RedSpark – Light of the Stars | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Not only one but two new installments in a row, both this track and Yaks Stomp released at the same time are such perfect BGMs for the part of the story that they illustrate, the former representing a stroll gazing at the night sky and northern lights, and the latter depicting an epic battle with the yaks showing their might. Find a summary of the story in the descriptions on YouTube, and the full story on Fimfiction!


Toby Macarony – Cloudsdale Sunset | Alternate Electronic

Another fantastic track from Toby Macarony’s wonderfully inventive Shenanigans Two album, “Cloudsdale Sunset” began life as a chiptune/electronic track and morphed into a funky electronic jam that somehow blends guitar, saxophone, vocal chops, vocoder voices, and “epic choirs”! The electronic elements keep the song bouncing and buzzing along, but the other components masterfully support them, especially the saxophone, either layered in with the main melody or having strong moments of their own. The adroit composition billows into glorious walls of noise that send the listener careening through the clouds and rainbow waterfalls. TM’s distinctive vocal elements skip along with the blissful music, and they even cleverly repurpose Fluttershy’s “So Many Wonders“, formerly an profession of love for life on the ground, for the chorus! After listening, you just may want to start looking for a room in the Cloudominium!



Nicolas Dominique – Tear the Nightmare | Chillout / Soundtrack

Inbetween YouTube releases from the recent album Reimagined, Nicolas presents us a brand new original track that has the concept of Luna tearing the nightmare, escaping the darkness! More details in the description on YouTube! Nicolas definitely succeeded to bring the concept to life, with a rich experience of sound that would work well as an OST track for a scene depicting those events as well!


Equestrian Terror Corps – COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville | Compilation Album | Horror Hardcore / Breakcore

(Warning: The following album has strong adult language, and intense horror themes. you have been warned.)

This article was Co-written by Nevermourn and DrakeEmberHeart.

If you’re looking for something really out there, or if you’re feeling adventurous in the realm of the brony music community, then my partner for this article, Nevermourn, and I want to point you to Equestrian Terror Corps’s first compilation album, “COREQUESTRIA Vol 1: Ponyville”. From listening to this Album, it’s very different from a lot of electronic music out there in the fandom. The theme of this album is horror, chaotic and disturbing electronic music that tells the tale of a disorated Ponyville, plagued by these themes. You’ll find hardcore, rawstyle, speedcore, terrorcore, breakcore, Spittercore and even some chiptune! The tracks themselves are full of some of the most interesting productions of music I’ve heard. The use of vocal chops and insanely fast, haunting and eerie-sounding elements are well done. The album will basically brainwash you into listening, as well as give you a sense of the bizarre! One of the most intriguing things is the recurring theme of various moments or episodes from the show and getting them twisted and turned for some of these tracks. It’s worth a listen. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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InfinityDash -Pony Life Zone (16-Bit Sega Genesis-Style Theme Song Remix) | Chiptune

After almost 5 years of no updates, InfinityDash returns with a 16-bit style remix of the recently unveiled Pony Life theme! It uses the soundfont from the Sega Genesis which makes it feel like a track lifted from a Sonic or other platformer game from the 90s, and captures that mood with flying colours. Will we see more from Infinity? I sure hope so.


Zephysonas – Chaostaker | Soundtrack

Inspired by the game Helltaker, Zephysonas made his own crossover work seeing as one of the characters is pretty much a rule 63 version of Discord! Even if you haven’t played the game, you’ll appreciate how this distinct musical style is depicting chaos in such a unique and refined way, and even an artwork of Discord in the visual style of Helltaker is here as the cover art to add to the immersion!


One Track Mind – Rainbow Dash Had One Too Many Ciders | Chiptune / Synthwave

I so love it when spontaneous ideas turn into something amazing, and here One Track Mind put that thought explained in the description in musical form and actually made that little story happen with the help of Dashie vocal samples! The instrumental is so creative and mind-blowing over the course of its progression in pure One Track Mind style, and this fun little treat is very appreciated!


brambleshadow4 – Hyperactive | Chiptune

Ready for some Pinkie-inspired craziness? Hyperactive is brambleshadow4’s latest outing, and it feels like a journey inside Pinkie’s erratic and unpredictable mind. The track starts off with a fast chiptune arpeggio which gradually speeds up as the drums join in. The main melody remains catchy and speedy and doesn’t let up until the end; honestly, it gives me Touhou vibes! After almost 5 months of being left in the shadows, it’s nice to see such a fast piece get put out!