[ASOS] Brohoof Studios & Dreamtech – Alone (feat. Haymaker) | Synthwave

Well now, Hoofy just keeps on improving his production, eh? Always fond of retro aesthetics, he went totally synthwave with this one. He and Dreamtech’s production, especially during the drop, is lush and features some gorgeous chords. However, Haymaker really steals the show here. His delivery is sublime as always and conveys the somber tone of the song excellently (something he’s shown he’s great at on the legendary Luna’s Ruse). Check it and the rest of A State of Sugar’s Bubblegum out above!


[ASOS] TCB – Only One (R3CTIFIER Remix) | Indie Dance

My favorite track from A State of Sugar Bubblegum is what I believe is a very fine example of the otherworldly power of pony vocal chops, and Passion. Covering the original melodies from TCB‘s original track in a brand new genre and different progression, R3CTIFIER took a certain vocal part from the original and decided to focus on it for this remix. That was quite the amazing vision, as those certain chops from Your Heart Is in Two Places, along that newly crafted atmosphere, are precisely what is triggering so much emotion when I listen to it, to the point that I can’t help but tear up. We love those characters, so hearing their voices like this is very powerful… or so seems to be the logic behind this phenomenon. In any case, I’ll always be grateful to life, and to musicians like R3CTIFIER and TCB for making such powerful emotions happen..!


strigidae – fluffy blackberry pie (UndreamedPanic’s ‘Hold On’ Reimagined) | Indie Dance

Strigidae is on a roll with the very fluffy and fuzzy releases! After the cuddly fuzzy purple pancakes focusing on Starlight (and Trixie), this one is centered around Tempest aka Fizzlepop Berrytwist from the movie! Beautifully reimagining the original collab with UndreamedPanic Hold On, Strigidae pays much tribute to the very loveable pony with this new song, imbuing her character depth and the Mane 6’s feelings for her in it. A wonderful fan song, and a much joyous occasion! Let us reminisce about the events of the movie and think about what we feel for Tempest, as we listen to the song and imagine some magical fireworks unfolding before our mesmerized eyes…


strigidae – fuzzy purple pancakes | Indie Dance

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 13 April 2018.

Cute, soft tunes are the order of the day from strigidae most of the time, but this time the production levels feel higher than normal, and the energy is a step up too, with some awesome use of fun tropical-feeling sound design and vocal chanting to go with the main vocals. Check it out for some great vibes about Starlight and Trixie!


Exiark & FritzyBeat – Behind | Indie Dance

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 March 2018.

The release of Exiark’s recent album Otherworldly Journey was something I was super excited to hear, and this track in collaboration with FritzyBeat is definitely one of the more upbeat releases from it. Featuring some lovely pop-y production, it fits Fritzy’s terrific vocals very well, and the use of vocal chops from some old Feather music is also a lovely touch.


FruityFusion – Deep Twist | Midtempo / Synthwave

FruityFusion is back with a retro Midtempo track! Taking the listener to the 80’s with that amazing synthesizer work, Fruity also bring modernism with the fast and uplifting beat. Feels like if a female voice was singing on this, would be the perfect mix! This track is really well done, more one to save in the retro files! Good job Fruity!


UndreamedPanic – Hold On (feat. Strigidae) | Synthpop / Electropop

This got me a lot Porter Robison feels! UndreamedPanic everyone! This artist is really prolific, a big name right now! But what jaw drop me the most was the soft and uplifting voice of Strigidae, which I’m a big fan. It was really nice of Panic choosing Strigidae for this vocal work! I can say this is the “Brony Shelter” because the drops, the cute vocal chops and the lyrics and the lyrical theme are all lovely and uplifting that makes you want to dance until you cry of joy. Also, shout-out for that cool Flutterdash drawing choosing, if feel really good for the topic of the song and the textures and flavours of it! Good job you two! You made me smile, a thing that I didn’t made since very long… Keep up the good work!


Exiark – Otherworldly Journey | Album | Electronic

After two big years of development and collaboration, Exiark gifts us all with an incredible electronic album! Utilizing the talents of many exceptional fandom musicians like Chi-Chi, FritzyBeat, Freest, NekoWolf, Flittzy, Namii, Megaphoric, and Lia Quo, Otherworldly Journey is comprised of a whopping 19 tracks exploring Princess Luna’s journey throughout her exile on the moon.

The tracks range in genre and encompass a great variety of electronic music while still appealing to most everyone. No matter what type of music you prefer, there’s something special on this album for you!

Aside from the obvious vocal talent featured on Otherworldly Journey, Exiark’s use of expertly crafted synths and beat tracking is on full display, and will transport you to another world! There is an excellent sense of a lunar atmosphere in the instrumentation which ranges from symphonic to synth-heavy, and the subtle space vibes will make you feel as though you are dancing with the Princess of the night herself. There is no excuse not to check out this outstanding album!

Author’s note: While I don’t like to compare fandom music to time periods for several reasons, if you had told me that several of the tracks on this album were big hits from the early days of the fandom, I would absolutely believe you. Exiark really makes the music his own style, discernible from other early fandom musicians but there’s something about the quality and energy that takes me back in time with a giant smile on my face.


Dynamite Grizzly – moondisco (Late Nite Mix) | Acid Techno / Disco

An 11 minutes mix of one of my favorite tracks from The Long Way Home EP, Grizzly did here an amazing work mixing moondisco, the progression is amazing with some really acid sounds that make you think that you are in a 90’s rave dancehall! C’mon and dance everypony! This is really a treat! Also these sampling work, I loved it! Good job Grizzly!


Ponytronic – Cherish | Indie Dance

Upper class and sophisticated, but delightfully kind and upbeat once you get to know her. Ponytronic’s Cherish invites the listener to take a moment to understand the real Fleur de Lis as they experience her transition from one of Canterlot’s elite into the bright and buoyant personality she is behind the facade. One can truly sense this transformation in character as the instrumentation moves from a simple but elegant set of ambiance and strings, into sugary layers of synths, drums and Xylophone.