The Dark Side – Holy Moly | Trap / Future Bass

Ah, yeah!  Love us some trap and future bass here, coming from The Dark Side!  Inspired by John Joseco and his Princess Molestia webcomic, with Trap Nation style visuals, this song is sure to be appreciated by brony bassheads everywhere.  From the emotional chord progressions to the cool sub falls and filthy drops, this track has a nice combination of both trap in major and minor keys.  Nice job, Dark Side!


mikuma – Raindrops (feat. Namii) (Original Mix) | Future R&B

Xavi my dude! this is Dope AF! I Love it! and the lyrics are sooo true regarding this track aswell; “There’s no place I’d rather be, then Blasting this track on my Speakers and TV.” ❤ I mean, the first one that came out too was A-MA-ZING! I loved it! But this rendetion aswell pleases me and many others ALOT! The mixing in it is Superior and so gracefull. as Are Namii’s vocals! Soft and Mellow and then BOOM the beat takes over again. Very well done, props to the both of you! keep it up! ❤ everybody, you know what to do. ❤

Editor’s note: Go grab this track as part of the Pastel Dreams EP!


Wootmaster – Magic Bling (TCB Remix) | Future Bass / Hip-Hop

Wootmaster’s Magic Bling is arguably one of the best ponified parody songs of 2016. TCB has remixed the Drake parody to perfection! A future bass soundscape complements Wootmaster’s vocals quite well. With a “kawaii” atmosphere, one can really get down a boogie to this remix! Be sure to grab a download from TCB’s Bandcamp!


John Kenza – Timeless VIP | Future

Its indeed Timeless. this whole adventure of Music, Experience, and Passion. This trip that is helping so many and doing so much good in this World. Many might missunderstand, but we Don’t. We still believe in the Magic this powerfull movement gives us and we still are ready to strife for what we love from day 1.
I think that this song is indeed a reminder of how Timeless it all is. That we’re yet so far upon the travel we do, and yet its timeless. It has always been, it always will be. ❤
Love the vibe and flow, keep it up man ❤ everybody show some love.


Daniel Ingram – I’ll Fly (mikuma Remix) | Future Bounce

Mikuma my man ❤ stay kawaii my dude. I love this Remix! I love the drops, as the vocals really fit the tune. The transformations and Flow go Really hard! I love it man! Rainbowdash is awesome aswell and its cool to see she’s getting some love aswell for once. Its honestly been awhile since I’ve seen some Rainbowdash songs on this Site. Next to that, Daniel Ingram’s work aswell stays a very big Inspirational and Motivational factor. I love how it is played out here, keep up the good work man! ❤ Everybody, show some love. ❤


Mikuma – Raindrops (feat. Namii) (L.M. Remix) | Future Bass

LucienMusique returns to present us a tasty Future Bass remix of Mikuma‘s collab with Namii, and it is brimming with the musician’s expert hoof and creative vision. Laying out the vocals in a whole new progression, it brings mellow vibes as well as sick synth and percussion work reminiscent of Grey’s remix of Zedd’s Papercut (which has been adapted into an amazing PMV, by the way).