Blackened Blue – Everfree (feat. Gloomrot and Blitzy) | Metal

Blackened Blue never disappoints with his banger tracks and this one is no exception! Teaming up with Gloomrot and Blitzy he brings us this banger dedicated to the Everfree Forest, probably the most eerie location the show has given us, mentioning things like poison joke and timber wolves. Together with the awesome bars by Gloom and Blitzy and Blackened’s vocals and instrumentals this one is definitely worth a listen!


PrinceWhateverer – Friends in Maretime | Metalcore

We knew this was gonna be awesome, we all did, but damn this is so much better then expected! This song has been called a bit of a spiritual successor to Solidarity, and you can see it when you have a look at the lyrics, but first, instrumental!
We start out acoustic, folk sounding, before with a big vocal fill Prince hits us right into the face with the full Metalcore power! This track has all a banger needs, from the drums and guitars to the fun vocal fills, this one’s a track for the ages and the highest quality of rock that’s out there!
Now, the instrumental make this awesome, but the what truly makes this the banger of the century is the lyrics!
And here you can hear why it feels like a successor to Solidarity. While Solidarity was all about looking back on the fun memories, Friends in Maretime starts out with “So don’t look back now”, and that’s just the start, the track is full of lovely lines and has verses dedicated to each of our pony friends, from pegasi with broken wings to fleeing from Bridlewood and tackling what ponies have been taught for all this time.
There’s so much more amazing about this track so definitely give it a listen and put it onto all your playlists!


Mare in the Rain – Reasons to Live feat. Chaos Angel (Friendship Was Magic pt.2) | Metalcore

We’ve all had a time when we felt weak and lost faith in ourselves, but these pains will fade away only if we choose to remain hopeful. Whether it be for someone special or our future, there is always a reason for us to live freely and pursue what we desire, just like this exuberant metalcore banger “Reasons to Live”. Collaboratively created by Mare in the Rain and ChaosAngel, this energetic tune and its thought-provoking lyrics inspire us to reflect on our life and aspiration. But the scream and growl don’t stop there as an upcoming dramatic twist immediately brings life to this metal masterpiece and releases countless emotions in a billion shades and tones. Regardless of what they are, there are always a million reasons to scream out our dreams, unleash our sentiments, and live the life we want. It is something that keeps us strong, something that keeps us and our dreams alive, and this song has exactly demonstrated such. Give this song a listen if you’re searching for something to spark hope and energy in your life!


El Nulevoe – Power Metal Carton Horse 2: The Powering | Power Metal

CW: plenty of explicit lyrics

Okay, so El Nulevoe is back with a sequel to his “Power Metal Carton Horse”, aptly named “Power Metal Carton Horse 2: The Powering.” It’s an epic story of the protagonist as he races to warn Princess Celestia of incoming attacks from both King Sombra and Nightmare Moon! The energy level of the track is so high that you’ll be thrashing as hard as you’re laughing with its insane guitar riffs and irreverent lyrics about this “brave hero, whatever his name is.” There’s plenty of witty wordplay throughout, and it even breaks the fourth wall, adding to the humor. It ends with an amazing guitar solo, but is it enough for our hero to succeed? Make sure to tune in to find out!


PrinceWhateverer – Spare Me! (ft. Rarity [BGM]) | Metal

CW: explicit lyrics

Prince back at it again with another ABSOLUTE banger. This time, featuring our beloved fashion horse; Rarity (voiced using TalkNet). And let me tell you, she DEFINITLY has a few things to say throughout this epic metal track, about fakeness and how obtuse people can be. It can take a lot from people who constantly have to surround themselves with such folk. I am so glad Rarity expresses that throughout this song together with Prince and BGM! The guitar work is once again phenomenal, the chorus is an absolute bastion of epicness, and the vocals of both NAIL it!


SDreamExplorerS – Neversleep | Black Metal

Soul’s back again! Similar to another release from 2022, Neversleep sees her revisiting an older composition, reviving it with new life and the added expertise of nearly another decade of musicianship! The slow-burning atmospheric introduction brings in new elements and harmonies one by one, like a descent into a sleepless night where further, heavier riffs await you…


The Horse Music Herald Very Belated Nightmare Night Extravaganza

What month is it again? We wanted to collate all our NMN writeups into one post this year, but we weren’t as quick off the mark as we hoped to be 😬 But you know what they say; better late than never, right? Catch a selection of songs below from the likes of Jyc Row, Prince Whateverer, Twisty Tunes, Brilliant Venture, Skyshard and more!

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Blackened Blue – Living in Zephyr Heights | Alt. Metal

The future is now in Zephyr Heights! And Blackened Blue comes thriving in from high skies with a banging Zipp theme! The amp guitars are at their full potential, Zephyrina is on the right track with the storming drums and Blue’s screamo vocals have sky-high energy. The tempo and captivating hooks are faultless to maneuverer for a pegasus taking it all to the highest heights. Once downloaded, your G5 playlist will never die with this jam. Also you can rock their merch from their linktree.


Biscuit – This Is Where The Good Bit Starts | Metal Album

We’re dragged in hollow ambience, dispiritedness rings in the air as monstrous guitar riffs creeps upon us accompanied by slow drums quaking the realm. We just stumbled inside the wilderness of Biscuit’s first metal album and there is no exit till the end as we will be tangled by the pressure of radiating demonic screams, restless and torching deep guitar tones, breakdowns of dynamite blasts and double time meteorite drumming throughout this electrifying album.

This Is Where The Good Bit Starts.

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Celica Soldream – Frailty (Covering Princewhateverer) | Metal

Celica Soldream may be a name you’ve seen pop up, and if you remember, she’s that beautiful vocalist featured in the works of Jyc Row and PrinceWhateverer. She must have enjoyed working with them, because now she has made her own rendition of one of the Prince’s classics! Along with her adorable OC, she shows her range as a vocalist with melodies pulled right from the original. She backs up her performance with passionate fire in her voice, willing Princess Twilight Sparkle on in her battle with Tirek (from the finale of season 4) with so much on the line! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.