Jupiter Maroon – Digital Murder | Synthpop / Brostep

A fantastic and wubby track done by our friend Jupiter Maroon, the mix of the synthpoppy elements with the wubby elements make this track a treat for 2018! A track full of energy and which has a lot of danceable moments! Keep up the good work Jupiter, we appreciate it!


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Francis Vace Remix) | Synthwave

Known for his creativity and wide variety of talents, Francis Vace ventures into the world of synthwave with this track. Utilizing some cool, crazy synths in combination with the vocals we all know so well, Vace creates his own kind of unique ambience around the season 7 gem. With fun and silly edits to the choruses as well as amazing synth breaks from the singing, this is a truly distinct, inspiring piece!


Daniel Ingram – Open Up Your Eyes (CG5 Remix/Cover) | House / Electropop

Ok, this one is interesting! CG5 has really made perfect covers and remixes of some of my favorite songs in cartoon shows (take as example: Without You from TAWOG). When I saw that CG5 made a cover/remix of Open Up Your Eyes I was astonished, CG5 is not really a brony as he said on the description, but he is constantly making new musical content for a lot of fandoms in the internet, this time he tried to please the Bronies, and here we are mates!

The instrumental is well remixed, I love how CG5 manipulated certain original parts of the song and created a new texture and song! Like with Without You remix! And the vocals, oh my gosh! That vocals give me chills, a true talent! A true pop idol! If this songs were transmitted in radio stations people (bronies, not bronies) would love it! Awesome vocal range, awesome instrumental manipulation, an original look at the cover that makes it unique and deep emotions and feelings put into that vocals! CG5 did a really memorable experience and you should listening to it and also to his other tracks! Also, let’s hope that CG5 brings up more MLP related content (probably from the movie).


Rusty Thorsell – Explosion | Indie Pop

Rusty’s back with a new unique-sounding song and this one is about the end of the world! “Happy tunes with depressing lyrics” is but a facet of the originality of the music and to Rusty’s signature vocals is added a fun instrumental using unusual sounds for a resulting track of a kind you probably haven’t heard often. Expressing youself through music is another aspect of its magic!


Przewalski’s Ponies – Derpy (Live Polish Version 2016) (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | New Wave / Post-Punk

Amazing performance by Przewalski’s Ponies featuring the bass playing by SDreamExplorerS! The song was played with a lot of energy and stage attitude! Singing the song in Polish, makes this live performance even better! I love when people use other languages instead of English! Every member of the band had a lot of energy! Velvet vocals are amazing live and the rap section of Andy is pure awesomeness! The instrumentation done by SDreamExplorerS, 4/3 and Gliss it’s also pretty well played live! Everyone did an awesome job on this live performance and I’m glad that you find someone to record it! Amazing song, amazing performance and amazing band!


Freewave – Freewave in Equestria | Indie Pop

Pony music scene figure Freewave has been delighting us with inspired and tasteful pony tracks for eons and I’m happy to present you this very meaningful new upload from the passionate musician that reflects his tender feelings towards the road travelled and the lessons learned. Another message of love to the community and to ponies, it also acts as a tribute to his daughter and brings all the mellow and happy vibes, with equally lovely vocals and instrumental. Heartfelt songs are always the best! Keep up being yourself Freewave, we love you, and stay Free!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (Lorris Remix) | Synthwave

Oh My God! The feels! The feels! Lorris bring the feels with this emotional and retro Synthwave remix from one of my favorite tracks produced by Ponytronic!

I’ve always loved Lorris’ Synthwave producing, it’s emotional, plus it’s really danceable and sometimes even uplifting, but this time, the remix bring the tears to the eyes, because of the sampling of the dialogue between Octavia and Vinyl that it’s really well done! It’s an amazing song, it’s an amazing remix, amazing artists, amazing fandom, amazing everything! I’ll always love you!!!

And with Times Like These (ah, pun alert), a really emotional Synthwave track is the right way to express the feelings and dance while the world it’s watching us.


Strigidae – Silhouette (Covering 4EverfreeBrony feat. BlackGryph0n) | Pop / Electronic

Strigidae is back to grace us with his unique style of vocals, and he decided to cover the mighty song Silhouette by 4EverfreeBrony originally featuring the ever-amazing vocals of BlackGryph0n! Making this cover in a different genre and giving it a unique mood born from his mastery of the magic of music, Strigidae delivers once again with style and emotion, and gorgeous vocals complement a surprising instrumental with beautiful piano and electronic parts!


Nicolas Dominique – Fast n’ Magical | Synthwave

Inspired by this amazing artwork done by Ruhisu, Nicolas Dominique delivers another amazing retro song for dancing through the night. I can really imagine this song in a superhero or a crime investigation series, the really awesome synths and the great drums with some sweet pads made this track a banger! Nicolas did an awesome job on this track, dance in the night till you can’t hold it anymore! Be a bad cop in Equestria and this will be your soundtrack. Good job Nicolas!


Seventh Element – That Magic Touch | Techno / Disco

You did a good job man, a very good job. 🙂 Really love the Disco tune! Just from hearing them I want to Dance! Yeah that’s right, I’m gonna write this review as small as possible just to bounce along with these awesome tunes. :p
Seriously though, I am in Love with tunes & vibes like these and I can definitly appreciate the style of how it’s both made & presented/performed. It really has Magic Touch! Awesome job man! I surely hope to see you perform Live one day man, look forward to it already. 🙂

Show some Love! ❤