Etherium Apex – The Daybreaker | Alternative Metal

It’s so amazing when fan songs get made about specific characters and their depth as depicted in the show or inspired by it, and Etherium is certainly on a roll with these! Keeping up the recent Rock/Metal ride, this very rocking song about Celestia and her dark persona Daybreaker sets the stage on fire with heavy guitars and amazing vocals honed through lots of tasteful inspirations from rock bands.


Etherium Apex – Within Me (The Tantibus Waits) (feat. Boor_Metal) | Alternative Metal

An amazing tribute to Luna and her character depth as depicted in S05E13 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, Etherium Apex’s newest release is full of Breaking Benjamin vibes and fittingly reflects the theme with the power of rock music and vocals! Etherium’s songs made about ponies and episodes are always such a delight!


PrinceWhateverer – Are You There | Alternative Rock

Warning: Explicit lyrics
PrinceWhateverer explores the softer (at least by his standards), emotional world of pony breakups. Based off of the Marble Pie-Big McIntosh stirrup from “Best Gift Ever”,¬†Are You There explores Marble’s inner anguish over the situation. The verses are characterized by soft guitars, leaving the somber vocals to drive the emotion before the drums and guitars come in more prominently for a more enraged chorus. The back and forth between the soft, sadness and controlled anger, tied together with moving guitar riffs allow PW to show off his musical, emotional range.


StealingShad3z – Changes (feat. GhostXb) | Alternative Rock

Tasteful musical inspirations and meaningful reflections over S08E11 Molt Down are all over this new track from StealingShad3z, featuring the amazing GhostXb on vocals! An ode to the years passed and the fact that we are all growing older (and hopefully not colder!), this bittersweet Alt Rock tune is such a song of choice to come back to, when we come home cold and tired and warm our bones beside the fire


Reverbrony – Drifting on Tides Unknown | Ambient Rock

Reverbrony continues his rampage of great releases with this eerie instrumental. In a style that you do not hear from many other musicians, Reverbrony achieves his big-room rock sound while managing to create a piece that is both relaxing and perturbing at the same time. The slow tempo and repetitive guitar riff creates an ambience of piece while the empty whistling sound out of the stereo field injects a sense of anxiety into the track. The entire emotion of the track is unique in a way that you should really listen to in order to understand!