Toby Macarony – Welcome to the Academy | March

Toby Macarony is great with a good mashup and this time he combines a couple of songs used as backing tracks in “Wonderbolts Academy” with some of his own flair to make a spectacular march. The first part of the song is immediately recognizable from the show when Rainbow Dash approaches the Academy. Toby adds a great drum intro with embellished low brass to really solidify the rhythm before tying the pieces together in a big hit with an awesome synth added in. Unique in composition and genius in composition, be sure to taste the sky when the Wonderbolts say Welcome to the Academy.


Lectro Dub – Fallen (Tripon Remix) | Neurofunk

Tripon’s gone and taken one of Lectro Dub’s oldies from 2012 and turned it into a neat half-time Neuro thing! Okay, that’s not exactly a great description on my part, but it’s pretty unique and difficult to sum up in a short sentence, so go listen to it instead!


UndreamedPanic – The Outdoors (InklingBear Remix) | UK Hardcore

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 20 May 2018.

Panic’s track The Outdoors was only released a few days ago, but InklingBear/fractilx has pushed out a super cool remix in no time at all! Taking the progressions and vocal elements from the original and re-working them to 175 bpm hardcore goodness, the pulsing synths keep the energy going the whole way through.


Daniel Ingram – One Small Thing (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | Electro

JoinedTheHerd’s newest song is a remix of one of the songs from the MLP Movie! He takes the already upbeat lyrics and adds a bouncy, uplifting beat. Pinkie and Skystar’s vocals carry that special exuberance they did in the movie itself, and herein they’re accentuated by the glorious melodies. JTH never disappoints, and this is no exception!


Synthis, 4EverfreeBrony & FritzyBeat – Cold (ertrii Remix) | Trance

Ertrii’s creativity is really on display with this new remix of an old collaboration between three well-established producers. This re-imagination of Cold stands out from the original given the big room feel of Ertrii’s progressive trance style and the modulation on FritzyBeat’s vocals, which sound like an entirely different professional singer. Simple and beautiful, be sure to check out this inventive take on an established hit!


Daniel Ingram ft. Aloma Steele – Luna’s Future (Etherium Apex Remix) | Orchestral

Luna’s Future has always been a favourite of mine from the world of Equestria, and sweet Celestia, Etherium has done something truly magical with it. Right from the start we are bombarded with a flurry of tension and emotion from a masterful use of choruses and an atmosphere that feels like a “blanket of eternal snow” to put it into words. This one gave me chills from beginning to end, and it is one you definitely don’t want to miss.