4EverfreeBrony – Luna’s Future (Сovering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic Rock

4EverfreeBrony graces us with a cover of a show song and it’s none other than the memorable Luna’s Future who shook the community and called for so many remixes and covers ever since its airing. Gorgeous and Classic Rock-ish vocals are complementing an equally beautiful instrumental and the dramatic side of the lyrics surprisingly blends so well with the mellow and heart-warming music, for a unique result signed 4EverfreeBrony! And there’s even additional original lyrics!


Rockin’Brony – The Loyalest and Most Dependable (Covering Re:Make) | Country / Metal

Next in Rockin’Brony’s series of Re:Make covers, is Applejack’s theme that has definitely a distinct Country flavor! Nostalgic in more ways than one by also reminding of RainbowCrash88’s Applejack Stage Theme, this cover of Re:Make’s original song lays out an expert arrangement of banjo and mandolin sounds ending with a powerful Metal finale, with always those sweet Winter Wrap Up melodies!


Mane In Green – Tea Party at Discord’s (Variations on William Anderson’s “Singing Tea Bags” theme) | Orchestral

Interpreting William Anderson‘s BGM from the episode, Mane In Green created a beautiful tribute to S07E12 Discordant Harmony. Covering that catchy melody sung by the “ginsing” tea bags, it adds so much with a masterful progression of different moods and Orchestral arrangements and accompaniments, to end with a mighty finale. A stunning and classy piece with a hint of madness, reflecting Fluttershy’s tea parties as well as what makes Discord be himself.


Strigidae – Silhouette (Covering 4EverfreeBrony feat. BlackGryph0n) | Pop / Electronic

Strigidae is back to grace us with his unique style of vocals, and he decided to cover the mighty song Silhouette by 4EverfreeBrony originally featuring the ever-amazing vocals of BlackGryph0n! Making this cover in a different genre and giving it a unique mood born from his mastery of the magic of music, Strigidae delivers once again with style and emotion, and gorgeous vocals complement a surprising instrumental with beautiful piano and electronic parts!


Ponies At Dawn – Anthology | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

It’s been a big year for Ponies At Dawn; January saw an ambitious project of an album composed entire of collabs, covers and remixes; June marked the release of Guardians, the biggest main album to date; now they’re back with something special.

Anthology isn’t like any of the other albums. The first half of the album is a collection of brand new tracks from P@D favourites such as DJT, UndreamedPanic, Silver Note, Frozen Night, Exiark and many more! The second half brings some of the best songs from all the past albums released by the collective, as chosen by the staff who put the albums together.

But that’s not all. Something that’s been requested for a long time by fans of the P@D albums is a physical release. Well merch fanatics, your wish has been granted!


This limited edition 3CD release features half of the new tracks (they couldn’t fit it all in!) on one disc and all the of the “golden oldies” on the other two. If you’re as big a fan of Ponies At Dawn as I am, don’t pass up the chance to get your hands on one of these!

Anthology is available to download for free on the Ponies At Dawn bandcamp page, and the CDs are available to purchase for $20, and are due to be shipped in early November.