Remember Falling – I Am Brave (feat. Namii) | Indie Pop / Alternate Electronic

For the next part of the story and Hollow’s introspective journey, Remember Falling teamed up with the talented Namii once more, and delivers a gorgeous duet along inspired melodies and a quality electronic arrangement, that definitely shows the musician’s progress! It’s gonna be available as part of the upcoming album “Monolith”!


M_Pallante – (No Longer) Alone | Rock

We’re in for a rocking streak of posts with this and the next ones! First up is M_Pallante’s second comeback tribute to MLP, and in particular Twily! Blissful Prog Rock vibes are accompanying M_Pallante’s gorgeous vocals sung with much talent! This works so well as an anthem to Friendship, and how Twilight is no longer alone, just like one is never alone in this wonderful community of bronies!


Vylet Pony – Keepsakes| Indie Pop

Vylet is back with another amazing piece. This one is about our favorite muffin loving pony, and the day-to-day struggles of being different. It explores some interesting aspects of sentimentality and isolation. But it’s not all sad, Vylet turns it around and there is a much more hopeful tone towards the second half. And as always, Vylet’s sweet, smooth vocals tie the entire song together. Well done Vylet, I can’t wait to see what you do next.



M_Pallante – A Time to Love | Rock

Even if some pony musicians moved on, the happy memories and the friends they’ve made will be remembered forever… And this is just what this “last MLP song” from M_Pallante is about! A tribute to those times of love, and to everlasting Friendship, this rock beauty is full of sick guitar play and cool vocals, performing one last anthem modeled after the six friends we all love!


Remember Falling – Hourglass (feat. Namii) | Indie Pop

Previously known as Sights Unseen, Remember Falling returns in full force with a creative collab featuring the talent of our beloved Namii! And not just talent, as Namii imbued the song with her own personal meaning, adding to the theme of Luna and Nightmare Moon envisionned by Remember Falling! Earnest vocals shine in a dark yet magical atmosphere, and heavy yet melodic electronic greatness graces the second half of the track, for a complete experience of sound and story!


AstralAmity – For Harmony (feat. Sable Symphony) | Indie Pop

Another track from AstralAmity’s upcoming magnum opus album, For Harmony is a beautiful collab with Sable Symphony that not only has his unique vocals adding much personality to the track, but also has electric guitars and makes for a very creative fusion of electronic, rock, and orchestral elements. The choruses in particular are very emotional for me, and with Sable’s vocals it makes it even more powerful.


[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony – My Favorite Mystery | Indie Pop / Power Pop

Rock in Enigma had bring us amazing features and memorable songs! The opening track done by one of the greatest brony musicians of this recent years of the fandom, 4EverfreeBrony, it’s an amazing indie pop anthem with power pop influences. The mix between the acoustic with the electronic is a harmony of colours, the chorus is soo powerfull and the interesting bridge is soo on top! All the instrumentalization is simply divine and the vocals are as always perfect, singing some sweet and nice lyrics about our favorite Pink Pony 😉
Download Enigma on a Bandcamp near you!


Direct Current – Hourglass EP | Indie Electronic

Direct Current is a musician who always comes up with something unique and enjoyable. In his new 3-song EP, he celebrates his 100th song released – an amazing feat for any musician to be sure! Each song on the release is exciting in a unique way, too!

  1. Sands of Time: a beautiful and mesmerizing track,  the hard panning style of the ringing notes bring forth a hypnotic feeling
  2. Mists of Time: an uplifting track made even sweeter with the processed vocals, a bouncy synth and hi piano keys adds joyous tones to the sentimental track
  3. Forever: an optimistic piece romanticizing the future, the beat mimics the ticking of a clock in a very creative way

Hourglass is a great pickup and Direct Current should be commended for such a quality piece of work!