PumpkinZ – Through an Alternate Dimension of Chaos | Industrial / Hardcore

PumpkinZ has been improving fast since they started out last year and worked their way up to be featured on Equestrian Terror Corps. The song can be roughly divided into two distinct parts. First, an ambient intro section with beautiful piano. Then, a strongly melodic hardcore part with a wild lead and a heavily distorted kick. Here’s to hoping they keep having fun writing music and improving.


StableTwoStallion – Fallout Equestria | Industrial Gothic Metal

Woah. Brace yourself! This FoE-inspired thrash track is heavy and hits hard! STS has been pumping out industrial tracks for years and is no stranger to going heavy with the powerful distorted guitars, thumpin’ drums, and eerie vocal chants in the background. StableTwoStallion explains that Fallout Equestria is “inspired by Rammstein and Oomph” and lead vocals reflect that comparison in every good way! As an added bonus – this song is entirely in German which personally just makes it all the more epic!


StableTwoStallion & Koron Korak – Twi and Rares do a Jam | Industrial Metal

This collab has a unique approach, as you’ll need to watch this with two videos playing at the same time! Twi and Rares do a Jam depicts a scenario where they’re set to perform on stage, with their voices provided by Once they’re done talking, a short but heavy instrumental plays, showing off Stable‘s signature metal style with some electronic additions from Koron Korak. Even as a light-hearted April Fools day gag, it sounds pretty great!


Koron Korak – Pony Daki Addict | DarkSynth

In honor of our very own Makenshi’s 30th birthday, Koron Korak has released a song dedicated to him! Pony Daki Addict is an industrial rock/synthwave piece that features plenty of orchestral elements and samples of Twilight along with it! The driving synth sounds like a distorted guitar which definitely helps with the industrial edge this song brings. What better gift could you think of than music?


Koron Korak & StableTwoStallion – Ein Funkeln im Zwielicht | Industrial Metal

Who would’ve guessed these two would come together to create something fantastic? Ein Funkeln im Zwielicht is an industrial metal collab about Twilight Sparkle featuring StableTwoStallion‘s signature Rammstein-influenced vocal delivery in German while Koron plays drums and even the digeridoo at one point. Fantastic composition skills on display here from these two. Hope to see more collabs from them in the future!


Branrich VanIstner – Rise, She-Demon. Rise! | Industrial Metal

Branrich VanIster returns with a change of pace from his last two tracks. Rise, She-Demon. Rise! is an industrial piece that borrows elements from metal, primarily driven by a fuzzy bass guitar and punchy drums. A sudden voice sample of Sunset announcing her presence precedes a transition into a faster segment of the song, as if to represent her growth of power and that the Equestrian town is truly in danger. Brutal stuff.


StableTwoStallion – Photo Finish | Industrial Metal

What if Photo Finish, Rarity and Sassy Saddles teamed up and formed a band, along two members of Rock Farm, Pinkie and Maud? Their newest song is on the spotlight, with StableTwoStallion providing such awesome thoughts along the awesome music… and with impressive new SFM art as well!! The visuals are just so cool and it feels awesome to rock out to StableTwoStallion’s stunning vocals and instrumental work, immersing yourself into this new idea of a band!


Thrasher – Welcome To Insanity | Album | Industrial Metal

Industrial metal musician Thrasher’s third studio album is finally here, and it’s definitely a treat. With 11 tracks of industrial metal goodness, this is an album you won’t want to pass up. Emanon, Blackened Eyes and A Villain’s Descent were released as pre-release singles, which leaves us with 8 brand new stellar songs to hear. After the album’s ominous opener, Evolution, we’re greeted with powerful metal tracks in the form of Emanon and Annihilation. Both of these songs are erratic and fast-paced, filled with chugging guitars that you’ll easily find yourself headbanging to. Track 4, – Disoriented – starts out with a unique Indian-inspired atmosphere, with tablas and sitars leading the intro before bringing the rhythm section and distorted guitars into the mix, making what can best be described as a heavier Tool-sounding song. The middle of the album sees a minute long interlude, consisting of a distant electric guitar ringing out before heading into the transition for the next track, Insanity. The two stand out tracks on this album are Colossus and The Word Above, both of which are longer than 6 minutes. Both tracks are heavy, filled with electronic elements and feel a lot shorter than they actually are. Overall, this album is a must-listen if you’re into industrial metal such as Fear Factory. You won’t regret it in the slightest.