Derek Spear – This Day Aria (Covering Daniel Ingram) (feat. MIKITANII) | Symphonic Metal

Man, it’s been a hot minute since something covered this song! Brand new to the brony music community, mind you! But, I must be honest, you can not tell that Derek is new at all. Not when You have the mood changing as it does in the transitions between Cadance and Queen Chrysalis! A classic note for note composition of pure pony orchestra for Cadance switches to this brutal, epic metal, and nasty mood for Chrissy! It brings so much the perspective of this song, And I would not be remiss if I did not say that the singing vocals of MIKITANII brings the emotional face-first and on point for both Cadance and Chrysalis with their voice! Just WOW. Listen to this track and a new spin on a classic! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Blackened Blue – Down Below | Metalcore

My buddy Blackened I like to say, is an all-around musician who, if you pay close attention, has a knack for blending all rock and metal styles for a gateway of the story he is trying to tell. The emotion of a lost pony at sea in this Metalcore typhoon on P@D: Oceansong. The deep and darkest parts of the deep equestrian oceanic are places that no creature dares goes. Even the Seaponies dare not go there! Blackened blends, Metal, Hard, and a tad bit of classic rock elements to tell this story of the pony facing the end of the line with his shipmates already gone. Or soo it seems. His lyrics dive into the emotion of fight for survival, and man does his screams hammer the desperation! The melodies pull you that way until “a friend in the darkest hour” comes into play. The Salor, at the moment of death, is saved! Not to die drowning that day, a group of sea ponies who seen the ship go down from the sky as hippogriffs dove in to make the save! But grimly, he only survivor as the song seems to come across. Blackened sure has grown in taking his skill in making excellent metal and added this skill to his name. Great stuff. As s always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


A State of Sugar – Biscuit | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here we go! We’re back with A State of Sugar! This time around Simon aka TheMadhatterbrony, DrakeEmberHeart, GameNotOver, and TheCANderson are going to tackle their newest compilation album “Biscuit”. Find the All-Out-Attack Article down below!

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Deavas – The Legend of the Headless Horse | Progressive Metal

Another of the amazing recent pony fan works released in the pony music scene, Deavas’ progressive and rocking musical tale is re-enacting that part of the episode Sleepless In Ponyville, and that’s so appreciated!! The musician so awesomely mixed in vocal samples from the episode and they blend so well in the instrumental, which showcases its share of amazing guitar parts! A much wonderful example of a pony track!


Blackened Blue – Who I Am (Covering Metal Core Pony) | Metal

How about screaming that you are proud to be a brony while listening to Metal? Look no further, for fellow staff member Blackened Blue covered Metal Core Pony’s meaningful original song while giving it all his heart and you can hear that in those vocals! Giving love to past community songs will always be a commendable pursuit and we can definitely thank Blackened for that! Keep it up!!


Deavas – Goddess | Progressive Metal

It was around Walpurgis Night when Deavas uploaded this and I sure don’t believe it was a coincidence! With the dark lyrics stated in the description, about a certain ritual performed to extend an alicorn’s life, the fitting theme is all set and the epic guitar and progressive aspect of the song will take care of the rest. Now the Gates of Equestria can be open..! Ide! Twilight the alicorn! Answer my call!

Dark lyrics warning!


[ASOS] SlightlyAmiss & Shad3z – In The Tar (feat. CyrilTheWolf) | Metal

Today we’ve got some more amazing metal straight from A State of Sugar’s “Biscuit” album. This one comes at you courtesy of SlightlyAmiss, StealingShad3z and CyrilTheWolf. “In The Tar” is a track all about the Pony of Shadows with “as much edge as possible”. The awesome lyrics are delivered by fantastic melodic vocals which are joined by the occasional screaming, and the instrumental  switches between more acoustic arrangements and full metal beauty! This one’s a must listen for all you metalheads, but even non-metalheads will enjoy this one a lot!

This article was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


SeriousDamir – Changeling Attack | Eurobeat

Eurobeat with heavy metal mixed into it. SeriousDamir has recently been popping up in the Brony music scene, making some noise and making a few compilation albums. There is a pretty good reason why.

When you listen to this, you may just be thrown off by the righteous heavy metal guitar because you’re expecting Eurobeat! Fear not because the metal elements side right in the drop that kicks off the high-energy Eurobeat. This song is entertaining with this tale of Queen Chrysalis and her horde on the assault and will make you bounce as you this. The lyrics are hyper and tell the ponies’ story trying to endure the attack; all why doubting that the changelings would not do this is if not for Queen Chrysalis. The lyrics kind of hint at the reformed changelings, the season 6 finale to further that point. The music itself is some serious fun with how upbeat and intense the Eurobeat elements are. The metal guitar riffs always have a part in supporting the strength of this song’s composition, adding some added bang to the track. I can only hope that SeriousDamir keeps getting better, and this song is a good sign. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

P.S: He is also a pretty good artist, as he did the Queen Chrissy thumbnail. be sure to check out his DA linked in the video’s info section!


[ASOS] SlightlyAmiss & Sakairi – Days Infernal (feat. Acouste Wholenote) | Symphonic Metal

My friends, I’ve been looking forward to coving this track even since Sakairi and Amiss gave me a preview of it why working on it for ASOS: Biscuit months before the release. It is one of the most explosive, and better yet, one of the MUST listens on the album.

The track centers around Daybreaker. Celestia slowly being driven insane, inching closer to Daybreaker, calling out to her to be unleashed by the lyrics. Starlight Glimmer’s dream in “a royal problem.” only planted the seeds into Celestia’s mind. Until the day comes when she snaps, letting Daybreaker take hold of her, The lyrics tell the story of Celestia wanting to feel more than she is and not feel weak anymore; her words ring out as she targets her sister luna and her past, then turns to twilight with rage. She tells them both that Celestia’s limits will no longer bind her. The song gets intense with the minds of Daybreaker and Celestia clashing for control before Daybreaker sends Equestria into an age of hellfire and death, with Princess Luna and Twilight being her first victims.

You have to listen for yourself, but the song is only as good as say it is if not for the talent behind it. SlightlyAmiss on this album alone has stepped up his game to a whole new level. The entire package of how hardcore the metal is in this track fits the inner spirit of the story. The guitars and drums channel the brutal power of Daybreaker with the tempo on an overdrive.  There are very harmonious Orchestra elements composed by Amiss, which I didn’t know he had in him! The lyrics so well fit this story. You can step right into Celestia’s head and understand and get into this song. Well-written lyrics bring life to songs such as these, But the vocals bring that story to life. I got to tell you that if you don’t know who Sakairi is? You know now. Her singing gives the emotional energy and fire of Daybreaker telling her story. You feel the anger, rage, and lust for power through the powerful harmonies of Sakairi’s impressive singing voice. Oh and just make that sweeter? Amiss lends his rage scream vocals to harmonize with her vocals so you know Daybreakers firey rage behind Sakairi’s vocals

Didn’t I mention that she made it onto her first significant compilation album on her first try! He can feel Celestia trying to fight back and take control back and Daybreaker laughing at her just by the passion and tone of Sakairi’s voice. She has put this fandom on notice by her break-out performance, and to sweeten this more, Amiss and his pal Acouste Wholenote throw in some epic, and emotional guitar solo’s to amp the drama of this fantastic track! This track is what Symphonic Metal sounds like when done right! This track alone is worth supporting the album. Ya’ll need to keep your eyes on this group, I can promise you. It’s only the start! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself, but enjoy one of the best Daybreaker songs ever made in my book.