavy dubstep drop with powerful punchy drums and intense synth sounds. We’re given a small break with a deep synth melody before the second half kicks in… A light synth sound makes up the bulk of this section before we’re treated to the sound of Suskii’s vocals, which are harmonius and filled with emotional. Right after is a sudden change of pace with the addition of heavy drums, distorted guitars and screaming. This metal/dubstep fusion showcases a lot of his musical chops while being a welcome fit on the compilation. And this is only the beginning!


SP1TF1R3 & 4mplitude – Insomnia | Psytrance / Dubstep

Psytrance is always a genre I appreciate, especially when its mixed in with another genre like dubstep. This one is short and sweet with an ominous tone and does a very good job at allowing the tension and energy to ebb and flow, the varying rhythms between genres is always a nice addition in my book and its especially well done here, utilizing every second of its length to bring about an interesting evolution of the song!