[P@D] EM120X & SDreamExplorerS – Æthereality (feat. Daria Intoxicated) | House / Metal

Here is another exciting collaboration featured in the most recent chart topping Ponies at Dawn album, Rebirth. Æthereality combines the amazing housestyle music of EM120X with the phenomenal guitar shredding of SDreamExplorerS, featuring both SDream and Daria Intoxicated as vocalists. The track immediately catches your attention with the excellent synth and drums before making the bold and creative choice to introduce dueling metal guitars.A rare mashup of styles and great performance for all, be sure to check out this amazing addition to the Rebirth album!


PrinceWhateverer – Destabilize (Ft. CGScrambles & Brittney Ackerman) | Metal

Wow! Here is an awesome metal track about Sweetie Bot of all things! Prince Whateverer puts his trademark, driving, metal sound to great use with some added vocal assistance from CGScrambles & Brittney Ackerman. Destabilize is intense throughout with an awesome breakdown which uses a mechanical-like synth to really bring a cool dynamic to the heavy track. This is another excellent PW track and well worth checking out!


Frozen Night – Tears of The Evernight | Orchestral Metal

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 30 May 2018.

Frozen Night’s works are always lovely to listen to and this beautiful piece is no different. The instrumentation throughout the track evolves in an especially gratifying way and there’s some pretty epic progressions as well. As is often the case with Frozen’s works, there’s a nice touch of metal guitar meshed together with the powerful strings and percussion.


Blackened Blue – The Rising Sun | Metal

Blackened Blue is really beginning to gain some ground, especially with tracks like this one! The Rising Sun starts out with a great, almost misleadingly soft guitar intro before taking the built-up tension and exploding into an incredible metal instrumental. The guitar work in this piece is top notch with excellent dual harmonies and syncopation, and are further supported with the great composition and mix. With a tempo and a beat that really bring out the Daybreaker levels of intensity, Blackened Blue gives us a phenomenal track!


D1SCORDANT – Face The Storm | Industrial Metal

D1SCORDANT is back with his own brand of gritty, harsh metal music and this time it’s about fighting the Storm King. The dirty, low, distorted guitars and upbeat drums create this aura of adversity and looming evil which makes for a great theme of an oppressive king approaching with an army. Face the Storm is inspired by evil diesel and steam punk styles of his airships, and D1SCORDANT does an excellent job of making that theme felt through little more than guitars and drums!


SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral I: Letters and Longings | Album | Metal

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 18 May 2018.

SDreamExplorerS’ new album is finally out, and there’s a full stream of all the tracks in one handy video over on YouTube! Featuring over an hour of awesome metal music, you can tell that DreamExplorer has put a whole load of effort not into just the music on show here, but also the story weaved throughout it. You can grab the album on Bandcamp here, and check out the full stream on YouTube!


SDreamExplorerS feat. Imit4tor – My Little Ponies Jingle (Dethklok parody) | Metal

And now for something completely different: What happens when you parodise a parody?

I’m not much of a metalhead, and not familiar with Dethklok and Metalocalypse, so going into this blind was…an odd experience, but at least I can say Imit4tor’s voice acting is on point! Oh, and Soul’s instrumentation is great as always too, so check it out if you’re into weird metal jingles.


Lycan Dese Beats – Beats 4 Everfree | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Three years ago, after running a successful radio show about brony music for several months, Lycan got a bunch of musicians to pitch in some songs to make a compilation album featuring them. Fast forward to now, and this annual album is now in its 4th edition with the release of Beats 4 Everfree. The primary difference this time round is that the album is dedicated to Everfree Northwest, for which Lycan is the musical coordinator this year, and the funds raised from the album sales will go to EFNW’s chosen charity, the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy. 14 tracks from a group of consistently solid musicians and producers take this album through all sorts of genres – electronic to orchestral – so there’s something in here for everyone’s tastes!

Beats 4 Everfree is available to download for any given price from the Lycan Dese Beats Bandcamp.


SDreamExplorerS – Lost Dimension I | Metal

SDreamExplorerS has gone back to his earliest roots to completely remake the track that influenced the route he has taken as a musician. Lost Dimension I is a thrilling instrumental filled with tight guitar work and a fantastic bass throughout. The phrasing of the song switches between gritty dueling guitars and more mellow, groovy sections – though the track never loses it’s energy or bounce. The electric guitar work is phenomenal, but then again, when SDreamExplorerS is at the help, what else did you expect!