Rockin’Brony – The Loyalest and Most Dependable (Covering Re:Make) | Country / Metal

Next in Rockin’Brony’s series of Re:Make covers, is Applejack’s theme that has definitely a distinct Country flavor! Nostalgic in more ways than one by also reminding of RainbowCrash88’s Applejack Stage Theme, this cover of Re:Make’s original song lays out an expert arrangement of banjo and mandolin sounds ending with a powerful Metal finale, with always those sweet Winter Wrap Up melodies!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – I’m in Love (feat. Haymaker) | Acoustic / Country

When I first heard this, I knew it sounded familiar, and indeed it’s actually a new and ever so amazing rendition of one of Haymaker’s older soundcloud songs! Now go and listen to his sweet sweet voice and let it melt your soul to the very core.


UnderpΩny & FritzyBeat – Buttercup | Pop

FritzyBeat returns with this “hugging” song inspired partly by UnderpΩny’s “My Arms Around Her” (about Applejack) that talks about the relationship between Buttercup and Bright Mac. Fritzy received mixing help from PrinceWhateverer that turned out to help this great song!

The vocals are soo good! Fritzy even made falsettos that gave me chills down my spine! You should really check out this song! Just watch the 10th episode of the 7th Season first… Damn, such a good episode…


Arkineer – What’n Town Nation | Soundtrack

Arkineer, formerly known as Senjan, is back with a new OST piece he made for the fan game Adventure of the Lunarbolts, and this time it’s a remix of one of the BGM tracks from the show, Applejack’s Speech! Giving a wonderful new life to the amazing track by beloved composer William Anderson, the remix could be considered a spiritual successor to InfinityDash’s BGM remixes from 6 years ago, and doesn’t fail to pay tribute to the lovely melodies of the original, with an awesome new accompaniment and progression. Long live OST!


Daniel Ingram – Best Friends Until the End of Time (GhostXb Remix) | Hip-Hop

GhostXb is on a roll, and here comes his take on the much-remixed Best Friends Until the End of Time from the S7 premiere! Featuring amazing and much welcomed vocal chops as well as blissful bass, it also gives a subtle Country flavor and overall makes for a wonderful and very unique remix of the song. Every new release from GhostXb brings awe and I’m certainly delighted with all those tasteful musical styles, conducted masterfully!


Crusader! – You Can Always Come Back | Folk / Country

Another song with a deep theme, this new release from Crusader truly gives off such a fiting countryside musical mood as it takes on what the Apple family must have felt while Applejack traveled to Manehattan in her youth (as depicted in S01E23 The Cutie Mark Chronicles). Expect honest vocals and an awesome performance on the acoustic guitar, banjo and harmonica!


Fire Frets – Chasing Fate (Covering 4everfreebrony & Relative1Pitch) | Country

Fire Frets serves us with an incredible cover here at the apple orchard for Applejack day, delivering an honest and masterful performance of 4everfreebrony’s original song Chasing Fate featuring Relative1Pitch. Every instrument played with much passion, the musical ride takes us through the emotional piano melodies, the beautiful violin performance from Relative1Pitch, wonderful new vocals, and blissful guitar play, to retell the moving story. The Apple family truly would be proud.


Ponies At Dawn – Voyager | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here it is, what’s bound to be the best Ponies At Dawn album yet. With each new album comes both a new selection of artists as well as some of the great ones who have been around for a while – something that is in my opinion the best balance when compiling brony music.

The album is available completely for free on Bandcamp, or you pay whatever amount you wish for it. You can expect to see many of the songs from it posted on the site in the coming days and weeks!