[ETC] Royalpony – Delusional (feat. Venetin) | Rawstyle

(Warning: Adult Language used in track, you have been warned)
Are you ready for a Discord-themed song that lifts the insanity up into the stratosphere? Off the Horror-themed hardcore album, “Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville”, RoyalPony honestly, in my mind, has outdone himself. This track has some elements in it that are jaw dropping. The overall melody gives this uneasy, scary, but breakneck speed feel to it. With Discord there is chaos. This track has a lot of jarring, evil and unique sounding points of insanity. The pounding insane drop points are where RoyalPony takes the Discord and horror theme to ridiculous heights! Venetin adds to this web of insanity with some lyrics that are hard and full of psychosis. It’s such a creative twist on Discord’s character with horror-themed elements! You have to hear this. It is such a breakneck track! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


KeepOnRock’n Brony – Friendship is Magic (Royalpony Bootleg/Edit) | Hardstyle

(Listen to the the original Here )

Oh boy, If you honestly want a lot of deep rhythmic bass, a good amount of high engery nostalgia flavor with a dash of revisiond hardstyle melodies, then you are in the right place. This is RoyalPony’s remix of KeepOnRock’n Brony’s classic “Friendship is Magic”.  Royal has given an old Dubstep a new coat of paint, remixing with some extremely hard bass drops that hit you right in the face. The harmonics are just mind blowing with the flow of the track. Gotta love it when those iconic vocals from Twilight start talking to nightmare moon about finding that spark. The start of everything for every brony in this fandom is made to feel joyful. Royal puts some epic melodies into those moments to make it oh so special. This is a banger made into an epic crowd pleaser. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself


[P@D] Whirly Tail & John Kenza – God of the Seas | Hardstyle

(This article is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart and Cynifree)

This I am not going to lie. This is one my most anticipated tracks of P@D: Ignite. Whirly Tail is someone I really owe a lot to. That really helped me when I was first bought onto Horse Music Herald,  Trying to be a better writer, he was very good at making me feel welcome and aiding me with my work.

So when I saw him make this album and collabing a track with the one and only John Kenza!. I knew, I wanted to be the one to write the article for his track. And what a track it is at 47, on the album. The track is given a vibe old Equestra in the days of war with creatures like the Wendigo’s. Whirly’s unique style of music captures a battle going on the rough sea’s of Equestria. The feeling of flow of the fight goes, as you get some intense ups and down’s with how the melodies go. All the elements used really brings out your imagination, your emotions if you close your eyes and feel. The intensity of the high points. The drama of low points, The uncertainty in the middle. John Kenza comes in to aid in this tale with his own magic sprinkled all over this track adding to the fight. Especially at the first drop which drives the drama of track way up with a sense of emergency. Whirly with John Kenza’s help has created such a remarkable blend of epic sounding quantity. More then anything this track shows just how brilliant Whirly Tail is as an composer! I am so proud of you buddy! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. But…I am not the only one with a say in this. Here is Cynifree. Take it away my friend.

Cynifree’s review: I personally really love the progression of this one. These two did an awesome job conveying a story here the energetic drops, the diverse bridges and melodic energy has all the thumping party energy you could want from a hardstyle track with just the right amount of melodic vibes you’d get from a house track. Like Drake stated, these two really mesh well together and rightfully deserves its spot on the album. This has something for everyone!

From both of us Whirly Tail. Your at another level and both of us could not be happier for you.


Yellow Tune & Exiark – Everfree Forest (feat. Melody Bird) (Yellow Tune Remix) | Hardstyle

Ready for a hard-hitting banger? Everfree Forest was originally a collab between 174UDSI (now Yellow Tune) and Exiark released in 2014. It still holds the title of being among the cream of the crop of the fandom’s hardstyle collection. In 2017 it came out on Ponies At Dawn Memories, but just got remixed by Yellow Tune. In this rework melody plays a lesser role, the emphasis being on sound design and energy instead. It hits overall harder than the original, from which little remains, aside from the structure, the vocal clips of Melody Bird and some sounds. The song begins with rainforest ambient noises, then the stirring super saws come in. The kick is central in hardstyle, and here he just nailed it, making for some serious headbanging material.


Royalpony – Never Alone | HardStyle

I still have a lot to learn about who makes music still in this fandom. Its rich history of musicians. I just learned that about Royalpony. This being my first time hearing his content. I’ve learned he’s been around since 2014-15. Well better late than never because this track was a great intro into his style of EDM. Never Alone is a haunting track with very grim melodies about being so isolated in times like now. Dealing with the pandemic we all face today. The theme has the emotional feeling of being scared, alone and unsure. When it kicks into the hardstyle it reminds us that like Fluttershy, we are never alone. That this fandom can count on each other. It is strangely a proper track for the timing of its release. Do you feel the same? As always. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Lianella Stilson – Ears Up! | Dubstep

Lianella Stilson isn’t holding back with this one. Ears Up showcases her soft vocals in front of a powerful electronic backing, which mixes hardstyle and dubstep and even metal, as shown when Stilson growls “kill you” in a brutal fashion. Juxtaposed with this track is one of her staple components when it comes to her music, a cute visual of her pony looking around sheepishly in front of an explosion, her eyes occasionally turning black. Everypony has a dark side…


Yellow Tune – You And Me | Hardstyle

Happy (very late) Hearts and Hooves day! To celebrate the occasion, here’s a track, free of charge. Yellow Tune’s gifted us a hardstyle song called You And Me, using Cadence and Shining Armor as loving imagery. With the inclusion of lovely female vocals, this is an atmospheric yet bouncy track, feeling like a dancehall that suddenly jumps up in energy! The hardstyle drops are juxtaposed between “softer” Eurobeat-esque synth sections so full of passion with the vocals about one person loves the other before jumping into the heavy drops. Sounds like a lot of love was poured into this one!


Equinity – 02: Catalyst | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The second installment in Equinity’s power compilation album series, Catalyst blasts sounds from the future and masterpieces all around from many pony musicians and familiar faces. Newcomers participated as well, and in harmony everypony created this wonderful painting of memories shared. From the Zecora-themed Mumbo Jumbo by Cynifree, to the dank Brohoofdab from the duo of TPressleyJ and ShobieShy, to the divine DnB beauty Sea Stack from Tw3Lv3 and Niłch’i Poni, to the mega collab opener of the album… and many, many more inbetween waiting for you to discover them, if you haven’t downloaded the album already! All funds raised will go toward TeamTrees! Kudos to Equinity staff and all the contributing musicians for their dedication and incredible work, certainly acting as a catalyst for even more wonders to come!