Nugget – Connections | Orchestral Album

Nugget’s been slowly feeding us individual orchestral pieces over the last few months, leading up to this – the release of his debut album. Connections features 12 of Nugget’s original songs (plus 1 with further ‘layers’ to it), many of which we’ve previously featured already. There’s a very ambient feel for many of the songs on this album, but we also get to see some of Nugget’s metal influence on Resistance! A lot of these pieces also creatively explore music modes that create tension – perfect for some of the dark and mysterious settings.

You can check out our previous articles for Midnight Sonata, Serenity, Sisters Castle, The Winter Gala, Sad to See You Go and The Winter Gathering.


4everfreebrony – I’ll Show You My Loyalty (feat. PrinceWhateverer) [covering PhonyBrony] | Rock

Two guitar legends have teamed up once more, to bring us another epic Rainbow Dash cover track! PhonyBrony’s magical work keeps shining through, as it’s also this time supported by no other than PrinceWhateverer and 4everfreebrony. And it’s beautiful how the loyalty is presented here once again! Epic vocals, stunning guitar work, and just the pure amount of energy rushing through this track… What an incredible thing to listen to! It’ll never cease to amuse me, how so many beautiful yet different styles can come together to bring forward a song that combines so much of each other… And than spreads it’s wings with a rush of glory and determination, PERFECTLY complimenting Rainbow Dash’s character. You both earned your wings truly, great work you two!


Namii – The Twilight Will Rise (covering Turquoise Splash) | Soft Rock

Oohohooo~ The local popstar returns to us with another cover! And rise? Namii absolutely does with this cover of “The Twilight Will Rise”. I want to express how incredibly talented and versatile Namii is… They can go literally EVERY direction with their vocals! I think everything about this cover is perfect. It’s smooth, epic, and just pulls you in! I am really glad to see a classic brought forward once again with such power and determination. Truly like Twilights character I’d say. Phenomenal work Namii!


The Horse Music Herald Slightly Belated Holiday Special

Missing the festive season already? Get back into the mood with some of these certified holiday horse songs! There’s a selection from upbeat pop to seasonal orchestral to a couple of dance numbers.

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4everfreebrony – The Wings You Earned (covering Tarby) | Prog Rock

There’s an awful lot of history behind this song, having gone from a JackleApp demo (from 10 years ago!) to a Tarby demo to this polished release from 4everfreebrony! The magic in the simplicity of the original composition is only amplified by this arrangement as it draws out the feeling of yearning in its lyrics. Like in so many of his recent covers, 4EFB has breathed new life into an older fandom song and made something special.


PrinceWhateverer & MelodyBrony – The Wonderbolt and the Thief (Stereophonics ponified) | Alt. Rock

More like Stereoponics, am I rig- oh they did that in the video…

Turn-of-the-century Britrock + ponies? Yes please! This pony parody of The Bartender and the Thief does a really good job of recreating the sound of the original Sterophonics song. Prince did the vocals on this one and Melody all the instruments, so you know you’re bound to get something that sounds great.


The Horse Music Herald Very Belated Nightmare Night Extravaganza

What month is it again? We wanted to collate all our NMN writeups into one post this year, but we weren’t as quick off the mark as we hoped to be 😬 But you know what they say; better late than never, right? Catch a selection of songs below from the likes of Jyc Row, Prince Whateverer, Twisty Tunes, Brilliant Venture, Skyshard and more!

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Canto Acrylic – Through The Ages (Cover Mashup) | Acoustic

For 12 years pony has gone through changes, but friendship has gone nowhere. People of the community have shared their artwork and memories for the 12th anniversary of MLP and Canto Acrylic contributes their part with a breathtaking release! Starting brilliantly with Through The Ages from Equestria Girls, this well-played medley on the acoustic guitar is full of vibrancy. The emotions keep rising as the mashup strings in fandom songs of PrinceWhateverer, Black Gryph0n and many more musicians with some G4 tunes by Daniel Ingram too. A time travelling cover recreating 12 years in one masterpiece. If you’re kind, be generous and pass on this shimmering song to your loyal friends who shared smiles with you through the past pony years. A few tissues and a group hug is recommended after the listening.

An Evening with Drummershy

HAPPENING TONIGHT: Drummershy, one of the brony fandom’s most proficient live performers, is hosting an online concert this very evening! The event is due to feature performances of the music of prog rock legends such Rush and Porcupine Tree, as well as songs that the man himself helped create. Be sure to tune into Drummershy’s Twitch channel at 8pm Eastern and follow him on Twitter for more updates!


Celica Soldream – Frailty (Covering Princewhateverer) | Metal

Celica Soldream may be a name you’ve seen pop up, and if you remember, she’s that beautiful vocalist featured in the works of Jyc Row and PrinceWhateverer. She must have enjoyed working with them, because now she has made her own rendition of one of the Prince’s classics! Along with her adorable OC, she shows her range as a vocalist with melodies pulled right from the original. She backs up her performance with passionate fire in her voice, willing Princess Twilight Sparkle on in her battle with Tirek (from the finale of season 4) with so much on the line! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.