Writers wanted: volunteer for HMH today!

Cut storyline from FiM: Twilight’s brief career in music journalism

Are you a brony music enjoyer looking for a way to contribute to the fandom this new year? We’re looking for more people to join our staff as writers to help us keep posting about new fandom music as it’s released!

We’re looking for people who:

  • Enjoy a variety of musical genres and willing to learn how to write about a range of music – being able to write about different genres will give you greater flexibility in the role, and it means there should always be something from our list you can write up.
  • Can dedicate at least 1 hour per week – our number 1 rule is that real life comes first, but in the long term we would like new writers to be able to write a couple of posts per week, each of which should hopefully take up less than 30 mins of your time.
  • Are proficient in English – you don’t need to be a native speaker, but good English makes things easier for you to write posts and for editors to edit them.
  • Use Discord – we run all operations on a staff Discord server, so this is a must.

We provide training for all new writers on how to write articles for HMH, from WordPress and all its quirks to the best way to describe sounds. If you’re interested, get in touch with me on Discord: Spectra#9057


Koron Korak – Keys of the Past | Piano Orchestral

Today Koron Korak brings us this lovely yet somber piece, meant as a tribute and to show how much family and friends can help through sadness. This track shines with its mournful strings and deep piano melody, the whole thing bringing across this deep sadness. I definitely recommend listening to this but have some tissues on hand.


Jyc Row – Eternal Night’s Utopy | Orchestral

As part of his series of Trailer pieces, Jyc Row brings us this amazing orchestral piece focused around a movie with Nightmare Moon at its center! This track shines with its hard hitting combination of drums and a little bit of vocals, strings actually taking a back seat in a big portion of the track as other elements shine!

Voting opens for the Top 10 Brony Songs of May 2023

It’s time to vote for your favourite brony songs again! If you need a hand deciding which songs, take a look through Luck’s complete May playlist. Otherwise, you can get voting as per usual at the form linked in the description: min. 3 and max. 10 songs, and voting closes 3pm Eastern on 8 June!


Japkozjad – The Emotional Voyage | Synthpop

Today Japkozjad brings us another amazing track, this time we’re going into synthpop! Despite the more dark title and artwork, this track is rather cheery, delivering happiness right to your doorstep with it’s lovely vocal chops, upbeat melodies and rhythmic drums, defintiely give this track a listen and enjoy for yourself!


Direct Current – Intercepting Threads | Chillout

As part of his universe of Star Chaser albums, Direct Current brings us this gorgeous chillout tune, featuring cheery and upbeat melodies and a punchy drum to dictate the beat the instrumental alone is wonderful, but put on the lovely vocals and this track is truly one to behold! Definitely have a listen to this one and I promise you’ll be putting it on repeat!


Blurain – Ponies And Powerchords | Alt. Rock Album

It’s always a delight when a new musician shows up in the fandom demonstrating a lot of talent and potential! Working off limited production resources, 17 year-old Blurain comes out swinging with this inspired alternative rock debut pony album. Here are just a couple of the highlights from this 11-track premier!

Oh Equestria: The first full song off the album, Blurain makes a great, charismatic choice to lean into his inexperience by starting the track with feedback from plugging in a guitar and a metronome playing before ever strumming the first notes. Once the intro is over, it is clear that he knows what he’s doing as he professes his love for the technicolor world we all came to love. The chorus hits with a catchy hook singing the name of the song as full harmonies fill out the soundscape. Driving guitars, bass, and drums keep things energetic and fun.

A Princess You’ll Never Be: Blurain goes all-out with a blend of screams and full, harmonized vocals; switching between the two as if to both narrate and illustrate the plight of Chrysalis in this epic track. The guitars have sections of heavy breakdowns, further emphasizing the anguish. As the final song on the album, Blurain gives a stunning performance and really leaves you wanting more.


Zythiria – Dear Father | Alternative / Indie Rock

This song is intended as a little ode from Sunny to her father, and it hits this sombre angle perfectly, both in lyrics by Zyhtiria herself and in instrumental, somehow I teared up even before the vocals set in! Definitely give this one a listen, but be prepared with some tissues.


Darkspeen Shore – Nocturnal Rain | Orchestral

Today, as part of his series of commissions for “Roleplay is Magic” Darkspeen brings us this short but lovely piece! Focusing a lot around the soothing sounds of rain at night, this song is perfect to just relax and forget about time as you play or just chill!


Yashn – Farewell to an Angel | Orchestral

Music has the power to influence others with a variety of emotions. While some evoke optimism and jubilation, some may elicit desperation and melancholy, especially when we lose someone critical and reliable to us. We cannot deny that farewells are inevitable, but what can we do about them? Yashn decided to capture the sentiments and recollections associated with them in his new composition, “Farewell to an Angel”. Saying goodbye to our close ones can be daunting, and often we feel overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness. As we move from denial to acceptance and from encounter to separation, we often experience a range of emotions, much like the violin solo traversing a spectrum of pitches at the beginning of the music. While there is still time we can spend with our loved ones, take a moment to listen to this splendid track and remember that music is always here with us amid difficult times, accompanying us on our journey.


The Wilders – My Bananas (EveryDayDashie 3.0 Remix) | Hybrid EDM

I don’t even know where to start with this track, this is an amazing mish mash of everything from Orchestral to Hardcore, so no matter what you’re into, there’s gonna be a section for you! Dashie did a great job mashing all these genres together and the result is a fun and entertaining chaos that’ll get stuck in your head for a while!