Feral FurE – Louder | Hardstyle

A nostalgic leap into that iconic scene with Rainbow and Flutter that we all know, Louder is Feral FurE’s Hardstyle treat from the past that he finished and it’s definitely better to have it out there for everypony to enjoy! Uplifting and emotional melodies are accompanying sick Hardstyle beats, and it’s hard not to feel like blasting this at full volume wherever!


Daniel Ingram – Dance Magic (The Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix) (Hoofy Edit) | Hardstyle

Hoofy brings all the crazy and uplifting Hardstyle to his channel, Cosine Pitchshifterz style! This edit of Cosine’s remix of Dance Magic certainly has that signature sound that we’re often hearing on Cosine’s channel and it’s so cool to get Hoofy’s tribute to it. Now we certainly have enough material to dance all night along our EQG girls, and those party visuals in the video!



Hey, it’s the 6th Pinkamena Party! (15 albums were released by PP Crew, but the actual path is 6 albums). Go grab your popcorn, plug your headphones at a higher volume and call your family because this is a show for all family! Yes I said a show, in this case a musical. Not like that Broadway musicals because that’s lame but a really funny and headbanging one! Basically the Pinkamena Party Crew in this album decided to make a musical where Trixie and Rarity get ANGERY at each other, the description of the album on bandcamp bring us an amazing and delightful fanfiction (possibly the script of the musical) for all family! If you take a closer look, the text and the dialogue parts are made off the track names! So, in fact, let’s take a look on the songs, the first half you have amazing hard dance tracks done by amazing musicians such as Dynamite Grizzly, Brohoof Studios, zorg, InklingBear, Schatz and many others! And the second half you have the funnie, noisy, hardcore, scary tracks with artists like Kakofonous A. Dischord, Blind Hyena, mycutiemarkisagun, r_chase and the classy Colt do Bad! The thing is that after a concept album where the artists where challenged to do a 2018 bpm track for celebrate 2018, what is better than doing another concept album where we buck up Rarity? Also we have new names in this 27 tracks album! Like securityfurby (shoutouts to the Spanish speaking readers), Complete Disregard For Pony Life, Ponut Pulse, Batouta & Helius and many others! Everything for Rarity’s (anti)sake! An amazing musical which funds will go to cancer research fundations! Grab the album, stay hard! And I unno I’m just gunna get fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!!!! The album is also on RateYourMusic database, good say some nice words on it! Also shoutouts to Zovi and Dave! for staying awesome and keep creating new albums ideas!


Brohoof Studios & Proto_ssin – Happy Gallop | Happy Hardcore / Hardstyle

Here’s a lovely collab from two lovely pony musicians bringing the happiness! Happy Hardcore and Hardstyle making for genres of choices to bring uplifting vibes, Happy Gallop from Brohoof Studios and Proto_ssin conveys Equestrian vibes quite well with cute melodies and all the party-hard kicks. As for the outro, it feels like pegasi soaring through the clouds with the power of sound and emotional music…


Daniel Ingram – Helping Twilight Win The Crown (Superplastic Re-Amp) | Hardstyle

The high energy mixed with emotions make this remix amazing! One of the things I love in the Hardstyle genre is how the kick lead us to a dancing world where we see everything as we were child again. If I remind me, Hardstyle will give you an uplifting sensation, in this one not only it gave me that, but also a nostalgic feeling that made me think to re-watch the Equestria Girls franchise again! Good job on this Superplastic, keep doing amazing remixes and original songs!


Tridashie – Pony Girl (feat. IMShadow007 & Brittney Ackerman) (Brohoof Studios Remix) | Hardstyle

First The Midnight Musician, then 174UDSI, then TPressleyJ, and now Hoofy has jumped on Pony Girl, coming through with a pumping hardstyle remix! In the last two years of my observing the fandom’s scene, Brohoof Studios has had some of the biggest musical improvement by far! The kick is very well-crafted, the atmosphere during the verses feature some awesome synth work, and the song provides the euphoria of flying through the skies of Equestria. Great work on this one!


Royalpony & The Cosine Pitchshifterz – Herd Control (BronyCon 2018 Special) | Hardstyle

We can always count on Royalpony and The Cosine Pitchshifterz to make the most “hype” songs! This one samples the web-exclusive “80’s Flashback” video clip from Hasbro that features Pinkie Pie, and her energetic voice cheering for the participants was just the perfect idea to theme a whole Hardstyle song on. The experts had at it and it resulted in a tasty Pinkie-flavored heavy banger to lit parties faster than you’ll have the time to say “party cannon”!


[ASOS] Brohoof Studios – HOPSKIPJUMP | Hardbass

Incidentally following up on Tripon’s Jump Up banger, Brohoof Studios makes another awesome use of Pinkie vocal samples from the Hop, Skip & Jump song from S01E07 Dragonshy, in a bass-heavy party choon. It marvelously plays and chops vocal samples from the episode while bringing an instrumental madness that seems like it’s waiting to tear down walls just from the power of mighty bass music. This genre “Hardbass” definitely has a fitting name! This taste of Pinkie energy is available as part of A State of Sugar Bubblegum.


The Cosine Pitchshifterz – On Your Face (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Hardstyle

Talk about a transformative remix! The prodigious and insanely versatile NeverLastStanding has blessed us with another awesome hardstyle remix, this time of Cosine’s On Your FaceNLS’ propensity for making ridiculously catchy melodies with pony vocal chops is in full effect here, and the dialogue samples from the original are used in a way very befitting of the atmosphere. The mixdown here is also great, with the kick cutting through the mix in a very satisfying way. Seems like we’ve been getting quite a lot of good horse hardstyle lately, so here’s another to add to your playlist!


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (Superplastic Remix) | Hardstyle

Aaaand we have another comeback! The name may not sound familiar, but the artist formerly known as Addictia has made a return with one of the best hardstyle tunes I’ve heard in a while, fandom or otherwise. Featured are some intriguing background vocal chops, creative percussion, lovely synths and great tension, and a cathartic hardstyle drop with a fine, fine kick! To top it all off, the drop’s melody is insanely catchy. A lot of ponies have been waiting for a great hardstyle remix of The Spectacle and I’m happy to say it has arrived!