Toby Macarony – Captain of the Wonderbolts | Video Game Soundtrack

Toby treats us to a really nice surprise with this sequel to another track he previously made! Captain of the Wonderbolts was composed by building off of short riffs from background music of MLP episodes like “Wonderbolt Academy” and “Parental Glidance”. The track would fit right at home in any great RPG video game and is a very fitting tribute to the titular character, Spitfire. The track uses synths, horns, and a good rock beat to make the song fun and uplifting. The composition evokes images of great aerial feats and triumph just like the characters performed when we first heard the riffs from the show. Toby composes around the solid work so well, you can feel Spitfire soaring while listening this track!


Inkwel – Blind Loyalty | Future Bass

If you don’t know who Inkwel is yet – it is time to fix that! Inkwel uses bright, fun synths over a modern pop beat to set the happy, almost tropical tone. There are many different phrases used to show off the versatility of the synths and keep the song interesting throughout. The track ends on a dramatic style change to a more mellow tone, bringing a notion of some seriousness to reflect on the track. Fun and uplifting, make sure to check out Inkwel and Blind Loyalty!



Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 5 | Album | Electronic

It’s been quite a while since HMC’s last album, but the Discord community is back again with the 5th edition in their series of compilation albums. 18 tracks in varying electronic styles – drumstep to future bass to chillout – there’s music for every electronica taste from established names and up-and-coming artists alike!

You can download the album on Bandcamp for any given price – that includes for free!


Przewalski’s Ponies x Adam Sporka – Dutch Tune (For Ember) (feat. Kirya) | Acoustic Chiptune

Yeah you read the title correctly – it’s acoustic chiptune! Adding classical music components to the original chiptune track, the talented members of Przewalski’s Ponies create an amazingly unique cover of the already exciting track. The crew put a new, exciting beat consisting of bass, tambourine, and percussion under the original Atari track with crazy acoustic riffs, an organ, and even a balalaika for a truly one-of-a-kind instrumental!


Radiarc – Denouement | Soundtrack

Radiarc’s new piece is hitting right in my weakness, with such clear Soundtrack focus and inspiration. It is blending many different instruments and serving a complex progression and a rich atmosphere fitting for the many shades of depth of a story unfolding in a game where this would play. A polished gem of many wonders, to savor while going on an adventure, or relfecting with nostalgia at all the journeys walked with fellow party members!


Zephysonas – Poni Poni Literature Club | Soundtrack / Video Game Music

really pleasuring experience done by Zephy! Imagine DDLC ponified… this would be the result! I’m already imagine I think… Fluttershy is Yuri, Natsuki is Dashie, Sayori is Pinkie Pie and Monika is Rarity. I started playing DDLC yesterday and I must say, this song would fit in a ponyfied version of it! The amazing guitar, the piano and the other magnificent sounds make this a chill experience for the virtual romance game! Zephy, this is really good, hope you make more commissioned pieces like this!


Wind Wolf – Earthly Abode | Soundtrack

Now, this is something very cool and special. I really like it. 🙂 The soundtrack has a nice Acoustic sound to it with nice back-up piano’s and a little Ambience. The vibe is very peacefull and attention grabbing at the same time. Very well performed. I could easily put this track in a Legend of Zelda game and it’ll fit just perfectly. The fact that this is for a video game already though… well, I can’t wait. 🙂 Because if the OST for that is already that good… who knows what perfection will come afterwards. Marvelously done Wind Wolf. Keep up the good work! Everybody, you know what to do. ❤


One Track Mind – This Chord | Drumstep

One Track Mind can’t be stopped, and this time the visionary musician made a melodic progressive Drumstep banger about the S6 finale and more particularly Discord’s feelings toward his beloved friend Fluttershy! Unleashing all the draconequus’ wrath in musical format at the perfect time after his words, sampled directly from the show, This Chord is providing a blissful heavy experience of sound. Melodies, chiptune sounds, and wubs, all composed wonderfully, express the track’s concept in pure One Track Mind style and talent. One More!


One Track Mind – Happy Warming Hearth | Experimental

Courtesy of, here’s One Track Mind‘s musical take at Hearth’s Warming. The story behind this track is just as mad as what the music suggests, and it is with great delight that we experience an alternative ending of S06E08 A Hearth’s Warming Tale, with Castlevania-ish melodies and chiptune sounds in pure One Track Mind style, and of course vocal samples from the episode!