General Mumble – Ponyville Murder Party | Dark Chiptune

To our greatest delight, pony music veteran General Mumble crafted a new pony gem for Nightmare Night, and by the looks of the cover art you should already know what to expect! Old-school distorted Pinkie vocals are complementing the Chiptune melodies that we love to hear from the musician, as a new dark scene gets played in musical form! Such a lovely surprise! It’s definitely never too late for such treats!


Koron Korak – Possessed | Dark Ambient

The master of Dark Ambient in the community, Koron Korak presents his latest experiment in the dark, themed around “Lesson Zero” Twilight and acting as a personal follow-up to it too. Just like the kind of atmospheric bliss you’d hear in an horror game, the piece is featuring amazing sound design and even effect-powered vocals from Koron himself, enacting the story with those lyrics that you can read from the description. A masterpiece of ambience and dark atmospheres!


Slitherkitty – Versus III: Endless Nightmare | Album | Electronic / Soundtrack

In continuation to the previous installments in the album series, Versus and Versus II, Slitherkitty crafted more OC-themed and canon pony-themed tracks, designed as BGM for “versus” battles with all those characters! The Soundtrack inspiration is a delight to hear, and the tracks are quite creative with their progression, and calling back to melodic styles of OST tracks of the past too. With tracks dedicated to Alicorn Trixie, Cozy Glow, Tantabus as a last battle theme, and even Pinkie vocal chopping in the second track of the album, there’s definitely a whole lot to appreciate and explore! Who knows what you may find! Beware of Psycho Lyra and Fury Heart…


GeekBrony – Eager To Explore | Soundtrack

A track part of the OST of the in-development fan game PoniGame, Eager To Explore gives that “Town of Beginning” vibe with that longing for adventuring in a newfound world, with hopes in your eyes, excitement about meeting your future party members, and an unbreakable will to see what’s wrong til it’s right! Definitely a beautiful composition and comfy atmosphere!


Koron Korak – Fluffin’ Gaming | Chiptune

Koron Korak returns with a chiptune melody that sounds absolutely perfect for a video game. The overall feeling is very cheery and bouncy, complete with xylophone sounds and catchy synths. Coupled with this is a visual of the original NES Super Mario Bros, with Mario and Luigi escorting Fluttershy to the end of each level, with cameo appearances from Discord and Rarity. Definitely a nostalgic piece, this one!


John Doe – Sweet Home | Soundtrack

New Pony Town music! Treat yourself in this relaxing collage of plucked strings, flute, and piano. The plucked strings set a celestial tone, the reverberant brass sets a grand query, and the flute and percussion answer it. The piano and strings then ride along until a new query comes about. Combined with the familiarity of Pony Town, this music won’t let you down in any armchair scenario.


Koron Korak – City Sky Lines | Soundtrack

Koron always has an interesting track to bring to the table and City Sky Lines is no exception! It breathes an authentic early 90s cyberpunk arcade game from its fast pace, gritty analog basslines and leads and the visuals are spot on as well! While fairly repetitive (as is the nature of such opening themes) there is enough changes and progression going on throughout to be engaging an interesting and I really have to appreciate what they went for with this piece!