One Track Mind – Happy Warming Hearth | Experimental

Courtesy of, here’s One Track Mind‘s musical take at Hearth’s Warming. The story behind this track is just as mad as what the music suggests, and it is with great delight that we experience an alternative ending of S06E08 A Hearth’s Warming Tale, with Castlevania-ish melodies and chiptune sounds in pure One Track Mind style, and of course vocal samples from the episode!


JackleApp – My Destiny is a Rock (WoodenToaster & General Mumble Remix) | Dark Chiptune

WoodenToaster and General Mumble remixing a JackleApp song! I haven’t seen anything from Jackleapp or Toaster in a very long time, and it’s always a thrill to see something new from Mumble. This song has that classic 2012-y feel, which makes sense because it was mostly worked on then. Everything from the chiptune to the vocals are pure nostalgia. Give it a listen!


John Doe – Tio | Soundtrack

The last track on the Ponytown Fall Update OST, Tio brings many Atelier vibes with such happy and carefree melodies on piano with lots of playful winds backing them up. It immerses you into a game setting even when you’re not playing the game, and it also always seems to be fragrant with pony spirit, and that’s the best we could hope for an OST track made for a pony game!


John Doe – Falling | Soundtrack

Another OST track composed by John Doe for the fan game Pony Town, Falling feels like the kind of field BGM you’d hear on a leisurely walk in some forest area near a stream of pure water, gathering items/ingredients and marveling at the many autumnal charms of the Nature around you. The clopping sounds at the end are the icing on the cake, and delightfully remind of the context of the track!


[OUT OF LIMIT 1.5] Crashie Tunez – Pegasi | Nintendocore / Cybergrind

Crashie Tunez explodes onto the scene with their track from the compilation album OUT OF LIMIT 1.5: Pony Love To Pedrógão Grande hosted by The Experimental Bronies and This tune assaults the senses with raw and powerful instrumentation, distorted and brutal vocals and the strangled cries of an NES. Chiptune and grindcore meet in a fiery fusion that psychotically and mercilessly powers forward like a bullet train, switching between verses and 8-bit synths while a pumping percussion loop rolls on. The track schitzophrenically jumps between melodies and finally crashes to an end with a shocking sound that jolts like an electric current, and the only thing to do after that is to hit repeat. Definitely a unique take on hardcore metal genres, and certainly a rare treat for those bronies who love their music HARD.


[P@D] Del Rom – Battle Ready / PEGA & DJT – Pewter | Glitch Hop

Del Rom kicks things off here with great drops, vocal chops, and sound design. It’s a perfect feel good song especially when you prepare for those battles such as those online shooter games or role playing games. The song is definitely something you would not want to miss out on.

Another great song from the recent Ponies at Dawn album is PegasYs and DJT (no surprise since he’s on this album six times). They team up together to combine chiptune with some glitch hop! There’s good, crispy clean sound design along with a really sweet animation that Ice bear’s sure you’ll definitely enjoy watching throughout the entire song.