The L-Train – Fashion Victim (feat. Elias Frost) | Industrial Metal

The sixth and last chapter of the “With Friends / About Friends” series, The L-Train here collaborates with Elias Frost for an amazing Rammstein-sounding tune about Rarity. The visuals were inspired from the last Rammstein album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da and Elias Frost’s vocals are so similar to Till Lindermann vocals, it’s really amazing! Imagine if Elias sung this tune in German? It would be a complete Neue Deutsche Härte piece! The industrial keyboard sounds, the guitar riffs, the drums and awesome vocals are on fire, just like the rest of the series! If you are into Rammstein, Oomph! or Eisbrecher you should really check out this song!


[P@D] Elias Frost – The Greatest Hero Of The World | Metal

Huzzah! We’ve got ourselves a nifty song about Spike, who’s obviously the purest and greatest dragon hero ever. It’s about time Spike got some more love from this fandom. With pretty solid guitar riffs and it’s awesome lyrics, it’s sure to keep you rocking your hooves off. If anything, I could totally see this as a great fit for a Guitar Hero game. Now go share some of your affection to the greatest hero of the world!


Sable Symphony – Trepidation | Electronicore

When Sable Symphony (formerly MetalPony) is trying his hoof at Electronicore / Trancecore, and when it’s for a deep track focusing on Starlight’s character depth, you can be sure the result will have many wonders and be quite enjoyable! Overreaching all expectations, the musician comes up with a progressive piece where the musical inspirations are making for amazing experimentations, and where pony feelings and reactions to S07E10 A Royal Problem are giving life to an awesome tribute to our beloved Starlight, who definitely harnessed a lot of fans by showing her emotions and relatable weaknesses so earnestly inside that dream. A masterpiece of a track blending musical genres!


ShinZm – Can’t Stop Us | Metal

An unreleased gem from ShinZm, this one shines bright with the power of rock music with a delightful Metal instrumental where rythm guitar and lead guitar are completing each other in an explosion of epicness. Full of happy vibes, the progression of the track holds some surprises, with a favorite of mine, a cover of the melodies from the show song Find A Pet at the end!


[P@D] Thrasher – The Overthrow | Metalcore

Thrasher is gracing us with a P@D submission once again, and his skill at Metalcore shines bright in this Guardians track, with sick guitar riffs being complemented by enthralling synth melodies, in a hard-hitting progression that delivers musical bliss like a firework. The background ambient synths are adding even more sublte emotion to the mix, and it is all resulting in quite a masterpiece!


Segments Of Life – Across The Atlantic | Trancecore

It’s always a feast when Segments Of Life releases a new album, as you get showered by lots of amazing-sounding tunes melting genres and taking the roads less traveled! Across The Atlantic is a fine example of a hard-hitting, gritty yet melodic and mellow musical experience across sick guitar riffs and slick synths through a breathtaking progression. Grab the entirety of the album here!


SDreamExplorerS & Velvet R. Wings – Selena | Melodic Death Metal

SDreamExplorerS’ sister collaborated once again with her brother for making an amazing song that is featured in the album Erasing The Enigma.

The mix between Velvet’s clean vocals and SDreamExplorerS’ screams is the most beautiful thing that you will ever hear in this album. As I said on the album review, this song reminds me of the great acts of the Swedish/Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal scene, such as In Flames, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, At the Gates and Arch Enemy. Even that is not related with Death Metal at all, Velvet’s vocals reminder me Nightwish and Epica songs, with that “classical” vibe that is very awesome and kvlt in the metal scene!

Listen to this track please! This is really amazing! Don’t forget to check out the whole album!


Gryphon Rush – Born On The Rock Farm | Album | Rock

Russian band Gryphon Rush releases their debut album that is one great mix of well performed old-school hard rock!

The production quality on the album is very good, good enough for a hard rock album! Focusing on a dedication to the brony fandom, Gryphon Rush’s vocalist, Lynch transfers a great energy to the songs, the guitar riffs also done by Lynch are also well performed. Abadakus’s mixing and mastering, gives to the album that production quality that I’ve tell you before. The drums performance done by Wave is also very good, giving the good rhythm to the album. This also plus the mix with songs sung in English and songs sung in Russian make this album an international masterpiece, putting once again the Russian pony music scene to the top! As rock listener this album have various genres that fans of Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds and Lynyrd Skynyrd will love it! The album is available on YouTube in full version or in separate tracks. Also you have the full thing for download on bandcamp!

You can download the album on Gryphon Rush’s Bandcamp page, or you can stream the album as a whole or track-by-track on their YouTube channel.


PrinceWhateverer – Resilience (feat. Sable Symphony & MantaTsubasa) | Metalcore


That’s right fillies and gentlecolts, it’s Starlight vs Twilight!

Sweet Celestia, this is amazing! PrinceWhateverer brings us a rock song overloaded with the absolute highest level of hype. Themed around Starlight and Twilight’s climactic battle in the Season 5 finale, this is an instant classic. I truly cannot remember the last time a song got me this excited and hyped. The “pony” part of “pony music” is here in force as well. This is truly a 2012 song with 2017 production.

Why are you still reading this? The song is up there, it’s awesome, and it’s about best pony. Go go go!