Blurain – Ponies And Powerchords | Alt. Rock Album

It’s always a delight when a new musician shows up in the fandom demonstrating a lot of talent and potential! Working off limited production resources, 17 year-old Blurain comes out swinging with this inspired alternative rock debut pony album. Here are just a couple of the highlights from this 11-track premier!

Oh Equestria: The first full song off the album, Blurain makes a great, charismatic choice to lean into his inexperience by starting the track with feedback from plugging in a guitar and a metronome playing before ever strumming the first notes. Once the intro is over, it is clear that he knows what he’s doing as he professes his love for the technicolor world we all came to love. The chorus hits with a catchy hook singing the name of the song as full harmonies fill out the soundscape. Driving guitars, bass, and drums keep things energetic and fun.

A Princess You’ll Never Be: Blurain goes all-out with a blend of screams and full, harmonized vocals; switching between the two as if to both narrate and illustrate the plight of Chrysalis in this epic track. The guitars have sections of heavy breakdowns, further emphasizing the anguish. As the final song on the album, Blurain gives a stunning performance and really leaves you wanting more.


HARMONY BOP – TIME TO LET GO | Metal / Alt. Rock

NEW MUSICIAN ALERT! HARMONY BOP’s debut track, “Time to Let Go”, tells the tale of Princess Luna reflecting on her actions after being on the moon for so long. It opens with the sound of a gnarly guitar and is joined by Harmony’s excellent vocals. The middle gets heavier and breaks out of meter into a really cool solo section with some other instruments coming in, then jumps into a faster, swing-like section, before returning to its triumphant final chorus. Fantastic work, and I can’t wait to hear what Harmony Bop cooks up next.


Blurain – The Tale Of Nightmare Moon | Alt. Rock

Today Bluerain brings us a banger track focused around Nightmare Moon! Clocking in at just over five minutes this track is on the longer and but it never gets boring! Combining his amazing vocals with fire guitar riffs and banging drums this track will be stuck in your head for quite some time! The track has some amazing variation with both soft verses and a hard hitting chorus, definitely give this one a listen!


Yuugen Vinny & Wubcake – Discord (covering Eurobeat Brony) | Rock

It’s always lovely to see an old classic get a new coat of paint, and this version really stands out, cause it’s pure Rock awesomeness! Yuugen Vinny got together with the amazing Wubcake to put together this amazing cover, and you can’t deny it slaps! Rock is certainly a new direction to take Discord into and they succeeded! Definitely give this track a good many listens cause I promise after the first listen you won’t be able to click the song away!


Blurain – The Vow (Of Silence) | Alt. Rock

Blurain’s latest hit is about our favorite Kirin episode from G4. The intro makes good use of contrast, alternating between different guitar sounds before letting rip in the main chorus. The track is particularly intense in the middle with Blurain dropping to a whisper only to follow with a rousing scream! The rest of his vocal performance is equally impressive and his voice has a lovely twang to it which gives the song so much character. Keep your ears open for the lyrics too! There’s tons of great pairings such as “let their words find their release” and “make you keep your peace” which perfectly and poetically describe the Kirin’s tale. Fantastic job! I can’t wait to hear what you make next.


Blurain – Wind Sprint | Alternative Rock

If you aren’t watching newcomer Blurain yet, get them on your radar! Tackling the very tough issue of separated parents beginning to date new partners, Blurain brings us this empathetic rock track dedicated to an underappreciated one-off character, the titular Wind Sprint. Singing from the heart and personal experience, the newcomer blends the best parts of pop-punk and grunge into an awesome, edgy, and optimistic tribute to the purple filly.


Blurain – Breaking The Day | Alt. Rock

It is always nice to see a new name dip their toe (hoof?) in the brony music scene, especially when they’ve been a part of the fandom for nearly a decade prior. Blurain’s second pony track “Breaking the Day” features an amazing buildup to brilliant overlaying vocals/harmonies as well as showcases his incredible talent at the guitar. However, it is the overall message of the song that shines the brightest to me as it speaks of Daybreaker’s persuasion to let Celestia unleash her “darker” side. Umm, yes please! Absolutely perfect in conjunction to his guitar style. I certainly cannot wait to see what other pieces Blurain has in store for the future.


4everfreebrony – I’ll Show You My Loyalty (feat. PrinceWhateverer) [covering PhonyBrony] | Rock

Two guitar legends have teamed up once more, to bring us another epic Rainbow Dash cover track! PhonyBrony’s magical work keeps shining through, as it’s also this time supported by no other than PrinceWhateverer and 4everfreebrony. And it’s beautiful how the loyalty is presented here once again! Epic vocals, stunning guitar work, and just the pure amount of energy rushing through this track… What an incredible thing to listen to! It’ll never cease to amuse me, how so many beautiful yet different styles can come together to bring forward a song that combines so much of each other… And than spreads it’s wings with a rush of glory and determination, PERFECTLY complimenting Rainbow Dash’s character. You both earned your wings truly, great work you two!


The Horse Music Herald Slightly Belated Holiday Special

Missing the festive season already? Get back into the mood with some of these certified holiday horse songs! There’s a selection from upbeat pop to seasonal orchestral to a couple of dance numbers.

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PrinceWhateverer & MelodyBrony – The Wonderbolt and the Thief (Stereophonics ponified) | Alt. Rock

More like Stereoponics, am I rig- oh they did that in the video…

Turn-of-the-century Britrock + ponies? Yes please! This pony parody of The Bartender and the Thief does a really good job of recreating the sound of the original Sterophonics song. Prince did the vocals on this one and Melody all the instruments, so you know you’re bound to get something that sounds great.