Crusader – Airship | Dubstep

Brace yourselves everypony!! The pony airship is lifting off! Onward to our destination! A corrupted empire we have to fight! Or something like that. No I’m not crazy, and the J-RPG fans will sure understand the kind of airship this song is referencing. Coming along an awesome animation that truly gives proper honor to the concept, the inspired Dubstep banger displays a mighty beat with subtle Trap flavors, incredible vocal chops, sick wubs, and a melodic progression that just leaves you speechless. A masterpiece from Crusader, and a personal favorite of mine!


TCB – Keys & Cuts EP | Electronic

Hearing a new song from TCB is fantastic enough, but having an entire EP is quite the treat. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but it really has a perfect variety of songs that all contain really unique vocal chops! I love the fact that there are vocal chops of characters you don’t hear vocal chops of often in here, really makes each song iconic! Read more about it after the break.

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Daniel Ingram – Hearts as Strong as Horses (ApostropheShy Remix) | Dubstep

Heartfelt remixes and tributes definitely galore in the pony music community recently!! Brace yourself for the emotion everypony, as ApostropheShy presents us a remix of their favorite show song, the already very emotional Hearts as Strong as Horses. This remix certainly brings even more feels as the CMC vocals get sublimated in masterful vocal chops along a very MLP-ish instrumental, that I could easily label “Pony Dubstep”. It has a certain sweet and cuddly vibe to it, full of love and triggering powerful emotion so easily, and definitely in line with ApostropheShy’s musical style that ravished us with all their works. A remix that is shining bright from the power of Passion and Friendship!


Glaze – Rainbow Factory (Einarx Remix) | Dubstep

It’s always so very welcome to get a remix that is very meaningful to the remixer for personal reasons, it’s like an additional layer of emotion and appreciation can be felt through that awareness! That, added to Einarx’s masterful take on the classic from Glaze (aka Wooden Toaster) in such a beloved unique Dubstep style, truly makes this piece stand out from the other remixes.


Mantlegen – Reconstruction (Einarx Devastate EP Mashup) | Dubstep

Emotional heavy electronic mashup masterpiece ahead, everypony! Available on the Magnus Festa Vol.2 album, it samples tracks from Einarx‘s awesome Devastate EP, to create an original mashup of many wonders. Quite intense, it re-sublimates the pony vocal chops and even Chrysalis’ voice, as well as many instrumental parts from Einarx’s heavy bangers. The result is nothing short of breathtaking and doesn’t fail to trigger powerful emotions too as we witness the power of music, Passion and ponies once more.


Einarx – Nightwatcher EP | Electronic

It’s been a good few months since Einarx’s last EP but his latest one, Nightwatcher, sees a real step up in production for one of Magnus Records’ most prominent contributors. We’ve already featured 3 of the 5 tracks on this EP here on the site, so I won’t go into full depth on this post. The songs range from melody-based dubstep and dnb, to some more hard hitting trap and electro house – a good reflection of the range of styles he has to offer. So if your tastes in music include the EDM umbrella, I can definitely recommend this EP to you.

You can download this EP on the Magnus Records bandcamp for absolutely free.

And that art by Marenlicious is pretty awesome too!