Captive Unicorns x Somasis – Starsailor | Ambient Pop / Post Breakcore

The fruit of an amazing collaboration, Captive Unicorns and Somasis envelop us in the nocturnal atmosphere of their song, like a blues in the light of the moon, the sweet piano and synthesizer chords guide us through the piece, the beautiful voices of Captive Unicorns becomes present, singing about the maternal love of the moon, after a melodic segment, a wonderful part appears where the amen break harmonizes with the voice giving an amazing atmosphere to the song, simply beautiful …
Consider purchasing this song, all proceeds will be donated in support of the black lives matter movement.


[VibePoniez] Kyradeen – The Sun Sets (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

(Listen to the original HERE)
Well! If you are wondering what and who Vibeponiez are, this track should get geared up for Horse Music Herald’s kick off of our coverage of Vibeponiez: Homework, their 3rd compilation album to date! It’s a label that promotes the more chill, positive, and inspiring side of Brony Music.

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[ASOS] Zythiria – Dreams | Chillout / Breaks

What if just for once Princess Luna, instead of saving you from your nightmares, used her alicorn magic to make your dreams wonderful beyond your wildest imagination!
Enter what that would sound like. What a fluffy and warm track, where anything is possible. This twilight-like melody will give you feels, as you picture Luna watching ponies and granting them dreams of grand adventures, a dream date with a special somepony, or saving the day as a superpony! The soft blending of these dreamy harmonics, rhythmic lo-fi like drum beats, and just add to the sweetness of the track, a smooth use of bongo drums! With track 41 of ASOS: Chocolate, Princess Luna brings the theme of ASOS to the forefront with sweet and awesome treats of music thanks to this composition by Zythiria. As always, this Qilin asks you  to judge for yourself.


RedSpark – Finalboss(es) | Electro Orchestra

The best villains need their tales told too. Someone really wanted to give the greatest threat(s) to Equestria their own theme song. Playing up to the power trio of Cozy Glow, Queen Chrysalis and Tirek, RedSpark (does just that) with this blend of electronic music and real Orchestra. The song, with its intense build up, presents the intimidating challenge of facing these vile villains. The Flow of the track, sets up the upcoming fight, the fight with so much at stake from the MLP finale in which Twilight must somehow find a way to victory.  RedSpark continually builds  that stress with the flow of his composition until it reaches high stakes mode. A nice little shout out to the MLP villains, RedSpark! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Vylet Pony – Cozy Pone | Lo-fi Hip-Hop

Vylet Pony’s new track “Cozy Pone” is nothing short of spectacular and invitingly comfortable, let yourself be carried away by the smooth chords, hypnotic hip hop drums and ukulele solo part that plays from time to time in the piece. The video of this song is also animated by no one other than the Vylet Pony, which turned out great and it all together gives it a spectacular and harmonious air, but I already talked too much, just relax and remember the good times, let yourself go home, to the times where everything was a little bit simpler…


Blackened Blue – Between Two Worlds | Metalcore

Have you ever had to make a hard decision? Have you ever felt frustrated for not fitting?
Blackened Blue brings us another metal masterpiece called “Between Two Worlds”. An energetic drum base accompanied with the distorted guitar that conveys the feeling of frustration, but the great lyrics gives the song a touch of hope. This track, inspired by the chapter 6 of the eighth season, is definitely an excellent metal rock song that characterizes Blackened Blue, remember to never give up, and take a look to this fantastic work!


SmD House – Full of Hope | House

Today we’ve got ourselves an amazing house track by SmD House. This track starts out rather simple with just one old-timey sounding beat, but quickly more stuff joins in and you realize that this is not your run-of-the-mill house track, the song goes through a bunch of different beats and this makes the song seem very lively. Also around the halfway point the song goes back to being very simple and here I should maybe mention that if I say a songs is being simple and only is a single beat sometimes. I don’t mean this as a criticism, I mean it as a compliment since not very much beats can make a great track on their own. Overall this song is rather calm and therefore perfect to just chill out for some time or as a background song for doing work.

Lord Sunfyre – Dear Sister | Pop Punk / Alternative Rock

If you want to create epic songs about pivotal themes in MLP, where do you start? On this rockin’ track, Lord Sunfyre takes us back to the first episode of G4 and explores Celestia’s psyche on the 1000 year anniversary of Luna’s banishment to the moon. How does Celestia feel about her time serving as Equestria’s sole ruler? Why weren’t we treated to an epic Celestia vs Nightmare Moon showdown? The artist offers an answer through some great lyrics and guitar work. Accompanied by a nice lyric video to help transport the listener to that moment, it’s a great first offering from a new horse rocker!


[ASOS] Replacer – Swim | Alternative Pop

When you hear this track, you may find yourself thinking this track may be just a bit on the repetitive side. However, on a deeper meaning, the lyrics tell how we all feel really cooped up these days from this pandemic. The dreamy vibes of losing yourself in something you enjoy to better put this. This song is like a very cooped up animal that just wants to run and be free! The smooth wavy and dreamy melodies and soft bass really hit home with all of us. Another gem as the 49th track on ASOS: Chocolate. A song with a wanting to just get lost in the waves of normality again. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Red Spark – General Solis | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves something rare everypony: this stellar track from Red Spark and even though personally I prefer EDM over everything else (who would have guessed) I have a sweet spot for orchestral tracks, this one in particular. The track starts out with dark drums and which slowly transitions into strings and goes from the dark and sinister tone more to a dark and epic tone and builds on this theme by adding more instruments only to once more switch to only strings which in my opinion really sells the theme and the track pretty much stays with this notion of epicness until it slowly starts fading out. I know I fanboy a lot over EDM in my articles but this song really is extraordinary no matter if you like orchestral or not.