SweetF1RE – AppleBlood [2019 Remix] | Dubstep

The Russian brony scene is home to some of the most dedicate fans in the entire fandom. SweetF1RE’s remix of his own track AppleBlood is a creepy Russian language banger that features heavy dubstep basslines alongside creepy music box style synths and SweetF1RE’s deep, gravely voice to make a Nightmare Night piece that’ll be sure to creep you out! Somepony needs to give Applejack a Snickers…


Daniel Ingram – Light of Your Cutie Mark (Sam Quak Brony Remix 2) | Melodic Dubstep

Sam Quak Brony builds upon his original remix of Light of Your Cutie Mark with this VIP. The atmosphere at the top of the song feels fresher and more ethereal, the chiptunes (and the mix in general) are sharpened, the first drop’s leads are more evocative, and the second’s dubstep growls are even more ferocious. Sam Quak doesn’t have too many subscribers at the moment, so don’t let this killer remix fly under your radar, bassheads!


Black Electric and SDreamExplorerS – Marionette (Lianella Stilson Remix) | Metalstep

Metal and EDM aren’t two genres that crossover all that often, but it seems like those who make it happen know how to do it right. Lianella Stilson’s Remix of the SDreamExplorerS‘ cover of Black Electric‘s Marionette combines the heavy guitars and crushing vocals from Dream with synthetic drums and low basslines. This is Lianella’s first release since Fireworks from February of this year, and what a way to return this is.


Brilliant Venture – Legacy : In the Mix | Album | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

Here it is! Brilliant Venture’s long awaited album is now upon us and boy was it worth the wait. Including many remixes of classics of both community and show songs, as well as original tracks, this album is truly a love letter to the fandom.
Brilliant’s signature wubs are very much present as one could expect and the musician also ventures in drum and bass giving a refreshing new spin to the Ponies at Dawn-featured track I Love This Fandom. Time honored Party With Pinkie by Alex S. gets a remix keeping the spirit of the original while making it sound quite novel. You will also find their take on iblank2apples’ I’ve Been Dreaming of Sunshine and Celery Stalks, adding it to the ever-growing list of wonderful remixes of this now absolute classic, giving it a new feel with heavier dubstep parts in true Brilliant Venture style.
I most definitely invite you to discover the many delightful gems treasured in this album full of adorable pony vocal chops, uplifting beats and marvelous melodies!


[P@D] Quadrivia & MEQA – Paroxysm | Complextro

Been quite a while since I heard something like this from the fandom. Is this a Ponies at Dawn release or is this a Monstercat release? Honestly, I couldn’t really tell if you just played this track without telling me that it’s pony themed. In fact, I would be like, “No way, you are kidding me.”
Seriously, fandom music has grown so much over the years. Maybe I’m just out of the loop for too long but this outstanding Complextro track from Quadrivia and MEQA really blew my mind. It’s got all the chops (pun intended) of electro house and glitch hop, which means it’s super dance-able and sounds not just what you would expect but more: a piece of electrifying ear candy. Give it a listen, it’s sure to get your heart pumping in no time.
Also while we’re at it, you should totally check out Ponies at Dawn’s new album, Eternal! If this is the standard we’re going off on, it is on track to be one of the best albums ever put out by the label.


Silva Hound – Hooves Up High (Odyssey Eurobeat Remix) (feat. Pinkaboo) | Eurobeat / Dubstep

Ahoy! A brand new remix of a classic from the definitive year of 2012 emerges! Odyssey Eurobeat and Pinkaboo vanguard a modern re-imagining of Hooves Up High by Silva Hound and Rina-Chan. This beaming remake includes the melodies and vocals of the original under shining new voices. And the drop encapsulates the spirit of the original under modern dubstep ideas. Frankly, with our community just past the end of Generation 4, I think you’ll find it very nostalgic.