[OUT OF LIMIT 1.5] Crashie Tunez – Pegasi | Nintendocore / Cybergrind

Crashie Tunez explodes onto the scene with their track from the compilation album OUT OF LIMIT 1.5: Pony Love To Pedrógão Grande hosted by The Experimental Bronies and This tune assaults the senses with raw and powerful instrumentation, distorted and brutal vocals and the strangled cries of an NES. Chiptune and grindcore meet in a fiery fusion that psychotically and mercilessly powers forward like a bullet train, switching between verses and 8-bit synths while a pumping percussion loop rolls on. The track schitzophrenically jumps between melodies and finally crashes to an end with a shocking sound that jolts like an electric current, and the only thing to do after that is to hit repeat. Definitely a unique take on hardcore metal genres, and certainly a rare treat for those bronies who love their music HARD.


Brownie – Gimme RD (covering ismBoF) | Metal

Thanks a ton to Brownie for giving us this amazing cover of an older fandom song. As a brony who got on this ride in 2010, I can remember when the original song by ismBoF came out. Listening to this cover literally brought me to tears. The feeling of nostalgia brought me back to the early days, so thank you Brownie, your cover is amazing and backed up by some awesome guitar playing. I can definitely say I will be rocking out to this for a while. \m/


Segments Of Life – Cube | Trancecore / Hybrid Trap

Segments of Life is one that projects that always surprise me, because of the genres that the project brings, this case, Trancecore. Trancecore is a really rare genre on brony fandom, probably you may have hear some Melodic Metalcore with Trance influences on some PrinceWhateverer or Sable Symphony songs. But Segments of Life is a different way of using the Trancecore elements, in Segments’ songs we have more Trance elements that Melodic Metalcore ones, so that’s why I say that Trancecore is a rare genre in brony fandom.

After this introduction, let’s talk about the song, Cube has really amazing guitar riffs, look like some really Djenty or Progressive Metalcore guitar riff. The symphonic pads used are also really atmospheric and give to the song an ethereal aspect. The synths and the drums joint the song and make the song really awesome. And then that Hybrid Trap drop at the end it’s really amazing, I felt chills when I first listened to it! Really amazing mixing of genres.

This song and more other 7 are featured in Segments’ newest album, The Vivid Dream, where the main genre is Trancecore, but it’s mixed with a lot of genres. (Segments even created a track called Don’t Care About Genres.) All the 8 songs are available on youtube or you can listen to the whole thing on bandcamp.


Chris Wöhrer – Don’t Go Back | Technical Death Metal / Progressive Metal

Chris Wöhrer returns with a headbanging song about the Season 5 finale, with progressive guitar riffs, great usage of blast beats and a tremendous bass rifing and with wild guttural vocals!

Everything sounds amazingly good, one of the best tracks that Wöhrer produced, first we have the aggressive and headbanging part, the part that I really loved but then the things chill down and start a progressive and atmospheric guitar solo with a great bass use and then the vocals arrive again and the song become aggressive again! This path on the song is really well performed and planned. And I love Wöhrer gutturals, they are amazing!


Elias Frost – You’re In My Head Like A Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Orchestral elements, a lot of deep emotions and Till Lindemann-like vocals, this is how I describe Elias Frost’s most recent cover! One of the best artists that the brony fandom has gave us this days.

When I listen to this song, the only thing I think is RAMMSTEIN! Oh my, this is really like one of Rammstein’s ballads like Mutter,Mein Herz Brennt or Ohne Dich, the symphonic elements, the drum work and the rough and kickass vocals give big Rammstein vibes! I really love how Elias re-imagined the song and how he give to the song the feels of loss, sadness and mourning. A really emotional and headbanging surprise!

Looking forward to see Elias ponifying Rammstein or doing a Rammstein cover! Because Elias gave us signs (1st and 2nd) that he is the Till Lindemann of the brony fandom.


PrinceWhateverer – Constellations (Redux feat. Cadie) | Melodic Metalcore / Trancecore

PrinceWhateverer returns with a redux of one of his best songs – Constellations! The King of Brony Melodic Metalcore invited one of my favorite female singers of the moment Cadie for making the beautiful vocals in the breakdown! And her vocals are really sweet and chilling!

Talking about vocals, Prince’s vocals are also pretty good! I really loved his vocal songs, it reminds me of that Melodic Metalcore acts that only have clean vocals aka Scene Punk. The instrumental is the same as the previous song but has a better mastering and mixing! And one thing I love in the instrumental along with the trancecore classical electronic elements, the guitar riffs are really well done. The breakdown is one of the highest points in the instrumental, not just because of the progression to the synths, but because of the drumming! Also the robotic vocals used in some parts are also really awesome, Prince really wanted to do a Trancecore tune! This one rocks! \m/


[P@D] Jyc Row & Francis Vace – More Cider! | Folk Metal

A prime example of a perfect time to drink the most popular drink down in Equestria. Jyc Row and Francis Vace show exactly how you should do it, with good and strong vocals to guide you through. This absolutely rocks! (no pun intended) Not only that, it’s also the perfect quality of good taste. In other words, it’s also worth giving your ears a listen as they are being drenched in such awesomeness!

This track is available as part of the Ponies at Dawn album Guardians!


Osoch – Flawless (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Alternative Metal / Metalcore

The recent song from the 14th episode of the Season 7 has inspired a lot of musicians to make remixes and covers. And Osoch is one of that musicians! But why I’m happy about this cover? Because it’s a Heavy Metal cover! So up your irons and get your head ready for some headbanging and moshpits because we’re getting the Metal arena!

Osoch is one of the newest names in the brony metal scene, with only 4 recent songs (all covers, including this one), Osoch has the potential to become one of the hottest names in the brony metal/rock scene. And this cover really shows Osoch talent to re-imagine the song and make by his view!

The drums are really well performed, and that bass flip before the Rainbow Dash verse is really amazing! The guitar riffs performed reminded me of the Modern Metal acts and some of the modern Metalcore acts such as Three Days Grace, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, Flaw (I’m not kidding here, Flaw is a band) and actually when the symphonic elements of the original song combined with the guitar songs reminded me of Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil! The philter and the reverb used in Pinkie Pie’s vocals is also very well done and then the headbanging and smashing guitar solo makes everything awesome and cooler! And then you realize that it’s the end of the song and you wanted more. Extended versions for this covers are really requested? If they aren’t, it should be requested!

Also this song is available on Rock Farm! The Cider Party for Rock, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Blues and Folk pony songs!