Maressey – Stretch Out and Wait/Reel Around the Fountain | Post-Punk

Tracks 8 and 9 from The TwiLuna Album are bundled together in this video from Maressey. Stretch Out and Wait is performed by Warbalist and is sung from Luna’s perspective, depicting a scenario where Twilight reflects on her relationship with Luna deeply, while the latter simply tells her to loosen up and enjoy the moment. Warbalist’s vocals capture Morrissey’s dreary singing style with flying colours. The next track, Reel Around The Fountain, is performed by project leader Freewave with vocals from Metal Mare. This one is from Twilight’s eyes, where she finally comes to terms with her love for Luna. Metal Mare’s vocals soar beautifully in front of the somber instrumental, lead by tight rhythm section and a clean guitar. These two tracks are a lovely pair!


Direct Current – Blue Moon | Indietronica

Comebacks are abound in times like these. Direct Current has just put out Blue Moon, his first original track in almost a year. This one oozes pure cuteness from the processed vocals to the catchy electronic beat that accentuates the sweet tone. The lyrics tell a story of Starlight and Trixie’s cute relationship and how their love for each other keeps them together. Doesn’t that make your heart bounce?


Captive Unicorns – Moonsnow | Indie Pop

The fact that that Captive Unicorns, the artist formerly known as SoGreatandPowerful has released another song this year shows that Scrimshawl wasn’t just a one-off release, and that he’s really back! Moonsnow is an atmospheric ambient pop track that feels like a relaxing journey across a night sky lit by stars, represented perfectly by Captive’s voice and those glitzy synth sounds joined by minimal percussion! On another note, all of his songs this year have been uploaded just about on the 10th. Is this an intentional pattern of releases? Guess we’ll have to find out!


Maressey – This Night Has Opened My Eyes | Indie Pop

Maressey proves that you don’t need to change much to make a great ponification! Track 4 from the Twiluna album is This Night Has Opened My Eyes, a ponified version of the Smiths track. Maressey’s interpretation depicts Maud going through a lonely time while living without her younger sister, Pinkie. FritzyBeat takes lead vocals here, and fits the tone of the music like it was meant for him!


Vylet Pony – Ursa Major (feat. Just Fern) | Indie Pop

Vylet returns with track 3 from Queen of Misfits, Ursa Major! Joining her is regular collaborator Namii, along with Just Fern, a musician based in Pittsburgh who was also producing fandom music once upon a time. Ursa Major is a fantabulous pop tune with beautiful synths, drums and vocals. Fern’s deeper vocals make for a nice contrast against Vylet’s smoother voice, but the two work together really well! The synth lead is masterfully crafted, especially as it speeds up towards the end of every fourth bar. Check out that outro, though!


Remember Falling – Strangers (feat. BearSlayer & Cerridwen) | Alternate Electronic

Remember Falling returns with another song from the upcoming Dawn Into Dusk. Starting off with a brief voice exchange between BearSlayer and Cerridwen, we’re thrust into a midtempo electro piece full of shining synths with a positive vibe, yet RF’s vocals and lyrics ponder whether Hollow and Infinity are safe in their new land, and if they’re seen as outsiders and strangers. The vocal duet in the chorus works so well with RF’s typical style of electronic.


Vylet Pony – Queen of Misfits (feat. Cabi and Namii) (Remember Falling Remix) | Alternate Electronic

A long one, this track. Remember Falling has released an 8 minute long remix of Vylet Pony‘s Queen of Misfits, and it’s honestly super beautiful. The track is absolutely dripping of reverb and full of astonishing instrumentation and synth work, trading the 80s-inspired sound of the original for a more modern sounding electronic style. The vocalist’s voices are still present here, and are sprinkled with different effects at certain points, like a vocoder or bitcrusher. The most emotional part has to be when Vylet and Namii sing together accompanied by just a piano before the electro synths jump back in. Hats off to Remember Falling for crafting such an amazing remix!


Maressey – Well I Wonder | Indie Rock

After a long wait, the final album in the Maressey tetralogy is here. Track 7 from The Twiluna Album is Well I Wonder, a parody of the Smiths song of the same name as well as the album’s central track. It depicts a scenario where Twilight encounters Luna on a visit to Canterlot, and the two form a large bond, making it a duet between the two. Faux Snyder and Metal Mare brilliantly play those roles, respectively, and Freewave‘s instrumental rendition of the original track is top notch!


Maressey – The Twiluna Album | Album | Jangle Pop

After a long 3 year wait, Maressey have delivered their fourth and final album, The Twiluna Album! As we’ve come to expect, Maressey is a tribute act that focuses on ponified versions of songs performed by The Smiths, a British indie pop/rock band that were around in the 80s. Freewave leads the Maressey project and has brought a large amount of guests on board to help with the music and vocals, such as FritzyBeat, Faux Snyder, Fire Frets and Sylverlining. Snyder’s vocal talents in particular are to be noted, and can be heard across songs such as Bigmouth Strikes Again, Luna in a Coma and Well I Wonder; her higher voice makes for a nice contrast in place of Morrissey’s deeper baritone range. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want showcases Zatslol‘s vocal work, which is also noteworthy for featuring a striking resemblance to Morrissey’s own voice. Standout tracks include Some Mares…, Luna in a Coma and Back to the Old House, which stand as very faithful renditions to their original tracks.