Djohn Mema & Sable Symphony – ACD (Blame it) | Metal

Wow, this song really hits those feels, combining a catchy instrumental and melody with emotional lyrics that hit a little too close to home. The loud and punchy, smashing drums and heavy guitars combine to make a rocking, emotional, and catchy track – so make sure you get your ice cream ready cause this song will definitely hit those feels! Check it out!


General Mumble – Perfect [Toby Macarony Remix] | Dark Ambient/Electro Swing

Now, I know it’s a little too early for Halloween. However, if you feel like getting the spookies on before everyone else, you may do your decorations to this track! The dark, gloomy industrial overtones, coupled with interesting vocal effects on “This Day Aria”, which is kind of a signature of this particular artist, makes for an intensely creepy yet strangely satisfying experience. All in all, another great remix from Toby Macarony!

Also, check out the album which this remix is part of here.




One Track Mind – End is Neigh | Album | Synthwave / Ambient

One Track Mind introduces a collection of eleven undeservingly discarded electronic tracks. The strong sub and morphing resonances of the prelude track gives a taste of the wonderfully crafted ambient pieces in this album. Then the octave-switching neck-breaker known as Drama that follows gives you a taste of the synth-wave roots. The masterpiece Some Days, being my personal favorite of the album, incorporates a spatial piano playing tense chords and high melodies with a swingy drum track following it. The ending to Some Days also creates a near-perfect transition to the next song (both title-wise and sonically). For more ambient brilliance, follow the filtered saws and synth swells of Lethargy and the impactful basses of Hiatus. For more retrowave action, mosh along to the dark Deicide and the hopefulness of Neo-Canterlot! Varnished with consistently good intros and a piano composition as the outro, this solid Bandcamp release will surely be enjoyed by ambient and synth-wave listeners alike!


Sleepy toaster – We’re going home | Glitch/Industrial

This piece of music is a chilling and a bittersweet reminder of just sometimes you don’t need words for a message. Sleepy Toaster’s piece heavily reminds me of why I love atmospheric music. It’s not just pony music that could be used in a grimdark or Fallout Equestria setting. But this music could be used to set the tone for anything you want to give an unsettling feel too. Or a mysterious vibe to as well. Its has this dark music box tone, birds chirping and static radio sounds with this slow clockwork-like melody that slowly creeps up your spine. Not bad! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself


DAϟH – Ground Zero | Terrorcore / Speedcore

Hardcore Pinkamena Party advocate and creator of all things weird, DAϟH returns with one of his extraordinarily hard-hitting contributions to the latest Pinkamena Party album! Featuring everything from pony dialogue to raid sirens and EAS alerts to enhance the atmosphere, it is held together by multiple sections of frenetic speedcore. I was quite impressed with the kicks’ design all over this track and it fits right at home in the PONYDOME!


Pony Abstract – FIM | Trap

The newest rapper making noise in brony rap is definitely Pony Abstract and, in preparation for releasing his debut album, has dropped a single coming off of multiple performances at BronyCon 2019. His energy level seen at Straight from the Heart’s Renegade Stage set at BronyCon is certainly on display here and, though his lyrics are relatively simple, they are clever and his flow is exceptionally clean. His charisma is palpable and the rap here is brief but very catchy. All I can say is Abstract is up next!


[EQY] Totalspark – State of Mind | UK Garage

Succumb to a slackened state with four minutes of chillout-inspired garage elegance. The drenched piano and emotionally significant lyrics propose a relaxed atmosphere, then the unbound, shifting drums complete the piece. The distress of the vocals locks in well with the watery hits of the piano and background synth. This song doesn’t fail with creating an influx of feels, and it deserves its spot on Equinity.


D1SCORDANT – Tartarus | Industrial Metal

D1SCORDANT is on a roll with these instrumentals. This time, we’ve got an industrial piece that seems to take influence from industrial/nu metal from the late 90s and early 2000s. With dark sounding synths and crunchy downtuned guitars reminiscent of Korn, D1SCORDANT captures the mood of being in Tartarus – or possibly leading it – with flying colours. If you love your metal heavy, then you’ll love this too.


[BFK] One Track Mind – Nostalgia (Reprise) | Darksynth / Synthwave

One track to talk about and a million words aren’t enough. As a part of a charity album Brony Forever organised by Bronies for Kindness , it definitely adds quality to the album. The amazing sound design and the progression of the track makes it a style that we all know and love. It shows through it’s dark and powerful synths that it is okay to feel sad that BronyCon ended, but it says even more. Even though BronyCon is no more, we should be happy that it brought us so much joy, excitement and that it brought the whole fandom even closer as a whole. The atmosphere of the track that goes from calm to dark and then building on it with a very emotional melody shows the process of losing something or someone. I said one track to talk about and a million words aren’t enough, well, maybe 3 are. One Track Mind.