[Generic Christmas Album by the Noisiest of Horses] Nyancat380 – Industrial Ponk | Industrial / Rawstyle

Delightfully experimental as always, Nyancat380’s music never ceases to impress, and this new Pinkie-themed abrasive experiment for’s Christmas compilation album is venturing the roads less traveled along Pinkie who’s sampled all throughout the track!


Equinity – 02: Catalyst | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The second installment in Equinity’s power compilation album series, Catalyst blasts sounds from the future and masterpieces all around from many pony musicians and familiar faces. Newcomers participated as well, and in harmony everypony created this wonderful painting of memories shared. From the Zecora-themed Mumbo Jumbo by Cynifree, to the dank Brohoofdab from the duo of TPressleyJ and ShobieShy, to the divine DnB beauty Sea Stack from Tw3Lv3 and Niłch’i Poni, to the mega collab opener of the album… and many, many more inbetween waiting for you to discover them, if you haven’t downloaded the album already! All funds raised will go toward TeamTrees! Kudos to Equinity staff and all the contributing musicians for their dedication and incredible work, certainly acting as a catalyst for even more wonders to come!


[Equinity] MrMehster & Tw3Lv3 – Work In Progress | Hardstyle

We’ve got a huge banger here. The track doesn’t sound like it at first, and we may wonder how Tw3Lv3’s style and MrMehster’s will mesh together as they have few similarities. After the creative intro using hilarious voice clips, we are introduced to some super catchy 8-bit arps that will make up the main melody. Only then are we hit with the hardstyle part of the track. Watch out for your necks as this will get you headbanging hard for sure. During the second half the amen break like drum section has been played live and recorded by Tw3Lv3 himself. All in all, as they say, wow, this sure is no party breath. This is available alongside many other sick tunes on Equinity 02: Catalyst.


[P@D] Etherium Apex – Second Prances (feat. Nicole Carino) (MrMehster Remix) | Hardstyle

Track 37 from Ponies at Dawn: Eternal is a remix of Etherium Apex‘s Second Prances by MrMehster. While Apex’s original was a chilled yet upbeat track with brilliant vocals from Nicole Carino, Mehster’s take is a faster version with plenty of bouncy hardstyle drums and synths, keeping the original’s positive vibes while amping up the dancability. With all these great tracks, it looks like 2019’s been a great year for Ponies at Dawn!


[Helpie’s Corner] Tw3Lv3 – Hooves | Hardstyle

Like Tw3Lv3’s other tracks, this song does not disappoint in providing an incredible listening experience! This track in particular, featured on the upcoming album “The Other Side of The Mirror,” is a five-minute non-stop electronic/hardstyle epic, complete with a few base drops, that’s really fun to listen to.
Editor’s note: Also check out the upload of this song on the Helpie’s Corner YouTube channel here!


Royalpony – Illusion (feat. Achievehunter1) | Hardstyle

Peer back into the final days of BronyCon with a studio version of a BronyPalooza 2019 original. Royalpony and Achievehunter1 grant melodious synths, impactful claps, and striding basses in this stirring hardstyle anthem. The elegant supersaws and faring vocals give it it’s awe-inspiring quality, and the timbre-instilled basses bring upon a cathartic, ravenous style suited for the dancefloor. For anybody who was there, it will serve as a beacon of BronyCon’s legacy for as long as this fandom lives. And for anybody who wasn’t, it still serves as a worthy listen for all electronic fans!


Nyancat380 – 7H3 F473 0F FLU773R5HY | Uptempo Hardcore

OMG! This song bangs hard! Nyancat380 bring us an amazing song, a high bpm song, Sampling Fluttershy’s quotes, the artist uses high distorted kicks and an minimal use of synths, since the distortion of the kicks give the harmony of the song, even though chaotic, a thing I love in this. The sound effects used here are also soo good and the breakdowns between aggressive moments are also pretty good.
Nyancat380, an artist in ascension! I can’t wait to have your tracks in the Pinkamena Party lineup!



[Equinity] GeekBrony & Drummershy – Last Tempest (feat. Vylet Pony) [MrMehster Remix] | Hardstyle

The original Last Tempest is a really fun treat in its own right, but what if there was a more jumpy, and heavy hitting version out there? MrMehster answers that call with their remix submission to Equinity 01: Stellar.  Pumping up the original with a classic hardstyle twist, the screaming leads and pounding bassline breathes a different kind of energy and is sure to appease fans of the genre and is a very well produced addition to the album!


Jessica Vaughn, Jess Furman & Jarl Aanestad – Find the Magic (Envy Bootleg) | Hardstyle

The Dazzlings made their awesome comeback along a new song and clip, and it’s time for an early remix of it from the community, courtesy of Envy! Chopping the Dazzlings’ voices and giving them a banging Hardstyle arrangement, the musician brings the excitement to an even higher level, as we marvel at the sirens’ performance all over again and party hard!

Note: Since the original video got removed, you may find the WAV file of the song here.


John Kenza – Love (feat. 4EverfreeBrony) [Hoofy Remix] | Hardstyle

Hoofy’s bringing all the tasty Hardstyle all while extending the cuddly vibes with this remix of John Kenza‘s collab with 4EverfreeBrony, Love! The original vocals get a whole new electronic arrangement and it’s so awesome to get such an alternate version of the beautiful song. Be on the lookout for Hoofy’s contribution to Ponies at Dawn Skyward, whose release draws near!