[P@D] Tripon – And In Darkness May She Reign | Dark Ambient Technofolk

My second favorite from P@D Eclipse, And In Darkness May She Reign is the kind of dark beauty from Tripon that we all wished for when we saw that name in the tracklist. Atmospheric, deep and mysterious, its progression is a real journey into unknown and faraway territories, and also a trip into fascinating lore that the musician crafted and that you can read from the description!


MirroredReality – Mirage | Folktronica

MirroredReality’s latest song is a brilliant song that incorporates sounds from Indian folk music to add some spice to an already brilliant electronic track. Thanks to the rise of genres like Goa trance, this is a common thing in the EDM scene and I can see why; everything you hear here from the choir and wind/synth melodies to the ethnic drums in the background work super well together!


Daniel Ingram – Midnight In Me (GeekBrony Remix) | Psytrance

Ready for 8 minutes of fun with Midnight Sparkle? I’ve said time and again that all the vocal performers you hear in G4 have voices that would work so well in EDM, and this track – a remix of Midnight in Me from Legend of Everfree is yet another shining example of it. As the song starts, there’s some light electronic elements that slowly become overshadowed by the voice of Twilight and some strong orchestral drum hits. Her voice absolutely soars over the instrumental for a while before the electronica takes over again. It slowly evolves into something psychedelic and fast-paced that’ll stick in your head for a while. Check out the last couple of minutes for that amazing rhythm change!


SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia | Album | Folk Metal

(The Title is translated to: Ephemeral 3: A Moment Of Happiness)
(English translation of lyrics are found in this link, Special Thanks to Soul Strings for providing them to us )
The following article was Co-written by Drake EmberHeart and Simon the MadhatterBrony.
(PS: do not worry if you can’t understand Pavel’s voice acting in this album, with the english lyrics guide and our article. You the listener should enjoy this album just fine, oh if you do buy the album on Souls’s bandcamp. It comes with the doc with the english translation!)

(Start of Drake Part)
There is a very special place in my heart for musicians that just go the extra mile with their music. The effort, the passion, the hard work writing and composing this type of grand music. Soul Strings and his friends have done just that: a folk tale of a loving father and his filly daughter leaving what they knew to find a cure to the illness that’s slowly killing her. They travel to Equestria from leagues away from their homeland, in the hopes of getting to Canterlot and ask the royal sisters Celestia and Luna to save his daughter’s life with their legendary alicorn magic. With the journey comes how to tell that story with the glory of heavy metal!

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[ASOS] Heartsong – Home Sweet Home | Orchestra/OST

Cadenza Heartsong is very well deserving to have one in Horse Music Herald’s view. One of the best tracks on ASOS: Chocolate. Anyone who has played RPGs for most of their lives (namely Final Fantasy 9) will pick up on this and more than likely have some serious chills and feels,.

At track 46, he takes that inspiration and turns it into something a lot of bronies really need at this very moment, a heartfelt message of hope. The arrangement is like you’ve gotten off a balloon from earth realm, right to Ponyville. You’re a brony so spent with how our world is, that you look around and see the ponies of Equestria living happily and in harmony. The quaint and hopeful elements used are like you’re right in a video game of Equestria. The use of the sparkling harp for the taste of magic is a really nice touch! You find yourself being led to Twilight’s castle as she knows where you have come from. You’re welcomed warmly into her home with the rest of the mane 6 and are treated like family as this track plays on. The artwork and heartfelt message at the start of the video really set the vibe: very nice and wonderful as you come into the world of Equestria. It’s a real gem on this album, but as always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Songbird Choir – Tropical Life | World Music

MLP fandom music veteran Songbird Choir returns with a joyous, world music-flavored trip to sand, sun, and relaxation! Originally submitted in response to the DustCar race prompt “Pony Life”, this expanded version takes elements from Pony Life’s theme song and morphs them into a tropical getaway. The percussive melody incorporates some great flute and guitar to round out the sound. It’s a fantastic tune, and it’s wonderful that Songbird Choir was able to harness the quick, bouncy energy of a brief piece of music and grow it into this gem.


Koron Korak – Yoga with Somnambula | World Music

Nopony can resist Somnambula’s charms… This has been proven once more with the cute and irresistible pony becoming Koron’s second favorite, and the dedicated musician proceeding to make a tribute to her… And it won’t be the last one! Meditative and Egyptian vibes are making this yoga-ready piece a very fitting musical extension of that scene from that episode when she returned (and we all went crazy about it), also available as an 1Hr Version for all your meditation sessions purposes!


SDreamExplorerS – Ildy pad Ružovymi Kryłami (feat. Velvet R. Wings, Koron Korak & Pavel Lipski) | Folk Metal

SDreamExplorerS or Soul Strings is about to release a new album, Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia, a folk metal album with vocals in Belarussian and the third part of the Ephemeral circle. It will release on the 28th of August, but pre-orders are available. Alternatively, bandcamp will cut out its fees on the 4th of September, which is a great opportunity to support awesome artists like SDreamExplorerS. This track is a single from the upcoming album. As per usual from him, there’s a lot to listen to in the song, including plenty of acoustic intruments like Koron Korak‘s violin or the dulcimer programmed by Pavel Lipski, all professionaly mixed. And as always, Velvet R. Wings and Soul Strings’ vocals work together beautifully despite being polar opposites, each vocalist getting a solo part too.