Many years ago, long before the herald existed, two guys called Edd and Jimmy formed a band called AcousticBrony. They created a series of themes for the Mane 6 which gained legendary status among the fandom, but it was incomplete; only 4 of the 6 themes were released! As time went by and AcousticBrony became RE:MAKE, it appeared the full set would never be complete…until now.

It’s incredibly refreshing, not just to hear the final 2 songs in the Elements series, but the whole set re-worked and re-recorded, with new life brought to all the existing tracks. The entire album was produced by PrinceWhateverer, so Generosity, Laughter, Kindness and particularly Loyalty (which is now over 10 years old!) now sound better than ever!

As for the two brand new songs, the fit perfectly alongside the original four and it’s clear that RE:MAKE’s songwriting has only improved over the years. Honesty sets a record for the fastest song on the album (sorry Dash) and, of course, has some fantastic banjo courtesty of DivinumX. And much like the album’s namesake, Magic unites the others, making callbacks to the motifs of all six song in the series.

ELEMENTS is available to purchase on Bandcamp or stream on various services.


Nyancat380 – The Brightness | Prog / Electronic Rock

From “Methodic Ways To Break A Mind” this song ironically feels quite dark and tense. “The Brightness” is a riddle of sorts themed around Rainbow Dash, with hints sprinkled throughout for the album’s theme, plus there is an outstanding lyric video accompanying it! The tension and mystery is laid out with fast paced guitar riffs and hauntingly beautiful vocaloid lines. Cold, methodical, and chant-like, everything about this track grabs your attention and doesn’t let go! The chorus is heavily addicting and I guarantee your thoughts will be provoked by the poem that Nyancat380 has laid out.


Francis Vace – Earth Pony Balloon Escape Pack Ride (feat. Scoonie) | Alternative Rock

Initially released on Ponies At Dawn’s Aurora album as a solo venture, Francis has since updated it for his upcoming album release with the inclusion of Scoonie on some of the vocals as well. There’s plenty of the wonderful sounds you’d expect from Francis, with a bit more of an alt. rock vibe to it, as a tale is told of the earth pony who ended up drifting amongst the clouds during the recent G5 movie.


BGM – Maremas! | Rock

Everypony who loves mares like I and BGM do, check this song out!! Such a wonderful fan song and gift for Hearth’s Warming! The ponies are singing to us! Rocking guitars along the voices of our beloved ponies, make us happy!! Let’s spend the holiday the brony way once again my brethren!
Check my wall of text comment on the video for more details about how much I love this song if you want!


BinExis – Distant Farewell | Progressive Rock

BinExis has gifted us a few wonderful Pony songs over the years (check out the innovative “New Old Beginning” with its awesome instrumentation (complete with flute) and the warm, dark sparkle of their first MLP musical foray, “The Night and Elements“), and now we get their most epic creation yet! This prog rock adventure launches quickly into full flight, a fantastically melodic combination of synths, guitars, and percussion. It combines with the amazing video art to set the table for some most excellent rock vocals (the full lyrics are in the video description! Woo!), which tell a tale of Celestia and Luna traveling through space in a search of a new home for all of the creatures of Equestria. The many parts of this composition feel so well-tuned to the others, calibrated and balanced for maximum narrative impact, which is highlighted nicely by the shift in tone midway through the song that is accompanied by a shift in the video’s artwork. I especially appreciated the great guitar work in the second half which was both accomplished and perfect for the story! This song feels like a snapshot from a sci-fi saga, and I hope that we get more of this story in the future!


Blackened Blue – The Road Less Travelled | Hard Rock

Oh no! Blackened Blue is lost in the desert and losing his mind! Well, at least we get a kick ass rock track out of it! By this point, it should come as absolutely no surprise that one of the premier rockers in the fandom has absolutely crushed the sound of the heyday of hard rock. The driving electric guitar, drums, and bass arrangement is so satisfying to hear. What I like about this straightforward arrangement is that it allows the listener to appreciate how good the instruments sound with lots of reverb goodness and a pleasing openness to the mix. The icing on the angst cake is Blackened Blue’s vocals, which are fantastic and spot on for this style of song, delivering lyrics that have me a little concerned for his well-being. I also love the art used in the accompanying video which really helps pull the viewer into the story. I know that it’s too much to hope for a full “rock band in the scorching desert” music video, but it’s still fun to imagine one! Hope you enjoy listening to this track (at high volume) as much as I do!


Somasis – Dashy ~ Hearth’s Warming Eve (Covering SoGreatandPowerful) | Alternate Electronic / Indie Pop

Covering a cherished song by SoGreatandPowerful, Somasis showed us the extent of their talent with this tribute made with love! 6 minutes of bliss, the cover is quite lovely as the mystical instrumental takes us to new beautiful roads, and the new vocals resonate in our hearts!


SlightlyAmiss – I Write Songs Not Fanfics (I Write Sins Not Tragedies Parody) | Pop Punk

A friend sending you fun lyrics, sometimes it’s all you need to have that spark of inspiration leading to great things. And in this case a tasteful parody of Panic At The Disco’s song, featuring Sakairi’s lyrics, SlightlyAmiss’ rocking vocals, and a blissful rock instrumental that will make you feel good to be a brony!
Somewhat explicit lyrics warning!


SnowShovel and Forest Rain – Luna (Alt. Mode) (Covering Odyssey Eurobeat) | Hard Rock

Known for his Rocksmith charts of PrinceWhateverer songs, SnowShovel96 makes his musical debut with Luna (Alt Mode), a cover of the Odyssey classic! Joining him is Forest Rain, who really completes this project with her powerful voice. This cover is actually based on her own interpretation of the song: a fast-paced rock track all about the princess of the night. I love how punchy and strong everything converges here, from the crunchy guitars to the grit in Forest’s voice, even those additional lyrics in the second verse! We can only hope the future holds great things for SnowShovel; he’s left a brilliant first impression.


Dandelion & Flash – Flower Power Friendship | Psychedelic Rock

Dandelion is sharing some more Psychedelic Rock pieces lately and it’s such a delight for the fan of 70s rock that I am! This one is lovingly using Fluttershy vocal samples to make a “Fluttershy Boo-Hoo edition” (I sure got that reference!) and the result is so nostalgic and refreshing at the same time!