Rarity Advocate – Looking Back | Orchestral

Man man man, this Composition really hits the right strings. Both in the Melody, and in the Feels. Seeing Princess Luna sleep to this Song Lets me know that she is having a Beautifull dream because of this. I hope that many others will discover this track and witness its Grand emotional impact. Because legit, this is Wonderfull. Very well orchestrated Rarity, you’ve done a great job!
Everybody, show some love ❤


Suskii – The Call Of The Shadows | Dubstep

Suskii is back in full force with a brand new original piece empowered by a pony concept and his amazing musical vision! Inspired by Stygian from the S7 finale Shadow Play, this masterpiece makes a delightful use of vocal samples from it, all while showcasing insane sound design work and a divine melodic aspect as you could expect from the talented changeling musician. Come hear it being blasted at the latest Cider Party!


Indie Notes – Lucid | Acoustic

Many in the community are making use of the power of passion and have their lives enhanced by ponies, and imagining that Luna herself is guarding our sleep is certainly one of the most common practices! Indie Notes pays tribute to the Princess of the Night and her work with this soft ballad thanking her for everything she’s doing. She definitely needs all the love she can get, and perhaps all of us can send her our feelings as well as we listen to this song and make one with the music!


Arabesque Sympony – Gift | Rock

Arabesque Sympony’s first original pony song is delightfully themed around one of the things that really holds our community together: Love. It is such a gift from life indeed, to be able to feel love for so many people and to even get love in return too (I can tell), and Arabesque performed this sweet rock tune with love and his pony band of full formation, and is sharing it with us all! Isn’t it wonderful? Let’s cheer for the musician everypony!


MC-Arch & PegasYs – Heart Still Beating | Hip-Hop

From MC-Arch’s debut album If I Ever Forget, Heart Still Beating conveys the force of the intent of the whole album with heartfelt vocals and meaningful lyrics. PegasYs contributed by composing a mighty instrumental to go along the vocals, and he just couldn’t help adding his own signature sound and style to it, which is such a delight! If you know that what you stand for is right and if it’s your Truth, then you know that your heart is still beating for it… Let all of our hearts connect and let the power of our feelings combined change the world!


[P@D] Radiarc – Aleph Null | Hybrid Orchestral

Radiarc performed marvelously with this very Mysterious and Tensionfull track. Legit, I adore this. The P@D squad made a very wise choice including this in the new Enigma Album. You can really sense the Purity and the Power coming out of the Melodies, the Symphonies, and their Composition as a Whole. Legit, I adore this Track. And Twilight Sparkles ultimate power, passion, conviction, and conflict is most definitly felt throughout it. Well done Radiarc, well done. ❤
Show some love everybody. ❤ The new P@D album btw can be found here;


Reverbrony & Thrasher – Beyond Purpose | Industrial / Metal

Its always lovely to get some Rougher styles of Music on HMH now and then, and therefore I think Beyond Purpose by Reverbrony & Trasher is a good addon for this. Legit, I love this Track! It really speaks forward and straight to the Point with this Melody. The switch from the Synth like vibes to the Guitars and Shredding is very, very well done and placed. I like this. 🙂 Good work!
everybody, show some love. ❤


Viricide Filly – Uality | Downtempo

Viricide always brings something unique to the table and “Uality” is no exception! Its got that sharp wonky feel I’ve come to know and love with a deep atmospheric vibe to it. In her own words, “Imagine a binary star system. Two orbs of light orbiting around each other. Without one, the other cannot go on.”  Its a rather intriguing way to describe this track as it sets the mood and really gets you thinking and fits really well with the theme of ‘Yet Sightless’ in my opinion; As it follows Eleanor on her journey to find self knowledge and love.


New Reverian – Altitude | Drum & Bass

This was New Reverian’s submission for P@D and, while it didn’t make it on the album, he’s blessed us with this lovely DnB tune! The atmosphere on this one is fantastic with some lovely use of reverb and a catchy lead perfectly encapsulating the feeling of soaring through the pegasi-laden sky. I have personally not heard his music before, but I am definitely looking forward to what New Reverian has in store in the future, as his music can only go up from here. Cheers!


Ditherer – Admirer (prod. TCB) | Hip-Hop

This track off Ditherer’s upcoming album tells the story of the darker side of Sweetie Belle’s emotions in The Break Up Break Down, detailing the loneliness and hopelessness she felt before and after figuring out Big Mac’s package was for Sugar Belle. The episode ends with a happy resolution, but Ditherer expertly weaves a flow detailing her sadder feelings. With a somber beat by TCB showing off his propensity for vocal chops (this time from the CMCs), this song has got me excited for Ditherer’s next project!