Koron Korak – Thought I’d Let You Know (Covering 4EverfreeBrony & Relative1Pitch) | Orchestral

Koron’s heartfelt and meaningful cover of 4EverfreeBrony’s original comes with a deep music video as a tribute to his late brother, and you can just feel the love through the beautiful violin play and the video edits. A requiem full of emotion for sure!


Rarity Advocate – The Simple Things (Covering Chordstruck Pony) | Piano Solo

As a tribute to Chordstruck Pony’s original that is itself a tribute to Twilight from 2012, Rarity Advocate performed the simple yet deep composition with a lot of love, and you can feel it. Fitting to the upcoming airing of the last episodes of Fim, this callback to the early days is quite emotional, and reminds us that as long as there will be passionate bronies like Rarity Advocate around, we will be fine!


Heartsong – The Smile Song ~ Music Box Lullaby | Music Box

A new Music Box cover from Heartsong and a very meaningful one at that, this new rendition of the Smile Song is bringing all the emotion with that sweet nostalgia, and the emotional sound of the music box that fits so well to carry the meanings explained in the description. Much love and joy from those melodies indeed, that will stay with us as we keep spreading smiles to the world!


4everfreebrony – Loyalty (Covering AcoustiMandoPony) | Rock

4everfree brings a fandom classic back to the forefront in his new cover album, Copycat. Acoustic Brony & MandoPony’s “Loyalty” has left its mark on the community for years and has had no shortage of covers and remixes. What makes 4everfree’s take so special is how faithful it is to the original, paying its due homages with a very raw, rock style. However, he manages to give the record a whole new breath of life with his own styles and nuances. This is especially evident in the way 4everfree plays out the iconic midsection solo; it’s so familiar yet completely new.


BinExis – New Old Beginning | Power Metal

Now this is something I don’t see too often. A power metal cover of two Italian openings from different generations of My Little Pony. This is a fun one with a strong leading flute and pretty nice riffs that also lean on some orchestral and pop-like elements. I never thought this is something I would need but I’m glad this had crossed my path now. Excellent work BinExis!


Elias Frost – Better Way to Be Bad (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

A much welcome Metal cover of the acclaimed Better Way to Be Bad, in pure Elias Frost style! An awesome music video is accompanying this re-imagining of the villains’ song, in which that lovely dynamic is re-enacted all over again along the guitar riffs, for a Metal version that retains the uplifting side of the original all while bringing the power of rock music!


iRhymeTheSongs – Oh, Little Dragon (Oh, Pretty Woman Parody) | Classic Pop

A new release from iRhymeTheSongs is a fresh breath of Equestrian air in this world… For the musician always makes such lovely ponifications! It feels like this could be the equivalent of our famous Oh, Pretty Woman song, in Equestria. Just imagining Rarity listening to this like the kind of Classic Pop/Rock songs she’d appreciate… wonderful! The vocals are definitely very fitting for the genre, and the whole ponification is a dream coming true for the fan of oldie-goldies like these!


PrinceWhateverer – Absolute Territory (Covering Ken Ashcorp) | Rock

(Listen to Ken’s suggestive original if you have not done so Here)
(Ok disclaimer: This song is not for everyone, there are VERY suggestive adult themes clearly talked about in this song or done. fair warning)
I don’t have to be a brony to even understand the topic of this very hot and sweaty tune. But if you going to be talking about ponies when comes to this song. Then I guess this honesty describes what Shining Armor felt like when he first saw Cadance in high school. The cute mare that has picked up on the fact your into her. SO it’s your lucky day because she is into you as well. My Cadance is not so proper when she gets away from Canterlot castle LOL. Prince, however, has put this naughty cover into his own style of rock and roll. The way he sings this song kinda reminds of all people, Marilyn Manson. In the style if delivering the lyrics. It adds to the spice if this song. The guitars are sexy and hard to fit the theme of the song, The melodies mimic the original nicely with extra hard rock flavor to the zest of this lewd track. So if it’s your kind of music. Check it out. This Qilin will not judge you for it.