Totalspark – Emergence VIP (ft. UndreamedPanic) | Drum & Bass

The original version of Emergence was a house(ish) track from nearly 3 years ago. Not only has Totalspark been constantly improving since then, but this VIP completely reworks the song into a full-on rock-infused (shoutout to Panic on guitar) DnB/Drumstep banger! I’m loving the chords too, I’m a sucker for all those [bIII], [bVI] and [bVII] chords. Great job Sparky!


Zizkil – She Only Comes Out At Night | Drumstep / Glitch

Zizkil’s newest track is a Flutterbat-themed dark banger that strikes hard with stunning sound design and drops slashing through the night! Hiding a drop behind another, the track is surprising and blissful as it pays much tribute to Flutterbat in tasty and mighty musical ways. After Horse Music Herald, where will the bat pony strike next? I would be on the lookout tonight on a certain cider-brewing channel if I were you…


Filly in the Box – Split | Drumstep

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 September 2017.

A new track from Filly In The Box is always certain to come with two things – awesome pony vocal chops and some heavy bass design. Both of those are in strong presence here, as part of a track about the two sides to a Changeling. The melodies throughout the track are also pretty interesting and hold it up outside the heavier parts.


Ponytronic – Times Like These (The Remixes) EP | Electronic

If I remember correctly, Ponytronic gained an affinity earlier this year for a certain couple of music ponies after reading a well-known fanfiction about them. Shortly afterwards, his song Times Like These was released – a smooth liquid dnb piece about the duo, perhaps one of his best songs to date. Now after a couple of months of an open contest, he’s proud to present the Times Like These Remixes EP!

Featuring a variety of genres, from more dnb reworks to a hip-hop remix and even a couple of really left-of-field genres, this EP has both some regular names to the brony music community and some people just breaking out into the scene. It’s also seemingly a chance for some artist to break out into new genres – I’ve never heard Metapony do Drum & Bass or UndreamedPanic do hip-hop before! Definitely give this EP a listen, you might just find a new artist or style that you’d be interested in.

Times Like These (The Remixes) EP is available to download for free on Ponytronic’s bandcamp.

PS: The music box rendition at the end is a super cute addition to the album :3


[P@D] Crystarium & R3CTIFIER – Scimitar | Drumstep

Yooo! Some drumstep in Ponies @ Dawn? Hecks yeah! Go deep into the mysterious woods with Crystarium and R3ctifier with this exotic little banger. With awesome arrays of great sounding, crisp wubs and interesting trap-like sections of beats are definitely sure to get you off your tail and bop your head back and forth for a while.

P.S. there’s lasers throughout, be very careful!


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 3 | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

You may remember the two previous albums released by the crew over at Horse Music Central, their last one being released at Christmas with a distinct wintry theme. Now the regulars of the big musicians’ Discord server have another release to offer. Although no specific theme this time, it features some of the more underground artists, as well as a few classic long-running musicians.

I swear I’m getting slowly worse and worse at these writeups

Crystarium – Saddle Arabia | Ethnic Drumstep

After almost a month, Crystarium is warming back up with this drumstep track infused with ethnic vibes and topped with his signature sound design. Prepare to be blown back by heavy bass accented by a beautiful Afghani Rabab sure to leave you with a taste as fine as Karkadeh in your mouth. Check out his future releases, including a collaboration with a certain someone, on the next Ponies at Dawn album dropping on the 23rd!