One Track Mind – Hush | Electronicore

One Track Mind has definitely some of the most creative musical visions out there, and now to our great delight an impressive Electronicore track has been crafted with much inventivity! Bringing much Metal vibes with harsh and tasty riffs, while still having lots of Electronic elements in its arrangement, it delivers Flutterbat’s take on the Hush Now Lullaby song… with heavy headbangable greatness!


Scraton – Aesthetics | Chillstep

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 December 2017.

Scraton’s music is always really interesting, and this tune especially has a lot of little sounds that feel quite fitting to the song’s name. The addition of some vocal elements also adds depth to the tune, and the chilled out composition mixes well with the glitch-y vibes through the track.


FruityFusion – Get Funk’d Horse | Electro-Funk / Glitch Hop

Imaging mix the funk genre with the glitch genre, both focusing on bass and both really awesome, why not experimenting that? Well, FruityFusion did exactly that! A 4-minute groovy and funky track full of fat basses! The swing on it is also amazing and I love how it works! FruityFusion is really a genius in his music, his music is exotic and urban at the same time, it’s both oldie and new, and both aggressive and calm! All this with amazing sampling and amazing drum work! Good job FruityFusion, you made more one reason why you are so great!


Brohoof Studios & ∆•RYZ – Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday (Insanity Remix) | Dubstep / Riddim

Insanity went all-out with this amazing remix of Brohoof Studios and ∆•RYZ‘s lovely original collab! Taking the hard-hitting route with sick drops of wubby wonders, he also managed to include the mellow vibes from the original, with a new presentation of its pony chops, and a wonderful and inspired new progression. Love, love everywhere!