Writers wanted: volunteer for HMH today!

Cut storyline from FiM: Twilight’s brief career in music journalism

Are you a brony music enjoyer looking for a way to contribute to the fandom this new year? We’re looking for more people to join our staff as writers to help us keep posting about new fandom music as it’s released!

We’re looking for people who:

  • Enjoy a variety of musical genres and willing to learn how to write about a range of music – being able to write about different genres will give you greater flexibility in the role, and it means there should always be something from our list you can write up.
  • Can dedicate at least 1 hour per week – our number 1 rule is that real life comes first, but in the long term we would like new writers to be able to write a couple of posts per week, each of which should hopefully take up less than 30 mins of your time.
  • Are proficient in English – you don’t need to be a native speaker, but good English makes things easier for you to write posts and for editors to edit them.
  • Use Discord – we run all operations on a staff Discord server, so this is a must.

We provide training for all new writers on how to write articles for HMH, from WordPress and all its quirks to the best way to describe sounds. If you’re interested, get in touch with me on Discord: Spectra#9057


MelodyBrony – It Wasn’t Nice Knowing You (feat. Blackened Blue) | Metal

Given the impact Misty has had on the Fandom as of late, she is becoming another darling for fans with surging popularity; It was only a matter of time before music like this was going to happen, fantasizing a turn for the better for Misty’s Character Arch, and Melodybrony is happy to make a track about Misty’s future about-face with her alignment with Opaline. The lyrics set it up perfectly with Misty’s frustration, being fed up with being treated poorly and being told lies and half-truths, being treated like cannon fodder. The lyrics drive that Misty wants something so much more for herself. As Metal only can, the hard rock and metalcore melodies light your senses with the emotion of breaking free of your chains from those holding you down. Hardcore and uplifting, I’m sure Misty lovers will find this track a delight! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Eurobeat Brony – Discord (StarBomberX remix) | Reggae / EDM

StarBomberX, a brand new musician to the fandom, is starting out by remixing the classics. Their remix of Discord by Eurobeat Brony fuses Reggae and EDM genres, and the result is stunning! The synths are dark and piercing, creating a very sinister vibe matching Discord’s character perfectly, and the shrill pads which come in later are haunting! The vocals uses are the same as from the Living Tombstone remix, but pitched down, also contributing to the dark and moody atmosphere. Can’t wait to hear what you make next!


Harmonic Six – Equestria, Land We Love | Orchestral

Remember when we all found out Equestria apparently has some sort of national anthem in Season 5? Well here comes Harmonic Six with a lovely orchestral anthem also somewhat inspired by the Heart Carol. This piece is wonderful to listen to and you can almost feel the melodies reaching out to your heart. Definitely give this song a listen!


Blackened Blue – Everfree (feat. Gloomrot and Blitzy) | Metal

Blackened Blue never disappoints with his banger tracks and this one is no exception! Teaming up with Gloomrot and Blitzy he brings us this banger dedicated to the Everfree Forest, probably the most eerie location the show has given us, mentioning things like poison joke and timber wolves. Together with the awesome bars by Gloom and Blitzy and Blackened’s vocals and instrumentals this one is definitely worth a listen!


Yuugen Vinny & Wubcake – Discord (covering Eurobeat Brony) | Rock

It’s always lovely to see an old classic get a new coat of paint, and this version really stands out, cause it’s pure Rock awesomeness! Yuugen Vinny got together with the amazing Wubcake to put together this amazing cover, and you can’t deny it slaps! Rock is certainly a new direction to take Discord into and they succeeded! Definitely give this track a good many listens cause I promise after the first listen you won’t be able to click the song away!


PrinceWhateverer – Friends in Maretime | Metalcore

We knew this was gonna be awesome, we all did, but damn this is so much better then expected! This song has been called a bit of a spiritual successor to Solidarity, and you can see it when you have a look at the lyrics, but first, instrumental!
We start out acoustic, folk sounding, before with a big vocal fill Prince hits us right into the face with the full Metalcore power! This track has all a banger needs, from the drums and guitars to the fun vocal fills, this one’s a track for the ages and the highest quality of rock that’s out there!
Now, the instrumental make this awesome, but the what truly makes this the banger of the century is the lyrics!
And here you can hear why it feels like a successor to Solidarity. While Solidarity was all about looking back on the fun memories, Friends in Maretime starts out with “So don’t look back now”, and that’s just the start, the track is full of lovely lines and has verses dedicated to each of our pony friends, from pegasi with broken wings to fleeing from Bridlewood and tackling what ponies have been taught for all this time.
There’s so much more amazing about this track so definitely give it a listen and put it onto all your playlists!


Dandelion Ass – Rarity In Captivity, Unicorn in Captivity tapestry | Classical Orchestral

Today I’m happy to bring you some more amazing composing work by Dandelion and Octawa! It’s not often that you hear a Harpsichord nowadays, but they use it to it’s fullest, letting it be a big part of the arrangement, giving us a wonderful new yet old sound! This piece may be a bit longer, clocking in at just under seven and a half minutes, but I can tell you it leads you on a journey, and especially if like me you enjoy orchestra you will love just listening along to this and forgetting about everything for a while!


L-Train – Everypony | Electro Swing

L-Train has dropped a new album, and its title track, “Everypony,” is a lovely fusion of Latin with the L-Train’s usual electro swing. The track begins softly, and as the Rarity vocal chop crescendos, the percussion builds to a thunderous roar! The main theme is a groovy blend of many instruments which drop out in the middle to allow the full Rarity sample from “Becoming Popular” to play. Towards the end, you’ll hear some of L-Train’s amazing finger picking skills with a solo. I’m sure “Everypony” will enjoy listening to it.


EveryDayDashie – The Legend of the Pony Heroes 小马英雄传 | Epic Orchestral / Electro Bounce

EveryDayDashie, returns to us with yet another beautiful orchestral tune! This time, with amazing Oriental vibes to it, loudly and clearly soothing the listener with amazing instrumentals and shouts of glory and willpower, then switching it ALL up, bringing in majestic electronics into the mix! Making the full wonder of the legend blasting through your speakers! I am always amazed by EveryDayDashie’s versatility and once again Dashie absolutely nails it; amazing work! The diversity you bring within your music is inspirational and truly one of a kind!


Namii & Nexgen – GREY//AF | Hip-Hop

CW: some explicit language

We once again, got these two legendary MC’s ABSOLUTELY delivering a dope collab track. Nexgen going hard as the absolute king he is, bringing the storm of chaos, laying down hard discorded bars messing with your mind. And Namii? Ohohohoooo Namii is going in, FULLY mesmerizing you, with majestic rap vocals… It’s always an exciting mystery on what could’ve happened if Discord was successful in overtaking Equestria, and discordify all of it… Biggups to Namii & Nexgen for exploring that concept! Looking forward to the full EP they’re working on! Subscribe and support them both… you do NOT want to miss it!