Dandelion & Flash – Flower Power Friendship | Psychedelic Rock

Dandelion is sharing some more Psychedelic Rock pieces lately and it’s such a delight for the fan of 70s rock that I am! This one is lovingly using Fluttershy vocal samples to make a “Fluttershy Boo-Hoo edition” (I sure got that reference!) and the result is so nostalgic and refreshing at the same time!


Vylet Pony – Dream Stage | Alternative/Indie

Today we’ve got ourselves another song from the fabulous Vylet Pony! This song is part of her newest album “Super Pony World – Fairytails“, but let’s skip the rambling and get straight into it! The track starts out with some amazing slow strings, which quickly transition into a mix of Irish folk and tavern music. Later on the tavern theme takes over more, but the beat still keeps rather calm. Shortly thereafter the amazing voice of Vylet sets in welcoming all of us to the tavern where one goes to forget about the past. As a pre-chorus you can hear a choir of voices followed by an awesome instrumental part. After the chorus the barkeeper, who is also sung by Vylet, chimes in, and the two talk until the choir is heard again. This is followed up by what I can only describe as the best part of this song: for a few lines the beat takes a complete back seat while Vylet’s voice is layered, which causes the best effect I’ve heard in ages. This song is worth listening to for this part alone. After this the instrumentals resume, and in the end you can hear the other patrons of the Dream Stage talking as the rain falls. All in all this song is a masterpiece, and you should listen to it no matter what genre of music you enjoy!

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


Captive Unicorns x Somasis – Starsailor | Ambient Pop / Post Breakcore

The fruit of an amazing collaboration, Captive Unicorns and Somasis envelop us in the nocturnal atmosphere of their song, like a blues in the light of the moon, the sweet piano and synthesizer chords guide us through the piece, the beautiful voices of Captive Unicorns becomes present, singing about the maternal love of the moon, after a melodic segment, a wonderful part appears where the amen break harmonizes with the voice giving an amazing atmosphere to the song, simply beautiful …
Consider purchasing this song, all proceeds will be donated in support of the black lives matter movement.