[P@D] Zizkil – Playin’ Games With You | Future House

It’s so good to see Zizkil being featured on Ponies at Dawn Anthology, as the musician has been gracing us with masterful and unique pieces for quite some time now. Going all-out for this release, Zizkil brings his electronic music expertise and goes for a mellow, pony-like atmosphere delivering sweet vibes fitting to the concept, all while displaying quality sound design and beautiful melodies. The hooves clopping sounds are the icing on the cake and make the song even cuter along the utterly cute cover art by TeaCupPuppi!


[P@D] John Kenza – Wonderbolt | Future Trap

John Kenza is an amazing producer in our fandom and his 2 features in Anthology plus 2 entrances in the oldies goldies part! I think that we’re talking about a great producer!

Wonderbolt, nice vocal sampling and chops, nice drumming work, nice synth and bass. The drops are the most exciting and emotional part, I love them soo much! John Kenza delivered a bunch of happy feelings, this one is for blast at your school party with your friends!

Like I said, if you are rich buy the CD, but the digital version, BUY BUY BUY, but if you are poor like me you can download the digital version or listen to the fresh horse tunes on Spotify! Yes, a new featured on music apps for you with your little telephony thing play the hottest horse tunes right now! Have fun!


Mikuma – The Manehatten Shuffle | Future House

Let us herald Xavi’s return with a “filler” that definitely sounds like more than that! Using his OC’s name “Mikuma”, our beloved Future afficionado is delivering in style with crispy sound design, a whompy groove, and an inspired progression definitely reflecting much talent! Icing on the cake, the track includes Xavi’s voice! And second icing on the cake, the infamous “i” sample that caused kicks and global muting as the chat got spammed with “i”… Sasuga Mikuma-chan! (That’s our Mikuma!)


[P@D] Crystal Slave – Vibrance | Electro House / Future Bass

Awesome vocal chops, great drumming work, 20% percent cooler and colorful and somewhat aggressive synth work and a awesome featured on the goldie oldies/fresh tunes P@D album: Anthology! Crystal Slave bring the dance and the uplifting feels to the dance floor!

A track that amazed my brain and my ears, with a “synth” solo that remembered me WoodenToaster electronic solos and then a future bass drop that I love soo much! This mixed with the amazing vocal sampling work (and I thumb up for using the amazing Dashie) with the amazing drumming work and with the amazing piano chords and you have this amazing track! Crystal Slave did an awesome job! With some really catchy vibes, I guess this is one of the best electronic tracks from Anthology! Album which I guess you should probably buy or download right now! (Do the second one if you are poor like me and u like to jam to this amazing record, ah and it’s on bandcamp okay).


[P@D] John Kenza – Love (feat. 4everfreebrony) | Future Bass

Album opener? Album opener! One of the best things about the Ponies At Dawn albums is that they continue to bring about collaborations that I never would have expected otherwise. This is definitely one of those cases, and it works so well too, and I don’t think I would have even recognised 4everfree’s voice if it wasn’t mentioned – he sounds so different! Go take a listen for a great upbeat start to Anthology.


TCB – Atychiphobia | Future Bass

TCB’s new EP, Cutie Cuts, is something to behold. The EP is themed around the fears of the CMC, and it’s amazingly well done. This song, Atychiphobia, meaning the fear of defeat, really portrays Scootaloo’s fear of not meeting the aspirations she has. The vocal chops and melodies are extremely well done and the emotion of the song really shines through. The vocal snippet from Parental Glideance really creats a tender moment that makes a perfect transition into the main section of the song.

Be sure to check out Sweetie Belle’s song Atelophobia (the fear of imperfection) and Apple Bloom’s song Monophobia (the fear of being alone). One song should not listened to without the other, just like the CMC always come together.


Inkwel – Angel | Future Bass

Our friend Inkwel keeps surprising me with amazing Future Bass tracks about the Main 6 pets! And we really needed another Angel Bunny track! The drops in the track are on perfection! With a Brostep feeling mixed with the uplifting feeling of Future Bass! The leads before the drops are also well performed, with some really cool and minimal drums and with amazing synths, this leads are really amazing! Some synths have that retro feeling of a 80’s videogame! One of the most amazing tracks done by Inkwel and one of my favorites by Inkwel! Keep up the good work!


Inkwel – Winona | Chill / Future

Inkwel, another less know musician, released a track about Applejack’s doggy that is really sweet, amazing and chill song is really well produced and structured. The thing I loved in this track is the “xylophone” sound in the drops and the great pad work in the beginning of the song, the “ambient” sound that Inkwell gave on that pads got me really into this track! Check it out!