Kawaii Dash – Vape Hors | Future Trap

Xavi’s latest masterpiece is here everypony, and this one is especially crazy. In all the good ways. What originally was a Future Bass experiment turned into a much Vapor-inspired Future Trap banger of many wonders, where blissful whomps, divine vocal chops, sick sound design, and far-out distortions are all creating an incredible experience to replay and replay again. The second vapor-ey part is really hitting hard and is very powerful along that amazing soundscape Xavi-chi is known for. The heavier vocal chops parts featuring Giggly Maria‘s vocals are also very intense and I can’t get over how incredible that bass synth is. As for the Vapor cover art from RacoonKun, it is completing the experience very nicely (I recommend his artworks by the way, tons of sexy great stuff).


TCB – Keys & Cuts EP | Electronic

Hearing a new song from TCB is fantastic enough, but having an entire EP is quite the treat. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but it really has a perfect variety of songs that all contain really unique vocal chops! I love the fact that there are vocal chops of characters you don’t hear vocal chops of often in here, really makes each song iconic! Read more about it after the break.

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Aurelleah & Kadenza ft. PegasYs – Firelight (AJ Young Remix) | Future Bass

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 8 March 2017.

Firelight was a pretty awesome collaboration between Aurelleah and Kadenza, so it’s cool to see AJ Young giving it a remix. PegasYs‘ voice works just as well here as it did in the original, with a sort of trap-style build up going into synth-led drop that nonetheless has some appreciable bass presence. Whilst it doesn’t diverge a whole lot from the original in overall atmosphere, the slightly different pacing and future bass feel to it is pretty cool.


[P@D] DJT ft. Puffy – Peppermint (Silva Hound Remix) | Future Bass

This was a nice surprise to hear on Amity – not just the fact that Silva Hound got involved with Ponies At Dawn, but released a future bass track for the first time in years. This remix of Peppermint, from the previous P@D album, keeps the uplifting futurey feel of the original, but sits at the more trap-influenced end of the future bass spectrum, with those classic 808 kicks and snares.


[P@D] L.M. – Eve (ExplodingPonyToast Remix) | Chillout / Future

To honor the emotion from Awakening and more particularly the incredible Eve from LucienMusique, our dear ExplodingPonyToast brought to life a remix full of subtle emotional callbacks to the original, yet also creating a brand new emotional journey of sound among the chill vibes and Future influences. The last part is in my opinion the emotional pinnacle of the remix, and doesn’t fail to make me teary-eyed again as I’m writing this and relistening to it. A torrent of masterful and passionate melodies paying much tribute to the melodies of the original, and a perfect alchemy of sounds resulting in powerful magic!


Vylet & Sylver – i just want you to notice me | Future

I think this is close enough to call “future”, with low-fi hip-hop influences and some additional audio aesthetic thrown in for good measure. But anyway, about the track itself – this songs marks the release of another character-specific EP from Vylet, simply titled lotus, after the character on whom it focuses, and again with the theme of the album deeply rooted in romance.

You can get the EP for just $2.99 on Bandcamp, and I expect Vylet will upload the remaining songs to YouTube over the coming weeks..


Synthis – Crash To Pieces | Future

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 3 December 2016.

Consistently high quality and beautifully produced, new Synthis releases are always something I look forward to eagerly, so it’s great to see a new piece from him! The instrumental for this track is a lot more relaxed than some of his other works, with a bit of a trap/future bass feel to it, and it works wonderfully in collaboration with some wonderfully sung vocals. The lyrics themselves are also quite thoughtful, so it’s worth paying attention to them whilst you listen. Make sure to check it out!


Daniel Ingram – The Pony I Want To Be (Xavi Remix) | Future House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 1 December 2016.

After a bunch of releases under the name Kawaii Dash, Xavi returns with what’s probably one of the most interesting remixes of The Pony I Want To Be. This one takes the vocals and combines them wonderfully with an instrumental that’s an interesting combination of future sounds and a bounce-y groove. As with all Xavi tracks, it also features some pretty neat percussion and auxiliary sounds, and the vocal chopping towards the end is also much appreciated – definitely worth giving a listen!