[P@D] ILLUMNATION – Good Night | Dark Folk

Folk music is something that I don’t often see from the fandom, but its always something to cherish when it surfaces. ‘Good Night’ evokes a haunting melancholic mood and tells a tale of the two sisters, from Luna’s perspective as she waits out her isolation on the moon. Its a very soothing piece with Velvet R. Wings‘ signature vocals and some stellar and crisp instrumentation and if you have the time, you should really lend them your ear.
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


Mason al’Cat – I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day | Christmas Carol / Epic Orchestral

When Mason al’Cat blends classic Christmas carol style with Epic Orchestral, you can be sure that the result is gonna be sparkling! Gracing the song with his beautiful and powerful vocals, the musician totally nailed this anthem for the end of the year among ponies, all while making it sound so epic with those drums and background choruses!


Reverbrony – Summer Kiss | Latin Jazz

Now here’s the perfect Sunset Shimmer theme to listen to while chilling in some latino bar. You sit there at the terrace, sipping on some sweet and refreshing cocktail… And then a sexy girl giving off massive cool vibes as well walks from the busy main street in your direction, with a short skirt and eyes burning with desire, and that girl is Sunset! Yep, this is the sort of scene that this song and visuals could evoke, with the blissful acoustic guitars soothing your mind, and the flirty sax bringing in that fragrant sensation from a Summer Kiss!


ILLUMNATION – Fiddler’s Green (feat. Koron Korak) | Folk

Off the Paper Boats LP, Fiddler’s Green delights with Folk vibes from many instruments that fit so well to the scene depicted in the album art. Velvet R. Wings does wonders at the vocals once again, and a special guest of the band Koron Korak plays some beautiful violin to complete the instrumental from the band. And you can literally see him play as a pony in the video, from the animated artwork drawn by Velvet herself!


Mane In Green – Haiku (feat. Wubcake) | Orchestral

A real delight from the heavens, Mane In Green’s newest piece feels like a gentle night breeze of the autumn wind at a Kyoto temple in Japan. It portrays Rarity reflecting while gazing at the harvest moon there and making haiku, voiced by the one and only Wubcake. Mane’s humming blends with Rarity’s in the second part to sublimate the atmosphere, and along the haiku and progressive instrumental of many wonders, it’s a real bliss to immerse ourselves in the scene thanks to the music. A scene that is pictured so well by the amazing artwork drawn by Mane himself! Check out his DeviantArt. A wonderful tribute to Rarity overall indeed!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Catching On | Lounge

Fresh off of Vylet’s new album, he and Sylver combine to make this 50s style instrumental track. Catching On is inspired by several different worldly influences and has a nice blend of a jazzy beat with Brazilian and Mediterranean instrumentation. Even with the upbeat tempo, the song has a very chilled out vibe to it – an impressive achievement befitting the talent of great producers like Vylet and Sylver!



[ASOS] F 109 – Luna De Los Instrumentos (Album Version) | Experimental

F 109 is one of the biggest leading figures in the experimental pony music scene right now, and they hit hard with their magnificent track for A State of Sugar Bubblegum! This version is only about 2 minutes, and I recommend listening to the longer Original Version (included as a bonus track if you download the album from Bandcamp) for even more progressive experimental greatness. Beats, bass, flute, guitar, violin… This track is a wonderful trip and breath of foreign air!


Elias Frost – While My Yovidaphone Gently Drones | Traditional Yak Music

Playing on the name of the classic While My Guitar Gently Weeps from The Beatles, Elias Frost follows up on the early-released new episode with more yovidaphone play that would impress more than one yak. Complete with mighty percussions representing the pride of the yak kingdom, and other traditional instruments, the song is a much welcome continuation to the episode’s lore and pays much tribute to it.
Yak happy! Yak smash!