Elias Frost – Mad Twience (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Synthpop / New Wave

Russian musician Elias Frost returns with a 80’s Synthpop / New Wave cover of one of the songs from the Equestria Girls shorts.

Elias Frost’s vocals capacity fits with this Synthpop instrumental, proving also that Elias is a good player and also a good vocalist. This cover really will take you on a journey through the 80’s New Wave scene! You really will enjoy and love this amazing cover, if you are into the popular rock music of the beginnings of the 80’s. Elias Frost is an experimentalist in the rock/metal genre, always coming with new genres for his tracks and this cover proves it! All that robotic vocals, I love them!


Sprocket – Perchance To Dream | Alternative Rock / Blues Rock / Alternative Dance

Coming from the concept album The Princess Variations, Sprocket delivers a 6 minutes track full of emotion and commitment in the track, that I must say, it’s amazing!

The first part reminds me of Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, then Sprocket vocals are soo Blues vocals, also I can feel in the second part of the song some Blues Rock influence with the mix between the guitar riff and the keyboard sounds. Sprocket vocals are really flexible from highs look-a-like David Bowie and the vox vocals look like some really cool modern Alternative Dance band. The guitar riff is really amazing, so chill, along with the bass that is listenable are is so satisfying.

6 minutes of pure awesomeness! Listen to the track, is really amazing! Also, don’t forget to download/buy The Princess Variations on his bandcamp!


[P@D] DJT & ExplodingPonyToast – Sugar Shy | Indie Dance

[inb4 I get flak for putting earlier songs on hold to talk about this]

It’s that time again. The upcoming Ponies At Dawn album, Amity, is due to be released next Friday 13th January. And so we’re having some special pre-releases on Cider Party to give you an idea of some of the stuff on the album. This installment is a much more collaborative work – every track on Amity is either a collaboration or a remix (hence the name) – and to show that we’ve got DJT and EPT’s track Sugar Shy. While none of us can agree on the genre, we agree that it’s a great track, and the art is fitting and super cute.

We’ll have more info on pre-ordering the album and the livestream party in a couple of days. Keep an eye out for that!


Totalspark & Kawaii Dash – Ramune | Nu Disco / House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 1 January 2017.

Totalspark and Kawaii Dash combine here to bring a weeb-y, whomp-y combination of neat sounds that help form a pretty cool future bass track. As is often the case with Totalspark tracks the chords are pretty interesting, whilst the Kawaii Dash influence is obvious in the way they whomp in with flair. Definitely worth checking out if you want some light and fluffy future!


[P@D] Homage McGee – Disco Girl (ft. SlightlyAmiss, ForeverFreest & SaxBrony) | Disco

YES! THIS GETS A YES FROM ME. One of the most unique tracks I’ve ever heard from a Ponies At Dawn album (this being from Voyager, not the upcoming Amity btw). It’s also great at bringing a load of different talents together – combining Amiss’ singing, Freest’s rapping, and a solo from SaxBrony, all brought together by Homage’s funky fresh production to create one of my favourites from Voyager, and from the entire P@D catalogue thus far.