iblank2apples – Flutterwander (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Drum & Bass

It’s always such a treat for the ears with every Drumscape Library upload. Isn’t it amazing how timeless those vocals from So Many Wonders are? With this tune, NeverLastStanding flips the synthwave-inspired Flutterwander on its head, while still retaining the beyond-catchy vocal chops from iblank’s original. The lead in this song is infectious in catchiness and in how friggin’ happy it is (something NLS specializes in). The song never feels like it takes a break energy-wise, which is something I personally love in any drum and bass song. The punchy kick in the breakdown, coupled with the clean-as-usual mixing from NLS, make this track sure to please any fandom DnB connoisseur!
This track is available as part of A State of Sugar Bubblegum.


bank pain – Ironsight Carousel (Intersekt Remix) | Electro House

Our very own Intersekt has this new track up! It’s a remix of bank pain’s Ironsight Carousel, if you missed that in the title. From soaring synths to guttural bass, this one’s an absolute delight to listen to. He even has a free .wav download up!


JayB – I Love Everything feat. Fluttershy (Soundnix Remix) | Complextro

This one is a nice blast from the past! Soundnix re-imagines a classic by JayB with some really, REALLY creative ideas that span the entire 6 minutes and it constantly evolves and brings something new to the mix. Amazing textures and layers, switch ups and chords… I just love everything about this remix and you are definitely missing out if you haven’t already taken a listen yourself!


The Cosine Pitchshifterz – On Your Face (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Hardstyle

Talk about a transformative remix! The prodigious and insanely versatile NeverLastStanding has blessed us with another awesome hardstyle remix, this time of Cosine’s On Your FaceNLS’ propensity for making ridiculously catchy melodies with pony vocal chops is in full effect here, and the dialogue samples from the original are used in a way very befitting of the atmosphere. The mixdown here is also great, with the kick cutting through the mix in a very satisfying way. Seems like we’ve been getting quite a lot of good horse hardstyle lately, so here’s another to add to your playlist!


DJT & Rusyd Rosman – Breathing Space (Shuffle Horse Remix)| Deep House / Bounce

I’ve not heard Shuffle Horse’s music before apart from his song on the recent A State of Sugar compilation, Bubblegum, but color me impressed! This remix of DJT and Rusyd Rosman’s lovely Breathing Space focuses on a tight groove and, boy, the shuffle in Shuffle Horse’s is in full effect on this song. This has to be one of the most danceable pony songs of the year. The potential for bangers to come is insane with this guy, definitely one to look out for! Did I mention he’s 15?


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (Superplastic Remix) | Hardstyle

Aaaand we have another comeback! The name may not sound familiar, but the artist formerly known as Addictia has made a return with one of the best hardstyle tunes I’ve heard in a while, fandom or otherwise. Featured are some intriguing background vocal chops, creative percussion, lovely synths and great tension, and a cathartic hardstyle drop with a fine, fine kick! To top it all off, the drop’s melody is insanely catchy. A lot of ponies have been waiting for a great hardstyle remix of The Spectacle and I’m happy to say it has arrived!


Daniel Ingram – Open Up Your Eyes (Notion Remix) | Future Bass / House

~   W I D E S C R E E N   F O R M A T   ~

Not content with just one genre, Notion’s put his spin on Tempest’s famous solo piece with a blend of house and future bass. While it’s a shame we still can’t get properly isolated vocals for the track, the concept behind this remix is really interesting and a pretty unique take on the song!


Brilliant Venture – Moved On (Brilliant Venture -n- AppleBukker vs. Changelings Remix) | Chiptune

Taking inspiration from a fantastic Cider Party track as well as paying tribute to his great friend, AppleBukker gives us this cunning, fun remix of Brilliant Venture’s Moved On. The original track utilized a synth which AB shrewdly recognized as a brilliant chiptune lead. This remix has the fantastic sound design of an 8-bit RPG battle soundtrack, and is made even better knowing that it meant so much to AppleBukker that he got to revisit his chiptune roots with a remix of his good buddy’s song. Pieces like this really hit home the fact that Friendship is Magic.


Ditherer – Love Trouble (feat. Doodled) (TCB Remix) | Hybrid Trap

WARNING: NSFW LYRICS Where to even begin with this one. I’ve been at Bronycon showing this song to some very prominent figures in horse music, and they all had the same dropped jaw when they heard this. The beginning of this remix has is reminiscent of a Migos song, then shifts to something very Middle Eastern-influenced (something I personally have missed in trap music). Ditherer has proven himself to be the fandom’s premiere lyricist after only a few months and it shows here. He spits multis on multis, and the verse, like most of his music, feels very deliberate. And what’s he rapping about? Horse poon. Same goes for Doodled, who starts his verse off with some outrageous Auto-Tune and transitions to a highly catchy refrain. That hook immediately leads to the awe-inspiring drop, proving TCB still is one of the most underrated fandom musicians to ever do it. Doodled is no slouch on the mic either, however. His cool delivery and flow is effortless and also has some very intriguing rhyme schemes throughout his verse. A song for true flank lovers only.