Silver Note & Liquid Harmony – Small Town | Country

Part of many recent collabs from Liquid Harmony, this much welcomed Country tune is the result of the mighty union of a lovely instrumental from Liquid Harmony and vocals from Silver Note, which you just knew were going to be amazing. The countryside definitely has a distinct charm that is quite powerful, and to have it expressed through heartfelt music once more and from such awesome musicians is a real treat!


Crusader! – You Can Always Come Back | Folk / Country

Another song with a deep theme, this new release from Crusader truly gives off such a fiting countryside musical mood as it takes on what the Apple family must have felt while Applejack traveled to Manehattan in her youth (as depicted in S01E23 The Cutie Mark Chronicles). Expect honest vocals and an awesome performance on the acoustic guitar, banjo and harmonica!


Fire Frets – Chasing Fate (Covering 4everfreebrony & Relative1Pitch) | Country

Fire Frets serves us with an incredible cover here at the apple orchard for Applejack day, delivering an honest and masterful performance of 4everfreebrony’s original song Chasing Fate featuring Relative1Pitch. Every instrument played with much passion, the musical ride takes us through the emotional piano melodies, the beautiful violin performance from Relative1Pitch, wonderful new vocals, and blissful guitar play, to retell the moving story. The Apple family truly would be proud.


Ponies At Dawn – Voyager | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here it is, what’s bound to be the best Ponies At Dawn album yet. With each new album comes both a new selection of artists as well as some of the great ones who have been around for a while – something that is in my opinion the best balance when compiling brony music.

The album is available completely for free on Bandcamp, or you pay whatever amount you wish for it. You can expect to see many of the songs from it posted on the site in the coming days and weeks!