[LDB] SDreamExplorerS – To Tell the Story | Folk Metal

A story-centered piece by SDreamExplorerS, this one tells a pony tale over a progression fitting the events, and it feels awesome to “live” that tale through music. With details explained in the description, this tale goes very epic and also ends with a beautiful message that definitely feels very MLP-ish. Grab this masterpiece as part of Lycan Dese Beats’ compilation album Beats Me 3!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – Zebratown (feat. Haymaker) | Latin

Anthology brought us some amazing tracks from amazing artists and The Wasteland Wailers are on it! Haymaker’s vocals are really amazing and the lyrics really fit with the theme and the exotic instrumental! It reminds of old-school Rhythm & Blues songs with amazing guitar riffs and slow tempo beats and powerful vocal performances! The Wasteland Wailers always bring such rare genres to the fandom such as Vocal Jazz, Acoustic Blues, Blues Rock and even Contemporary Folk! All in sake of the Fallout: Equestria world! One of the most amazing and creative fanfictions!

Download Anthology on bandcamp my friends!


Elias Frost – Rockhoof Tale | Celtic Folk / Orchestral

Inspired by the first tale from Campfire Tales, Elias Frost brings an awesome track with Celtic/Nordic influences. Rockhoof was one of my fav stories and I see this song as a soundtrack for the tale of Rockhoof. Pony Vikings and Celtic Orchestral are awesome together! Some elements from the song also amazed me, such the vocals and the acoustic guitar riffs. The drums’ celtic-nordic feeling was also fantastic! Elias Frost, you do awesome job in your compositions and tracks, keep up the good work!


Elias Frost – Somnambula | Orchestral / Folk

Elias Frost releases another beautiful track coming from a challenge that Jyc Row and Elias Frost participate, in which the artists inspired from the most recent episode of Season 7 (about the Egyptian Ponies history) should made a track in 3 hours! Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Music drums and melodies, Elias did an awesome 2 minutes track that really express the histories of the Equestrian Egypt Mythology legends! The drums that really remind me of some Rock Drumming and the orchestral elements are really well performed, principally the brass section! It’s epic, mythological and emotional! I love the emotions that Elias puts on his compositions and songs! One of the most incredible tracks inspired by the most recent episode of Season 7 – Daring Done!


Mane In Green – The Lost Island, Part 1 | Soundtrack

The much-awaited sequel of The Journey has arrived!! And boy does it deliver! Continuing that story of the mane 6 and Discord en route for Saddle Arabia, it tells many twists and turns (I won’t spoil you!) in amazing progressive musical ways, always displaying much talent at composing and fusing musical genres, and always with that blissful Soundtrack feel. And now it even has powerful vocals and choruses from Mane’s friend Mathilde, and from Mane himself! These long progressive story-oriented emotional musical experiences from Mane In Green are always such a delight and I look forward to the next part!


[P@D] Jyc Row & Francis Vace – More Cider! | Folk Metal

A prime example of a perfect time to drink the most popular drink down in Equestria. Jyc Row and Francis Vace show exactly how you should do it, with good and strong vocals to guide you through. This absolutely rocks! (no pun intended) Not only that, it’s also the perfect quality of good taste. In other words, it’s also worth giving your ears a listen as they are being drenched in such awesomeness!

This track is available as part of the Ponies at Dawn album Guardians!


ILLUMNATION – Casting Shadows EP | Dark Folk

Editor’s note: Better late than never…right?

Russian group Illumnation releases a downright amazing pay-what-you-want EP about Princess Luna! The instrumentation in general, and harp in particular, is stellar. Folk isn’t my thing at all, but this was an immediate download because it’s just that good.

But the true heart of the album is its awestriking vocals. Velvet’s beautiful voice is just brimming with passion. And the lyrics are perfect, about Princess Luna guiding our dreams and watching over sleeping ponies all across Equestria.

Casting Shadows is available to download on ILLUMINATION’s Bandcamp for any named price.


Mane In Green – Summer Rain | Orchestral / Folk

Inspired by Harwicks-art’s artwork, Mane In Green imagined a scene and setting that he then brought to life with passion using his talent at Orchestral and vision for creating story-centered, OST-like pieces! Going the celtic route, Summer Rain is a lovely and enthralling jig with an intro matching the story, and wonderful celtic melodies played on bagpipes and flutes, resulting in a very emotional piece that tells the scene of the cover art so perfectly and in such a special way.