D1SCORDANT – Face The Storm | Industrial Metal

D1SCORDANT is back with his own brand of gritty, harsh metal music and this time it’s about fighting the Storm King. The dirty, low, distorted guitars and upbeat drums create this aura of adversity and looming evil which makes for a great theme of an oppressive king approaching with an army. Face the Storm is inspired by evil diesel and steam punk styles of his airships, and D1SCORDANT does an excellent job of making that theme felt through little more than guitars and drums!


Elias Frost – We’ve Come So Far (covering Daniel Ingram) | Industrial Metal

You can always count on Elias Frost to cook up something different. Covering the opening song from Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, Frost takes the happy pop track to a heavy, darker place. Adding some metal beats, a lot of distorted guitars, and a dramatic synth, Elias creates a brilliantly unique take on the original, complete with the video of him performing it.


One Track Mind – End of the Show (Variations on Brilliant Venture’s Welcome to the Show) | Witch House

An ethereal and surrealistic soundscape that will take you to places. A philosophic variation of a remix of Welcome to the Show done by Brilliant Venture featuring vocal work from Wubcake. One Track Mind has been producing some really splendid and experimental works on the electronic music world. This variation proves that, shows how prolific an artist can be with their creative process. And the result is a 6 minute journey into a dark forest where cruel fantasies are created, a haunting, beautiful and yet mechanical experience. Keep up with this amazing tracks! They aren’t One, because they expand our Mind. Amazing Track!


[P@D] Thrasher – A Hero’s Ascension | Trance Metal / Synthwave

A mix of modern and retro, featured in the most recent Ponies at Dawn compilation, Rebirth. Thrasher makes a kinda cinematic/retro trance metal track with Metalcore and Industrial/Cyber Metal influences that promises to make you dance and headbang at the same time! A mix of aggressive with chill, Metal with Synthpop. A truly experimentatal world in there. Listen to it!

Don’t forget to download Rebirth on P@D’s bandcamp, they are waiting for you. I’m downloading right now, you should also do it! If you are rich, buy the album, it only helps the artists!


Radiarc – Sweet Dreams | Breakcore / Orchestral

Close Your Eyes

Control Your Inner self

Have Sweet Dreams

Rest Well

Radiarc delivers some really atmospheric and ethereal Breakcore for this Nightmare Night track. The song, with a spooky image as visual art done by dadio46, Finaglerific and Lopoddity, has a lot of orchestral and industrial elements, mixing the aggression and wildness of breakcore with the mechanical feelings of industrial and with the atmospheric and ethereal elements of orchestral! Radiarc did really an amazing work on this, do more Breakcore please! This turn out amazing, keep up the rad work!


D1scordant – Aggressor | Industrial

Yes yes YES I AM A N G E R Y this track makes me very A N G E R Y because it is so good and the A N G E R Y vibe can be felt wich is awesome and makes me A N G E R Y I quess that’s the Idea behind Aggressor. I haven’t seen the Movie yet, but this Track really fits Tempest if you ask me. Her style reminds me alot of the Umbrella corporation from Resident Evil. Like, her leading a squad of super dark A N G E R Y tactical marines while moving in to engage. Awesome. The Industrial vibe is felt here and I love it. D1scordant did an awesome job regarding this and I think he deserves love for it. ❤ so my horsepeoples reading this, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! ❤


Lectro Dub – Salvaging | Classic Rock / Industrial Rock

Lectro Dub returns with an amazing experimental rock track with classic elements mixed with modern elements! The classic rock elements on the guitar riffs and in some synths looking like one of that really awesome and psychedelic Pink Floyd experimental albums! The modern rock elements on the mechanical drumming and some really Nine Inch Nails look like synths, reminding me of Classic Industrial Rock mixed with Funk Rock elements (the guitar riffs mixed with the bass line) and Psychedelia! Really headbanging and nostalgic experiment! Lectro Dub did really an awesome job on this!


Sights Unseen – Pegasus Factory II | Electro-Industrial

Sights Unseen remasters one of his most popular songs, the mashup between the 3 rainbow factory songs. Actually it’s really good, I never listened to the older version (why I didn’t) and when I heard this new version I thought, this has some really some Industrial inspiration, mostly in some drums use, they really look mechanical, the feeling I have when I listen to Electro Industrial music. This is an amazing piece of industrial music, I really loved each corner of it! Well mastered and well mixed! Good job!


Game-BeatX14 – Changeling Invasion | Dark Electro

Some of you may know Game-BeatX14 from his awesome pony wallpapers on DeviantArt, yet the multi-skilled artist is now taking on the world of pony music on YouTube and his debut track is an enthralling Dark Electro tune about a changeling invasion. Definitely fitting very well to that theme, this onslaught of dark and intricate synths is portraying the assault with sharpness and passion.