Event HoriXZ0n – Variations of “Hush Now Quiet Now” in C | Piano Solo

This is just simply beautiful music. Event HoriXZ0n shows a range of classic piano variation that is heavily influenced by great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and others. Taking a bit part on the first season of MLP: FiM. You listen and hear the many style’s of classic piano and just smile at the skill set of Event HoriXZ0n talent. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Crusader! – Colony (Forest Rain Cover) (feat. Wubcake) | Punk Rock

(Listen to Crusaders! Classic Here)

This cover wow. It’s everything you want to hear from a rock ballad. A punk rock ballad to be exact! About a rocking romance to be. Crusader’s original song’s message. His lyrics and most of all the emotion is still there. But there is something more that makes it this cover. Soo good. Forest Rain and Wubcake turn this a duet with a big flavor of punk rock and sweet riffs. The slight lyrical change make this love song for everypony to enjoy and embrace. This song will fill your heart with all kinds of feels and fun. Forest Rain and Wubcake have wonderful chemistry in their harmony, with smooth punk guitar. Yet with this dreamy melody to create this romantic vibe.


Evdog – Open Skies (feat. Francis Vace) (Covering EnsionD) | Alternative Rock

(You can hear classic Open Skies Here, and the Francis Wide Skies cover Here, This cover is a combo of both songs.)
My Celestia, how could I have missed such an inspiring song in this fandom! Shame on this dragon pony. If you liked how uplifting the original was. The kind of fandom song that makes tears form in your eyes. Then Evdog adds just bit more to the mix. The lyrics are still there, but its the added Hip-Hop that makes it much more special. The new lyrics now speak for Scoots as she learned how to fly. How she never look back. However, my friends listen to those words. Those words can be used in all walks of life itself. Just picture yourself overcoming your own odds in life. The music itself has this reggae vibe to it. Delightly it fits pretty well with the uplifting mood. Hip-Hop has always been a form of music that is best when it’s done with meaning, and songs such as this are proof. Judge for yourself as always.


Osoch – Discord (Covering Eurobeat Brony [Tombstone Remix]) | Metal

Warning: Profanity, degeneration, and perhaps worst of all…memes.

Of all the things that exist in the fandom, this is one of them. Never one to shy away from the strange, Osoch memes on the old days and The Living Tombstone with this exceptional metal track. Using TLT’s remix as a base, the very talented guitarist layers an excellent metal instrumental over the classic hit. There’s a lot going on here and you just have to check it out for yourself to understand.


Heartsong – Celestia’s Ballad ~ Music Box Lullaby | Music Box

New lovely release from musician of heartfelt compositions Heartsong, and it’s a continuation of the previous music box cover of I’ll Fly! This time it’s the very moving Celestia’s Ballad, and the music box arrangement is just perfect for it, giving such renewed emotion, and nostalgic OST vibes in some way too! But the fact that I use to appreciate the musician’s Soundtrack pieces a lot may help with that, hehe!


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 9 Trailer Theme (Lorris Edit) | Orchestral

It definitely has been a ride, huh? Who would have thought how far we would have gone ten years ago? What started as a joke on a forum board has blossomed into something truly magical and the raw talent, creativity, and quality that came with it will never be replaced. The trailer to the final season for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic had a heart wrenching rendition of the main theme of the show which Lorris has decided to take a step further with an Orchestral edit to flesh out that emotion and help envision our trip down memory lane. I absolutely love what he did here and this will truly take you back to where it all began!


Koron Korak – Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock

Short yet perfect, this is a magnificent cover of the one and only Theme Song from MLP by Koron, and it was previously hyped with videos of the performances of each individual instrument! Read more about this cover and what it means to the musician from the description, and look forward to future releases from Koron because he sure has been busy with music stuff!


Richentaker – Hush Now Lullaby (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock / Metal

A blissful and fresh new cover of the classic Hush Now Lullaby, that’s what you’re in for with Richentaker’s surprise! With a much rocking name (Rickenbacker reference much), the talented musician shows the extent of his mastery while paying tribute to the beloved song, and it feels like the early days of the community again! Nostalgic and powerful for sure!