Rarity Advocate – Not a Space Pony | Synthwave / Indietronica

This track drives us to places, inspired by the My Little Pony Manga – Star Dancer, the Advocate of Rarity bring us an dreamy and ethereal synthwave track with some indie/psychedelic elements like if Animal Collective, Brian Eno and Perturbator meet in the same place and started to jam and create a collaborative track, a really well nice track, and I love it!
Nice one! Keep up the good work, Advocate!


Daniel Ingram – Lotta little Things (Yellow Tune Remix) | Hands Up

A remix of one of my favorite new songs from season 9! The sound design is really cool with the bouncy beat and bright, interesting synth work. The excellent production quality really shines in this track, and the buildup from the intro to the verse will leave you wanting more! Check it out!


strigidae – Louder, louder! | Indie Dance

New song by Strigidae, new incredible expression of pony love and depth! I highly recommend reading the description on YouTube, and all the thoughts that Strigidae had about Twilight! Singing about her anxiety with much resulting intensity, the talented musician definitely paid much tribute to our beloved purple princess, and all the creativity in both the instrumental and the vocals is really an amazing experience to behold!


Yellow Tune – Did I Love You | Trance

Well, looks like I am following a trend of dance party music with a brony vibe to it. Don’t let the artwork by ashkael fool you. This song is an upbeat and bop EDM jam By Yellow Tune. Hmm, maybe Cadence wants to feel full of energy before she deals with Chrysalis. A fight with this kind of beat? Sounds good to this Qilin. I find the goofy vocals in this tune fits right in the M.O of the song. However, I’m pretty sure Shining Armor isn’t feeling the beat here. Thank Celestia for his wife! Throw this up on your player at your next meet up will ya. Thanks for the party tune, Yellow Tune.


Crusader! – Let’s Hear It (For the Wonderbolts) | Dance-Rock

Crusader! has really embraced the dance-rock vibe combining his love of 80s synths, dance bass, and pop/punk tunes. Let’s Hear It starts with a funky bass that is prevalent throughout the track and introduces a simple disco beat to jive along with. The vocals groove along to the beat as Crusader! sings in anticipation of the fantastic show the Wonderbolts will put on soon.



[P@D] Replacer – Never Die | Art Pop / Indietronica

Classic replacer returns with “Never Die”, a song that is featured on the most recent Ponies At Dawn album! The artwork reminding of Cerulean Blue and the music style reminding us of Song for an Earth Pony. Both two brony music classics! “Never Die” is an amazing song, I really loved it listening to it! Good job on this one Replacer!
Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp!


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Paloris Remix) | Indie Dance / Future Bass

Paloris’ debut pony music upload on their channel is definitely not their first musical contribution to the community, with tracks such as Feeling Free and Smiles, and that experience definitely shows in this impressive remix of the now classic Flawless! A punchy kick is driving energy through the track filled with both the original vocals and vocal chops, and the composition and sound design are much creative and pay much tribute to the meaningul original from the show!


Daniel Ingram – The True Gift of Gifting (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Synthwave

After quite a while, the prolific Nicolas Dominique has released another show song remix! The atmosphere on this tune is quite somber, fitting of the tone of Spike’s song to Rarity from the new holiday special. The vocal cutting on this track is impressive, the piano accompaniment screams vintage early EDM, and the synthwave-y vibes are so deep. As of this posting, it’s the only existing remix of the lovely song from Spike, so check it out!