Etherium Apex – Flight of the Wonderbolts | Complextro

A sequel-of-sorts to one of his more popular songs; Flight of the Rainboom, Flight of the Wonderbolts captures much of the bravado and vibe with a new twist! The use of samples from season six’s Newbie Dash episode really help set the mood of the track and the powerful and complex elements of the track are top notch!


Vylet Pony – The King is Back (feat. Namii) | Dubstep / Hip-Hop

And so the king had returned, as did Vylet and Namii with this dope collaboration made in admiration for King Sombra! I honestly adore it. No cap, after seeing the final season opener for this Generation, it feels good to see the spark of creativity still being as active as when this wonderful adventure started for all of us. The beat itself is sick, the rapping is hype and innovative af, and overall its just very catchy! Nice work you both! Everybody you know what to do. ❤ Show some love.


Jastrian feat. FritzyBeat & Faux Synder – Friendship Princess (Element Of Laughter Remix) | Dubstep

A fresh, upbeat, and harder take on a track that was released four years ago, Element Of Laughter throws their energy into the mix and brings out an elaborate performance with creative drum work and astounding staccato chords laced with some harsh intricate sound design yet keeping the soul of the original. There is a lot going on here from the piano rolls to ambient and varying percussion. The builds have a very jumpy vibe and there are little surprises everywhere! This track is definitely a highlight worth mentioning!


Remember Falling – Change the World (ft. BearSlayer & Cerridwen | Melodic Dubstep/ Indie Pop

Remember Falling has released Change the World which tells a story from Hollow’s friend, Infinity as the pair gets ready to face the challenges set in front of them.

This is also the first track released by Remember Falling to feature voice acting, which I think adds to the story and theme they are going for and is a nice touch. The switch ups between the faster and slower parts transition really well and if you like upbeat poppy music and the more refined soothing sounds of melodic dubstep this song, this gives a healthy dose of both and I love how everything comes together!


ROKII – SmartPony™ | Album | Electronic

ROKII recently released their SmartPony™ Album and I have to say its a real treat! Introduced with an eerie yet mystical ambiance that relays a sense of discovery and the unknown. From here things progressively ramp up and AI Heartbeat really caught my attention here. Its very mechanical yet melodic and everything feels like clockwork from here as elements are brought in and out breathing life to the machine and is a very solid track that blends the mysticism of the opening with the rest of the album’s inner workings.

After a short interlude we get into the dark and gritty of Internet Protocol Address. After the AI comes alive it than needs an identifier. That is where this track comes into play with some industrial minimalist vibes it really feels like a driving force for whats to come.

This album has quite a lot of diversity ranging from ambient, to progressive house, tech house, dubstep, complextro, and more and its just such a fun experience to explore the mind of the SmartPony™. I especially love its ending. The raw emotion it exudes is awe-inspiring and the world it shapes before we even get into the first few notes really sets us up to let us know that it is indeed getting dark, and their batteries have run out; at least for now…


Vylet Pony – Danger Close (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Omnipony & Namii) | Dubstep / Hard Rock

What happens when you bring together some of the best talents that the community has ever seen..? Absolute greatness! Part of Vylet’s concept album Homeward, this treat switches genres faster than Rainbow Dash can clear the sky! With PrinceWhateverer delivering pure Hard Rock bliss, Omnipony blowing us all away again with these wubs, Namii providing state-of-the-art vocals, and Vylet presenting us more of her art and story, Danger Close has much in store for you!


Lianella Stilson – Fireworks | Dubstep / Trance

Watching fireworks with another pony friend has never felt so awesome! Lianella Stilson shares a personal cuddly pony experience with us through music, and the result is a breathtaking Trance-y track featuring gorgeous vocals and a dreamy and stunning electronic arrangement! Beautiful sounds and melodies all around make for the night of a lifetime for the two ponies, amazingly animated in the video!