Various Artists – JapanPonyParty! Vol.3 | Album | Multi-Genre

We completely missed this when it first released back in May, but thanks to someone sending it in to us, we’re able to share it with you today! This compilation album featuring artists from the Japanese fandom scene was released at Japan Ponycon in May earlier this year. It features some names you might recognise (e.g. Oodoratoo2, delfino), but also has a wide variety of other artists you may never have heard of, and a huge range of genres too! The above video contains previews of each track, and the album itself can be downloaded from JPP’s website for free!


[LDB] Homage McGee – Like Vinyl (ft. ForeverFreest) / Selv3dge – The Manehattan Trinity (ft. Melody Sky) | Rap / Hip-Hop

Moving onto the downright funky tracks from the new LDB album, we have Homage McGee and ForeverFreest (more like ForeverFreestyle! thanks to the PVFM chat for that one) up first with a swing-influenced hip-hop song. I’ve not heard Freest rap before but if this is his debut, he nailed it, and Homage always seems to have new genres up his sleeve.

Keeping with the rap vibe we have a new song from Selv3dge, a master of classic hip-hop as proven by his P@D works, featuring Melody Sky who seem to keep appearing all over the place in collabs with various artist spitting hot bars. I can’t get enough of this type of sound, we need more brony hip-hop, stat!


Lycan Dese Beats – Beats Me 2! | Album | Multi-Genre

Just over a year after the release of their first compilation album, Beats Me, Lycan Dese Beats has released a new album, consisting of entirely new and exclusive songs by the musicians they usually feature on their show. Similar to the Ponies at Dawn albums, this album offers songs from a grand variety of artists, however, this album has a greater non-electronic influence that you might expect, perhaps more all-rounded.

You can download this from Bandcamp for any given price, and we’ll be featuring songs from the album as they’re released with an [LDB] label in the post titles.


The Wasteland Wailers – When The Sun Comes Back (feat. Brittany Church) | Jazz

Another song to help build the hype for BronyCon (just over a month away now!), this time from the Wasteland Wailers. An upbeat jazzy pop song, with Brittany Church on vocals as per usual, the Wasteland Wailers will be performing this and many other songs live at BronyCon this July. Now how’s that for live entertainment?! Take a listen to this new song for 50s feel-good vibes.


Ashy & Amandy – Hello My Derpy (Hello My Baby Parody) | Swing

Perhaps, you remember the Animatic “Hello My Ditzy Hello my Derpy” by Ink Potts from 2014? Two years have passed since then. Finally in 2016 someone made a Ponification of the Song! The singing of Ashy and Amandy is outstanding, they complement each other very well. If you love the Original you will love this too, I’m sure about that!