Vivix – Princess of Intense Geekery | Alternative Rock

Let’s rock out in a garage filled with dusty amps and vintage guitars! That’s one of the things that Vivix’s delightful Alt Rock sound is evoking me! This new track and pony tribute is all about the princesses and the obsession of the latest one, or so we could imagine along listening to this!


Evdog – Open Skies (feat. Francis Vace) (Covering EnsionD) | Alternative Rock

(You can hear classic Open Skies Here, and the Francis Wide Skies cover Here, This cover is a combo of both songs.)
My Celestia, how could I have missed such an inspiring song in this fandom! Shame on this dragon pony. If you liked how uplifting the original was. The kind of fandom song that makes tears form in your eyes. Then Evdog adds just bit more to the mix. The lyrics are still there, but its the added Hip-Hop that makes it much more special. The new lyrics now speak for Scoots as she learned how to fly. How she never look back. However, my friends listen to those words. Those words can be used in all walks of life itself. Just picture yourself overcoming your own odds in life. The music itself has this reggae vibe to it. Delightly it fits pretty well with the uplifting mood. Hip-Hop has always been a form of music that is best when it’s done with meaning, and songs such as this are proof. Judge for yourself as always.


Crusader! – Heating Up | Rock

Crusader! returns to his modern rock roots with this tribute to the captain of the Wonderbolts. Using his trademark guitar tones and energetic vocals, Crusader! tells of the amazing prowess of Spitfire and how it heats up any time she’s in the air. Heating Up is a fun track to inject some energy into your day and another great piece in Crusader!’s repertoire.


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Roses / Overrun / The Prince of Sorrow | Indie Pop / Progressive Rock

The last tracks off Homeward to be uploaded to YouTube, these 3 definitely show the extent of Vylet’s musical skills and inspirations. All while calling back to the story in musical ways, the tracks exhibit atmospheric bliss, Funk craziness, and Prog Rock reawakening, all in style! Listen to all 3 in this single video for a gorgeous and stunning experience featuring art by GloomyNyan!


Forest Rain – CHRISSY | Pop Punk

I’m so happy that Chrissy is getting some more love all around in the community, and the pony music scene certainly is on it, with Forest Rain doing us the honors of an amazing Pop Punk treat about the Changeling Queen! Spontaneous fan songs echoing feelings for our beloved characters are just the best! Follow Forest along the rocking riffs, inspired lyrics and lovely vocals, and let’s spread our love and passion loud and wide!


Forest Rain – The Tempest | Rock Ballad

Forest Rain releases yet another track from their new album Discovery, and this one focuses on Tempest Shadow’s broken trust and anger she harboured leading up to the events of the MLP Movie. Powerful piano chords and instrumentation accompany an emotional story in this ballad and you can really tell Forest Rain put a lot of love and effort into it and I highly recommend listening to this and the rest of the album!


[P@D] Foozogz & PrinceWhateverer – Heavenbound | Alternative Rock

The opener of the truly celestial compilation album Ponies at Dawn Skyward is making us soar to high grounds from the start! A stellar collab between two renowned pony musicians, it would make even Rainbow Dash envious with such display of awesome-ness from both Foozogz’s signature bright vibes and PrinceWhateverer‘s vocals to fall in love for, and it has quite a deep concept too!


Forest Rain – Bad Wolf: 2019 | Alternative Rock / Orchestral

From the all-new Discovery album (album announcement here), Bad Wolf: 2019 is a remake of the original 2013 track by Forest Rain, and you can tell it has been crafted with love! Displaying much creativity with electronic, rock and orchestral elements alike, it makes for a perfect musical accompaniment to celebrate the new album as well as Forest’s upcoming performance at Everfree Northwest on the 17th of May! Physical copies of the album will also be available there!


[P@D] StealingShad3z – Shut Me Up (feat. Agatan) | Alternative Rock

StealingShad3z always comes up with something new and interesting be in pop-punk or softer, more alternative tracks like this one. Fresh from the new Ponies at Dawn: Skyward compilation album, Shut Me Up is a clever and emotional piece about Autumn Blaze and the Kirin. The tempo is moderately upbeat and juxtaposed nicely with somber overtones while both Shad3z and Agatan sing of the harsh reality that comes from not being able to speak to one another after a big fight.


SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral II: Parallels | Album | Prog Rock / Prog Metal

SDreamExplorerS’ newest album is here, and boy does it deliver! Always sparked from deep experiences and pony inspirations, and calling the listener to reflect, this one takes us on quite the unique journey as it features such a wide array of genres! And you can tell how much love has been poured into each of the tracks, ranging from Progressive Metal to Ambient to Samba to Jazz and even to crazy bass play! (Perhaps there needs to be a new genre to fit to Soul’s unique musical endeavors in these!) An impressive compilation of reflections and meticulously crafted masterpieces that is just a must-have! Grab your copy from a Bandcamp near you!