4everfreebrony – The Wings You Earned (covering Tarby) | Prog Rock

There’s an awful lot of history behind this song, having gone from a JackleApp demo (from 10 years ago!) to a Tarby demo to this polished release from 4everfreebrony! The magic in the simplicity of the original composition is only amplified by this arrangement as it draws out the feeling of yearning in its lyrics. Like in so many of his recent covers, 4EFB has breathed new life into an older fandom song and made something special.


An Evening with Drummershy

HAPPENING TONIGHT: Drummershy, one of the brony fandom’s most proficient live performers, is hosting an online concert this very evening! The event is due to feature performances of the music of prog rock legends such Rush and Porcupine Tree, as well as songs that the man himself helped create. Be sure to tune into Drummershy’s Twitch channel at 8pm Eastern and follow him on Twitter for more updates!


Nyanakaru – Methodic Ways To Break A Mind | Electronic Album

After at least a year in the making, Nyanakaru has finally completed his newest album. As it happens, we’ve actually covered each one of these single releases so far (some under his former alias). You can check those out below. The last addition to this is True Colors, an intensely dark and heavy glitchy drumstep-like song – I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, so I recommend taking a listen yourself!

See our previous posts for; Clear My Head, Falling Apart, Sixty Twenty Twelve, The Brightness and Oneiromancy.


Jeff Burgess – Before These Mighty Skies | Alternative Cover Album

Once upon a time in the magical time of 2013, Le Soldat Pony released “Before These Mighty Skies” as an innovative, indie/alternative sound that was quite new and distinctive to the fandom. Le Soldat may not be a common name nowadays, but another longtime fandom musician certainly hasn’t forgotten. Jeff Burgess revived the ideas of the songs from the original album and transformed them into his own form of covers, even continuing to add bonus alternatives to the bandcamp album following the initial release!

Burgess’ sound mixes elements of indie, alternative, ambient, progressive, and folk to capture a full, distinctive sound that manages to come across as both somber and nostalgic – almost as if the songs themselves are thinking of Le Soldat and wondering where they are now.

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[P@D] Osoch – Journey Home | Prog Rock

Closing out the new Ponies At Dawn album, Zenith, Osoch works his magic again to bring us this epic instrumental track. His musicianship and attention to detail really shine through, and you can really hear how much work has gone into this. Over the course of this song a solo guitar sings a story, slowly shifting dynamically through a triplet groove towards an ending that changes gear and shifts into something so majestic! The composition of this piece is also fantastic – so many aspects from the chord progressions to the harmony choices in the solos are just so unique.



[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony & Drummershy – Angels In Disguise | Progressive Metal

There’s always something that blows me away on each Ponies At Dawn album, and I’ve found what Zenith has brought to the table. 4EverfreeBrony is no stranger to prog rock, having previously taken inspiration from Rush, but bringing Drummershy’s influence from Dream Theater into the mix has resulted in this masterpiece! You experience a full range of dynamics, from atmospheric guitars with precisely detailed percussion, to full punchy riffs with synths and string orchestration. Go take a listen for an epic 6 minutes of prog goodness!


Nyancat380 – The Brightness | Prog / Electronic Rock

From “Methodic Ways To Break A Mind” this song ironically feels quite dark and tense. “The Brightness” is a riddle of sorts themed around Rainbow Dash, with hints sprinkled throughout for the album’s theme, plus there is an outstanding lyric video accompanying it! The tension and mystery is laid out with fast paced guitar riffs and hauntingly beautiful vocaloid lines. Cold, methodical, and chant-like, everything about this track grabs your attention and doesn’t let go! The chorus is heavily addicting and I guarantee your thoughts will be provoked by the poem that Nyancat380 has laid out.


Maddie Tourmaline – Princess Tiffany | Progressive RockΒ 

This is an awesome concept realized with breathtaking execution! Noble disagreement simmers amongst a group of Pony princesses on a boring, beautiful summer day in Paradise. The shared designs of the budding royals are related over a dreamy soundscape of gentle acoustic instrumentation which is paced by calibrated percussion, accented by light ambience, and crowned by silky sweet vocals. The instrumentation choices are ridiculously fantastic throughout the song, and the little nudges and rumbles of bass throughout hint at lurking danger. The progression percolates impressively to life, especially at the antagonist’s entrance. The arrangement darkens, and synth melodies swirl and soar before the bass-heavy downfall of the kingdom. I hope that you enjoy this journey as much as I did–I would love a whole album of this fantastic musical storytelling!

Deavas – Flutterborn (Covering Twitch) | Progressive Metal

Deavas reworks an EDM classic into a progressive rock tune and replaces the smooth, laid back delivery of the original, creating an intensity that matches the awesome background art! The guitars are fantastic throughout as Deavas shows off their chops and rock production skills, and the Skyrim-influenced viking vibe is awesome. It’s great hearing Fluttershy’s vocals floating above the fray of the churning guitars and rock percussion. This track is so packed with rock goodness and hoof pumping attitude that by the end you’ll be convinced that the seemingly demure pegasus is actually moonlighting as a rock goddess! (She totally is.)


BinExis – Distant Farewell | Progressive Rock

BinExis has gifted us a few wonderful Pony songs over the years (check out the innovative “New Old Beginning” with its awesome instrumentation (complete with flute) and the warm, dark sparkle of their first MLP musical foray, “The Night and Elements“), and now we get their most epic creation yet! This prog rock adventure launches quickly into full flight, a fantastically melodic combination of synths, guitars, and percussion. It combines with the amazing video art to set the table for some most excellent rock vocals (the full lyrics are in the video description! Woo!), which tell a tale of Celestia and Luna traveling through space in a search of a new home for all of the creatures of Equestria. The many parts of this composition feel so well-tuned to the others, calibrated and balanced for maximum narrative impact, which is highlighted nicely by the shift in tone midway through the song that is accompanied by a shift in the video’s artwork. I especially appreciated the great guitar work in the second half which was both accomplished and perfect for the story! This song feels like a snapshot from a sci-fi saga, and I hope that we get more of this story in the future!