Metajoker – Sight for Sore Eyes (feat. 4EverfreeBrony) | Indie Rock

Metajoker makes a grand return with 4EverfreeBrony by his side for a catchy alt rock track reminiscient of Two Door Cinema Club! The duo’s harmonies and glitzy guitar riffs set to lyrics about Celestia and Luna’s relationship and memories of how things once were are simply sublime and incredibly memorable. Welcome back, Metajoker! We can’t wait to see what else you come out with.


4EverfreeBrony – Little Dreams (Covering Vylet Pony) | Rock

4everfreebrony brings us another awesome cover, this time a Vylet Pony track! This cover adds a new and unique rock spin on the original, with both acoustic and electric guitar, drums and other rock elements setting the track aside from the original in an amazing way.


strigidae – pink horse plays trombone | Indie Dance

The elusive strigidae has returned yet again. He rarely posts music (his channel has only 5 tracks from late 2016 onward, for example), but when he does, it’s a real treat. This track showcases his usual indie style as a tribute to Pinkie’s wind instrument skills from the trombone to the yovidaphone, even going as far as to feature riffs from a trumpet towards the end. strigidae’s voice is a unique one in the fandom, which cuts through this song like a knife. Don’t miss out on this one!


General Mumble & Koa – BBDFF | Indie Dance

It wouldn’t be a General Mumble track without something creepy. In the same vein as Couldn’t You Just Simply Die? from way back, this collab between Mumble and Koa is a creepy electronic beat with edited vocal samples from the show – specifically Twilight’s BBBFF song – to add new lyrics, adding a dark twist to Twilight’s relationship with her older brother. Nightmare Night may be over, but the creepiness isn’t ending anytime soon.


Vylet Pony – As Strong as Horses | Indie Pop

Vylet’s new album Queen of Misfits will be released December 25th, and this pre-release certainly shows the color of the Trixie-themed album! I love Trixie and to have an album dedicated to her is such a treat. Looks like the tracks will have a personal meaning to them from the musician this time around too, judging from the thought-provoking description! Time to bliss out to cute vocals and synths alike…

Aside – Music for the Headless Horse III | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

For Nightmare Night, we can always count on the #1 pony music label venturing in the obscure and dark musical roads less traveled, to bring us something tasty to bite! The organizers went all-out and so did the contributing musicians who deliver many treats and creative musical experiences to savor while trick and treating. Many familiar faces as well as regulars of the experimental music scene had fun joining and partaking in the madness for all kinds of spooks and silent walks in dark forests and abandoned amusement parks, empowering the experiences with the power of music! Get the album from Bandcamp here, check out the recording of the live release party here, follow’s Twitter to stay updated, and go follow all the contributing musicians too!


Vylet Pony – Familiar Feelings (feat. Chi Chi) | Chill Hop

I’m sure everyone of us have been there at least once. Feeling the sense of déjà vu,  or the feeling that you’ve lost something precious to you that you can’t ever get back. Vylet Pony’s new track, Familiar Feelings captures those feelings all too well. Without spoiling the story of song too much, here is a rhetorical question: Have you lost a good friend before, due to any disagreements and only find out after the fact that it’s too late to make amends?
Chi Chi’s voice acting and vocals goes perfectly with the overall emotional undertones of the song. It’s almost as if you are experiencing the drama unfold right beside the familiar characters you’ve known and loved. Go give this a listen, and have some paper towels nearby. Excellent work from Vylet Pony and Chi Chi yet again!