Daniel Ingram – Dance Magic (Faulty & bank pain Remix) | House

Boom! Another great remix from the EQG world, and it’s by Faulty and bank pain. These two give a heartfelt array of beautiful chords and melodies that you’ll never forget. Happiness is exactly what they serve to your ears, and best of all, they are absolutely amazing together and one of the greatest remixes of this song so far! You won’t regret listening to this one!


Ataraxia – Motion Reimagined | Album | Electronic

I hadn’t realised until recently just how much music Ataraxia has put out over the past couple of years. From solo piano sonatas to cinematic electronic pop songs, there’s been quite a variety. But like all good things, the alias is coming to an end, and as a parting gift he gives us Motion Reimagined – deliberately named so as a ‘rework’ of sorts of his previous album Eternal Perfect Motion. The album often takes a more experimental approach to music production than Ataraxia’s previous work, in particular the VIP of Viridescent, and features a couple of other people’s remixes of notable songs too.

It’s a great parting gift. We’ll miss you Ataraxia. Thanks for all the music.

Motion Reimagined is available to purchase on Ataraxia’s Bandcamp.


Wootmaster – Brony Rapper (ShinZm Remix) | Hip-Hop

It’s always wonderful to see Wootmaster’s awesome tunes and relatable views getting some love, and this remix of Brony Rapper (which practically became a classic) by ShinZm does an amazing job at further spreading the audacity of the original lyrics and sublimating Wootmaster’s vocals, while delivering a sick grimey instrumental that really sets it apart. Very slick and smooth while giving that cool underground mood, it is the remix of Brony Rapper that we didn’t know we needed!


ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony – Start Again (Mr. A.M. VIP Remix) (feat. TheWanderingKit & Chaotic) | Dubstep

It’s time to Start Again with a VIP of Mr. A.M.’s heartfelt remix of the iconic track from Awakening, this time featuring TheWanderingKit and Chaotic, and paying further tribute to the emotional piece with deep rapping vocals and a revamped Dubstep instrumental of many wonders. This is a magnificent example of responding to emotion… with more emotion!


TCB – Nothing is Forever (Hay Tea Remix) | Drum & Bass

Hay Tea steps up to the plate with a pretty intriguing drum & bass remix of TCB’s Nothing Is Forever, which was previously posted here. The percussions throughout the entire remix along with Hay Tea’s sound design are real crispy and such a sweet little treat to the ears. The neuro basses are also an exquisite factor as well, so clean and everything. There’s absolutely so much emotion being poured onto this one, and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it just as much as the original!


H8_Seed – Neverending Strife (BassPon3 Remix) | Hardcore

Remixes of all-time community classics will always be welcome, and it’s even better when they mean something personal! BassPon3 is now using what they learned as a musician to pay tribute to a meaningful track to them, Neverending Strife from H8_Seed! Many of us and me included have our own special pony tracks that we affectionate because we found them early when we became bronies, so enjoy this heartfelt remix full of awesome Hardcore beats and breaks paying much tribute to the original vocals!

Also find below an additional review from one of our new guest writers, JustAnotherPonyGuy!

Start of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s review
This remix by underground expert BassPon3 breathes new life into a fandom classic. The catchy, simple synth leads into a brilliant repurposing of Discord’s vocals. Throughout the song, fast, almost chiptune-like effects keep us interested. Of special note are the haunting melodies that evoke vistas of chocolate rain and cotton candy clouds. Some top-quality hardcore for you to enjoy!
End of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s review