StableTwoStallion – Photo Finish | Industrial Metal

What if Photo Finish, Rarity and Sassy Saddles teamed up and formed a band, along two members of Rock Farm, Pinkie and Maud? Their newest song is on the spotlight, with StableTwoStallion providing such awesome thoughts along the awesome music… and with impressive new SFM art as well!! The visuals are just so cool and it feels awesome to rock out to StableTwoStallion’s stunning vocals and instrumental work, immersing yourself into this new idea of a band!


Elias Frost – Chrysalis Lullaby | Hybrid Orchestral

Elias Frost returns with yet another song from Stories Vol. III. Based on a Swedish lullaby by Bellmans Vaggvisa, Chrysalis Lullaby is a truly haunting and creepy piece about the queen of the hive herself. A haunting vocal piece makes up for the core sample, with the beginning flaunting some orchestral strings, a piano, some music box sounds and haunting ambience sounds before eventually building up as Frost’s music is known to do. The buildup sees the inclusion of an electric guitar, EDM drum hits on top of the vocalist’s creepy delivery. This album’s on the way to greatness!


[P@D] SDreamExplorerS – Funk, I’m Late! (feat. L-Train) | Funk Metal

Oh funk, we’ve got another Ponies at Dawn: Echoes release! The compilation’s 39th track (as well as the 9th track on Ephemeral II: Parallels) sees a collab between SDreamExplorerS and L-Train that combines elements of funk rock and death metal; this track has it all. Groovy and technical basslines, atmospheric leads, brutal drums; just pure funky heaviness. An unstoppable dream team, these two!


Brownie – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

Guitar wizard and creator of the amazing Neighhem Fest events Brownie has graced us with an absolutely killer cover of the beloved The Magic Friendship Grows from MLP’s finale! It utilizes a gritty production aesthetic, is beautifully-executed (with the guitar tones in particular shining), and is sure to quench any of you headbangers’ thirst for more pony metal! As commenter, musician, and fellow HMH writer Blackened Blue puts it, “Get ready for the saddest moshpit ever.”


Thrasher – Welcome To Insanity | Album | Industrial Metal

Industrial metal musician Thrasher’s third studio album is finally here, and it’s definitely a treat. With 11 tracks of industrial metal goodness, this is an album you won’t want to pass up. Emanon, Blackened Eyes and A Villain’s Descent were released as pre-release singles, which leaves us with 8 brand new stellar songs to hear. After the album’s ominous opener, Evolution, we’re greeted with powerful metal tracks in the form of Emanon and Annihilation. Both of these songs are erratic and fast-paced, filled with chugging guitars that you’ll easily find yourself headbanging to. Track 4, – Disoriented – starts out with a unique Indian-inspired atmosphere, with tablas and sitars leading the intro before bringing the rhythm section and distorted guitars into the mix, making what can best be described as a heavier Tool-sounding song. The middle of the album sees a minute long interlude, consisting of a distant electric guitar ringing out before heading into the transition for the next track, Insanity. The two stand out tracks on this album are Colossus and The Word Above, both of which are longer than 6 minutes. Both tracks are heavy, filled with electronic elements and feel a lot shorter than they actually are. Overall, this album is a must-listen if you’re into industrial metal such as Fear Factory. You won’t regret it in the slightest.


Thrasher – Evolution | Industrial Metal

After a long wait, it’s finally here. Track 1 from Thrasher’s newly-released album Welcome to Insanity is an ominous electronic opener that perfectly sets the tone for the album. The first half builds up an amazing atmosphere with a dark synth pad that fades in and descends, coupled by the image of countless changeling eyes, almost as if you’re being surrounded. A minute in, the moon rises into view and soon enough, the sound of a constant kick drum in front of some driving bass can be heard as if it’s being played inside a club, before quickly becoming more audible. As the guitar joins, the sky seems to flash with colours as if the changeling hive’s just decided to start up a rave. However, after a computerised voice says “Welcome to Insanity”, we’re met with a vision of the album’s artwork followed by a change into Thrasher’s typical style of metal mixed with electronic elements. The drums sound clean and powerful and the guitar riffs and lead behind it really add to the dark mood introduced. Despite its short length, what this track sets out to do is purely amazing. And this is only the opening track!


[P@D] Thrasher – A Villain’s Descension | Industrial Metal

Thrasher’s back again, this time with a long industrial metal track. Track 41 from the freshly-released Ponies at Dawn: Echoes charity album as well as track 10 from Thrasher’s own upcoming release Welcome to Insanity, he shows off his impressive metal craft with what could easily stand as some of the best metal production this fandom’s ever seen. The guitar and drums simply slice through the mix along with some synths to complete the picture, making this a heavy and intense track based around the villains of Equestria. Welcome To Insanity releases on December 13th.


[PVCF] PrinceWhateverer & Jyc Row – Nightmare Night (Covering Glaze & Mic The Microphone) (2019) | Symphonic Metal

This brings a smile to my face. Prince & Jyc came together for this redux of the cult classic Nightmare Night and has vastly improved from the original cover back in 2011! Jyc’s orchestral and choir elements intertwined with Prince’s vocals and skill on the guitar go hand and hand for this piece with powerful chords, ominous bravado and that sweet, sweet melody, this one is quite a treat!
(even if its over a month late but you didn’t hear that from me)
This song is available as part of Ponyville Ciderfest’s 2019 Official Convention Album.


MelodyBrony – The King (2020) (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Drummershy, KriZzZ and Luck Rock) | Progressive Rock

Get stacked ‘cuz you know the king is back…

MelodyBrony‘s grand debut song from April of this year is back with a fresh coat of paint. As is the case with the original, PrinceWhateverer takes lead vocals, with the rhythm section consisting of Drummershy and Luck Rock, as well as KriZzZ’s brilliant keyboard chops. If you’re familiar with the original then this should be no surprise to you. MelodyBrony also has an album in the works, set to be released on December 21st, so keep an eye out!


Djohn Mema & SlightlyAmiss – From Dreams to Nightmares | Metalcore

The dream team of Djohn Mema and SlightlyAmiss is back once again with an instrumental, finally being released after 2 years on the backburner. Inspired by the princess of the night herself, the song is split into two halves, a relatively peaceful yet heavy section with a lead riff that takes the forefront, before transitioning into the second half, a much more mournful feeling segment before ending with a string and piano combo that goes back to being calm. You don’t always need words to tell a story, and songs like this show why.