Vylet Pony & Sylver – Harbour (Pts. I & II) | Alternative Rock / Ambient

Yet another release from Vylet’s Homeward Album. They combine both parts of Harbour  and its really cool how seamless both these parts are despite giving off a very different vibe. If you aren’t already aware, this album is all part of an intricate story that really helps bring the world of Homeward into perspective and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Harbour is actually the song Vylet is listening to on his way to visit Sylver in the story specifically in the first part. We get a very upbeat and energetic rock track that Vylet says helps him to “drown the crippling fear induced by being away from home,”  The chorus is infectious and all of the elements blend together to create something truly powerful.

As the song winds down we are met with a *click* and a stark contrast as the atmosphere opens up into the bustle and noise of the Starship Ponyville which signifies the part of the story where Vylet has switched off the song and is waiting for Sylver to invite him inside his suite to reminisce on memories of Equestria and just tell each other stories to pass the time. Now I love these small details, especially when you have the context of the written story, they just breathe an air of immersion and I really appreciate when the little things, be it a conversation from the story, or sound effects are mixed into the music.

From here everything slows down and a soothing piano melody plays followed by some minute glissando and various string and woodwinds with the sounds of the busy life of the starship in the background the polyphony is wonderous and it ends all too soon but is a really touching extension to the song.


Acouste Wholenote – In the Meantime | Alternative Rock

It’s hard to believe this tune was just an outtake at one point! The underrated Acouste Wholenote really shines in this lovely song. The song contains some exquisitely catchy verses and a totally infectious hook, along with some impressive guitar work (the various tones used are excellent!). Perhaps a bit influenced by bands like the Counting Crows, the song calls back to many of the situations Fluttershy has found herself in and, if you haven’t already, will make anyone fall in love with Acouste’s heavenly vocals.


Etherium Apex – The Daybreaker | Alternative Metal

It’s so amazing when fan songs get made about specific characters and their depth as depicted in the show or inspired by it, and Etherium is certainly on a roll with these! Keeping up the recent Rock/Metal ride, this very rocking song about Celestia and her dark persona Daybreaker sets the stage on fire with heavy guitars and amazing vocals honed through lots of tasteful inspirations from rock bands.


PrinceWhateverer – Are You There | Alternative Rock

Warning: Explicit lyrics
PrinceWhateverer explores the softer (at least by his standards), emotional world of pony breakups. Based off of the Marble Pie-Big McIntosh stirrup from “Best Gift Ever”, Are You There explores Marble’s inner anguish over the situation. The verses are characterized by soft guitars, leaving the somber vocals to drive the emotion before the drums and guitars come in more prominently for a more enraged chorus. The back and forth between the soft, sadness and controlled anger, tied together with moving guitar riffs allow PW to show off his musical, emotional range.


StealingShad3z – Changes (feat. GhostXb) | Alternative Rock

Tasteful musical inspirations and meaningful reflections over S08E11 Molt Down are all over this new track from StealingShad3z, featuring the amazing GhostXb on vocals! An ode to the years passed and the fact that we are all growing older (and hopefully not colder!), this bittersweet Alt Rock tune is such a song of choice to come back to, when we come home cold and tired and warm our bones beside the fire


Reverbrony – Drifting on Tides Unknown | Ambient Rock

Reverbrony continues his rampage of great releases with this eerie instrumental. In a style that you do not hear from many other musicians, Reverbrony achieves his big-room rock sound while managing to create a piece that is both relaxing and perturbing at the same time. The slow tempo and repetitive guitar riff creates an ambience of piece while the empty whistling sound out of the stereo field injects a sense of anxiety into the track. The entire emotion of the track is unique in a way that you should really listen to in order to understand!