Stallionslaughter – C*m as a Horse (Nirvana Parody) | Grunge

hmh not for kids

Warning: This Song has NSFW and heavy suggestive lyrics and themes. Head down below the break if you’re okay with that.

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Peshka – Potion Maker | Post-Rock / Grunge

For Nightmare Night, Peshka brewed a dark and haunting musical mixture from deep into the Everfree, just like Zecora would brew a potion! Music is much like alchemy, and this blend of atmosphere and melodies through guitars is certainly a very potent result!


Metajoker – Better Off (feat. GatoPaint) | Alternative Metal / Post-Grunge

With a emotional and nostalgic feeling, Metajoker with help of GatoPaint created Better Off! The new hot tune of the month! Really nice warm and ethereal vibes coming from the track, well we really are on Autumn!

The guitar riffs are really well performed along with the piano chords, Metajoker and GatoPaint did a really awesome job in this! The mix between the two along with awesome drumming, nice control of reverb and mixing, great production qualities, and an awesome vocal performed by the 2 artists singing really deep and emotional lyrics with a nostalgic and warm instrumental made this track a really nice Autumn song for headbang all night long or doing your morning walk! Both artists did an awesome job and reminded me of acts such Breaking Benjamin, Bush and Hurt! Metajoker is an awesome pianist and vocalist and GatoPaint is an awesome guitarist and vocalist! Keep up the awesome work!


Redd – Little Dreams (covering Vylet Pony) | Grunge

While everyone else was out remixing Little Dreams for SPW Deluxe (guilty as charged), Redd decided to go in a different direction and cover the song instead. Redd has a way with completely switching up songs when he covers them (like his cover of The Smile Song), and gives a totally new feel each time he does so!


Redd Pony – Praeteritus | Grunge

Redd unleashes his potential and creativity in this new Grunge track made with much passion. Structured in 3 parts, this kind of “concept track” will take you all the way to the Everfree Forest, but not for an amble… this is about being hunted by the spooky creatures roaming free in the forest! Embark on the perilous journey, and don’t forget that music is magic, that inner power could help you repel the darkness!

Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the 320kbps MP3 file of the song here.


Ponies in Reins – The Faster I Flew | Grunge

Here’s a great ponification of Alice in Chains by Redd & Richard Poodles. Both do a fantastic job in contributing their skill sets to make for a solid tune. Very impressive vocal delivery and mixing throughout.


Stallionslaughter – Stone Soup | Grunge

Stallionslaughter has another parody song for us! This time it’s a ponified version of Green Day’s “Brain Stew”, but much heavier and with full visual accompaniment. Occasional explicit lyrics if your ears are sensitive to that sort of thing. \m/