Rinnie – Legend You Were Meant To Be (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock


I’ll never get tired of such blissful rock covers, extending the feeling from the movies! And songs from the Rainbooms in EQG have a distinct charm and emotion to them, ever since Rainbow Rocks, that can definitely be felt here in this awesome new rendition of the closing song from Legends of Everfree┬áby Rinnie!


Dusk – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Heavy Metal

I don’t think we’ll ever forget about this song. Dusk has created a metal cover of The Magic of Friendship Grows, keeping the original vocals to give it a ballad-like feeling. While it remains heavy, the instruments play with a laid-back dynamic so as not to overpower the vocals or create a clashing feeling. Everyone’s voices fit the instrumental, especially when they’re all singing together towards the end. If you like his music, go see him at TrotCon if you can!


Hackamore – twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas | Album | Alternative

[Content warning: profanity]

Hackamore shows up every now and again with touch-ups of old classics. This most recent compilation album is an interesting take on several well-known originals from when they went by Jeff Burgess. The instrumentals have undergone a noticeable improvement, but that’s not what you’ll notice about this album. twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas appears to be an increasingly drunken Fern trying to remember the lyrics to old hits and laughing over memories of performing them live.

Of the songs on the album, many are renamed for the joke based on recognizable tracks like Aphelion (we are all luna on the moon), Beyond the Rainbow (doctor scootaloo), Chaos is My Lullaby (discord), and of course Manehattan Nights (manehattan). In addition to the retouches of originals, Hackamore included a cover of well-known classic The Rescue by Cherax Destructor.

If you’re looking for something between a stroll down memory lane and a meme-type post, then this album is up your alley.


Koa – To The Nines | Album | Pop / Electronic

Buckle up kids because this album is a must-have and has a little bit of everything! Koa started making a big splash on the scene last year with her hit single To The Nines and the full album follow-up named after the track packs all of the flashy and catchy tunes you would hope! The nine-song set contains several fantastic originals with a couple of excellent choice covers in the mix. Several popular fandom musicians appear over the course of the album including General Mumble, PegasYs, ShobieShy, and Luck Rock. While each song on this album is great and memorable in its own, here are just a few highlights:

Talk to Me – the light, ukulele-centered opening track has a very warm and welcoming message. With hints of pop-bass, a bit of chip-tune, and some humor, this song sets the stage for the personality that grows throughout the rest of the album.

Take Off – This electropop hit takes inspiration and impressively-mixed vocal chops from Hurricane Fluttershy. The theme is Rainbow Dash getting the pegasi in shape, and is set to a very catchy workout beat.

JFJF – This sassy track takes aim at people see a pair together and make blanket assumptions about the nature of the relationship. An interesting take on the concept of friendship, PegasYs lends his void to this upbeat bop and explains sarcastically and humorously how two people can be Just Friends, Just Fine.

Second Best – A very emotional and deep piece centered around a gorgeous, melodic piano riff, Koa explores the deep emotions of a dejected Great and Powerful Trixie. With supporting vocals from Luck Rock and ShobieShy (who provides a sick rap as well!), Koa really hits hard to anyone who has ever suspected others just want them to disappear.


L-Train – Fear of Flight (Covering Aviators) | Thrash Metal

The L-Train’s starting up again, and our destination is Fear of Flight, an Aviators cover. L-Train’s take on the song replaces the electronic elements with straight-up thundering thrash metal, charging at full speed with riffs and licks that annihilate everything in its path. The heavier edge this cover brings gives the song a new identity, as if to show a sudden burst of confidence in Fluttershy’s determination to conquer her fear of flying!


Koa – Silent (Covering Francis Vace) | Piano Ballad

How about a change of pace? Koa’s cover of Francis Vace and PegasYsSilent is a much softer rendition of the original, serving as a ballad. Gone are the catchy and quick-paced drums and chiptune synth sounds; all we have here is Koa’s voice accompanied by a piano. Despite this stripped down arrangement, it all feels so full and somber, giving it a brand new atmosphere!