Suskii – The Call Of The Shadows | Dubstep

Suskii is back in full force with a brand new original piece empowered by a pony concept and his amazing musical vision! Inspired by Stygian from the S7 finale Shadow Play, this masterpiece makes a delightful use of vocal samples from it, all while showcasing insane sound design work and a divine melodic aspect as you could expect from the talented changeling musician. Come hear it being blasted at the latest Cider Party!


StrachAttack – Dusk | Melodic Dubstep

Stratch is back at it again! But with something a little more laid back this time. Immediately we are hit with a ton of atmosphere and some wonderful piano stabs and the infectious vocal chops and chords set the stage for the night and all around it’s a nice change of pace to and definitely worth a listen!


Suskii & Vylet Pony – Clout Coins | Dubstep

Two sound design masterminds have joined forces and, boy, is it long overdue. Clout Coins does a fantastic job of combining the melodicness and crunchy samples of Suskii’s dubstep and Vylet‘s compositional prowess. They complement each other in a highly unexpected way, and the Chrysalis samples are manipulated in such a way to make them nothing less than cathartic. Definitely not one to miss out for any basshead.


Brilliant Venture – Find the Music in You VIP (feat. Frank Delete & Wrillez Basics) | Dubstep

Expanding on the catchy-ness of the original song by Equestria’s Ponytones and Big Mac’s vocal melodies, Brilliant Venture gives a new spin to his Dubstep remix of Find the Music In You, this time featuring Frank Delete and Wrillez Basics on the drops. Much pony spirit and nostalgia is to be felt here once more, as old-school pony Dubstep bliss and the Ponytones’ vocal talents blend to create a perfect and most refined mix.


Lorris – Hyperdrive | Album | Electronic

Lorris’s new album is jam-packed with delightful wubbly goodness. Dubstep, drumstep, trap, and more are all represented here, with an overarching cybernetic theme. Every song is amazing, and there’s enough variation to keep you engaged throughout the album. Songs like Dropshot are guttural and bassy, while Particles Storm is crisp and dark. It’s pay what you want, so go give it a listen!


Ditherer – Love Trouble (feat. Doodled) (TCB Remix) | Hybrid Trap

WARNING: NSFW LYRICS Where to even begin with this one. I’ve been at Bronycon showing this song to some very prominent figures in horse music, and they all had the same dropped jaw when they heard this. The beginning of this remix has is reminiscent of a Migos song, then shifts to something very Middle Eastern-influenced (something I personally have missed in trap music). Ditherer has proven himself to be the fandom’s premiere lyricist after only a few months and it shows here. He spits multis on multis, and the verse, like most of his music, feels very deliberate. And what’s he rapping about? Horse poon. Same goes for Doodled, who starts his verse off with some outrageous Auto-Tune and transitions to a highly catchy refrain. That hook immediately leads to the awe-inspiring drop, proving TCB still is one of the most underrated fandom musicians to ever do it. Doodled is no slouch on the mic either, however. His cool delivery and flow is effortless and also has some very intriguing rhyme schemes throughout his verse. A song for true flank lovers only.


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (StrachAttack 2018 Remix) | Dubstep / Riddim

He’s the pony you wanna call to bring fire to your party, and he’s back with a crazy new version of the masterpiece of a remix from 2016! With original songs, show song remixes, and all-out party mixes, StrachAttack always brings some of the most hard-hitting music in the pony music scene and this new take on Daniel Ingram’s The Spectacle is no exception! Beloved elements from the original remix are reawakened along tasty sound design and mighty composition, making for such a heavy yet refined treat!
Also StrachAttack’s mix from BronyCon 2018 just got released on his Mixcloud and it’s as crazy as ever with banging signature plays as well as awesome surprises! I highly recommend it. Listen to it from here!