One Track Mind – This Chord | Drumstep

One Track Mind can’t be stopped, and this time the visionary musician made a melodic progressive Drumstep banger about the S6 finale and more particularly Discord’s feelings toward his beloved friend Fluttershy! Unleashing all the draconequus’ wrath in musical format at the perfect time after his words, sampled directly from the show, This Chord is providing a blissful heavy experience of sound. Melodies, chiptune sounds, and wubs, all composed wonderfully, express the track’s concept in pure One Track Mind style and talent. One More!


Assertive Fluttershy – Boo Hoo (StrachAttack Remix) | Drumstep

StrachAttack’s flavor of dubstep and drumstep are always joys to listen to. And herein they’re applied to the true fandom classic Boo Hoo by Assertive! With a lovely melodic intro, and guttural wubs, this remix captures the spirit of five years ago. Its production quality is stellar too. Drumstep at its best!


UndreamedPanic – Rainbow Blast | Drumstep

I’ve long been fond of drumstep. My first exposure to it was a 175bpm edit of Artattack’s Loyalty remix, and since then I’ve been looking for more good pony drumstep. UndreamedPanic’s Rainbow Blast is a stellar example of the genre, with some classic Rainbow Dash samples. Themed as videogame battle music, it’s easy to imagine playing as Dash and fighting off a bunch of changelings or Ahuizotl cultists!


One Track Mind – Lunar Dreams | Album | Electronic

One Track Mind is back and released an amazing concept album about Moonbutt which is unique and experimental! Ranging from Ambient to Drumstep, One Track Mind delivered a delicious range of textures and sounds, full of awesome tracks, my favourites being  _Null, Solitude, All Quiet In The Equestrian Front, Dream Invasion, and Memories of You. Full of wild synths and some wubby basses, One Track Mind is going to delight you with Lunar Dreams, you will love it! Keep up the good work One Track Mind! This album was really good!

Lunar Dreams is available to download on One Track Mind’s bandcamp page for free!


One Track Mind – Sunless Days | Drumstep

After the Ambient Memories of You, One Track Mind delights and surprises us once again with another track from the upcoming album “Lunar Dreams”, and it’s Drumstep this time! This new musical direction is reflecting another part of the story, the moment of Luna’s banishment, and it does that so well with a spooky, omen-giving atmosphere, as well as fast-paced drops acting like a cry of Nightmare Moon’s wrath and resentment.


iblank2apples – Not Safe For Books (TCB Remix) | Drumstep

TCB new remix; omae wa mou shindeiru
My expectations; N A N I ! ?
I mean seriously, this is so good. I love how the vocals of the show are used. they are very well done and I love it 🙂 next to that, The beat is lovely and the vibe is outstandingly very well done. To think that the Original aswell is very cool (Blank S/O to you aswell <3) and to have a remix on that too is very cool. TCB i got love for you bro and eveyrthing that you do my man. Seriously, keep up the good work dude and I love the styles you do ^^ everybody show some love man!


Totalspark – Emergence VIP (ft. UndreamedPanic) | Drum & Bass

The original version of Emergence was a house(ish) track from nearly 3 years ago. Not only has Totalspark been constantly improving since then, but this VIP completely reworks the song into a full-on rock-infused (shoutout to Panic on guitar) DnB/Drumstep banger! I’m loving the chords too, I’m a sucker for all those [bIII], [bVI] and [bVII] chords. Great job Sparky!


Zizkil – She Only Comes Out At Night | Drumstep / Glitch

Zizkil’s newest track is a Flutterbat-themed dark banger that strikes hard with stunning sound design and drops slashing through the night! Hiding a drop behind another, the track is surprising and blissful as it pays much tribute to Flutterbat in tasty and mighty musical ways. After Horse Music Herald, where will the bat pony strike next? I would be on the lookout tonight on a certain cider-brewing channel if I were you…


Filly in the Box – Split | Drumstep

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 September 2017.

A new track from Filly In The Box is always certain to come with two things – awesome pony vocal chops and some heavy bass design. Both of those are in strong presence here, as part of a track about the two sides to a Changeling. The melodies throughout the track are also pretty interesting and hold it up outside the heavier parts.