Royalpony – My Little Dashie (Bronycon 2017 Special) “Dashies Letter” | Melodic Hardstyle

This absolutely amazing song (5 years in the making!) brought me to tears. My Little Dashie is allegedly one of the saddest fanfics ever written, but I’ve somehow never read it. After this song, I’m definitely going to.

I’ve long been a hardstyle fan, but this is something special. It’s hard to mix hardstyle’s structure with sadness and emotion, and yet it’s one of the most emotional songs I’ve ever heard. What a song!


Neon Lights – The Dark Queen (feat. Lunar Dance) | Hard Trancestep

I’ve been a fan of Lunar Dance for a long time, and I recently came across Neon Lights. They are both absolutely amazing, and this Nightmare Moon-themed collab combines both of their best talents in a unique, clever mishmash of sound. The pumping, four-on-the-floor beat is classic but strong, while the arpeggio’d synth in the drop is deliciously inventive.


[P@D] Feral FurE – Epic Wub Time | Hardstyle / Dubstep

One more amazing and kickass track from the latest P@D album: GUARDIANS! This time is from one of the most genius minds in the Hardcore brony music scene recently: Feral FurE. The vocal chops, the drop, the amazing and juicy distorted kicks make this track one of a hell banger! This track has everything for be the most extreme track from the album!

Don’t forget to download or buy the latest P@D album: GUARDIANS!


Royalpony – Solar Empire (Daybreaker) | Hardstyle

Solar Empire, now that’s a blast from the past! Royalpony’s newest track creatures a delightful admixture of 2011 fandom and 2017 samples. Even harder than most of his stuff, it channels the sound of an anthem for a totalitarian government, as well as the high-energy beat and high-frequency synths of a final boss. The vocal samples of Daybreaker add that “finishing touch” to turn a good song to a great song.


Royalpony – FUN FUN FUN!!! | Hardstyle

That’s right, it’s another track by hardstyle savant Royalpony! The aptly titled “FUN FUN FUN!!!” delivers all his trademarks. This high-BPM song bubbling with energy has the feel of an older hardstyle track, and longtime fans of Royalpony are sure to feel nostalgic. And, of course, Pinkie’s vocals bring in that special spark that turns the dance-ability up to 11. All in all, a true banger for the dance floor.


Daniel Ingram – Stand For Everfree (Royalpony Remix) | Hybrid Dubstep

NB: Originally posted on EQD

Royalpony has been hard at work recently and he’s come up with a full remix album of songs from Legends Of The Everfree, with 6 tracks in total. With a pretty impressive mix of genres ranging from house and dubstep to hands up and trap, it’s pretty comprehensive. The track below is a pretty interesting mixture of dubstep and hardstyle, with some other concepts thrown in as well, so check it outand give the rest of the album a listen here!


Wubcake, Royalpony & The Cosine Pitchshifterz – Midnight Sparkle 10.0 | Hardstyle

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 4 March 2017.

The Cosine Pitchshifterz and Royalpony are the two main hardstyle producers in the fandom, so it’s cool to see them teaming up with Wubcake for a pretty epic track! Wubcake provides some strong voice acting for the piece (minor language warning there), and the track builds up with some epic choral stabs before it falls into some signature kick-driven rawstyle. Check it out if you’re up for some aggressive stuff!