Top Ten Pony Songs of November 2017!

A nice top ten list from last month featuring some nice vocalists and decent variety of styles. Be sure to check it out above!


Sable Symphony – My Past Is Not Today (Cover) | Rock / Metal

BROOOOOO I’m seriously flipping my shit over here. This cover is AMAZING! ❤ I’m usually not into that much of Rock or Metal, but THIS is amazing! As far as I’m conserned, one of the best Covers of the Show AT THIS very moment! The Guitars are just Perfectly placed in this track, as the Vocals are very aligning and cool! Keep it up Sable! I only got love for you bro. ❤ Everybody show some love man.

Thank you for reminding us this one thing; When we face our Memories we don’t want to remember, when we face the odds and face Fear itself, We can stand tall and say it loudly. My Past is Not Today.


Mantlegen – Faith To The Harmony | Dubstep

If you still haven’t found something to bounce on today, then I’ve got you covered. 😉 Today I bring you my man Mantlegen, with Faith To The Harmony. An amazing techno track with a taste of a Dubstep flow in it! The Wubs, the Feels, the Ambient, The Mystery, its perfect! I love how well its all mixed together! With indeed Faith To The Harmony, as Faith to the Beat. Marvelously done Mantle! I got something to bounce on these coming days. 😀 I look forward to it already! Everybody show some love ❤ do it man, just do it.


Crusader! – Student of Love | Synthpop

Crusader! ventures back to the 80’s with this exciting, old-school tribute to Ponyville’s favorite teacher. Paying homage to Cheerilee’s younger days, Crusader! describes the dance floor where the educator ruled and the intoxication of her moves. Inspired by several pop wonders of that era, this track utilizes catchy instrumentation with a distinctive electric tom intro, bass rhythm, synth solos, all brought together with the entertainer’s unique charm and voice.


Jyc Row – The Daring Explorer | Epic Orchestral

This song is everything that is great about music. It is inspirational, thought-provoking, it generates emotion – or as most people would say by now – it’s another Jyc Row song. With a strong ensemble of woodwinds and strings, powerful drums, and a perfect balance between it all, The Daring Explorer is an aural thrill ride you can’t miss! Written as a tribute to the tireless adventurer, this track is every bit as epic as Daring Do herself!


Daniel Ingram – Acadeca (Drixale Remix) | Trap / Moombahton

An amazing EQD song remix done by the amazing Drixale! The urban and gangsta sound of Trap mixes with the exotic sound of Moombah, making an unique sound unlike any other! Drixale’s tracks are really amazing and they surprise me all the time. Drixale makes some really sick tunes and brings new genres to the fandom, mostly Moombahton, Kizomba, Salsa, etc. This time is a more hip hop thing that I love a lot! The vocals are well treated and the instrumental for the song is well done! Good job on this one Drixale and I hope you bring more of your creative mind!


Elias Frost – Sunset Blues | Blues

Elias Frost ventures down the blues route in this tribute to Equestria Girls’ resident blue-haired guitar player. As if written by Flash Sentry himself, the lyrics appropriately recall Sunset Shimmer’s manipulation of the poor guy. Frost’s vocals greatly compliment the style, conveying the “blues” emotions of loss and pain along to an incredible guitar track. The entire song is an excellent portrayal of the blues genre (though not surprising given Elias’s particular talent for distinctly different and awesome music)!


Filly in the Box – Talisman | Dubstep

Filly in the Box is on a roll… again! It even beats our current posting speed on the site, as the musician has released yet another new song at the time I’m writing this! Well, not that I’m complaining. Talisman is as unique-sounding and intriguing as always portrayed by Filly’s signature style, with haunting melodies and sophisticated vocal chops making for a tasty experience in dark atmospheres.