Writers wanted: volunteer for HMH today!

Cut storyline from FiM: Twilight’s brief career in music journalism

Are you a brony music enjoyer looking for a way to contribute to the fandom this new year? We’re looking for more people to join our staff as writers to help us keep posting about new fandom music as it’s released!

We’re looking for people who:

  • Enjoy a variety of musical genres and willing to learn how to write about a range of music – being able to write about different genres will give you greater flexibility in the role, and it means there should always be something from our list you can write up.
  • Can dedicate at least 1 hour per week – our number 1 rule is that real life comes first, but in the long term we would like new writers to be able to write a couple of posts per week, each of which should hopefully take up less than 30 mins of your time.
  • Are proficient in English – you don’t need to be a native speaker, but good English makes things easier for you to write posts and for editors to edit them.
  • Use Discord – we run all operations on a staff Discord server, so this is a must.

We provide training for all new writers on how to write articles for HMH, from WordPress and all its quirks to the best way to describe sounds. If you’re interested, get in touch with me on Discord: Spectra#9057


Jyc Row – Apostles of the Sacred Fire (Ayzat the Wingless theme) [elg. Gabriel Borza] | Symphonic Metal

The ONE and ONLY Jyc Row, ONCE AGAIN delivers another wonderful tune for us to enjoy and cherish, featuring the talent of Gabriel Borza! If your hype & excitement for Infinite Eclipse wasn’t there yet, I am sure it will after hearing this absolute FIRESPARK of a song! Representing the sacred fire of the Kirins, Jyc & Gabriel unleash its fury through your speakers! With majestic orchestral and outstanding guitar works becoming ONE to bring you another piece originating from this epic story! Feel free to embrace it and just be in the moment. Marvellously done Jyc & Gabriel!


EveryDayDashie – Pezuña al Corazón | Latin Rock

Here we go!~ with this lovely tune made by the oh so amazing EveryDayDashie! I knew that Dashie was amazing in EVERY direction he goes when talking music…but Latin Rock? That’s just amazing! I believe, it truly speaks volumes on how talented this person is! Dashie delivers us today; Pezuña al Corazón. Which is Spanish for “hoof to heart”. A TRUE code to live by, and expressed wonderfully throughout this song with an out-of-this-world passion for G5 with a Latin tint added unto it! Epic vocals, epic drums, wonderful melodies! It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to write for Dashie. Keep being you, and keep spreading your wonderful messages of love and endearment for the ponies we love!

Voting Opens for the Top Ten Brony Songs of January 2023

With the Top 25 Brony Songs of 2022 polls closed and the video due to be premiered at HarmonyCon later this month, we’ve got a bit of a wait before we find out those results. In the meantime, why not consider voting for January’s songs? The form is available here for you to fill – back to the usual monthly rules this time – and if you need a reminder of the songs released, Luck’s monthly playlist has you covered!


Violin Melody – Press Start | Future House

Ah, Violin Melody… so happy to hear from her again with her epic music tunes! I couldn’t wait to Press Start on this. (NO PUN INTENDED I SWEAR) And you bet that it’s ALWAYS pleasure to do! This lovely, bouncy, and hyper track ABSOLUTELY delivers… I love the shifts, the overall vibe, the electronics… WHAT A TRACK! And It’s always a pleasure as well to write music with Sunny involved. I’d LOVE to more video games involving her to be honest. I think she’s great. The rainbow power of this track flowing hard and beautifully just like her mane… Epic! great work Violin! Keep it up with your wonderful melodies… It’d be an honour to write for you again. ❤


MCO945 – Sunlight Path | Liquid Drum & Bass

A recent release from MCO945 has me in awe honestly, it’s not often you see such great Liquid D&B tracks. It’s ethereal and light, funky, the pads that play throughout are the best thing about the track, and the shuffle-like drums add a very catchy rhythm, kind of reminds me of Desimal’s works. The whole song gets you the feeling of ascension to heaven, with Princess Celestia waiting there to comfort you, as depicted in the artwork. Seriously, give this song a listen, you won’t regret it.


Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (SpinScissor Remix) | Trance

SpinScissor has pulled out all the stops for their first release of 2023! A great drawn out ethereal and soothing opening transitioning and twisting itself with a driving beat and sharp synth arpeggios it nails that Deadmau5 inspiration from yesteryear as well as some inklings of older pony music. The entirety of this large nearly eight minute long track zips by in a flash which is no small feat and the “epilogue” style ending where Thorax is finally accepted adds that satisfying closure, keeping everything tight as a drum!


TM – ¡Viva Las Pega! | Hip-Hop

I know summer hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m already feeling like vacationing in a tropical utopia! Dream vacations are no longer an imaginary fantasy as TM’s new gorgeous track “¡Viva Las Pega!” delivers a fresh, upbeat Hip-Hop vibe with its rich instrumentation. From the punchy drums to the lively trumpet fluttering in the air, you can feel the entire spectrum of vibrations around you as if you’re immersed in a real excursion to your dream destination. Give it a listen if you’re in for a chill and relaxing voyage, but don’t forget to hop in the vacation van and let TM show you the astonishing scenery all around!


Ethan Tovas – Starsong | Pop

I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about Generation 3 of My Little Pony, but thankfully Ethan Tovas has us covered with another song that is dedicated to another G3 pony to give us an idea of its vibe. Just like his other G3 pony tracks, the song aims to capture the essence of said title character, Starsong, with its sweet, airy vocalized melodies and background rhythm like a pony is gently pulling you in a cart through this adventure. I won’t spoil the little twists throughout, but let me just say, once you get to them, you’ll be dancing like its 2008 all over again.

7 Years of the Horse Music Herald

This looks like the same cake as last year…

I was a little late to realise, but we recently reached the 7th anniversary of our launch date! We turned 7 on 27 January, and we’re still waiting on that pony we asked for last year

I’ve been reflecting on the past year – my first back at HMH after a few years of reduced involvement – and am just amazed at the incredible resilience and continued creativity of the people in and around the music community of this fandom. In 2022, we have:

  • Posted around 360 individual songs, meaning someone wrote a nice article promoting brony music roughly once a day. And we’re well aware this is only a fraction of all the music created by the fandom!
  • Posted 30 albums, both compilation albums and releases from individual artists.
  • Covered the monthly Top Tens, several compilation album release parties and multiple charity concerts.
  • Reworked parts of the website, including a new way to submit music to us and an updated staff page that honours the work of everyone who’s ever been on our team.
  • Brought several new writers onto the team to help share the love for horse music.

Thank you so much to everyone in the fandom producers and musicians for giving us wonderful music to enjoy, to everyone on the HMH staff for helping keep this passion project alive, and to all our followers for all the moral support. Here’s to another 7 years 🥂


brambleshadow4 – Inspiration | Orchestral

G4 may have ended, but its memories and reminiscences will forever be celebrated, just like brambleshadow4’s new gorgeous orchestral track – “Inspiration”. With various layers of instruments blending together, his lovely instrumentation has reminded us of how wonderful our beloved G4 was, but rises and falls in the music also reflect the remarkable journey the Mane 6 went through. The pony squad is packed with a plethora of personalities like these glamourous melodies in the arrangement, and you can certainly feel the magical power of friendship as they come together to create harmony. Friendship will forever be magic and this show-stopping masterpiece has demonstrated that friends are what make our life special. Spectacular work, brambleshadow4!