Ponytronic – Summer Tea Time | Future Bass / Chillstep

Ponytronic returns with this chill and awesome track about Octavia. The drops are really minimal and experimental. The “downtempo” look like drum beats are also well performed. Also the bell sample used in the drums is also pretty smart and experimental! Warm and minimalistic Future Bass for drinking your tea while you are relaxing in the camp! Octavia should be proud of this track Ponytronic!


[P@D] Jackie Lombardi – Balloons & Confetti | Future Bass

Coming from the newest Ponies At Dawn album Guardians, Jackie delivers an emotional and uplifting future bass track hidden deep inside on the album!

The Pinkie Pie vocals chops and samples, the drums and the drops are really amazing! This song has really party feeling! This song will make you happy and make you dance after a hard day! Also that slow-motion part at the end! It’s awesome

Download Guardians already! Boys and Girls, please, why you don’t download the album yet? Are you loco in the coco? (if you are rich buy it now!)


[LDB] DJT & iblank2apples – Ponez (Xavi Remix) | Bass House

Xavi tackled the classic and very emotional Ponez from DJT and iblank2apples, adding his own share of wonders to the mix! Aptly calling back to the emotions of the original by showcasing its amazing motifs, our beloved Future musician has also explored the depths of heavy bass and house music and has empowered the track with slick wubs not lacking of Future influence! A stunning remix as cool as can be, and as cute as Xavi and ponies, available as part of Beats Me 3! By the way, the cover art is by Mirroredsea, a very kind and active pony artist that I highly recommend!


[P@D] ExplodingPonyToast – When The Heart There Lies | Future Bass

EPT isn’t a stranger to Ponies At Dawn. Being around in P@D since Hold Your Rainbow and started to direct the albums releases since Crystal Skies, EPT is a P@D grandpa! So a track done by him in the most recent P@D album: Guardians is much awaited!

When The Heart There Lies aka an amazing song about Fluttershy has everything for be an awesome Future Bass track. The Fluttershy vocals that are soo cute complete the awesome instrumental. The drop production is very well performed as well the synths.

Don’t forget to download or buy Guardians in a bandcamp near you!


[P@D] Twiggy, Pandela & PVNK – We’ve Been Here a Long Time, Haven’t We?| Nu-Disco / Future House

From Ponies At Dawn latest album Guardians we have a wonderful collaboration work done by Twiggy (another Phoxi alias), Pandela and PVNK. The vocals, the samples and the white noise used in the final part, the bass line and the synth line, the drums. All was on the point. It reminds me of the latest songs that Calvin Harris did for his new album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.

  You didn’t downloaded Guardians yet? Shame on you! Download it now or buy it if you want.


[LDB] Intersekt – When Is It Over (feat. Flittzy) | Future Bass

Coming from the most recent compiliation album: Lycan Dese Beats 3. Intersekt and Flittzy delivers an emotional and uplifting track about Twilight Sparkle pondering about the nature of immortality and friendship. Flittzy vocals, as always were on the point. The writing also was pretty creative and awesome! The drops are uplifting and amazing, I really loved it! Intersekt did an awesome job on this instrumental as do well Flittzy on the vocals.

Download or buy Lycan Dese Beats 3 in a bandcamp near you!


[LDB] Totalspark – Dancing in the Moonlight VIP | Future Bass

The responsibility of a community compilation album’s closing track is not one that should be underestimated. While it plays little part in keeping the listener hooked, it determines the finish, the aftertaste which lingers for hours after one has concluded one’s first playthrough, and is quite instrumental to the first impression.

On the newest LDB release Beats Me 3, Totalspark takes care of all this flawlessly with his new take on Dancing in the Moonlight.

While the original is well over a year old and relied on excellent use of negative space and beautiful piano composition to carry it, the 2017 VIP is quite different in execution, if not in concept. Totalsparks once again proves that he can uphold the quality benchmark set by his latest releases, utilising beautiful arps, crisp percussion and lush chords to create an immersive and satisfying experience. A brand new lead synth guides you through both energetic drops, and the track culminates in a gorgeous piano outro.

Get Beats Me 3 on Bandcamp now!