Sonder the Human – YAY | Future Bass / Chiptune

A relative unknown producer has burst onto the scene with a very cheerful and well-executed banger! Featuring elements of chiptune, synthpop, and, of course, pony samples, this is excellent for early output and shows Sonder is one to look out for.


John Doe – Sunny Island | Soundtrack

Continuing the trend of associating beach/island areas in games with Bossa Nova-like BGM with much love, John Doe impresses once more with a crafty field theme for the latest update of fan game Pony Town! Just the perfect atmosphere for chilling at a tropical beach, with lots of ponies around!


Koron Korak – City Sky Lines | Soundtrack

Koron always has an interesting track to bring to the table and City Sky Lines is no exception! It breathes an authentic early 90s cyberpunk arcade game from its fast pace, gritty analog basslines and leads and the visuals are spot on as well! While fairly repetitive (as is the nature of such opening themes) there is enough changes and progression going on throughout to be engaging an interesting and I really have to appreciate what they went for with this piece!


Chiptune Brony – Dragon Surge | Soundtrack

A new Soundtrack treat from Chiptune Brony, this one stars characters that naturally have RPG vibes, dragons! With such a blissful retro sound, the boss battle-like track is such a delight, and with this kind of wonderful releases it is surprising that the musician doesn’t already have way more subs than that! Still, awesome milestone, here’s wishing for way more to join!


Saphire Systrine – Starlight | Chillout / Soundtrack

A piece that would fit well in the score of some epic movie or perhaps as the main menu BGM of some game, Starlight is an intricate yet fluffy theme that accompanies that cute artwork of Starlight and Trixie in a beautiful and refined way, and you can’t help but wonder what other creative endeavors Saphire Systrine will have in store for us in the future!


Direct Current – Chroma​.​Voltaic​.​Friendship | Album | Chiptune / Orchestral

How does this dragon pony put this next review of music into words? The very concept of Sunset Shimmer, and Sci-Twi being transported into cyberspace for a friendship problem. Their mission? A super AI that pulled them to this mess. It sounds like a very unique idea even for this fandom.

It works simply because it’s Sunset and Twilight, the geniuses of the group. So the music here by Direct Current is an EP of four songs of Chiptune/8-bit & orchestra joy. It’s very unique, that he’s found a way with these songs to make it feel like Equestria girls. The story told through Direct Current’s music is blissful and imaginative. You feel the equestrian magic happening in the first song, Sunset, and Twilight going into the internet only armed with the magic of friendship. Once there, you can hear in the melodies. The frustration of these two not understanding how an A.I could have this kind of issue at all. I love how I close my eyes and seeing this as this tune plays, this tone of deep thought. It fits right into what Sunset and Twilight are as characters. It’s believable seeing them butting heads over this.

The 3rd track comes in with this uplifting melody of the girls figuring out things for this A.l. The tides are turning in the girls’ favor. You can feel this in the music. that big powerful music number that happens in moments like this. The EP closes in a way that sounds epic. Much like a classic video game when you have beaten the odds. The music is so charming and gentle. The gamer inside of me is yelling for pure joy, I grew up on music like that. I like to add that Direct Current somehow got an 8-bit sounding guitar riff to make me smile so big. I didn’t expect that. This is one of the most clever and creative pieces of music I’ve ever heard in this fandom to date. You can listen to it here on his BandCamp, or start Here the singles on his youtube channel. Go listen, it’s different in a very good way.


Daniel Ingram – Smile Song (Nyancat380 Bootleg) | Hip-Hop / Chiptune

A recent favorite of mine that came out of nowhere, Nyancat380’s Bootleg is quite emotional with such a creative use and effects on Pinkie vocals from the beloved Smile Song. The bassline all throughout is adding even more emotion, making for quite a unique remix like we don’t get that often. The last part is especially powerful for me!


Chiptune Brony – Spike Vs. Queen Chrysalis | Soundtrack

Mad choirs and organ are immersing us in a last boss battle in this new OST-inspired track by Chiptune Brony! More precisely inspired by Motoi Sakuraba‘s battle themes, he provided another nostalgic and blissful experience for us OST lovers in the community, with those signature melodic and progressive aspects! You can do it Spike, I’ve trained you up to level 99 and unlocked all your special skills after all!