Dijit – Peppermint (feat. Puffy) (DeaDmau6 Remix) | Future Bass

Quite an emotional remix of Dijit‘s original track, this new musical endeavor by DeaDmau6 is giving a new spin to the original vocal chops with this slower play, and provides a new instrumental accompaniment that empowers the emotion gotten from the chops with a powerful deep bass and ambient melodies. That makes for such a creative contrast and dynamic with the vocals, and sparks a certain magic that I couldn’t explain with words.


loophoof – We Will (ROKII Remix) | Future Bass

(You can listen to LoopHoof’s classic here)
LoopHoof’s original tune is true to the term “High energy” Its full of fun vocal chops and a D&B beat that is addictive to dance too. There really nothing more to say as it speaks for itself, This remix by ROKii however. It’s special in its own way. ROKii extends the song to over 7 minutes long of amazing transitions of Loophoof’s classic. Each time it changes.s its a different melody that displays different styles of how the sound of the song can be done in. The catch is that it’s done so smoothly by keeping at the how the original sounds The nice vocal chops are spread out throughout the track. It sounds so epic with each switch. The song has this epic but relaxing feel to it. This is something I would listen too if I needed a pick me up. I put this up there with some of my favorite remixes I’ve heard so far since joining Horse Music Herald.




GeekBrony & Drummershy – Last Tempest (feat. Vylet Pony) [TheTaZe Remix] | Future House

ANOTHER Last Tempest remix? These things are always a treat, and this remix is no exception. Guys, I think we’ve found our new Discord. This one’s a future house take on GeekBrony‘s original, with a bouncy feel and drops containing chopped up vocal samples from Vylet, adding a new flair to the already fantastic song. If there’s one remix of this song you check out, it’s gotta be this!


[P@D] Dijit – Where To Go (feat. Synthis) | Future Bass

Feeling like you need a chill inspirational song? Feel like you need a little encouragement when you are writing your first article? Well we gotcha covered. Here we have an excellent example of music and vocals coming together in a wonderful way. Where to Go by Dijit featuring Synthis is an excellent listen, for anytime of the day or night. Its the comfortable getting stuff done music that I love. I’m a sucker for a good music layout. Give it a listen!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Skyward.


Ardhy Mahardhy – Moonlight | Future Bass

Songs about Princess Celestia missing her sister Luna are not made to much anymore sadly, but how about a new spin on it! Ardhy Mahardhy was inspired to do so by moongazing one night. Why the song is not directly about that. It could be seen as that way. What a moving and positive piece of music. Using this soft and nice pop-rock and orchestral melodies to get you started It builds itself up to this fantastic rush of powerful and lifting melody that you can feel Celestia looking at the moon and hoping one day. She and Luna will be together again. Then dips back down to a softer tone and starts over. You have a little bit of Drums, Strings, Cords, keyboard. All putting this together in a very good display of Future Bass. This a good stuff for someone still trying to get the hang of making music. Give Ardhy some love, please. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – Time to be Awesome (TPressleyJ Remix) | Hybrid Future Bass

Time to be Awesome is a song that to be real with all of you. Is that you like it, or you hate it. It’s one of Rainbow Dash’s best songs when it comes to her character. I cried watching the movie for the first time. I loved this song! She is my best pony after all. Now Mr. TPressleyJ comes out with a banger that just takes this song to a new level. The upbeat, motivating music by the musical pony genius Daniel Ingram has been built into this heart-pounding powerhouse remix by Pressley! The beats add to the energy Daniel composed for this song. All the elements of the original are there and some fitting sounds bites of RD best one-liners for more flavor. This song is a banging awesome time! AHHHH YEAHHHH! As always, I ask you to judge for yourself.