SpinScissor – Frostbite | Indie Dance

If you aren’t paying attention to SpinScissor, you should be. An upcoming fandom musician who continues to improve every day, SpinScissor introduces us to Frostbite – a fascinating blend of different electronic genres to achieve a very unique and enticing sound. The chops carry the melody beautifully, with a couple great dubstep transitions and a few more surprises along the way!

TCB – Just Downed Another Cider, Boutta Ghost Ride The ’02 Ranger (feat. GeekBrony) | Future Bass

Inspiration truly can come from everywhere. TCB Built this fantastic tune around a sample that GeekBrony posted to Twitter, and it’s astounding that a 15 second clip posted on Twitter would spawn such an epic tune! The song emerges from the ether, whirring to life with some spacey and textured synths, slowly coalescing until the remixed sample kicks in, and then it hits with a wagonload of TCB goodness. The glitches are as scrumptious as cider, and the vocal chops from “Applejack’s Lullaby” mix beautifully with the synth melody. Then the strings kick in with some impactful drum beats adding a wonderful emotional weight as they are combined with a longer chop. The build up to the drop is delightfully subtle, but the drop is full-on, adding a new, high synth melody that ups the emotional amplitude. The cider really starts to hit after the drop as the arrangement thins out and distorts like a bad day at a carnival. Kudos to the artists for this fantastic creative effort!


Lighty – Umbra Regem | Dubstep / Midtempo

Well, today we’ve got something special! Lighty set out to do this song with the goal in mind to make it a Doom sounding track, and sweet Celestia he did–it sounds as if it’s straight from the OST! This song is a dark and gritty dubstep masterpiece, and the combination of influences from midtempo make it even better. This one is a must listen if you’re into dubstep and darker EDM, but even if you aren’t I guarantee you will enjoy it!
Article as always proofread by the lovely theCANderson.


Nyancat380 – Ponies on Acid | Hybrid Trap

Nyancat380’s newest creative banger presented through Cider Party is here, and it takes a fun and wonky route! If anything, I’ll agree that for example Pony Life episodes have totally been written on acid! This Hybrid Trap beauty is defying expectations once again and proves to be another solid and tasteful experience of sounds! I tried to match it with fitting visuals in the video!


Daniel Ingram – Babs Seed (SpinScissor Remix) | Future Bass

How to be creative, pay tribute to ponies, deliver a heartfelt experience, amaze with crazy sound design, and have a deep backstory to your track all at the same time? Well if you don’t know, you could just listen to this and read all there is to learn about it from both the description and the comments, and get inspired by SpinScissor’s shining example! Spin definitely did wonders going out of his comfort zone! Get ready for a Babs Seed tribute unlike any other!


A State of Sugar – Biscuit | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here we go! We’re back with A State of Sugar! This time around Simon aka TheMadhatterbrony, DrakeEmberHeart, GameNotOver, and TheCANderson are going to tackle their newest compilation album “Biscuit”. Find the All-Out-Attack Article down below!

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PumpkinZ – Diamonds and Spoons 2021 | Melodic Dubstep

(You can see just how far PumpkinZ has come with this remake by listening to the original here!)

Ah, this track is the perfect showcase of how far you can come in just a year. To learn for yourself, listen to the original real close. I’m sure you’ll hear the more vibrant and colorful melodies that give this track just a little more of a spark. Charming and wholesome to your ears. Your notice the keyboard too! Adding a luxurious vibe to this composition, it’s like you’re enjoying a super amazing sleepover with the reformed bullies over at Diamond’s big mansion! The vocal chops add a flavor of them having a good time with friends. This remake shows you that a musician’s talent can improve with little feedback and help from good friends (thanks TCB and JohnKenza!).


Daniel Ingram – Unleash The Magic (The Empty Tomb Remix) | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

The EQG world has become quite strange. How is one to find her way? This amazing remix by The Empty Tomb provides all the necessary strength to go through the darkness, complementing the mad choirs and dark atmospheres with creative drops and high energy. Let your need guide your behaviour, suppress your instinct to lead, pursue Principal Cinch! *grin*


Wrillez Basics – Freako Way [Hybrid Mix] (feat. Brilliant Venture) | Hyperpop

Now this one’s just unique. 6 years in the making, Freako Way goes hard and doesn’t let up. There’s lots of crazy synths and vocal chops along with hard drops and heavenly atmosphere. Those trance synths in the breakdown along with the pitched vocals just hit me right in the heart. It really is on another level!


Chang31ing – 4DaPlot (feat. mycutiemarkisagun) (TCB Remix) | Dubstep

(Listen to the equally ridiculous original Here)

Geez, I listen to the original done by over-the-top goofballs of the brony musician community in Chang31ing and Mcmiag making this kind of over-the-top dank nonsense as I inspect them too. I wasn’t inspecting TCB, however, to not only to up the nonsense meter to past ten and make things kinkier. TCB makes a remix that will have you laughing, but you will be vibing to it. The beats are super banging with that trademark Machine gun bass drops the litter this track behind the various silly vocal chops through this track. Just listen to this track and understand that SOMEHOW TCB managed to make something danker and entertaining, don’t mind the artwork, or just ask more questions you don’t want to know, LOL. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Maybe really more so this time…