eksoka – Lachryphagy (Acoustic Mix) | Progressive Rock / Acoustic

An incredible new version of the original Lachryphagy, this Acoustic Mix focuses on expressing the mixed feelings you have when you realize the changeling’s right to simply feed themselves and follow their nature. Originally seen as villains, you start accepting them and feeling for them, thus offering them comfort and understanding, a warm lapse of solace in all the antagonism. And this track reflects that blissful time and those heart-warming feelings to perfection. Soft drums, bittersweet acoustic guitars, pure-hearted synths, and a switch to a divine part including an electric guitar solo, all convey so much emotion and match the concept in incredible beauty, proving once again eksoka’s incredible talent and vision like none other.


Przewalski’s Ponies – Ponies RPG Song | Alternative Rock

Celebrating the 6th anniversary of the band, Przewalski’s Ponies released a music video for their song that’s about ponies… and role playing games! Harmonic vocals, epic orchestral melodies, and acoustic guitar and drums are present along the pictures and souvenirs, to bring to light a wonderful tribute to the great memories shared!


Indie Notes – The Show | Acoustic Rock / Alternative Rock

This is some really heavy feels! Indie Notes comes back with a really touching song about Trixie and how she tries to hide the true self from the audience during her shows. A song that probably can give you nostalgia of old Trixie episodes and can led you a tear to the eye! The riffs of the acoustic guitar are well performed and the vocals are really amazing! Looks like that Radiohead and David Bowie meet up! The lyrics are also really emotional and deep! Good job Indie! You did good, hope to listen more from you!


4everfreebrony – Little Show (Real World Ponified) | Alternative Rock

In a lively re-imagining of Matchbox 20’s Real World, 4everfreebrony questions what it would be like to work on the show in real life. This track works beautifully as both a tribute to a well-known song and band as well as a tribute to all of the staff that works so hard to produce a cartoon and culture that we all love. Utilizing his own style a bit in this ponification of the original track, it is easy to feel 4everfreebrony’s appreciation to everyone involved with MLP:FiM!


Seventh Element – The Equestrian Wasteland – Part 1: Hope And Despair | Album | Post-Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 22 November 2017.

Seventh Element makes some cool tunes, but where he really excels is in the creation of concept albums such as this. With a combination of spooky ambient soundscapes and driving indie rock beats, this album definitely helps to visualise the desolate landscapes of Fallout Equestria. Check it out below for half an hour of hope and despair!


Przewalski’s Ponies – Lunar Song ii | Alt. Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 17 November 2017.

Russian-based band Przewalski’s Ponies have another new collaborative work out, and it’s pretty epic! A pop-y rock track that features some epic guitar solo work and some solid vocals throughout, it’s a fun piece for sure. Songs about Luna are always great to see, and this is definitely one of the cooler ones in recent times.


BroniKoni – M. M. D. W. | Alternative Rock

This is my jam!! Pony band BroniKoni presents us the first track from their upcoming album “Friendship Express”, and it’s about the hero-in-the-night figure of Mare Do Well! Fitting to the theme so well with very thieves-y, blissful and catchy flute melodies, the track also features delightful aggressive guitar riffs and tasty drums play, as well as eloquent vocals and cool lyrics, making this track an all-time masterpiece and an almighty tribute to Mare Do Well! The awesome visuals are further contributing to blow us away with an utterly cool Mare Do Well with a flowing cape in the night, and well-executed searchlights, to give the perfect visual accompaniment to the song! Mad props to everypony involved!!