Throwback Thursday | ShadyVox – Pony Rock Anthem (feat. Nowacking & BreeFaithVA) | Electro House

Editor’s note: hey look remember TBTs haha we didn’t for a long time

If there’s a single song that truly captures the zeitgeist of 2012, this might well be it. ShadyVox‘s lead vocals as Neon Lights are excellent, Nowacking does a flawless Vinyl as usual, and BreeFaithVA‘s at home as Pinkie. The pumping beat, soaring leads, and ecstatic vocals all combine to form a perfect hype-up tune. If you’ve heard this before, you’re in for some serious nostalgia. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.


Francis Vace – The Old Mare And The Sea | Album | Rock


Shortly before we started the Horse Music Herald, Francis Vace released his first full album (of his current discography that hopefully won’t be deleted from Bandcamp any time soon) – Lost In A Pastel Hue. Now (okay, a couple of months ago) the time has come for a second full-length release. In a similar vein, The Old Mare And The Sea contains a variety of styles, draws from a few different influences, and contains solo work, collabs, and covers. We start off with upbeat pop-punk and ska solo pieces, followed by a long string of collaborative works and covers, with a couple more solo originals bookending the end of the album. In essence, the album works as a showcase for most of the different kind of styles, formats and types of song that you can find on Francis’s YouTube channel. So whether you follow his music for one particular style or for all of them, this album has something to offer everyone.

The Old Mare And The Sea is available to download on Francis Vace’s Bandcamp.


4everfreebrony feat. All The Mares – Good Girl (Covering Dasha & The Living Tombstone) | Indie Pop

Since the epic return of 4everfreebrony, he’s been unstoppable: after releasing an album and various interesting projects, 4everfreebrony comes back with a cover of the brony classic Good Girl performed by Dasha & The Living Tombstone. But he is not alone – this cover features 13 female voices from the brony music scene including Chi-Chi, Wubcake, Mica, Cadie and many others! I always loved collaborative efforts between various artists.

I recommend this song to everyone! It really has that catchy vibe from the modern Indie Pop acts and it’s an excellent tribute to Dasha’s and TLT’s work.


Mane In Green – Eat Your Soup | Orchestral

An interlude in the story of Mane In Green’s series “The Quest of the Lost Sapphire” (latest episode here), this orchestration of the second movement of Beethoven’s PathĂ©tique Sonata brings the perfect regal and tender atmosphere to depict this side part of the story happening to the backup party members (or eidolons, depending on the headcanon) in Canterlot while the main party is traveling to Saddle Arabia (and experiencing an unfortunate shipwreck). Isn’t Luna just the sweetest? Also, this orchestration was led on piano by our beloved Octavia with an additional performance by the Royal Canterlot Philharmonic Orchestra. Yes, you can always count on Mane In Green for extra immersion and pony spirit!


Horse Music Hotspot – May 2017

HMHotstpot main art

Just a soft release this month, while we sort out some complications regarding the PVFM broadcast – we aim to have this up and running again by next month’s show!

Also, for those who were using it, our RSS feed seems to be working again! How come? Who knows!

[NB: Our April episode was also released recently, after unavoidable delays, it’s on the same YouTube and SoundCloud pages as this episode]

Tracklist and embeds available after the break

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Forest Rain – Dashie’s Mom (Button’s Mom Parody) (feat. ZetaPony & Rosie Posie) | Alternative Rock

I’ve been wishing for this to happen ever since I fell in love with Dashie’s mom, and Forest Rain & Friends made it happen. It was truly only a matter of time until Pony1Kenobi’s classic got adapted to Windy Whistles’ charm and especially in light of her rocketing popularity among the community. Now it’s finally time to rock out to our new anthem definitely full of talent and awesome rocking vibes, as we passionately browse Derpibooru or other image boards in search of more Windy Whistles material and fine art.


LuRhythmic – Awoken (Covering Glaze & H8_Seed) | Piano Solo / Jazz

Now here’s something that I love to see and that is so very lovely. With expert hands, LuRhythmic did a Piano improv using chords from the famous Awoken by Glaze aka WoodenToaster and H8_Seed, resulting in a blissful Jazz-y track that would fit so well as a BGM in some chill night bar. Also check out the Piano improv of Nightmare Night, the Bebop Jazz cover of Bats, and the Big Band Jazz cover of Rainbow Factory! They are all awesome and rare gems!


ShalMusicFX – Starlight’s Demons (Glitch Mob Parody) | Electronic

One of my favorite releases of the month for sure, this new track and ponification by ShalMusicFX is the kind of deep tribute to our beloved characters that I love to see the most. Covering The Glitch Mob’s Our Demons, ShalMusicFX brings a brand new instrumental of many wonders and of much emotion, along gorgeous and epic vocals, to pay tribute to Starlight’s character depth in a wonderful way. Thoughtful pony lyrics are delightfully conveying much relatable feelings, as we marvel at the sheer beauty and intensity of the vocals and the instrumental that even features an awesome guitar solo. As for the part starting at 3:40, it is just giving me shivers everytime I listen to it. That dark, deep twist in the instrumental instilling an emotional mood, and those chopped vocals with that effect on them… Along the mention of Starlight and what are probably Twilight’s words, the Passion I feel for the show and the characters is surfacing, and combined with the music, it creates very powerful emotions. That, is to me the greatest magic in life. Thank you, life! And thank you MLP staff, and ShalMusicFX!