Stallionslaughter – Tender Horn Does Glow (Chevelle Parody) | Alternative Metal

A love letter to Chrysalis in the form of a parody of Chevelle’s Send the Pain Below, Tender Horn Does Glow sees Stallionslaughter sing his appreciation for the queen of the hive and… oviposition? Oh my. He even goes harder vocally than the original during the bridge, even adding a few extra screams towards the end! Feels good to have him back.


[The Rest of Our Lives] Evdog – Through the Veil | Atmospheric Rock

Originally pre-released on VibePoniez, this beauty part of The Rest of Our Lives is starring Evdog’s charismatic vocals, singing about the impact that the Magic of Friendship had on our lives. With loving references to ponies in the lyrics, and such an emotional instrumental completing the vocals so well, it is one of the many tributes included in the compilation album!


[The Rest of Our Lives] Space Horse Manifesto – [Chapter I] Remembering (Origin & Depth) – A Tribute to AndTheRainfall | Alternative Rock

The opener track of the new tribute compilation album The Rest of Our Lives is itself a tribute to And the Rainfall and works as a spiritual successor to the song Tulips! There’s just so much heart poured in this breathtaking piece of more than 7 minutes and you can feel the love from all of the musicians who contributed, in both the music and the video that I recommend watching along the song! With deep quotes and Background Pony inspiration, sweet feelings giving birth to creative musical endeavors, and meaningful visuals, this masterpiece and joint effort is certainly a timeless gem!


PrinceWhateverer – Odds Against Us (feat. Sable Symphony) | Rock

PrinceWhateverer my friends doesn’t just make hard hitting headbangers all the time. He also has the knack for making heart warming rock and roll from time to time. Odds against us, tells the story of Retro City, A song commissioned for a friend’s OC. Retro is fighting her own demons that stand in her way of becoming a wonderbolt. But she is not alone. Prince wonderfully has put a tune together that tells fell good tale of over coming the odds. The lyric may be talking about Retro’s bound with Spitfire and how she doesn’t have to take this on alone. But message could be anyone’s fight for there dreams. The guitars, drums and composition are all there in Prince’s style to aid in in telling this tale. We all need to smile right now with chaos going on in the world. Feel good tales are needed. As always This Qilin askes you to judge for yourself


Hackamore – twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas | Album | Alternative

[Content warning: profanity]

Hackamore shows up every now and again with touch-ups of old classics. This most recent compilation album is an interesting take on several well-known originals from when they went by Jeff Burgess. The instrumentals have undergone a noticeable improvement, but that’s not what you’ll notice about this album. twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas appears to be an increasingly drunken Fern trying to remember the lyrics to old hits and laughing over memories of performing them live.

Of the songs on the album, many are renamed for the joke based on recognizable tracks like Aphelion (we are all luna on the moon), Beyond the Rainbow (doctor scootaloo), Chaos is My Lullaby (discord), and of course Manehattan Nights (manehattan). In addition to the retouches of originals, Hackamore included a cover of well-known classic The Rescue by Cherax Destructor.

If you’re looking for something between a stroll down memory lane and a meme-type post, then this album is up your alley.


Painters & Poets – Follow | Alternative Rock

Painters & Poets fly onto the scene with their debut song, Follow! P&P is a supergroup consisting of Acouste Wholenote and SlightlyAmiss, the former being the primary lyricist. Follow is a beautiful rock song that depicts a scenario between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash, where the former sits about all upset about the fact that she can’t fly… yet. For a good chunk of the track, it’s lead by an acoustic guitar, with the occasional burst of distorted guitars in the chorus, though the song finally comes to life after the second chorus, where the guitars come in full force, even throwing in a couple admirable solos! The song closes out with some nice closure, showing that Scootaloo can, in fact, fly and chase her dreams. What a great first impression this group has left us!


4EverfreeBrony – Life Outside (A Fandom Anthem) (feat. BlackGryph0n, Aviators, dBPony, Luna Jax, MEMJ0123, Poni1Kenobi, MantaTsubasa & PrinceWhateverer) | Alternative Rock

Time for a big treat. Life Outside is 4EverfreeBrony’s love letter to the fandom, and he’s brought a slew of guest vocalists along with him! BlackGryph0n, Luna Jax, Aviators, P1K, MEMJ0123, dBPony, MantaTsubasa and PrinceWhateverer all contribute a few lines each, and all fit the song’s positive tone with flying colors. The song starts out with the ambient noise of crowd chatter followed by 4EFB’s voice accompanied with soft piano chords before the chords repeat and quickly transition into an acoustic guitar riff.
We’re then subjected to a heavier segment with orchestral instruments and distorted guitars. BlackGryph0n leads the chorus with his soaring vocals and PrinceWhateverer sings on the bridge after the second chorus, while all the guests have a couple bars each during the verses, with the first three singing about Equestria, and the other half about some of the mane 6.
After all’s said and done, the song ends with a guitar solo and simmers down with some piano, a final vocal line from 4EFB and the sound of nature. This track is honestly one of the finest he’s ever produced, and honestly rivals PW’s own Solidarity. Our fandom can still produce emotional music, and this is a prime example!