Koron Korak – Follow the Little Light (Album Version) | Orchestral

And so, we’ve come to the ninth and final tribute song in memory of Koron Korak’s brother, Cerebre Arkor. Follow the Little Light continues the emotional orchestral sound seen in the last few tracks of the recently released tribute album by the former. The combination of bells, pianos and violin strings really captures that feeling of longing for something or someone, a feeling that’s close to my heart. Much like the show, this ninth song in the series fits alongside the show’s ninth and also final season in its sense of closure. RIP Cerebre Arkor. No matter where you may be, you are loved.


Thrasher – breaking_point | Progressive Metal

What’s going on here?! Thrasher’s latest release is a unique mishmash of many genres, combining numerous metal subgenres with trap and EDM elements. Atmospheric guitars, trap beats, blast beats and low-tuned guitar riffs galore here, and even without vocals to help carry it, the song blends these elements together in such a brutal way that it annihilates everything in its path. You won’t regret listening to this if you love your metal unique.


Budzy – Riddim Duel (Spikey Wikey Remix) | Riddim

Today we’ve got ourselves a remix on our hooves, everypony! Spikey Wikey picked up Budzy’s “Riddim Duel” and made an awesome remix of it! From the amazing riddim beats to the great vocal chops, this song has got it all and will even win over those of you who aren’t all that big on Dubstep, riddim, and all that.

This article was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


[ASOS] eksoka – Alternate Wing | Progressive Trance

Today we have another awesome track straight from A State of Sugar’s newest album “Biscuit“. eksoka brings us this masterpiece that, clocking in at around six and a half minutes, is one of the longer songs on the album, but longer songs are exactly what eksoka does so well. Alternate Wing is no exception to this; it’s a track that you can put on in the background while working or chilling, and it will fit perfectly into your day with its simple bass and changes that keep up a nice progression throughout the song and the fun trance melody that keeps the song fresh throughout whether it’s your first listen-through or your latest of many!

Thanks to theCANderson for proofreading this.


[ASOS] Zythiria – Fallen From Grace | Alternate Electronic

Today I bring you this awesome piece by Zythria straight from A State of Sugar’s newest album, “Biscuit“. Zythria bring us this amazing song that combines a ton of fun elements while keeping a very orchestral sound to it, a combination that’s difficult to pull off, but Zythria blew it out of the water! You’ve got your awesome intro, a subtle progression and changes, and an outro that catches you a bit of guard while simultaneously being exactly what you expected. This song is among the best of the entire album and perfect to just put on in the background while you work. Definitely check it out for yourself.

This thing was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


[ASOS] PSFMer – Train to Tartarus | Drum and Bass

I find it interesting that on this album, I hear many new music ideas from so many musicians, and it seems like that is the trend on ASOS: Biscuit, and one such track is this one from PSFMer! The video that goes with this track (Also done by PSFMer) showcases the theme of this song, a train traveling to god knows where. The music itself makes you feel like you’re on this train, and you’re never coming back. As PSFMer states, The kicks and snares of this track are murderous! This heart-pounding pace of those drum beats is only fueled by these freaky and insidious elements and the ghosty aura of a high-speed train heading black of night! A pretty nifty track, if I say so myself. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Blackened Blue – One Small Thing (feat. Koa, Drummershy and MC-Arch) (Covering Tw3Lv3) | Hard Rock

Ohh man, If you have not listened to Tw3Lv3’s remix album of musicians remixing or covering one of the best songs in the fandom of 2020, you need to click here!

Blackened like he always does, gives a cover or remix of a song, his unique touch. Tw3Lv3’s melodies are now fully covered with some hardcore guitar seasoning with just a tad bit of gentleness with the soft and sweet guitar chords with some buildup in the choirs the song. The work Blackened does with his guitar work is perfect with keeping the pureness of the mood right down to the fun and hoppy riffs he does to back MC-Arch‘s rhymes. It’s pretty interesting seeing his range of skill with the cords and notes he composes here! Oh, but his voice, that Nu Metal vibe the haunts every one of his tracks, pairing that with Koa‘s rich and inspiring vocals, will put a smile on your face, and it just fits! Blackened Blue, I’ve noticed, has been improving his creative music-making, making each song his sound and style, and you got to give him some credit for how well this cover came out! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Deavas – Brony Metal Medley II | Metal

A tribute to Bronyfied’s 2012 metal masterpiece “Brony Metal Medley”, Deavas has compiled a list of personal favorite fandom songs and arranged them into a delightful shred fest! It’s a great mixture of some truly classic offerings and some perhaps more surprising inclusions, and each song gets its chance to shine through its respective metal arrangement. As with the original song, Deavas has linked to all of the videos in the video description making it easy to appreciate the original versions alongside their rocking renditions. Deavas themself is a recent returnee to the fandom music scene, so please check out the track and give them your support!


SpinScissor – Boutique Fire | Alternative Electronic

This song is definitely something special! Indeed, I think it’s at the heart of what I believe makes this fandom what it is: creativity; imagination; uniqueness. With this song, you can expect to hear a variety of sounds and music. It starts out with a keyboard intro at the beginning setting the stage of the track, followed by synth and electronic music, vocals, and brought together by a steady tempo. All of these elements come together to make a great RPG video game-sounding track!


[ASOS] NeighGative_ – Sensations | Trance

We are feeling the new ideas and adventure with the musicians of ASOS: Biscuit! Today I cover a new alias of Brillant Venture! You may have noticed in the past few months he has been hinting at something big coming! BV told me THIS was the bomb he has wanting to drop! Fueled by his talented roots in making trance, NeighGative_ uses Vinyl Scratch as the catalyst to launch into this new adventure. On track 35, we are treated to not only a fun video to go with the track, but the song is self is a thrilling and fun mix of vocal chops, quirky melodies that rumble with delight and drops that go with the excitement that triggers with the video shots of Vinyl Scratch! My word, the bassline that trembles with this rumbling bass, along with those classic techno elements are just fun! I for one can express my love for Trance. The story behind this is very passionate from BV, big time!

Oh, furthermore, BV is just getting started with this new alias of his! (more info of that in the video’s description, if this is what we’re getting from NeighGative then this is going to interesting) As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.