Vylet Pony & Sylver – Strangers | Indie Pop

Track #4 of the new album Homeward, Strangers is a deep, emotional, progressive, all around powerful experience of sound, vocals and story. Vylet’s talent and musical inspirations shine once more, and this is but one of the many gems on the album!


Rusty Thorsell – Fields of Phall (For Gears) | Power Pop / Indie Pop

Rusty brings the feels to the town of music with this beautiful ballad bilingual (swedish and english). The Beatles style sound makes this even more beautiful and emotional, aswell with the themes behind the song: our ponysona help us treating the insecurity about ourselfs, it’s amazing how a song can be soo beatiful!
Hope you are all alright, dear readers. And keep up the good work Rusty!


Vylet Pony – Square One (feat. Slyleaf & FlyoverRob) | Indie Pop

Suuuuup fam Arch is back in da business to bring forward new and dope af horsetracks for ya’ll! It is a huge honor to let my first HMH post in this generation be about a Specific Golden-Age Musician I look up too ALOT. I bring you; VYLET
You see, I love Space. I love Adventure. I love the feeling of starting something new and Exploring the Unexplored. It’s a Beautifull and Extrodinary feeling that always feels Refreshing and Heartwarming. No matter how much you go a new way, you can feel it. And aslong as you can Feel it, you know you Can do Everything! For that is what Life is about in my Honest Opinion; That you do it because Can. And You Can Because you want too, And you want too because others say you Can’t. It’s not about showcasing it with the thought “I Hope they will like me.” It’s about showcasing that you’ll be fine if they Don’t. It’s a long Universal Journey with alot of Unexplored experiences yet to be discovered and Witnissed. It all offcourse, starts at Square one. And VYLET, Slyleaf, and FlyoverRob most definitly did a marvelous job of bringing that into this Track.
The Instrumentals, the Vocals, The composition as a whole, this whole Album in general… It’s a Wonderfull adventure! and the fact this alone is Square one, really shows that what else is out there, is something worth strifing, exploring, learning, and going for! (And it’s worth it!) Legit, peep Vylet’s album! Link to it can be found here.
It’s great to be back ya’ll, hopefully I’ll be able to do more posts like these! Love to the Pony fandom and to all the amazing Artists out there!


One Track Mind – Love Was In Bloom | Synthwave

New EP from One Track Mind, and it’s packed with crazy amazing tunes! This one is a dark take on Love Is In Bloom with epic Synthwave vibes following up on the musician’s recent exploration of the genre! The second track titled Special is quite the impressive electronic banger, while track #3 Bad Seed gives another dark take on a show song! Lastly Nostalgia (Repetitive remix) is such a trip to higher planes! Grab all of the tracks from!


Remember Falling – Temptation (feat. Wubcake) | Indie Pop

Remember Falling is on a roll, and always reaching new heights, this time gathering the vocal talents of the one and only Wubcake! Perfect for the role, our dazzling singer does wonders at enacting the character from the fanfic that RF wanted to pay tribute to, and the musicians’ duet along the tasty instrumental is certainly a powerful embodiment of the concept and story!


M_Pallante – Wings (If You Can Use Them) | Rock

M_Pallante is back with another pony track, and this one is sung in the perspective of Celestia during the long years of Nightmare Moon’s banishment to the moon! The talented rock musician is giving his own lovely interpretation of Tia’s feelings, through thoughtful lyrics reminiscent of Lullaby for a Princess, awesome vocals and a blissful rock instrumental that will never get old, much like the theme of this track!


Remember Falling – Going Down (pt. 2) | Alternative / Trap

It’s like Remember Falling heard all of our subconscious calls for a continuation to the original Going Down that was so epic!! Equally epic and badapple, this part 2 about the MLP villains is kicking flank so much once again with incredible lyrics fitting to the villains’ personalities and stories, very cool vocals, and an enthralling electronic instrumental of much emotion!