Modern Bard – Blue Angel | Industrial Trance

Musical experiments like these are always so great to see! Borrowing elements from Industrial music, Modern Bard delivers Blue Angel, a Trance-empowered track of much beauty. Encompassing the power of the Night and her winged harbinger, the track takes us through a heavy exploration of Trance and metallic sounds, not without a magnificent break where echo-y piano and choruses are giving to our beloved Princess of the Night the tribute she deserves.


Viricide Filly – Hooves Of Titanium, Built To Dance (feat. Wissshhh) | Industrial / House

An awesome initiative by the label and the cooperative of The Experimental Bronies (Discord server), Out Of Limit is a compilation album that features delightful experimental endeavors from pony musicians all around the community. Track #11 on it, Viricide Filly’s track, made in collaboration with Wissshhh, is an impressive exploration into Industrial music concepts, and delights with a creative progression and many ideas that reveal the charm of experimental music and taking the roads less traveled. As for the sick cover art, it is from community hero Wootmaster!


Flutter Rex – Swarm is Coming | Industrial

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 29 December 2016.

Flutter Rex returns to the scene for the first time in a while with a track rooted in industrial design, though it feels like it has influences from all over the place, with a pretty glitchy procession of heavy and powerful sounds. If strong, aggressive industrial music is something you’re keen on, this is definitely something you’ll want to check out!


Radiarc – Another Day | Industrial Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 December 2016.

Radiarc is back with a new track, but this one is pretty different from his recent releases! With a much more experimental, and arguably mechanical vibe to it, the combination of glitchy sounds and eerie soundscapes and vocals help to make this a really captivating piece. Make sure to check it out below for something pretty awesome!


Injustrial – Sounds of War | Industrial

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 2 December 2016.

The first proper pony track from Injustrial in quite a few months, Sounds Of War features all the trademarks of his gritty industrial style. A mixture of heavy synth design and harsh vocals, along with a pretty consistent bassline, this piece definitely captures the essence of the artwork utilised. I always look forward to new Injustrial releases, as this style of music is quite a rarity in the fandom so it definitely sticks out a lot more.


Sonic Rainboom – The Fuck-Up (feat. Francis Vace) | Industrial Pop

Sonic Rainboom teams up with the vocal talents of Francis Vace to deliver a powerful piece of music about the deep inner feelings of Trixie. In fact, in the description of the track SR goes into quite deep detail about his feelings behind Trixie’s behaviour. The way the main part of the song comes in is just raw power, and this track is one of SR’s best in my opinion.


Injustrial – Nurse Redheart | Industrial

Injustrial is back with a new track made off his signature Industrial style, and boy does it deliver! With a theme and cover art representing the roots of the genre perfectly, this dark yet delightfully melodic and progressive piece hits deep and hard as Injustrial’s signature vocal style ravishes once again and the dark-spacey synths nail the instrumental parts not without evoking subtle Unreal notes to those who may remember the soundtrack of the first game.


[P@D] Thrasher & Night Crow – Beneath Clouds / Foozogz & Sights Unseen – Out Of The Forest | Hardcore

Combining hardcore, trance, metal, and dubstep all into one song, Thrasher and Night Crow bring us the epic Beneath Clouds. If you’re familiar with Celldweller, imagine that but by pony musicians and you’ve got this song here (more or less ;D). I hope to hear more music like this from these two in the future!

In a collab that I didn’t see coming, but makes total sense, Foozogz and Sights Unseen bring us a dark changeling-themed song. Fooz brings out the lesser-known darker side to his production and Sights adds his haunting vocals to make this industrial hardcore piece complete.