Freewave – Freewave in Equestria | Indie Pop

Pony music scene figure Freewave has been delighting us with inspired and tasteful pony tracks for eons and I’m happy to present you this very meaningful new upload from the passionate musician that reflects his tender feelings towards the road travelled and the lessons learned. Another message of love to the community and to ponies, it also acts as a tribute to his daughter and brings all the mellow and happy vibes, with equally lovely vocals and instrumental. Heartfelt songs are always the best! Keep up being yourself Freewave, we love you, and stay Free!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (Lorris Remix) | Synthwave

Oh My God! The feels! The feels! Lorris bring the feels with this emotional and retro Synthwave remix from one of my favorite tracks produced by Ponytronic!

I’ve always loved Lorris’ Synthwave producing, it’s emotional, plus it’s really danceable and sometimes even uplifting, but this time, the remix bring the tears to the eyes, because of the sampling of the dialogue between Octavia and Vinyl that it’s really well done! It’s an amazing song, it’s an amazing remix, amazing artists, amazing fandom, amazing everything! I’ll always love you!!!

And with Times Like These (ah, pun alert), a really emotional Synthwave track is the right way to express the feelings and dance while the world it’s watching us.


Strigidae – Silhouette (Covering 4EverfreeBrony feat. BlackGryph0n) | Pop / Electronic

Strigidae is back to grace us with his unique style of vocals, and he decided to cover the mighty song Silhouette by 4EverfreeBrony originally featuring the ever-amazing vocals of BlackGryph0n! Making this cover in a different genre and giving it a unique mood born from his mastery of the magic of music, Strigidae delivers once again with style and emotion, and gorgeous vocals complement a surprising instrumental with beautiful piano and electronic parts!


Nicolas Dominique – Fast n’ Magical | Synthwave

Inspired by this amazing artwork done by Ruhisu, Nicolas Dominique delivers another amazing retro song for dancing through the night. I can really imagine this song in a superhero or a crime investigation series, the really awesome synths and the great drums with some sweet pads made this track a banger! Nicolas did an awesome job on this track, dance in the night till you can’t hold it anymore! Be a bad cop in Equestria and this will be your soundtrack. Good job Nicolas!


Seventh Element – That Magic Touch | Techno / Disco

You did a good job man, a very good job. 🙂 Really love the Disco tune! Just from hearing them I want to Dance! Yeah that’s right, I’m gonna write this review as small as possible just to bounce along with these awesome tunes. :p
Seriously though, I am in Love with tunes & vibes like these and I can definitly appreciate the style of how it’s both made & presented/performed. It really has Magic Touch! Awesome job man! I surely hope to see you perform Live one day man, look forward to it already. 🙂

Show some Love! ❤


Viricide Filly – Well & Truly (Rest In Peace Mix) | UK Garage / Alternative Dance

Kavidun recent passing away shocked a lot of the people of the fandom, may she rest in peace, including a lot of musicians. Viricide Filly was one of that musicians, so she dedicated this song to Kavi! This song represents the style of music that Viricide does, really atmospheric, danceable and ethereal with robotic vocals and really cool and mechanical drum beats.

This song is really emotional, sweet and really gave me chills down my spine, even if I didn’t know Kavi more than Viricide or other people, I could really feel the feeling of mourning in the song, sending love to everyone and I’m in mourn with all of you!


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 4 | Compilation Album | Electronic

You might have seen a couple of songs from this out already, but in case you missed it, Horse Music Central released their 4th edition of their seasonal compilation albums. The general theme of summer covers the album, but as per usual each artist gets to showcase their own style. With a mix of long-time staple artists and some slightly newer faces, it’s a great chance to check out some new artists.


iblank2apples – Flutterwander | Synthwave / Future

A Fluttershy song! A really chilling and amazing song brought by iblank2apples!
The synth work is amazing, along with the leads and drops creations! The vocal chops used from the classic song sung by Fluttershy – So Many Wonders – are really amazing! This song is really sweet and adorable! I’m really thinking seeing a video in A State of Sugar with this song! Also the cover art, I love it! Sooooo cute!

Additional review from Makenshi:
Start of Makenshi’s writeup
Expanding in new musical directions, iblank2apples presents us another treat from his recent streak (and it sounds like it’s not over yet!), delivering gorgeous sounds and melodies, a mellow and Synthwave-y mood, and Fluttersamples from So Many Wonders that can definitely shape into any kind of use! Empowered by the might effect of that powerful artwork by Ashura924, this release delights as much as a sugary Fluttercocktail!
End of Makenshi’s writeup


[HMC] Viricide Filly – Eleanor’s Ocean | Indie Dance / House

Viricide’s music is not only quite unique and experimenting in unseen directions, it is also imbued with deep meanings as the amazing album Back From Reality has shown, and this song from the newest Horse Music Central compilation album continues the story of Eleanor (Viricide Filly’s meaningful OC) while pertaining to the theme and cover art of the album in some way, which is quite delectable. Showcasing that now almost signature take on vocals, the track also explores new sounds over a House body that is definitely unlike any other.


Elias Frost – Mad Twience (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Synthpop / New Wave

Russian musician Elias Frost returns with a 80’s Synthpop / New Wave cover of one of the songs from the Equestria Girls shorts.

Elias Frost’s vocals capacity fits with this Synthpop instrumental, proving also that Elias is a good player and also a good vocalist. This cover really will take you on a journey through the 80’s New Wave scene! You really will enjoy and love this amazing cover, if you are into the popular rock music of the beginnings of the 80’s. Elias Frost is an experimentalist in the rock/metal genre, always coming with new genres for his tracks and this cover proves it! All that robotic vocals, I love them!