[PP] Neu KatalYst – cmap.exe (feat. Starbrush) | Acid / Experimental / Industrial

Coming from the latest Pinkamena Party release, brony Drum and Bass legend Neu KatalYst, with the help of Starbrush, delivers a frantic and danceable experimental acid electronic track, reminding me of 90’s acid songs, mostly on an industrial take on the matter – respecting the theme of the Pinkamena Party album – old school eletronic/experimental music. Inspired by the soundtrack of the amazing anime Serial Experiments Lain and by the character of Friendship is Witchcraft – Sweetie Bot, the acid and psychedelic feeling plus the mechanical and cold frantic sounding textures and sounds make it really enjoyable. An experimental acid track with an industrial cherry on the top, making it really good. Good job on this one Neu and Starbrush!


StableTwoStallion – GalaCon Theme (Covering MusicByOctavia) | Industrial Metal

Any fans of Rammstein should be very pleased with this one! The very talented StableTwoStallion has graced us with a very hard hitting and hauntingly beautiful cover of the talented MusicByOctavia’s theme composed for Galacon, which the convention still uses today. This cover has all the aspects people love about industrial metal from the 2000s: hard hitting bass drums, a liberal helping of synthesizers throughout, choirs, and guitar riffs you can’t help but bang your head to, so don’t miss out on this gem!


General Mumble – Perfect [Toby Macarony Remix] | Dark Ambient/Electro Swing

Now, I know it’s a little too early for Halloween. However, if you feel like getting the spookies on before everyone else, you may do your decorations to this track! The dark, gloomy industrial overtones, coupled with interesting vocal effects on “This Day Aria”, which is kind of a signature of this particular artist, makes for an intensely creepy yet strangely satisfying experience. All in all, another great remix from Toby Macarony!

Also, check out the album which this remix is part of here.




Sleepy toaster – We’re going home | Glitch/Industrial

This piece of music is a chilling and a bittersweet reminder of just sometimes you don’t need words for a message. Sleepy Toaster’s piece heavily reminds me of why I love atmospheric music. It’s not just pony music that could be used in a grimdark or Fallout Equestria setting. But this music could be used to set the tone for anything you want to give an unsettling feel too. Or a mysterious vibe to as well. Its has this dark music box tone, birds chirping and static radio sounds with this slow clockwork-like melody that slowly creeps up your spine. Not bad! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.


StableTwoStallion – Tempest Shadow | Industrial Gothic Metal / Neue Deutsche Härte

StableTwoStallion is on a roll with this series of Neue Deutsche Härte-inspired ponifications, and this new installment is about the “Industrial” pony, Tempest Shadow! Maybe it’s her colors, I don’t know. And the musician went all-out again, not only crafting such a stunning song, but complementing it with hoof-made SFM artworks, appearing in the video!


[Out Of Limit 4] Viricide Filly – Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow | Downtempo / Experimental

From’s hottest compilation to date, Viricide has submitted their prowess for plucky, glitchy ambiances with this track. This one is not for the weak of heart! Soothing, yet harsh; loose, yet constricted. The passage of time is a complex one and this track is full of little intricacies and design choices that really showcase what is all about! Don’t forget to check out the rest of Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time for more abstract and interesting songs, trust me, its really worth the time!


StableTwoStallion – Goth Pony | Industrial Gothic Metal

This new release from the bringer of pony Neue Deutsche Härte is extra dark, with a certain layer of black shade from our beloved goth ponies! Achieving untold levels of darkness and goth-like lament, the track pays much tribute to the ponies and brings that spirit for us to celebrate again along a bittersweet yet energetic instrumental of many dark wonders, and vocals as impressive as always from the musician!


[P@D] Thrasher & Velvet R. Wings – The Forgotten Reality Of A Hero’s Ascension (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | Symphonic Metal

(Before you listen to this. Please listen to Thrashers A Hero’s Ascension and Velvet R. Wings/SDreamExplorerS The Forgotten Reality.)
I’ve heard a lot of music made for our beloved princess of the night, but none has given me goosebumps quite like this. Thrasher, Velvet R. Wings, and SDreamExplorerS collab their past works to make this into a Symphonic Metal track on P@D. Yes, all its melodies and genres sound just right together. The tells the story of Princess Luna’s work in the dream realm. Velvet’s adapted vocals make you swear it is luna singing this harmony right too you. The message that she is your protector in your dream’s and not to forget that. I really like the lyrics. It really does talk about Luna’s work protecting her subjects from the horror’s of nightmare’s. The hard and symphonic metal guitars, help drive home the fact that Princess Luna is a hero to the ponies she protects. A metalhead like myself gives this song high praise.


StableTwoStallion – Ember | Industrial Gothic Metal / Neue Deutsche Härte

StableTwoStallion did it again!! Once again inspired by such popular Neue Deutsche Härte music, the talented musician paid tribute to Ember this time, the assertive side of her character fitting so well to the aggressive guitar riffs! And the vocals are just incredible and so perfect for the genre and musical inspirations! A huge success once again!