[P@D] Replacer – Handbag (Progressive Element Remix) | Drum & Bass

The upload series on the brand new Ponies At Dawn Youtube channel, with which the team sought to finally bring the last remaining tracks from the Amity album to the pony fandom’s favourite music platform, has now been concluded—and the beast that is Progressive Element’s remix of Handbag has been released.

With infusions from all across the DnB subgenre pallet, this track features everything from glitchy half-time percussion and fat reeses to fleeting piano melodies and tonal snares. Prog enhances the eerie atmosphere of the original with well-chosen reverbs and vocal effects and tops it off with ghostly pitch-bending leads.

As with all other tracks released through Ponies At Dawn, this remix is available for free download on their Bandcamp page.


Hay Tea & Ponytronic – Kratia II | Liquid Drumstep

The musical styles of Hay Tea and Ponytronic definitely create such unique and tasteful musical experiences every time they blend together in one way or another! Following Ponytronic’s first remix of Hay Tea’s Kratia, this new take brings an updated musical view on Starlight, and a renewed progression of emotional synths and enthralling atmospheres. A mighty tribute to our beloved Starlight, and anthem to cheer her name loud and wide, embraced by the tender emotions from the music!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (Hay Tea Edit) | Liquid Drum & Bass

An Edit filled with much emotion, Hay Tea‘s take on Ponytronic’s story-infused Times Like These is a magnificent reenactment of the feelings at play in a Liquid Drum & Bass format that conveys much depth. Dramatic yet beautiful piano, emotional strings melodies in the background, a beat that’s clean as water, faint cries, and the original dialog from the characters, all make this Edit quite a unique and powerful new original experience that cuts through the soul.


Arkineer – What’n Town Nation | Soundtrack

Arkineer, formerly known as Senjan, is back with a new OST piece he made for the fan game Adventure of the Lunarbolts, and this time it’s a remix of one of the BGM tracks from the show, Applejack’s Speech! Giving a wonderful new life to the amazing track by beloved composer William Anderson, the remix could be considered a spiritual successor to InfinityDash’s BGM remixes from 6 years ago, and doesn’t fail to pay tribute to the lovely melodies of the original, with an awesome new accompaniment and progression. Long live OST!


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (Daydream Anatomy Remix) | Electro House

One of the musicians who were featured in the awesome compilation album No Fun Allowed from the /mlp/ board, Daydream Anatomy presents us a new remix of a show song, one that personally moved me a lot along with its episode : The Spectacle from The Mane Attraction. With high hopes of a second /mlp/ Plays album, I appreciate the nostalgic and emotional callback to the original with its melodies now accompanied by Electro House beats and bass, and piano breaks paying further tribute to them. Time for the show!