Assertive Fluttershy – Boooring! (Algo at All Remix) | Drumstep / Drum and Bass

Algo at All has remixed a cult classic, and quite the remix it truly is! Opening with an upbeat piano chord run and breakbeats we are lulled into a particularly cheery and bouncy mood, however the build up breaks that up into a tease of higher energy before dropping heavily into a very nostalgic two-step drop harkening back to a lot of the classic sounds with a twist and don’t get me started on the rising pitch bent chords that add such an epic feeling to the entire thing!

What truly sets this remix apart is the segue into an emotional outtake from Twilight before bringing together ALL of the Mane Six singing back the melody in their own chopped flair followed again by a very clean AI vocal singing original and wonderfully themed lyrics!

An absolute gem of a piece and can’t wait to see what else Algo brings to the table!


Nyanakaru – Methodic Ways To Break A Mind | Electronic Album

After at least a year in the making, Nyanakaru has finally completed his newest album. As it happens, we’ve actually covered each one of these single releases so far (some under his former alias). You can check those out below. The last addition to this is True Colors, an intensely dark and heavy glitchy drumstep-like song – I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, so I recommend taking a listen yourself!

See our previous posts for; Clear My Head, Falling Apart, Sixty Twenty Twelve, The Brightness and Oneiromancy.


Ponytronic – Celestial Promises EP | Electronic

Editor’s note: better late than never, right? (sorry Tron)

Following up on their 2019’s EP Luna’s Essence, Ponytronic brings you a day in the life of Princess Celestia’s royal duties as protector of Equestria! Ponytronic takes a different approach to express that through an album where Celestia is trying to figure out how not only to rule Equestria with her Sister Luna but aid her sister in re-adapting to modern Equestria. That is, however, not expressed in melodies that tell a story of struggle but these fitting beats of positively charged D&B and Drumstep tell a tale of overcoming challenges that Celestia takes on head-on! Have a listen!

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Power Note – Faithful | Melodic Drumstep

Power Note brings us this incredible and completely emotional track about Twilight Sparkle and her duty to be the new princess in equestria! The song unfolds with a somewhat melancholic and delicate piano, an arpeggio is heard, accompanying the nostalgic chords that the piano is marking. Little by little more instruments are introduced including spirited drums and a synthesizer. After a brief pause where only the piano remains for a moment, we get a slow buildup that persists as if it represents an unreachable past. Then we hit the exciting, nostalgic drop, conveying a feeling of epic melancholy, with an aggressive dubstep bass, vocal chops from Twilight’s voice , powerful leads, energizing battery and an enveloping melody. The whole track reminds me a lot of the songs of the golden era of the bronies, and is a truly faithful ode to the show – so please check it out!


Assertive Fluttershy – Boooring (Aventrix Remix) | Drumstep / Drum & Bass

Ahhhhh, this is such a fun trip! Aventrix, who may or may not be remixing every track on this little album, is at it again (or isn’t) with this wonderful remix of an absolute classic! The lovely melody of the original really comes through here with a new vibe thanks to a pitch shift and Aventrix’s lovely synth additions and little touches that breathe a different kind of life into the song. Paired with a slick video, it’s an absolute joy of a track!


Ponytronic – Myopia | Drumstep

Creative even when blinded, this new endeavor by Ponytronic is sharing some more story and thoughts involving Tavi and Vinyl as you can read from the description, all while laying out a progression of sound design and rhythmic wonders!


Ponytronic – Frostbitten Beauty | Drumstep

Sublimating that amazing artwork by MirroredSea, Ponytronic treats us to a Rarity-themed gem that would definitely make the mare blush (and she knows a thing or two about gems). Soft and spunky, the piece sings an ode to the fabulous and gorgeous mare and I appreciate it a lot as she’s my second favorite pony ♥


H8_Seed – Neverending Strife (Doxypony Remix) | Drumstep

(Listen to the Fandom oldie here)
Old Discord fans should really enjoy this one! DOXY here amps up the tempo with some quick drum beats, plus in the spirit of discord kinda makes it chaotic with the wavy fast melodies and the 8-bit keyboard tones that sound like something out of Castlevania! Not a bad thing at all! The lyrics are manipulated to go at a discord pace. It’s incredibly nostalgic for fans that have been around for quite some time, and a warm reminder of when Discord first appeared in the show. The remix also features a pretty smooth keyboard solo. The technology and production value has gotten better over time. So, it’s interesting to hear remixes of older songs, and seeing how they still stand up. Who knows? Maybe folks like Doxypony will be making noise when gen 5 appears. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Paloris – Hope (Ice Angel Remix) | Drumstep / Future Bass

This track really does live up to its name, with its non-stop vibe of hope as well as a  general uplifting feeling. It uses some epic electronic music (with the usual bass drops), drums, with a little bit of piano used throughout the track, to make a distinct, wonderful sound.


Starlight – Returns (CutTheRedWire Remix) | Drumstep

Songs from the pony band Starlight (Proctra & PegasYs) shall never be forgotten, and it’s good to see that in this day and age remixes are still being made! The Starlight Glimmer-themed track from the band gets a new spin by CutTheRedWire here with comfy beats, and the original vocals by PegasYs can be appreciated in all their glory once more!