Elias Frost – We’ve Come So Far (covering Daniel Ingram) | Industrial Metal

You can always count on Elias Frost to cook up something different. Covering the opening song from Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, Frost takes the happy pop track to a heavy, darker place. Adding some metal beats, a lot of distorted guitars, and a dramatic synth, Elias creates a brilliantly unique take on the original, complete with the video of him performing it.


Brilliant Venture – Moved On | Dubstep

Brilliant Venture’s always had a talent for nostalgic songs, and Moved On is no exception. At once melodic, energetic, and oldschool, this song jumps from genre to genre fluidly. It’s like being taken on a guided tour by a cheerful, helpful, kind pony (Pinkie?) through a world of happiness and nostalgia.


Daniel Ingram – Time To Be Awesome (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | House

JoinedTheHerd is back and going strong with this remix of Time to Be Awesome! Interjecting his amazing synth phrases into the hit movie track, JTH keeps the uplifting feel of the song while adding his own cheerful style to the mix. JoinedTheHerd uses the chops to capitalize on the catchiness of the song and mixes them up so that it keeps you on your toes, making for an awesome remix!


[P@D] Wandering Artist – Prance, Think, Prance Again | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 22 April 2018.

Wandering Artist (or John Doe) is back with some more deer-y pony music! Originally intended for the Pony Town soundtrack, this piece evidently evolved into something a bit more than that, with some gorgeous complexity and dynamics throughout the piece. The composition is soft and playful, making great use of piano, strings and more.


Flyghtning & Flutter Rex – Nothing but Discord | Electro

Electro, hard trance, whatever you want to call it, this collab between Flyghtning and Flutter Rex is pretty cool. It has this great combination of a dark soundscape, which is only enhanced by the triplets. That deep bass drives most of the song, but it occasionally breaks down into an arp that switches the whole thing into a major key all of a sudden. I love that sort of play between major and minor roots in the same key, nice work by both of these guys!


Rusty – Duality | “Experimental-ish”

Rusty’s already a very experimental musician, but this song goes a little deeper and a little weirder into that sort of production technique. The general feel of the song makes me think it could fit in to some kind of horror musical, but it’s Rusty’s sampling techniques that bring out the experimentation. The middle section of the song also breaks down a lot of convention and adds another different, eerier sound to the song.