Elias Frost – In the Rain | Rock / Metal

A delightful treat, Elias Frost’s own response to Punk Rarity’s determination and beauty of the inside in S07E19 It Isn’t the Mane Thing About You is a Gothic-inspired rock piece with blissful riffs and fitting synths reflecting Rarity’s strength and passion as she shines from the inside out. The guitar solos are top-notch and overall In the Rain is quite the choon to jam and headbang to, giving homage to Rarity! Definitely a piece that she would listen to, to remind her of her fabulous self!


[P@D] Replacer – Paper Lady | Indie Pop / Hip-Hop

One of my top favorites from P@D Anthology, this new very unique track from Replacer has got quite an intricate and elaborate story set in the past Equestria, and it’s told through poetic lyrics and blissful vocals through an instrumental of many wonders. Acoustic guitar, synths that will remind you of some Classic Rock and Prog Rock goldies from the 70s, and even an Ambient part, this masterpiece of a track is quite the unique gem. Replacer even drew the cover art himself, representing the character from the story!


JOSHH – As The Sun Surely Rises | Hip-Hop / Trap

JOSHH returns with even more blissful pony music, and this time it’s the power of the sun shining in musical way through this track definitely very interesting and unique. Starting with an acoustic guitar and Classic Rock vibes, the song then evolves into an electronic-oriented Hip-Hop/Trap instrumental, with added vocals! Definitely a treat showing much inventivity.


UCDP Brony – Luna’s Cake (feat. Arthur Raulin) | Progressive Rock

UCDP Brony’s latest track happens to be about Luna and some Cake! A fantastic song all around featuring quality drum work and radical guitar riffs. The song also includes a great guitar solo from Arthur Raulin. With inspirations from the likes of Dream Theater and 4/3 de Trio, UCDP Brony has created a wonderful track with a cute story! UCDP Brony produced this song for the French Pony Music Awards 2017.



Lectro Dub – Salvaging | Classic Rock / Industrial Rock

Lectro Dub returns with an amazing experimental rock track with classic elements mixed with modern elements! The classic rock elements on the guitar riffs and in some synths looking like one of that really awesome and psychedelic Pink Floyd experimental albums! The modern rock elements on the mechanical drumming and some really Nine Inch Nails look like synths, reminding me of Classic Industrial Rock mixed with Funk Rock elements (the guitar riffs mixed with the bass line) and Psychedelia! Really headbanging and nostalgic experiment! Lectro Dub did really an awesome job on this!


Ponysphere – Heart Of Fire | Rock / Orchestral

For the old timers between us. Queen, Rage against the Machine, U2, All of them amazing Bands with each having their own amazing classic tunes. 🙂 It seems our good friend Ponysphere also wanted to contribute to this very broad and awesome genre, and he did so with marvelous work. Heart of Fire is a track as bright as the Sun, and as loud as its Solar flares. A beautiful journey with Guitar chords played in a Classic rock fashion. Sunset shimmer’s spirit is smiling brightly by this. Keep up the good work Ponysphere. 😉


Elias Frost – Mad Twience (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Synthpop / New Wave

Russian musician Elias Frost returns with a 80’s Synthpop / New Wave cover of one of the songs from the Equestria Girls shorts.

Elias Frost’s vocals capacity fits with this Synthpop instrumental, proving also that Elias is a good player and also a good vocalist. This cover really will take you on a journey through the 80’s New Wave scene! You really will enjoy and love this amazing cover, if you are into the popular rock music of the beginnings of the 80’s. Elias Frost is an experimentalist in the rock/metal genre, always coming with new genres for his tracks and this cover proves it! All that robotic vocals, I love them!


Sprocket – Perchance To Dream | Alternative Rock / Blues Rock / Alternative Dance

Coming from the concept album The Princess Variations, Sprocket delivers a 6 minutes track full of emotion and commitment in the track, that I must say, it’s amazing!

The first part reminds me of Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, then Sprocket vocals are soo Blues vocals, also I can feel in the second part of the song some Blues Rock influence with the mix between the guitar riff and the keyboard sounds. Sprocket vocals are really flexible from highs look-a-like David Bowie and the vox vocals look like some really cool modern Alternative Dance band. The guitar riff is really amazing, so chill, along with the bass that is listenable are is so satisfying.

6 minutes of pure awesomeness! Listen to the track, is really amazing! Also, don’t forget to download/buy The Princess Variations on his bandcamp!


Soren Ember – Nighttime Blues | Classic Rock

We can always count on Soren Ember (formerly Obscura) to bring the most tasteful Classic Rock sounds with his songs, and this one is no exception! An ode to the Night and its blissful comfort, the track takes us into a mellow yet powerful ride through amazing vocals reflecting much talent, and a soft instrumental where drums and guitars are soothing the mind and guiding the soul. The two guitar solos in the second part are completing the experience and delivering rock music bliss, with the second solo even giving Mike Oldfield vibes, which is so wonderful to get!


[LDB] Andy Feelin – Mil Yari | Rock

Rocking Luna anthem incoming! This delightful tune by Andy Feelin from Beats Me 3 delivers the mighty power of rock music to pay tribute to the Night and to Luna! With charismatic vocals sung in Esperanto (translation in the description and the video – I recommend it, the lyrics are beautiful!), it definitely does the theme justice, with a blissful rythm led by bass guitar and drums, a tasteful guitar play, and even a wonderful keyboards solo! Long live the Night and rock music!