Koron Korak – Applejack’s Theme (Covering RC88) | Soundtrack

Aaah Fighting is Magic, the memories from that game… It’s always sich a delight to see People get Inspired / Motivated by it still! And Koron Korak’s his cover Of Appul hors theem is no Exception. It’s in full honestly really cool to find out that koron also drums however! Very cool, I didn’t know that he does that. 😛
It’s very Upbeat and Happy vibes including while kicking in the teeth of your Enemies! I love it! every second of it! legit, if you guys have the chance then most Definitly support Koron! Keep up the great work bro your Violin work is wonderfull as always!


Crashie Tunez – Tattered Romantics | Album | Nintendocore / Cybergrind

Expressing a personal story through music, Crashie crafted this album using his signature musical style and it’s so good to get a new release from him as part of’s latest marathon of releases! Fast, brutal and with chiptune notes, the tracks are delivering much power! Get the full album from Bandcamp, it’s available as physical CDs too which is so awesome!


Frozen Night – Winter Dream | Soundtrack / Ambient

Frozen Night has always excelled when it comes to atmospheric pieces and soundscape design. Winter Dream was written for an action-adventure story game to introduce the player into a post-apocalyptic world. The sound design is beautifully arranged and full, while evoking such vivid emptiness with its sounds of distant high voices, light bells, and atmospheric synths – a testament to the tremendous skill of Frozen Night!


[ASOS] Heartsong – Riding The Rails (Ice Cream Express) | Soundtrack

As part of the recently released album from A State of Sugar: Ice Cream, Heartsong gives us another one of their lovely story-esque orchestrations. As you may have guessed from the title, this song builds its world around the idea of the Friendship Express acting as the sole deliverer of the frozen desert as it goes about its busy schedule, starting and ending on a soothing music box melody as it arrives at its destinations. If I’m being truly honest here, the song will do a better job at conveying its world and story than I ever could through words. So what are you waiting for? Catch the train.


Night Symphony – The Elements of Harmony | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Night Symphony’s masterpiece, The Elements of Harmony is a musical gallery taking you through many sights and historical events of Equestria, and all while ravishing ears and soul alike with gorgeous compositions and melodies. From the Pillars, to the Tree of Harmony, to the reign of the sisters leading to the fateful event of the uprising of Nightmare Moon, the 16-minutes track delivers varied themes expressed wonderfully with great musical talent. Not to mention the sudden arrival of the God of Chaos – with such a splendid proggy composition to back him up!


Night Symphony – Pony of the Night | Soundtrack

This new piece from Night Symphony may be shorter than 2 minutes in duration, it is still mighty impressive and displays such progressive and melodic aspects that make it very similar to Soundtrack (for example OST from J-RPG games). A proof that you can do a lot in a short track duration, Pony of the Night blows us away with a progression between melodic parts on piano, strings, and organ. There’s even epic choruses backing up the melodies for an emotional result much fitting to the theme, as well as a drums accompaniment that brings variety to the orchestral arrangement and that is definitely reminiscent of Soundtrack. A little, sparkling gem of a track!


Arkineer – Prove Thy Courage | Soundtrack

It appears as though progress is indeed still being made on the RPG project Adventure of the Lunarbolts! Arkineer, aka Senjan, has been on board as the project’s composer for over six years and he returns with a totally exhilarating battle theme! With some excellent use of strings and heart-pounding electric guitar, as well as some frantic chiptunes, this will certainly be intriguing to see implemented in the full game and is up there with some of the best battle themes in the fandom thus far.


Frozen Night – Nature’s Frozen Embrace | Ambient / Soundtrack

An undiscovered OST track from the fanmade pony game Ambient.White, Nature’s Frozen Embrace lives up to both the name of the game and the name of Frozen Night, with a delightful Ambient atmosphere that seems to depict a snowy landscape to explore or a mystical place frozen in time where some fateful event happened… or would happen as you visit it in the game.


Zephysonas – The Strange Forest | Soundtrack

Pony songs designed as Soundtrack pieces will always have a special place in my heart, as a massive OST fan! Zephysonas displays his talent for the genre/kind of music once more with a track designed to play as a BGM in a forest area in some RPG, and the result is breathtaking and so fitting! A mighty progression lays out many different instruments and melodies, all creating the perfect atmosphere to explore a forest, grind some EXP on the monsters there, and see what kind of rare items you may find in the treasure chests at the end of alternate pathways. RPGs and OST forever!


Wandering Artist – Ghost | Soundtrack

Created for the popular Pony Town’s Halloween update, Wandering Artist really delivers a fantastic tune with a spooky but whimsical atmosphere. It’s incredibly easy to imagine this in a video game, especially during a night or a graveyard level, and the use of background ambiance, as well as sparse strings is top-notch on this tune!
Available for download on Wandering Artist’s Bandcamp.