Whirly Tail – Thinking Out Loud (Cynifree Remix) | Psytrance

(Listen to Whirly Tail’s Original Here )

Folks, there is no one in this fandom – in my opinion – that captures atmospheric and environmental melodies like Cynifree! He puts on a darker, menacing but exciting tone to Whirly Tail’s emotional and fun “Thinking Out Loud” which, in its own right (being a trance song), is moody. Cynifree takes the first half with this sort of aggressive and confrontational composure while keeping Whirly’s original tone and flow. It gives you the feeling of eyes watching you the whole time while moving. After this drop and severe mood swing with a crunch, the song then turns in a much more combative, sinister vibe, and my goodness it really gets the blood rushing, so well done! This is a genre called “Forest Psy”, and I want to hear more! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


TCB – Integrity VIP, YONA GONNA, GLOOM & BLOOM, Death in The Afternoon VIP | Multi-Genre

TCB has been quite active recently and submitted songs to most of the labels in the fandom. He uploaded four of them in the form of the present mix and all the links to the albums and the entire tracks are in the video description. Uniqueness is a defining trait of TCB’s music, every time bringing fresh and original ideas to the table. With insane sound design, the use of a wide range of orchestral instruments and ingenious work with vocals, TCB builds a universe of sounds from the ground up with each new release of his. Integrity VIP is a variation of a track from the Keys & Cuts EP using vocals from The Magic Inside. YONA GONNA has input from Loophoof and hits very hard, even if it has emotional moments nonetheless. GLOOM & BLOOM uses the lullaby from Bloom & Gloom, aims to target the feels and succeeds. Death in The Afternoon VIP is a new take on the track from the album The Closet Anthology that unfortunately went a bit under the radar so it is nice to see it getting some more love. It still features Ditherer but gives a more central role to the instrumental which doesn’t only serve as a backbeat to support her rapping anymore. As a last note TCB’s set at BronyBashOnline includes exclusive yet-to-be-released VIPs and Remixes, it would be a shame to miss them.


Agents of Discord & Reverbrony – Chimera (RIEL Remix) | Complextro

Now this is an interesting one. RIEL has taken Agent of Discord’s and Reverbrony’s song ‘Chimera’ and flipped it on its head! A more in your face, foreboding spectacle of gritty synthesis melds nicely with the original melodies. A lot of switch ups in the rhythm plus a pulsing bassline and ominous atmosphere really sells this as a unique take on the original and I couldn’t be happier for it!


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable: Vol 3 | Compilation Album | EDM

Never Say Neigh just unveiled their newest album and as with the previous two compilations, this one hits hard and with fantastic quality! The eight-track album has a nice variety of producers and collaborations who all combine to show that NSN is a stand-out project within the fandom to continue paying attention to! Do not be afraid to turn NSN3 up and make it loud – that’s how it is meant to be played!

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Daniel Ingram – The Magic Inside (Snow Swirl Remix) | Garage / Dance

Snow Swirl is on a roll with show song remixes made with love, and this time it’s the already emotional The Magic Inside from Rara that gets the special treatment! The “live” aspect of the song is represented further here by creative integration of the audience, and Lena Hall’s gorgeous vocals get sublimated anew by the starry DnB arrangement!


InfinityDash -Pony Life Zone (16-Bit Sega Genesis-Style Theme Song Remix) | Chiptune

After almost 5 years of no updates, InfinityDash returns with a 16-bit style remix of the recently unveiled Pony Life theme! It uses the soundfont from the Sega Genesis which makes it feel like a track lifted from a Sonic or other platformer game from the 90s, and captures that mood with flying colours. Will we see more from Infinity? I sure hope so.


Daniel Ingram – The Magic Inside (PonyBoy441 Remix) | Melodic Dubstep

This show-song needs no introduction, with it being (in my opinion, of course!) one of the best and most memorable from Season 5. This fun remix gives new energy to the track with some epic wubs in the new dubstep music, but keeps with the emotional backdrop of the track by having the original piano parts, which mixes very well with the new music, making for a fantastic remix!


SoGreatandPowerful – On My Own (loophoof & Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Electro House

Firstly, if you haven’t downloaded The Rest of Our Lives then you are missing out! This charity album is filled with treasures of many kinds!

loophoof and Tw3Lv3 are a power combo as they build on a key section of SoGreatandPowerful’s original hit, particularly with the standout Applejack vocal chops. Tw3Lv3 brings a great, unique perspective to the track, adding electric guitars to an EDM track for loophoof to build around. His pure EDM sections are tight and add an incredible dynamic to the SGAP-centric sections as well as the trio-parts where Tw3Lv3’s guitars drive the energy. The entire combination is innovative and greater than the sum of the already top-tier parts!

Bonus credit to Osoch for his work mastering the track!


William Anderson – A New Hope (Toby Macarony Orchestral Remake) | Orchestral / Soundtrack

The legacy of all the wonderful BGM tracks from the show will shine forever! And inspire pony musicians to pay tribute to them as well, and that is what our friendly neighborhood Toby Macarony is doing here with this “Orchestral Remake” of the BGM from the S2 finale, that is so nostalgic and emotional with how it brings forward those melodies that you will recognize!