Jeff Burgess – Before These Mighty Skies | Alternative Cover Album

Once upon a time in the magical time of 2013, Le Soldat Pony released “Before These Mighty Skies” as an innovative, indie/alternative sound that was quite new and distinctive to the fandom. Le Soldat may not be a common name nowadays, but another longtime fandom musician certainly hasn’t forgotten. Jeff Burgess revived the ideas of the songs from the original album and transformed them into his own form of covers, even continuing to add bonus alternatives to the bandcamp album following the initial release!

Burgess’ sound mixes elements of indie, alternative, ambient, progressive, and folk to capture a full, distinctive sound that manages to come across as both somber and nostalgic – almost as if the songs themselves are thinking of Le Soldat and wondering where they are now.

A Train Between Canterlot and the Great Divide features a gorgeous acoustic guitar quickly picking single notes of chords and driving the song forward. Jeff sings of a pony who – like the guitar – aims to move forward, leaving the past behind and hopping off a train to something new.

A Wide Eyed Cabin in the Woods has a very old-timey, homely vibe through a strumming banjo and layered, group vocal deliverance – all performed by Burgess. It is eerie and comforting in a way only Jeff could make so satisfying.

A gorgeous blend of genres, styles, originality and cover tribute, “Before These Mighty Skies” is a brilliant revival of what once was, in a way that now is.


EveryDayDashie – Fit Right In (Violin cover) | Pop

EM ELL PEE GEE FIVE VIOLIN COVER BAYBEEEEEEE! LESGO! EveryDayDashie is bringing those EveryDayViolins to work. To complete a wholesome and joyful cover of “Fit Right In” with, you guessed it, the violin. Even containing the Rap vocals and the build up going a long! It’s a joyful rendition of this song and I take every moment I can as I write this article to swing a long with it. Well done Dashie! Here’s hoping you do more covers like these!


4everfreebrony – The Finest Creatures Ever (feat. Brittney Ackerman) [Covering Aphylliate] | Pirate Metal

A lot of people might have missed Aphylliate‘s original epic when it dropped in 2013. Thankfully, 4everfreebrony wouldn’t let it go until he had created an appropriate cover many years later (available on his new cover album now!) Set to a line of dialogue from Spike at Your Service, 4everfreebrony injects tons of life and whimsy with the pirate metal guitars, quick and punchy drums, and a little help from Brittany Ackerman‘s voice!

4everfreebrony – Breathless (feat. FrizyBeat) [covering Ruiness] | Soft Rock

Time for a bit of a throwback for this one! As part of 4EFB’s newest collection of brony cover songs (also just released!), he and Fritzy decided to create their own version of Breathless by Ruiness. The original is a bit of a cult classic – Ruiness are (justifiably) revered in certain brony music circles – so hopefully these two can help shine some light on their work. This rendition sees a nice blend of electronica, acoustic elements and electric guitar work, and 4EFB and Fritzy’s soft, soothing vocals suit it perfectly.


TheHeatRush – Great To Be Different Ft. Synthfox (Covering Forest Rain) | Alt Rock

A true fandom classic! This cover comes complete with an original instrumental composed specifically for the track. From the moment the more prominent horn section first hits your ears, you know you’re in for Something Special (see what I did there?). TheHeatRush‘s vocals are clean, strong, and easy to listen to, while Derpy’s goosebumps-inducing vocals (supplied by Synthfox) are enough to make your heart melt. This remake stays faithful to Forest Rain’s original song (a must-listen, especially if you’ve never heard it before) while adding an original flair, reminding you that you’re listening to a unique arrangement. The harmony at the end of the track is beautiful, the perfect end to an already amazing composition.


Prince & Tw3Lv3 – 2013 | Pop

Well this is certainly something new! In his newest banger the amazing PrinceWhateverer teamed up with beatmaster Tw3Lv3 to create this fun parody of Charli XCX’s track 1999. With Tw3Lv3 creating a whole new instrumental and PW supplying his amazing vocals this track is a fun travel all the way back to 2013 when things were quite different in this fandom. Definitely give this song a good listen and I can promise you’ll really enjoy it!


H8_Seed – The Pickup (PegasYs Remix) | Pop

Is it a remix? Is it a cover? Doesn’t matter, it’s just great! PegasYs’s take on H8_Seed’s fandom favourite showcases a production style somewhat reminiscent of the original. It’s outside the norm for what I’m used to from Pega but he’s managed to put his own spin on it with his own solos performed as well. And did I mention the vocal processing? Not just the use of talkbox (which is always appreciated), but the way pre-chorus hits gives me chills! Take a listen for a new spin on an old classic!


4everfreebrony – Friendship/Loyalty (feat. RE:MAKE) | Pop Rock

2 songs for the price of 1! This mashup cover from 2020 finally gets its own release to celebrate the long-awaited release of RE:MAKE’s ELEMENTS album (don’t worry, we’ll get round to posting that in time)! 4EFB’s rendition of these two fandom classics has a bit of an “unplugged” feel to it. The heavy electronic drums from the former and distorted guitars from the latter make way instead for acoustic guitar, brushed drums and I believe a cello. We also get treated to Jimmy from RE:MAKE’s guest vocals for this special rendition! Go take a listen and watch this space for more about ELEMENTS… 👀


Eile Monty & 4EverfreeBrony – Catchy Song (Extended Version) [Covering Daniel Ingram] | Acoustic

It’s nice to hear Eile Monty’s voice again, and teamed up with the incredible talents of 4Everfreebrony makes for an exquisite cover! While the original You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song is comparatively short, this duo added an extra section with more lyrics to extend the bliss that is this gorgeous love song! Soothing guitar, buttery-smooth vocals, heavenly harmonies, and more inbound – make sure to check it out!

StealingShad3z – Scootaloo (feat. L-Train and GhostXb) | Ska Punk

Picture this: the year is 1999. You just got home from school and are playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. It says you’ve unlocked a bonus character, which turns out to be a small orange pegasus…

I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to ponify Goldfinger’s skate anthem, but Shad3z is the right guy for the job! The backing track is just as lively and bouncy as the original, thanks to some help from L-Train on guitar and GhostXb providing the orchestration. Definitely check this out if you like ska, punk, or even if you just grew up playing THPS!