[P@D] Mantlegen – Dirty Gem (feat. Lennon Black) | Future Bounce

[This wild track is bought to you by the Bronies over at Magnus Records! Please check them out if you loved this track. Also, listen to this songs predecessor _RARITY  before checking this one out.]
P@D has been known in this fandom to have the most diverse variety of music. You will find just about anything on these albums. I mean ANYTHING! Skyward is no different. Like this track about Equestria’s most beautiful unicorn Rarity. I’m sure a lot of you know about the song done by Mantlegen before this one. He has upped this song to a new level of unicorn sex appeal with the help of Mr. LennonBlack. (Ya think the cover art gave that away!)
I have to admit that Rarity would have this wild side to her. This catchy and suggestive track sure brings that out of her. The music in itself has this hyper exotic feel to it (along with sound clips of Rarity’s voice actress in the official Korean dub of MLP). She has that vibe to her with her character, so its a fun twist on that. I don’t think this track is for everyone. I do think that the atmosphere, the harmonies of this track, let us bring out that different and fun side of us. I like to believe that Rarity is no different given if she found the right special some pony to show this too. It’s a very steamy feeling. Give it a shot, a bouncy track is a great term for this kind of music. Trust me LOL.
Art by stoic5


TheBluishPony – Vinyl Rave | Future House

Woo!! What a boppin’ track from TheBluishPony! This is a seriously powerful dance track that really gives off those classic Vinyl Scratch vibes. The half-time switch in the drop adds some absolutely stunning variety to this already stellar track! What a fantastic addition to my playlist, and hopefully yours, too!


TCB – Part Of Your Day | Future House

This lovey Yona tribute is a short and sweet pleaser to best yak. Why not a full song, it sure makes its point by being an uplifting song with just the right yak stomping energy. Taking a little bit of “fit right in” from she’s all yak. The message of the episode with some melodies of future house EDM will hopefully remind you to be like best yak and let her help you in your day. Yona is the best yak for a good reason. TCB, well done good sir!


Daniel Ingram – Out On My Own (NeverLastStanding Remix) (Remastered) | Future Bass

Every new release by NeverLastStanding feels like fireworks of community love and pony passion! In preparation for his gig with loophoof at Everfree Northwest’s After Party on May 18th, our beloved Hype Horse crafted this remaster that brings some Apple Bloom love anew along with an exclusive orchestral part that is as gorgeous as it is emotional! I say that’s a performance you definitely don’t wanna miss if you attend Everfree Northwest!


Forgiveness & Anguish – Another Day Away | Future Garage / Chillout

Its been nearly two years since I last heard from Forgiveness & Anguish and Another Day Away comes in with a dissonant and mysterious atmosphere with an impeccable sound stage and I absolutely adore the percussive low end energy that glues it all together. This is a very professional and unique sounding track and its an awesome way to re-enter after so many days away!


[P@D] DJT – Goddesses In Crime (feat. 4EverfreeBrony & Chord Catcher) | Future Bass

From Ponies At Dawn: Enigma we got an amazing collab from DJT, 4EverfreeBrony & Chord Catcher! Infectious vocals open up to a soothing acoustic melody before the vibe is fipped on its head as the song builds into a powerful yet, airy future bass track! These musicians seamlessly blend their styles together and a true masterpiece is the result! Its one of my favourites from the album, and if you haven’t checked out this song, or the rest of Enigma yet, than what are you waiting for!?


UndreamedPanic – Raiders | Retrowave


An extremely talented and versatile musician, UndreamedPanic graces us with a powerful, action-induced track, reminiscent of the Fallout Equestria setting! The beat of the track is somewhat relaxed compared to the urgent, danger-imposing feel of the pulsating synth as well as the harsh saws and bass. The instrumentation gives the track a very 80s movie style, and you can really get a sense of the fierce drama taking place with the Raiders! Originally planned to be a part of an album that was scrapped, we should all be thankful that we still get to hear this excellent track!