Thrack – Friendship Under Control (Feat. Jesh, Namii, Canto, Ocean, and more) (The Longest Johns ponified) | Folk / Acoustic

Yep, this is exactly what you think it is, we now have horse shanties! Together with loads of friends Thrack put together this lovely and hilarious take on the episode “Every Little Thing She Does” from G4, summing up the whole episode, or at least Starlight’s missteps, in an upbeat form full of melody, harmonies and heart!


SnowShovel – Luna (Alt Mode) 2023 (feat. Forest Rain) | Metal

It is 2023 and Eurobeat Brony’s famous track “Luna” still reigns as one of the most popular songs in the fandom, spawning many remixes and covers over the years, including Forest Rain’s ever-popular “Luna (Alt Mode)” that brought us a special fresh take to the original Eurobeat track in the “Rock” side of music. It is this version that inspired ShowShovel to make their original cover at the end of 2020 with a fresh vocal recording from Forest Rain, and this new “2023” version as well. ShowShovel really is one of the most talented guitar players in the fandom, from sweet, melodic style on parts like the introduction/solo guitar parts, to his deliciously punchy guitar sounds on the classic secondary melodies, and even the fast-paced driving melodies in-between. I still can’t get over that increasing drive at the end of the piece where it keeps going up to the next step in the bar. As far as I am aware, that wasn’t present in any of the previous two versions of the “Alt Mode,” but it fits perfectly before the melodic fall at the end. I know SnowShovel mentioned that it is hard for them to make music these days, but I hope they keep going strong and produce more amazing pieces like this one in the future.


Anamore – Invisible (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Electronic Rock

A few weeks ago, Anamore dropped this fantastic cover of a lesser known song from the EQG universe, “Invisible,” and she’s turned it into a rousing anthem! It’s a fusion of many styles and genres with its electric guitar and bass, lively rock drums, bouncy synths, subtle strings, and even some scratching thrown in on the low end and glitchy sounds in the beginning. Her vocals are simultaneously soft and crisp, and her performance is spot on! The song’s subject is one I think many of us have related to at one point or another, so thanks for putting in all the effort to make such a lovely cover ❤


Yuugen Vinny & Wubcake – Discord (covering Eurobeat Brony) | Rock

It’s always lovely to see an old classic get a new coat of paint, and this version really stands out, cause it’s pure Rock awesomeness! Yuugen Vinny got together with the amazing Wubcake to put together this amazing cover, and you can’t deny it slaps! Rock is certainly a new direction to take Discord into and they succeeded! Definitely give this track a good many listens cause I promise after the first listen you won’t be able to click the song away!


WoodenToaster – Rainbow Factory (Japkozjad & Hiverro Remix) | Dubstep

(Light content warning: slight grimdark theme)

It’s always a delight to see older songs get some love, and as one of the most famous tracks it feels very fitting that Rainbow Factory keeps getting remixed even to this day! Japkozjad and Hiverro definitely delivered a banger track featuring the usual heavy dubstep sounds that fit perfectly to what the track is about and great cover vocals this is a certified banger!


Makaryo – OPALINE (covering The Wilders) | Pop

Today I’m happy to present you with this charming cover of Opaline from Generation 5’s Tell Your Tale. Makaryo gives the track his very own spin with an enchanting male cover. His vocals are truly lovely, bringing both a sound of true malice and vocals flowing like silk this cover will hypnotise you and get you moving along with the vocals. From solo singing to layered vocals this sounds every bit as amazing as you’d hope and even more! This is definitely a cover to not miss, so give it a listen!


HaNaVa – Not Much to Miss (covering 4Everfreebrony & EilyMonty) | Pop Rock

Coming out of nowhere HaNaVa brings us this amazing covering of a 4Everfreebrony classic, performing/recording everything except the drums live, and it sounds wonderful! It’s no secret that covers aren’t easy to do, but HaNaVa definitely nailed it! Managing a stunning sound in the instruments and gorgeous vocals they absolutely did the original justice and I’m looking forward to more from them!


Daniel Ingram – Awesome As I Wanna Be [NAMII Cover] | Pop-Punk

Namii’s first track of the new year is a rocking pop-punk cover of “Awesome As I Wanna Be” from Rainbow Rocks. With Namii’s spectacular performance, its tight production, and the creative background vocals, its energy is so high that Namii might have even outdone Rainbow Dash as she teases in a new original verse, “move so slick you’ll lose your god damn mind!” And luckily, Sunset Shimmer didn’t think to sabotage her, allowing us all to enjoy this heck of a banger!


Nugget – Connections | Orchestral Album

Nugget’s been slowly feeding us individual orchestral pieces over the last few months, leading up to this – the release of his debut album. Connections features 12 of Nugget’s original songs (plus 1 with further ‘layers’ to it), many of which we’ve previously featured already. There’s a very ambient feel for many of the songs on this album, but we also get to see some of Nugget’s metal influence on Resistance! A lot of these pieces also creatively explore music modes that create tension – perfect for some of the dark and mysterious settings.

You can check out our previous articles for Midnight Sonata, Serenity, Sisters Castle, The Winter Gala, Sad to See You Go and The Winter Gathering.


4everfreebrony – I’ll Show You My Loyalty (feat. PrinceWhateverer) [covering PhonyBrony] | Rock

Two guitar legends have teamed up once more, to bring us another epic Rainbow Dash cover track! PhonyBrony’s magical work keeps shining through, as it’s also this time supported by no other than PrinceWhateverer and 4everfreebrony. And it’s beautiful how the loyalty is presented here once again! Epic vocals, stunning guitar work, and just the pure amount of energy rushing through this track… What an incredible thing to listen to! It’ll never cease to amuse me, how so many beautiful yet different styles can come together to bring forward a song that combines so much of each other… And than spreads it’s wings with a rush of glory and determination, PERFECTLY complimenting Rainbow Dash’s character. You both earned your wings truly, great work you two!