Sawtooth Waves – Flurry’s Part (feat. Vylet Pony) | Alternate Electronic

Today we’ve got ourselves another great song by Sawtooth Waves which is once again paired with an amazing PMV by daspacepony. For this track they got the help of Vylet Pony, who provides the awesome lyrics. The track starts out with a lovely melody and then adds a drum loop with a background buildup that comprises the entire track buildup even though it’s just one sound and the rest stays the same. And for the drop we get treated to a little reference; the start is essentially an extended version of Sawtooth’s intro with some pitched background vocals by Vylet Pony. After that we return back to the normal melody and more lyrics by Vylet Pony, but this time it’s not pitched vocals anymore, and Vylet gives us more or less a partial cover of the show’s “You’ll Play Your Part” while the PMV changes the meaning from Twilight’s Part to Flurry’s Part. While all this happens we once more get the build up to another drop along with a more extended intro and the pitched background vocals, and we end on the last part of the original “You’ll play your part” show song. As I mentioned before this song has an entire PMV attached to it; daspacepony once again went all out on the visuals incorporating different things along with his animation including visualizers and lyrics being displayed throughout.
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Direct Current – TS ♡ FS | Alternate Electronic / Indie Pop

Drawing in an abundant and infinite source of inspiration, Direct Current is paying tribute to SGaP’s music all while expressing his lovely musical take at the concept stated in the description. The mellow instrumental, bright vocals and emotional pony vocal chops are all completing a frame filled with love! Also check out my comment on the song to find more love ♥


Polarhigh – Memories Of Places You’ve Never Been | Indie Dance

Polarhigh pops up every now and then with a new jam. Memories of Places You’ve Never Been is a fun instrumental with a lot of great composition going for it. The track utilizes a funky bass line throughout which keeps the energy and groove going. The song’s strongest asset is the creative use of so much instrumentation – it starts with high strings before adding in a synth, drums, and bass. Add in an ambient synth, mix it all together and you’ve got a fun, boppin’ soundtrack!


char – Trixien’t | Alternate Electronic

In a very nostalgic way, char managed to bring forth emotions of the past with this blissful treat from the latest completed DustCar race, filled with Trixie’s greatness and powerfulness! The wonderful use of vocal samples and chops is doing a splendid job at taking us back through time, at the same time as the creative instrumental blows us away with its progression and SGaP-ness. And it has visuals made with love to go alongside it too! Trixiiiiiie!! Pony fan works will never stop!


CAPT – Detective Rarity??? | Electronica

CAPT started a new series going in the direction of spontaneous tributes to specific things from episodes and experimenting musically too! This first track about the very appreciated return of Detective Rarity in that one Pony Life episode is certainly having the series off to a great start, with Rarity’s antics accompanied by some tasty sounds and Electronic experimentation!


Sound Bandit & Friends (My Band) – The Song | Indie Pop / Alternate Electronic

A collab of no less than 34 musicians, this band’s new song was organized by Sound Bandit for the latest DustCar race calling for collabs, and boy did it deliver! The emotional vibes from both the instrumental and the vocals are palpable, and everypony felt that during the stream party of the race. Find the credits and links to all of the contributing musicians as well as the lyrics here!


[P@D] TCB – Friends Can Change The World VIP | Indie Dance

“And the more who understand how powerful friendship is… the stronger we will all be.”

TCB evokes a powerful message in his P@D track, a message more important now than ever before. With the vocal chops creating sweet melodies of love and friendship, and his sounds creating huge emotional impacts, this song is one to remember. Friends can change the world. So hold your friends tight, show them this song, and press on…



Various Artists – Equinity 03: Breach | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This article on Equinity 03: Breach is a Horse Music Herald collab piece, co-written by Canatime, Cynifree and DrakeEmberHeart.

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