It’s P@D Day: Album Party, Pre-releases and More!

Once again, the team at Ponies at Dawn have arranged a day of festivities to mark the release of the collective’s latest album: Wanderlust. As shown in the schedule above, the party kicks off at 3pm Eastern with an hour-long DJ set each from Thunder_Kick and Keitus before the mane event – the album showcase presented by Lycan Dese Beats – at 5pm Eastern. Join in for 7 hours of brand new tunes before Bolt and Rock Fox start the afterparty with their own DJ sets. The whole thing is being broadcast live on Ponyville FM and there’s a party happening on the Pony Town event server too!

But if that’s still not enough, P@D pre-released a bunch of songs from the album – check them out below!

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[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony & Drummershy – Angels In Disguise | Progressive Metal

There’s always something that blows me away on each Ponies At Dawn album, and I’ve found what Zenith has brought to the table. 4EverfreeBrony is no stranger to prog rock, having previously taken inspiration from Rush, but bringing Drummershy’s influence from Dream Theater into the mix has resulted in this masterpiece! You experience a full range of dynamics, from atmospheric guitars with precisely detailed percussion, to full punchy riffs with synths and string orchestration. Go take a listen for an epic 6 minutes of prog goodness!


SnowShovel – Irresponsible (For a day or two) [Feat. StealingShad3z & BreeBree] | Rock

Ever have those days where you just wanna drop every care in the world for a while, possibly to the detriment of future-you? I certainly have, and from the tone of this song, it seems our favorite book-horse has too. Snowshovel nails the classic rock vibes here, which serve as the smoke-filled pool hall where Shad3z’ and Bree’s vocals are your double Screwdriver; heavy, gritty, and it sounds like concentrated delinquent fun (as well as a member of the repeat club!)


Dandelion & Flash – Flower Power Friendship | Psychedelic Rock

Dandelion is sharing some more Psychedelic Rock pieces lately and it’s such a delight for the fan of 70s rock that I am! This one is lovingly using Fluttershy vocal samples to make a “Fluttershy Boo-Hoo edition” (I sure got that reference!) and the result is so nostalgic and refreshing at the same time!


Dandelion – Flutterhigh’s Deep Trip | Psychedelic Rock

We take a Deep Trip to Equestria with every of Dandelion’s pony songs! And this one is certainly playing the part, emulating the Hammond sound for this psychedelic journey with the ponies! It’s such a bliss and Dandelion’s inspirations shine ever so brightly!


[P@D] L-Train – It Came From Next Tuesday | Surf Rock

It’s Ponies at Dawn time once again and that means all kinds of crazy-imaginative, new songs! The Australian shredder crafted this innovative take on It’s About Time, slapping some Twilight chops from the episode over a very California beach rock instrumental. The main guitar riff sets the tone right away with a classic, low-fuzz tone and a quick beat until suddenly you are right in the middle of a creative blend of fun times and chaos. The synth rounds the edges by adding fuzz and a sense of pandemonium to the track. Before you know what happens, L-Train slams you into a djent-y breakdown and It Came From Next Tuesday speeds out of control to its climax!


Bayanic – The End | Classic Rock Instrumental

Bayanic (formerly Bajanic) appears every once in a long while to grace us with something special. This time, they are celebrating what they consider a new beginning with The End. A great instrumental track, this full, rock piece features some great and creative electric guitar work with a powerful solo, heavy dive effects, and excellent dual composition. The electronic drone and glistening bells in the background really round out the song and emphasize both the looming tension of an end as well as the bright promise that comes with new beginnings.


Rinnie – Chaos & Harmony (Covering Lunar Drift) | Progressive Rock

Long live Prog! Rinnie expanded on Lunar Drift’s love of the genre by covering Chaos & Harmony themed around Discord, and this new interpretation is presenting new progressive wonders and ideas that certainly would make the God of Chaos proud. So glad that Rinnie is covering other brony songs in addition to show songs!!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – Spun | Classic Rock

Raise your hand if you’re late to party about the Wastelands Wailers. *This writer does*. But its no matter. The first time hearing Haymaker and Brittney Church was refreshing. You’re treated to classic rock and roll with very well sung lyrics. About a pair of lovebirds trying to get by in the wastelands of Equestria. Long time fans of this group will know that their music is based off the Fallout Equestria fanfic series, and the work done by them for OvermareStudios. The guitars are very smooth, gritty and romantic. The track is a throwback to the 80’s style rock and romance like someone like Bruce Springsteen would do. It’s nice P@D Ignite still tries to put all kinds of genre’s on their albums. Classic rock is nice art that should be done more, way more. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Lunar Drift – Chaos & Harmony | Progressive Rock

The #1 bringer of Prog Rock in the community, Lunar Drift provided anew with a 7-minutes progressive beauty, full of nods to previous tracks but also of new ideas. Let the distinct sound of the Rickenbacker 4003S bass guide you in this new musical world themed around Discord!