Power Note – Faithful | Melodic Drumstep

Power Note brings us this incredible and completely emotional track about Twilight Sparkle and her duty to be the new princess in equestria! The song unfolds with a somewhat melancholic and delicate piano, an arpeggio is heard, accompanying the nostalgic chords that the piano is marking. Little by little more instruments are introduced including spirited drums and a synthesizer. After a brief pause where only the piano remains for a moment, we get a slow buildup that persists as if it represents an unreachable past. Then we hit the exciting, nostalgic drop, conveying a feeling of epic melancholy, with an aggressive dubstep bass, vocal chops from Twilight’s voice , powerful leads, energizing battery and an enveloping melody. The whole track reminds me a lot of the songs of the golden era of the bronies, and is a truly faithful ode to the show – so please check it out!


Assertive Fluttershy – Boooring (Aventrix Remix) | Drumstep / Drum & Bass

Ahhhhh, this is such a fun trip! Aventrix, who may or may not be remixing every track on this little album, is at it again (or isn’t) with this wonderful remix of an absolute classic! The lovely melody of the original really comes through here with a new vibe thanks to a pitch shift and Aventrix’s lovely synth additions and little touches that breathe a different kind of life into the song. Paired with a slick video, it’s an absolute joy of a track!


H8_Seed – Neverending Strife (Doxypony Remix) | Drumstep

(Listen to the Fandom oldie here)
Old Discord fans should really enjoy this one! DOXY here amps up the tempo with some quick drum beats, plus in the spirit of discord kinda makes it chaotic with the wavy fast melodies and the 8-bit keyboard tones that sound like something out of Castlevania! Not a bad thing at all! The lyrics are manipulated to go at a discord pace. It’s incredibly nostalgic for fans that have been around for quite some time, and a warm reminder of when Discord first appeared in the show. The remix also features a pretty smooth keyboard solo. The technology and production value has gotten better over time. So, it’s interesting to hear remixes of older songs, and seeing how they still stand up. Who knows? Maybe folks like Doxypony will be making noise when gen 5 appears. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Brilliant Venture – Legacy : In the Mix | Album | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

Here it is! Brilliant Venture’s long awaited album is now upon us and boy was it worth the wait. Including many remixes of classics of both community and show songs, as well as original tracks, this album is truly a love letter to the fandom.
Brilliant’s signature wubs are very much present as one could expect and the musician also ventures in drum and bass giving a refreshing new spin to the Ponies at Dawn-featured track I Love This Fandom. Time honored Party With Pinkie by Alex S. gets a remix keeping the spirit of the original while making it sound quite novel. You will also find their take on iblank2apples’ I’ve Been Dreaming of Sunshine and Celery Stalks, adding it to the ever-growing list of wonderful remixes of this now absolute classic, giving it a new feel with heavier dubstep parts in true Brilliant Venture style.
I most definitely invite you to discover the many delightful gems treasured in this album full of adorable pony vocal chops, uplifting beats and marvelous melodies!


[P@D] Redhose vs Pegasas – Under The Shadow | Hybrid Trap / Drumstep

This one is unique. Pegasas was featured on Ponies At Dawn: Eternal for this track and I have to say its one of my favourites from the album. Taking a heavy influence from Hip hop and Trap production this track has a strong backing groove with a very nice flow in its lyrics. The highlight of course is when you come to the drops. They hit hard and heavy and bring with them a very syncopated style of percussive sound and words can only go so far. This one really is easier to hear for yourself and I love the creativity used in this one!