LoneBrony – The 3 of Us | Orchestral

LoneBrony continues their composition rampage and bring us the lovely piece. Piano, flute and cello come together and play a wonderful song about everybody’s favorite group of three friends. This tells a very emotional tale about the feelings the CMC share, with wonderful solo sections that represent each of the members.


Seventh Element – PONI GRL | UK Garage

Remixing Tridashie’s Pony Girl, Seventh Element delivers a weird experiment that is really awesome and danceable! The drums are really well performed, the sampling of the vocals and the distortion of the same of the same is also really clever! Along with some really awesome wubs making this has some Dubstep elements mixed with the dominant Garage/House element! It also features the visuals with the weird dancing Twilight from Ponies: The Anthology VI created by DeadlyComics! This song is really funny, danceable and amazing! You should really check it out!


St.Pinkie – Landing Gear | Piano / R&B

Coming from the fundraising compilation album realized by Crystal Empire Records for SEAPonyCon – Altitude. St.Pinkie sings with emotion to everyone who lost a friend. The instrumental is really emotional with the piano and the drums mixed with the orchestral elements, makes this song a true R&B sound that reminds me of some of the popular acts of this years that mixed this genre with the Pop genre. The lyrics are really emotional and really fit to the theme that the description of the video says and St. Pinkie sing this with passion and emotion! It almost brought up me to tears because of recent passings of Kavi, Woody (Malaysian cosplayer), MelodicPony, Beebarb and Pinkus Pone. May they souls rest in peace and what St.Pinkie did was really emotional, thank you for this dedication to this people that contributed soo much to the fandom! Buy Altitude in Crystal Empire Records bandcamp! (This song is free to download because of the cause).


UndreamedPanic – Destroy them All | Electro House

To kick off his latest EP, “Spirit Horse,” UndreamedPanic has some crazy electro house music for us that would fit wonderfully in something like a Dude Perfect trickshot video.  From the delicious basslines, to the well-timed vocal slices, to the crazy supersaws, this work will want to have you get up on your hooves and dance!  Also, “Destroy them All” kind of sounds like Virtual Riot’s “Energy Drink;” inspiration maybe?  As said before, this would definitely go on a MLP-themed HOWSLA album, but why bother when Panic has three other works on his EP that are all house-based?  There’s the MLP HOWSLA right there!
Now, the title is “Destroy them All,” but what is getting destroyed?  We may never know….

Go listen to “Spirit Horse” here!


TCB – Atychiphobia | Future Bass

TCB’s new EP, Cutie Cuts, is something to behold. The EP is themed around the fears of the CMC, and it’s amazingly well done. This song, Atychiphobia, meaning the fear of defeat, really portrays Scootaloo’s fear of not meeting the aspirations she has. The vocal chops and melodies are extremely well done and the emotion of the song really shines through. The vocal snippet from Parental Glideance really creats a tender moment that makes a perfect transition into the main section of the song.

Be sure to check out Sweetie Belle’s song Atelophobia (the fear of imperfection) and Apple Bloom’s song Monophobia (the fear of being alone). One song should not listened to without the other, just like the CMC always come together.


NicDroid – Happy-Dashie-Sky | Hardstyle

  Coming from the fundraising compilation album realized by Crystal Empire Records for SEAPonyCon – Altitude. The Philippines’ artist NicDroid bring us a happy and uplifting Hardstyle track about Rainbow Dash with Rave/Hands Up/Happy Hardcore elements put in the mix! The piano notes are well performed along with the kick preparation! NicDroid delivers an amazing track for dancing all night! Almost 5 minutes of uplifting and emotional chords mixed with some really awesome and crazy kicks and synths! Buy Altitude on Crystal Empire Records bandcamp!