Glaze & H8_Seed – Awoken (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Drumstep / Drum & Bass

(I am sure everyone knows this song in our fandom. However for those who are listening to this for the first time. Listen to WoodenToaster’s/Glaze 2012’s Classic Here!)
I’m sure this will please longtime bronies in our fandom! Oh and something Woodentoaster related in about 4 years! StrachAttack’s exciting remix of this golden age classic, to this dragon pony, is very good. I just love this kind of D&B with electronic piano tones mixed in. The song about a rainbow factory worker on the brink of insanity and wants out! The remix has its own identity. The beat flows so well between these haunting dance tones. That picks up in speeds, with the drops being this epic harmony with these amazing piano tones. I will admit this was my first time hearing this fandom classic. I approve!


Tadpole – Caffeinated Horses | Drumstep

Wow! So this is what happens when you give Pinkie an energy drink and a drumset! What a fine introduction to Drumstep for myself. The pace of this hard pounding melodic drumbeat is intense! The drops when it lets up are silly, it’s Pinkie after all. Everything from goofy sounds to a slide whistle! Creatively mixing all of this hyper-caffeinated energy together! When the beat is not going into hyperdrive. I got to hand it to Tadpole. Fun stuff here. Oh yeah and don’t give the pink pony caffeine unless you want a bomb to go off, trust me!



JackleApp – Cawtion (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Drumstep

StrachAttack continues his genius streak of flipping fandom classics, this time bootlegging JackleApp’s banger from the first Balloon Party showcase, 100% No Feeble Cheering. In this extremely high-energy bootleg, Strach’s improved sound design especially shines, as does his clever incorporation of other Balloon Party samples. A wild upgrade of a classic tune with a slight trap edge to it, this is a gem from the new year of pony tunes!


Vylet Pony – Cataclysm (ft. Scraton) | Drumstep

Premiering their upcoming album Homeward, Vylet gives us one heck of a heavy hitter before it’s formally released on January 25th. Vylet and Scraton are no strangers to sound design and it shows in the opening seconds, and only gets better from there! Blending an atmospheric soundscape with complex synthesis there is a sense of urgency in the air and it is all leading up to something HUGE!


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable Vol. 1 | Compilation Album | Dubstep

Heavy basses coming up right now, pony artists joined forces to make the most heaviest album ever featuring genres such Riddim, Brostep, Drumstep and Hybrid Trap! Featuring some big names as Wootmaster, Hoofy, L.M. and VooDoo!
I recommend you give a big listen to this album, because it showcases what the fandom can provide with heavy wubs and aggressive drumming style. Never Say Neigh is here to stay, and the ones who probably say that are the owners of the label -> Hoofy and VooDoo, that with love and dedication created the next big thing along with A State of Sugar and Go grab the album! And, for suprise suprise, the album is free to download on Bandcamp so go grab it you lazy!


Alex S. – Trixie The Pony Troll (Brilliant Venture & One Track Mind Bootleg Mix) | Drumstep

It’s Nightmare Night, and Brilliant Venture and One Track Mind released one crazy collab that’s a real blessing for pony music, nostalgia, and emotion!! I can hardly withhold my enthusiasm… For these two musicians did something really lovely right here, using each of their special talent to remix one of THE community classics of old, Alex S.’s Trixie The Pony Troll! (VIP of it here) Emotional chiptune melodies, epic electric guitars, mad wubs-filled drops, and what makes the experience complete, an insane music video by Xol The Great! This is such a masterpiece of a remix and one can tell they all poured a lot of work into it and also had a lot of fun. Thank you all for this! Tributes like these are a real gift, just like your presence in the community is. Keep it up everypony! We’ll always love our great and powerful Trixie♥!


Brilliant Venture – Twilight Vs. Tirek VIP (feat. Wrillez Basics & Frank Delete) | Drumstep

The amazing and nostalgic Twilight Vs. Tirek gets the VIP treatment from Brilliant Venture & Friends, and it’s such a welcome addition to our MLP music folders! The original theme is depicted once more wonderfully with the help of blissful and emotional pony vocal chops, and the heat of the battle from the S4 finale is conveyed further with epic drops and sound design!