Totalspark – Solaris Imperium | Drumstep

Totalspark’s new release delivers a stunning progression and powerful melodic parts that just feel divine to me. Epic, uplifting, and deeply emotional if you give it the proper ear, Solaris Imperium is a masterpiece of emotion and a Drumstep like none other, tinted with Totalspark’s unique vision and talent. Let us partake in this emotion together and hail Sunset’s musical arrival, shimmering with beauty!


Hay Tea & Ponytronic – Kratia II | Liquid Drumstep

The musical styles of Hay Tea and Ponytronic definitely create such unique and tasteful musical experiences every time they blend together in one way or another! Following Ponytronic’s first remix of Hay Tea’s Kratia, this new take brings an updated musical view on Starlight, and a renewed progression of emotional synths and enthralling atmospheres. A mighty tribute to our beloved Starlight, and anthem to cheer her name loud and wide, embraced by the tender emotions from the music!


Exiark & NekoWolf – Shards of Darkness | Dubstep

Dark. Evil. Haunting. Hard hitting. It is like this track embeds the very essence of darkness. Exiark and NekoWolf‘s new track will shake you to the core. Being a part of Exiark’s upcoming concept album, it tells a story of Luna’s journey through darkness. True to its name, the track brings a relentless experience of distortion, heavy bass, kicks and stuttered vocal chops. But, in every dark place, there is a trace of light. Deep within the layers of pure distortion, hide gentle voices and pony squee sounds, which will surely bring a smile to your face as soon as you recognize them.


fractilx – Humdrum & Bass | Drum & Bass

A Drum & Bass unlike any other, this gem from Fractilx aka InklingBear shines bright with a magical power that instills powerful emotions through sound. With a divine progression full of surprises, an otherworldly break of incredible emotional power, a crazy Drumstep switch, and a tasty Drum & Bass body, Humdrum & Bass proves to be quite the masterpiece and the display of talent and musical sensitivity.


[P@D] Fractilx & Budzy – XXV | Hardcore / Drumstep

Amity truly makes for the most wonderful collabs, and this combination of Fractilx’s fondness toward Hardcore and Budzy‘s unique musical sensitivity sure is living up to what we could expect from such a lovely and intriguing collab! The last part is my favorite, with wicked wubs over an insanely powerful bear beat, and mellow background synths and melodies ensuing for a very emotional result. A masterpiece and progressive condensed of awesome from the musicians!


Silva Hound – EGOMANIA Remixed EP | Electronic

The remixes featured in this EP have been released one by one over the past few months, and now the full collection is finally available! You’ve got house, trap, electro, more trap, and even an extended, DJ-friendly, mix of the original. All of this from a variety of talented artists across the spectrum of (electronic) brony producers, old and new.

The EP is available to purchase on Bandcamp for $4.99.