Daniel Ingram – Being Big is All It Takes (Toby Macarony Remix) | Happy Hardcore / Electro Swing

Toby Macarony is probably my favourite pony musician so I might be slightly biased towards his works, but you have to give this one a listen! It’s energetic and just bursting with happiness, even if it starts off kind of chaotic. In my opinion, it perfectly captures the feeling of when you first turned into a teenager. The vocal chops mixed in during the halfway point of the song is a nice touch and amplifies the euphoric feeling of the track. In typical Toby fashion, there’s sharp, Eurobeat-style techno stabs throughout the song, with a really sweet jazzy saxophone melody to act as a bridge to close out the song.  This is a track that’s sure to brighten up your day!


Daniel Ingram – Being Big is All It Takes (Skelter Remix) | Drumstep

Skelter took the early initiative of remixing the awesome Being Big is All It Takes from the momentous recent CMC episode, and it delivers with such sick beats and echo-y vocals of the CMC making for renewed emotion! Definitely a very cool remix, thank you so much for it Skelter!!


Spikey Wikey – H.O.R.S.E. (The Word Is) [Rokii Remix] | Tech House

A more minimal and techno take on Spikey Wikey‘s bizarre song, H.O.R.S.E; Rokii has taken this song off the deep end. Literally. A very pronounced progression with a powerful deep rolling bassline with little sprinklings of various elements and ominous design, this remix gives off a tense energy and kept me interested till the very end. But most importantly,
Have you heard, the word?


BinExis – New Old Beginning | Power Metal

Now this is something I don’t see too often. A power metal cover of two Italian openings from different generations of My Little Pony. This is a fun one with a strong leading flute and pretty nice riffs that also lean on some orchestral and pop-like elements. I never thought this is something I would need but I’m glad this had crossed my path now. Excellent work BinExis!


Koa – Broken Wings (PonyFireStone Remix) | Dubstep

PonyFireStone has returned to the pony music scene with this brilliant remix of Koa‘s Broken Wings, their first MLP related track in 3 years. This track starts out with intense dark ambient synths before slowly kicking into the meat and potatoes of the song; Koa’s amazing voice alongside a newer and heavier instrumental with elements of drum n’ bass and dubstep. The colours give us life, and so does this song!


Dijit – Peppermint (feat. Puffy) (DeaDmau6 Remix) | Future Bass

Quite an emotional remix of Dijit‘s original track, this new musical endeavor by DeaDmau6 is giving a new spin to the original vocal chops with this slower play, and provides a new instrumental accompaniment that empowers the emotion gotten from the chops with a powerful deep bass and ambient melodies. That makes for such a creative contrast and dynamic with the vocals, and sparks a certain magic that I couldn’t explain with words.


UndreamedPanic – Stratosphere VIP (feat. Metajoker) | Progressive House

Remember this one? Well, it’s back, and this time with a brand new coat of paint with a little help from Metajoker. While it contains all the familiar elements from the original such as the bouncy house melodies and MLP vocal chops, it also adds new vocals and lyrics from Metajoker that suit the music perfectly. Amazing work from this duo!


loophoof – We Will (ROKII Remix) | Future Bass

(You can listen to LoopHoof’s classic here)
LoopHoof’s original tune is true to the term “High energy” Its full of fun vocal chops and a D&B beat that is addictive to dance too. There really nothing more to say as it speaks for itself, This remix by ROKii however. It’s special in its own way. ROKii extends the song to over 7 minutes long of amazing transitions of Loophoof’s classic. Each time it changes.s its a different melody that displays different styles of how the sound of the song can be done in. The catch is that it’s done so smoothly by keeping at the how the original sounds The nice vocal chops are spread out throughout the track. It sounds so epic with each switch. The song has this epic but relaxing feel to it. This is something I would listen too if I needed a pick me up. I put this up there with some of my favorite remixes I’ve heard so far since joining Horse Music Herald.