Frozen Night – Evergreen Sanctuary | Epic Ethnic Orchestral

Frozen Night sure has been pulling off quite the impressive streak of amazing tunes that are both masterfully composed and emotional, and this new movement from the upcoming EP is doing a magnificent job at going even further. Bringing a very creative ethnic vibe in continuation to the first movement, it plays out the concept from the cover art and the title in beautiful and epic ways over a mighty progression where Orchestral and World Music instruments gather for a massive experience of blissful sound.


Various Artists – JapanPonyParty! Vol.3 | Album | Multi-Genre

We completely missed this when it first released back in May, but thanks to someone sending it in to us, we’re able to share it with you today! This compilation album featuring artists from the Japanese fandom scene was released at Japan Ponycon in May earlier this year. It features some names you might recognise (e.g. Oodoratoo2, delfino), but also has a wide variety of other artists you may never have heard of, and a huge range of genres too! The above video contains previews of each track, and the album itself can be downloaded from JPP’s website for free!