StrachAttack – SHYSTEP | Dubstep

From the ashes of 2013 rises SHYSTEP, a remake of StrachAttack’s song of the same name with a new coat of paint! This rendition is a fast-paced dubstep track with Fluttershy vocal chops and chiptune synths, a good mix of the old and new. Coupled with this beautiful track is an equally beautiful image of Fluttershy in some blue skivvies, which has an oddly innocent quality to it. Those powerful drops, though! Good stuff for nearly 12 hours’ work.


Nyancat380 – Vzöth | Deathstep

Nyancat380 returns with what he does best: pure unbridled heaviness. Vzöth showcases his chops in the form of an insanely brutal deathstep track. From start to finish, the track has an incredible feeling of dread with the synths and absolutely overwhelming distorted bass that comes in right after the drops. Proceed with caution!


Equinity – 02: Catalyst | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The second installment in Equinity’s power compilation album series, Catalyst blasts sounds from the future and masterpieces all around from many pony musicians and familiar faces. Newcomers participated as well, and in harmony everypony created this wonderful painting of memories shared. From the Zecora-themed Mumbo Jumbo by Cynifree, to the dank Brohoofdab from the duo of TPressleyJ and ShobieShy, to the divine DnB beauty Sea Stack from Tw3Lv3 and Niłch’i Poni, to the mega collab opener of the album… and many, many more inbetween waiting for you to discover them, if you haven’t downloaded the album already! All funds raised will go toward TeamTrees! Kudos to Equinity staff and all the contributing musicians for their dedication and incredible work, certainly acting as a catalyst for even more wonders to come!


[Equinity] TPressleyJ – Brohoofdab (feat. ShobieShy) | Dubstep

As featured on the Equinity 02: Catalyst compilation album, TPressleyJ and ShobieShy deliver a vibrant dubstep track straight to your door. Get braced by a collage of plucks in the beginning. The well-renowned kick and snare of modern dubstep punch its way in afterward, accompanied by fat, detuned saws. Soon, those saws and drums will fade out, introducing a vocal line that is hard to say anything about. That vocal line again leads into a motley of frequency modulated and bit-crushed basses that are split into two sections, one with the complex sound of classic dubstep, and one inspired by the most rhythmic riddim dubstep tracks. There’s no doubting this song will deliver a frenzied tone wherever you are! Use cautiously.


[Equinity] Skelter – Airborne | Hybrid Trap

It seems like the sky has become a big source of inspiration for our fandom’s musicians, which makes sense as they’ve got nowhere to go but up! Track 14 from Equinity 02: Catalyst as well as one of two of Skelter’s contributions to the album, Airborne is a fantastic hybrid trap song that really makes you feel like you’re high in the sky. The melodies capture a triumphant mood with its mix of hard-hitting trap synths and drums with orchestral elements and the occasional Rainbow Dash sample, building up and climaxing with a powerful drop. Such a strong blend of genres! On a different note, welcome to 2020! Let’s see what amazing music will await us this year.


[Equinity] Niłch’i Poni – The Séance of Koma Kulshan | Deep Dubstep

One of the rising stars of pony music has brought us an elaborate and intricate track as part of the Equinity 02: Catalyst compilation album. The music is dominated by a great diversity of instruments and sounds, and sporadic wubs strewn across the track. The intro foreshadows what is to come by establishing sophisticated soundscapes. Then, accompanied by very interesting drums, sounds and a heavy bass we hear what appears to be a sword fight followed by pony vocal chops. Suddenly comes a wild piano interlude. Before the outro you will find a section made up of that loud bass from the beginning and unsettling hats rhythms fitting perfectly the eerie atmosphere of this incomparable track.


Suskii – Villains At The Door | Dubstep

Suskii’s rock streak seems to have taken a bit of a backseat at least temporarily, as he’s returned to the dubstep fold with a track from his upcoming EP, Face Down. The heaviness hasn’t gone anywhere though. Villains At The Door starts out with an ambient sample of some Grogar dialogue before building up to an intense dubstep track with a few more interjected samples, such as Cozy Glow yelling “back off” and laughing, plus what could be Suskii himself screaming alongside the powerful atonal synths and wubs that make up the core of the track. Be sure to look out for Face Down when it comes out!


Nyancat380 – From the Future | Dubstep

Nyancat380’s glow up continues, with his new intriguing approach to making dubstep, taking cues from traditional Colombian cumbia music. This banger will be sure to please any Latin bronies (like myself!) due to its tasteful sampling of the Spanish pony dub (It’s About Time‘s dub specifically). The sound design is among the best we’ve heard from Nyancat and many of the rhythms hit hard, even those with a cumbia shuffle. If you’re into dubstep and want something a bit different, this one’s for you!