Osoch – Flawless (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Alternative Metal / Metalcore

The recent song from the 14th episode of the Season 7 has inspired a lot of musicians to make remixes and covers. And Osoch is one of that musicians! But why I’m happy about this cover? Because it’s a Heavy Metal cover! So up your irons and get your head ready for some headbanging and moshpits because we’re getting the Metal arena!

Osoch is one of the newest names in the brony metal scene, with only 4 recent songs (all covers, including this one), Osoch has the potential to become one of the hottest names in the brony metal/rock scene. And this cover really shows Osoch talent to re-imagine the song and make by his view!

The drums are really well performed, and that bass flip before the Rainbow Dash verse is really amazing! The guitar riffs performed reminded me of the Modern Metal acts and some of the modern Metalcore acts such as Three Days Grace, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, Flaw (I’m not kidding here, Flaw is a band) and actually when the symphonic elements of the original song combined with the guitar songs reminded me of Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil! The philter and the reverb used in Pinkie Pie’s vocals is also very well done and then the headbanging and smashing guitar solo makes everything awesome and cooler! And then you realize that it’s the end of the song and you wanted more. Extended versions for this covers are really requested? If they aren’t, it should be requested!

Also this song is available on Rock Farm! The Cider Party for Rock, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Blues and Folk pony songs!


Elias Frost – Mad Twience (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Synthpop / New Wave

Russian musician Elias Frost returns with a 80’s Synthpop / New Wave cover of one of the songs from the Equestria Girls shorts.

Elias Frost’s vocals capacity fits with this Synthpop instrumental, proving also that Elias is a good player and also a good vocalist. This cover really will take you on a journey through the 80’s New Wave scene! You really will enjoy and love this amazing cover, if you are into the popular rock music of the beginnings of the 80’s. Elias Frost is an experimentalist in the rock/metal genre, always coming with new genres for his tracks and this cover proves it! All that robotic vocals, I love them!


The Wonderbolts – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Reggae Rock

Among the great news of the Wonderbolts performing at BronyCon (the gig should be happening around now), they also had another surprise for us, and it is a mighty sweet and tasteful Reggae Rock cover of the emotional You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song! Galen’s gorgeous vocals are leading a blissful instrumental where many influences collide for a result full of passion and dedication from the multi-talented pony rock band. Wonderbolts groupies unite!


DoTheDaringDew – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic

S07E13 The Perfect Pear sure delivered a torrent of emotions and sparked many musical reactions in the community, and DoTheDaringDew chose to pay homage to Daniel Ingram and Felicia Day’s moving masterpiece with a cover performed with all his heart and pouring out all his vocal talent. A beautiful and lovely tribute indeed, this cover shows a fan’s passion and dedication to do all that they can to express their appreciation to what is sure to become a community classic.


Narokath – Their Blackest Day | Thrash Metal

From the upcoming album Dead Wings of Grace that is about an alternate universe Spike, Narokath releases this 12 minutes long track that has two parts. Laura that is the most chill part with great guitar riffs and with a lot of progression, reminding me of …And Justice For All by Metallica, with some main melody from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack, it gives to the track the atmospheric feeling. Then comes the second part aka Annihilate that is a ponification of The Blackest Day by Annihilator. It starts with a lot of noise, a thing that I like in Thrash Metal, then the aggressive riffs of the guitar and the drums are played very well. And the rough vocals are the element that gives the headbanging and aggressive look to the track. All joined by an incredible mixing and mastering.

Brony Thrash Metal with Progressive elements that parodies Silent Hill 2 and Annihilator in the same track is a treasure. Listen to this song, the transition from Laura to Annihilate is very awesome.


Totalspark – Friendship (covering Aviators) | Soft Rock

Aviator’s classic Friendship is still one of my favorite songs by him. Seeing Totalspark do a cover instantly put a big silly smile on my face. And boy oh boy, is it good. Totalspark’s classic sound design introduces an almost ambient feel. His slightly sad, sleepy, almost hypnotic vocals are at once emotional and relaxing. Truly a wonderful take on Friendship.


4everfreebrony – House of Glass [2017 Re-Record] / Aviators – House of Glass [Cover] | Orchestral

4everfreebrony resurrects an old classic with his 2017 re-record. Opening with a truly stunning melody plays on woodwinds, and progressing into piano, this track is an absolute masterpiece of composition. His singing is kind and passionate (and sounds almost like I think Dusk Shine would, actually). About Trixie and overflowing with emotion, this song moved me to tears.

And Aviators has covered it as well! It’s always a pleasure to see him make pony music again. His vocals, as usual, are expert and soothing. The reverb, too, echoes in the most lovely way. It’s hard for a cover or remix to do the original justice, but Aviators is very good at that.


The Ponytones – I Want to Hold Your Hoof | Classic Rock

The Ponytones is a collaboration of pony music lovers to ponify famous and classic songs. I’ve got a vested interest in the project from the get-go, as I’m good friends with one of the contributors. But even if you’ve never heard of any of these people, their first song will get you interested in the rest of the rest of their respective works.

It’s a truly stellar parody of Beatles classic “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” With genius lyrics, amazing vocals and vocal editing, beautiful instrumentation, this is simultaneously a very fresh and a very nostalgic piece. The mixdown is raw, bleeding, and perfectly oldschool. Rock isn’t my thing, but I Want to Hold Your Hoof has seized a position in my heart alongside my favorite songs of my favorite genres. What a song!