Reverbrony – Outlaw | Groove Metal

Reverbrony’s newest piece does fit those epic vibes from Applejack’s look in that artwork, with over 5 minutes of heavy riffs and mad drums play. The lead guitar solo near the end is the peak of the song, bringing that Outlaw legacy and amping it to the loudest!


Reverbrony – Viper | Groove Metal

Groovy, headbanging! The most recent track of Reverbrony is amazing! Pantera vibes coming from this song. The guitar riffs are soo on top, all the instrumentation is a sweet candy. Listen to it! You will love it! Keep them coming Reverbrony!
Also, why I think that artwork is hiding something weird? Well, the vipers really are naughty creatures…


PrinceWhateverer – Solidarity (In This Together) | Metal

Prince’s new tune, while not about the show directly, is a powerful tune about staying together as a community, even past the end of G4. Prince’s usual level of polish and heaviness is present here, with lyrics bound to give anyone chills, a well-used monologue from Twilight before the apparently arena rock-inspired solo, and some expertly executed crowd vocals, contributed by a whole laundry list of folks (listed in the video’s description)!


[P@D] Osoch – Parasitic (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Arabesque Sympony & The L-Train) | Groove Metal / Alternative Metal / Nu Metal

Headbanging song incoming! The most metal song on Enigma along with Thrasher experiment of Djent, Osoch delivers a groovy alternative metal track with the vocal helps of PrinceWhateverer and Arabesque Sympony plus an amazing guest guitar solo done by The L-Train! This track give me Pantera, Korn, Linkin Park, Machine Head feels, the harsh vocals are soo well performed and the clean vocals too! And then the guitar solos are also sooo good! It’s a juicy track! If you love Nu Metal with Groove Metal influences, this is the song for you! Also that break <3.
Download or buy Enigma on Ponies At Dawn bandcamp!


[P@D] Thrasher – The Other Side Of Fear | Djent / Progressive Metal / Mathcore

It is P@D month! That means amazing music and incredible textures! Enigma promised and the rock/metal/punk scene promised a lot! This track it’s probably the best track that Thrasher ever produced to a P@D album, you know that 2 big bands called Meshugahh and The Dillinger Escape Plan? Well Thrasher actually managed to mix the sound of that 2 bands and make the best track out of P@D! A treat for true metalheads like me that will make you try not to headbang!
And now a public announcement: download Enigma on P@D bandcamp and support amazing artists!


Elias Frost – Hänge Mich | Industrial Metal

Elias’ take on a Photo Finish song is a delightful Rammstein-like gem that is so headbangable and enthralling as it is lovingly paying tribute to the character, and not just in the music! The visuals are well thought as well and contribute to this masterpiece’s overall feel, that is so blissful as we think about Photo Finish and her appearances in both the show and the EQG movies and shorts.


[P@D] Quicksilver & The L-Train – Stolen Time | Melodic Metalcore

The rock/metal/punk scene in Enigma the newest album from P@D is really promising and amazing! This track is an example! The L-Train delivers the amazing riffs and solos with the harsh vocals coming from the brony pop punk legend Quicksilver! The breakdown at the end is soo good, I really want now to go back in time and listen to some Bullet From My Valentine or old school Killswitch Engage!
Download or buy Enigma on P@D bandcamp, you will love it!


Reverbrony & Thrasher – Beyond Purpose | Industrial / Metal

Its always lovely to get some Rougher styles of Music on HMH now and then, and therefore I think Beyond Purpose by Reverbrony & Trasher is a good addon for this. Legit, I love this Track! It really speaks forward and straight to the Point with this Melody. The switch from the Synth like vibes to the Guitars and Shredding is very, very well done and placed. I like this. 🙂 Good work!
everybody, show some love. ❤


Blackened Blue – From The Shadows | Metal

What better way to express suppressed feelings than with a Metal song and the power of rock music? From The Shadows deals with Stygian’s Shadow (remember he -spoiler alert- wrote a book about it) and what it represents, and the fitting heavy guitars and drums are so perfectly conveying that theme. The melodic parts are a real delight too and overall this track stands as a masterpiece of heavy metal!