[P@D] Thrasher – A Villain’s Descension | Industrial Metal

Thrasher’s back again, this time with a long industrial metal track. Track 41 from the freshly-released Ponies at Dawn: Echoes charity album as well as track 10 from Thrasher’s own upcoming release Welcome to Insanity, he shows off his impressive metal craft with what could easily stand as some of the best metal production this fandom’s ever seen. The guitar and drums simply slice through the mix along with some synths to complete the picture, making this a heavy and intense track based around the villains of Equestria. Welcome To Insanity releases on December 13th.


[PVCF] PrinceWhateverer & Jyc Row – Nightmare Night (Covering Glaze & Mic The Microphone) (2019) | Symphonic Metal

This brings a smile to my face. Prince & Jyc came together for this redux of the cult classic Nightmare Night and has vastly improved from the original cover back in 2011! Jyc’s orchestral and choir elements intertwined with Prince’s vocals and skill on the guitar go hand and hand for this piece with powerful chords, ominous bravado and that sweet, sweet melody, this one is quite a treat!
(even if its over a month late but you didn’t hear that from me)
This song is available as part of Ponyville Ciderfest’s 2019 Official Convention Album.


MelodyBrony – The King (2020) (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Drummershy, KriZzZ and Luck Rock) | Progressive Rock

Get stacked ‘cuz you know the king is back…

MelodyBrony‘s grand debut song from April of this year is back with a fresh coat of paint. As is the case with the original, PrinceWhateverer takes lead vocals, with the rhythm section consisting of Drummershy and Luck Rock, as well as KriZzZ’s brilliant keyboard chops. If you’re familiar with the original then this should be no surprise to you. MelodyBrony also has an album in the works, set to be released on December 21st, so keep an eye out!


Djohn Mema & SlightlyAmiss – From Dreams to Nightmares | Metalcore

The dream team of Djohn Mema and SlightlyAmiss is back once again with an instrumental, finally being released after 2 years on the backburner. Inspired by the princess of the night herself, the song is split into two halves, a relatively peaceful yet heavy section with a lead riff that takes the forefront, before transitioning into the second half, a much more mournful feeling segment before ending with a string and piano combo that goes back to being calm. You don’t always need words to tell a story, and songs like this show why.


Jyc Row – The Centaur Lord (feat. PrinceWhateverer) | Orchestral

Jyc Row’s orchestral trailblazing never ceases to amaze me. Track 2 from Legion is absolutely brutal and chaotic, serving as a tribute to the evil centaur lord himself, Tirek. Joining Jyc is PrinceWhateverer, who provides electric guitar to add an even bigger punch to this already heavy piece. The usage of choirs and heavy percussion along with all the other present instruments really helps to give it an apocalyptic feel, as if to signify that Tirek has officially taken over Equestria and nothing can stop him. As expected from the great Jyc Row, he’s done an amazing job here!


Frozen Night – Thorn of The Frozen Star | Album | Orchestral / Metal

Breathtaking, astonishing, mesmerizing. The superlatives are lacking to describe this majestic album.
If you decide to embark on this journey Frozen Night has crafted for us, you will be hearing the incredible fusion of orchestral and metal we know and love him for. Half of the tracks include gorgeous lyrics sung by the equally gorgeous voice of Velvet R. Wings.
Each piece is a chapter of a well thought-out story which you will be able to discover in the document that comes with the album, along artwork accompanying every track and detailed explanations. It tells the tale of a kirin trying to save her kin from a looming threat of olden times. Zenith is about an epic fight between the protagonist and her nemesis, told with creative sound design exploring different electronic elements, all while empowering Velvet’s extraordinary operatic singing. Thorn of The Frozen Star creates spellbinding soundscapes throughout the track which has multiple phases including ones of respite with heartbreaking melodic percussion and the absolutely stunning climax with the guitars and strings working in unison to create a memorable experience. The album closes on a beautifully emotional ethereal piece centered around a piano and strings.
Together with Radiarc they coordinated their respective album releases to be simultaneous, and you should check out Radiarc’s album too, and remember physical copies of Thorn of The Frozen Star are available!


Black Electric and SDreamExplorerS – Marionette (Lianella Stilson Remix) | Metalstep

Metal and EDM aren’t two genres that crossover all that often, but it seems like those who make it happen know how to do it right. Lianella Stilson’s Remix of the SDreamExplorerS‘ cover of Black Electric‘s Marionette combines the heavy guitars and crushing vocals from Dream with synthetic drums and low basslines. This is Lianella’s first release since Fireworks from February of this year, and what a way to return this is.


Shal Music FX – Daybreaker’s Future | Drone Metal / Orchestral

Strap yourselves in, because this is a long one. Inspired by an alternate future where Daybreaker reigns, this track is completely filled with a sense of dread. It starts out with an edited sample of Daybreaker monologuing from A Royal Problem before diving right in, showcasing its atmospheric chops through the use of evil organ chords, a dark choir and a deep, distorted guitar. Being a drone metal song inspired by bands such as Sunn O))), it progresses at a snail’s pace, with other elements such as drums and other vocal samples pushed far away from each other. Don’t let that discourage you from listening, as this is yet another Nightmare Night listening experience that’ll stick with you.