Synthis – Dance the Night Away | Electro Pop

Synthis is back with a great reminder that sometimes you just need to have some fun! Listening to this track, you just feel like you are in a great club moving in rhythm and dancing your cares away. This song has a great beat with a bright synth which sets the tone for Synthis’ excellent vocals to carry you out of all your troubles!


Rockin’Brony – Open Up Your Eyes (covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Editor’s note: Hooray, his channel is back, we can post this now!

Rockin’Brony delivers an amazing cover of one of my favorite songs from the movie! And the genre/concept for the recreation of the songs was pretty well chosen. Symphonic Metal is a really complex genre and a amazing experience listening to!

Rockin’s vocals are really amazing, the way that he delivers emotion and dedication to the vocals it’s clearly awesome, the symphonic elements of the cover are really well performed as well as the drums. All the song parts are really well performed, including the symphonic solo and the awesome guitar solo, one of the principal characteristics of Rockin’s tracks, amazing and headbanging guitar solos!

Amazing cover you done here, keep up the good work my friend!


A State of Sugar – Candy | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! That’s a close enough reference and it’s time for a new ASoS album! Since the release of Lollipop this summer, the compilation album side of this project has grown alongside the promo channel that they run – this album features 36 brand new songs, and a good 2 hours or so of music for you to enjoy. The album covers a lot of the more melodic side of electronic music, as the ASoS label tends to do. There’s plenty of future bass, trance and chill stuff, but also the fair share of dubstep and bass house, and everything inbetween!

Also dat artwork, amirite?

Candy is available to download from A State of Sugar’s bandcamp page, completely for free (but you can donate if you’re feeling generous).


Przewalski’s Ponies – Lunar Song ii | Alt. Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 17 November 2017.

Russian-based band Przewalski’s Ponies have another new collaborative work out, and it’s pretty epic! A pop-y rock track that features some epic guitar solo work and some solid vocals throughout, it’s a fun piece for sure. Songs about Luna are always great to see, and this is definitely one of the cooler ones in recent times.


Sable Symphony – Open Up Your Eyes (covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

Sable Symphony will having you head banging to this jam of a cover! This track utilizes very well-produced guitars and the brilliant strings of the original soundtrack. In addition to a great percussion beat that’s easy to follow along with, Sable Symphony’s trademark vocal performance brings awesome harmonies to make an already fantastic song even more exciting!


APPL3JVCK – I Dream Of Pinkamena | Trap

Not save for fillies this time! Dark vibes coming from one of the awesome trap producers in the fandom, APPL3JVCK, with awesome sampling and very well produced beats that sounds like an instrumental of $uicidalboy$. Mostly inspired by comic dubs of Pinkamena and Lil Miss Rarity relationship, APPL3 delivers a ethereal, lo-fi and dark vibe that makes me want to rap about my anger and my dark thoughts. Good job APPL3JVCK, keep up the gorgeous work! Nice choice of artwork too