Voodoo Pup & Destiny Howard – I Think You’d Be Proud | Country

Voodoo Pup is a recent face in the fandom’s music scene, as this is his first original tune based on the show. To help out, he’s enlisted the talents of singer Destiny Howard, who sings beautifully here. The song is a calm country number based on The Perfect Pear from the perspective of Applejack, singing about her parents, and how – if they were still around – she hopes they’d be proud of her for how far she and the rest of her family have come. I can tell you for a fact that we are!


Hackamore – Jackie’s Dream | Country Ballad

Hackamore is back after a long quiet period, but with just as much emotion and musical depth as ever! Jackie’s Dream is a soft piece about what Applejack’s life may have been like had she have been born in a royal town instead of on a farm. The lyrics detail how her life would be at a much faster and cleaner pace with studying and promise of prestige and a traditional family. The tone of the song is very somber and reflective, using traditional country instrumentation like the mandolin and banjo throughout.


The Wonderbolts – What Went Wrong | Folk Rock

In a heartfelt tribute to Derpy, The Wonderbolts spin a tale of the bubbly mare’s struggle and strife in What Went Wrong. What sets this Derpy song apart from many others is the abrasive reality portrayed through a bittersweet plea for understanding, characterized by the rugged instrumental and powerful vocals. One of the most curious defining traits of the song is the overall saturated and analog sounding mix that is present throughout, particularly during the loudest sections, evoking a sense of of looking into the past as well as considering the future of one of the fandom’s most beloved characters. This song is truly a monolith to the fandom, accompanied by art from ExclusionZone.


The Melody Bros – Equestrian Roads (Take Me Home, Country Roads Parody) (feat. Roundtrip) | Country

MelodyBrony, Tyler Peace and Roundtrip teamed up for a very lovely ponification of the famous song Take Me Home, Country Roads from John Denver, and the result is so cute and blissful as we can just imagine ponies singing this in Equestria while traveling back home! It certainly feels like Equestria is our home, for us bronies stuck on Earth, and maybe we can still get there in some way!


4EverfreeBrony – Warmth (feat. Relative1Pitch) | Rock / Country

Now here’s a mighty lovely surprise! (said in Applejack’s voice) A whole new album about the awesome ponies from the Apple family by 4EverfreeBrony, featuring the talent of none other than Relative1Pitch! The union of the two musicians’ musical minds is sparking wonders and it’s clearly audible in Warmth, a blissful Rock/Country hybrid that has got honest vocals and even a much welcomed Classic Rock guitar solo! This gem is available as part of the new album Emerald Eyes!


4EverfreeBrony – Miracles (feat. Haymaker & Koron Korak) | Country

4EverfreeBrony pays tribute to the Apple Family’s hard work with a sweet Country song to play after a good day’s work at the farm while reflecting at the present and the ones we love! Haymaker lends his gorgeous voice to create stunning vocals that work so perfectly with the genre and theme, while the talented Koron Korak performs a heavenly violin part near the end. All while this masterpiece is completed by Cerebre-Arkor’s amazing artwork!


EnergyTone – Радость (Album version) | Country Rock

EnergyTone delivers a beautiful rock song, with nice country influences, themed around Pinkie Pie. The song starts of with a wonderfully upbeat intro and leads into EnergyTone’s beautiful lyrics about how Pinkie Pie brightens up his life. The soft contrast between the acoustic and electric guitars is a nice touch in this song, and I love the little synth accents. Even if you can’t understand Russian, the tone of Energytone’s voice really conveys the thoughts well and brings the whole song together.


DoTheDaringDew – DoTheDaringDew EP | Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 July 2018.

DoTheDaringDew’s been steadily improving as a musician lately, and another step on that path is this new EP of 5 new tracks, each showcasing what he can do fairly well. His instrumental abilities are certainly a bit more advanced than his vocals, but it’s still a great package of fun with tracks about Daring Do, Starlight Glimmer and more.


Rockin’Brony – The Loyalest and Most Dependable (Covering Re:Make) | Country / Metal

Next in Rockin’Brony’s series of Re:Make covers, is Applejack’s theme that has definitely a distinct Country flavor! Nostalgic in more ways than one by also reminding of RainbowCrash88’s Applejack Stage Theme, this cover of Re:Make’s original song lays out an expert arrangement of banjo and mandolin sounds ending with a powerful Metal finale, with always those sweet Winter Wrap Up melodies!