Vylet Pony – Identity (feat. Remember Falling) | Indie Pop / Alternate Electronic

Vylet Pony’s “Identify” is an absolutely beautiful track with an amazing instrumental and relaxing vocals provided by Vylet herself. The instrumental, composed by Vylet and Remember Falling, is soothing, complete with some absolutely beautiful vocal processing, and some awesome underlying synths added in for flavor. The percussion is something that really stands out to me. Vylet’s use of water as a main element of percussion is executed perfectly, and the rest of the percussion just sit so great among the rest of the track.


Toby Macarony – Forever | Emotional Pony Vocal Chops

A masterpiece of emotion and creativity, this brony anthem and tribute to the many songs from the show by Toby sure is momentous and I appreciate it so much. It feels like a spiritual successor to Exiark’s The Essence of Being a Pony and Second Hoof Medley, and by listening to all those voices from the characters we love in this song, presented and chopped in such an amazing way, we get a reminder of all that we feel for them and the community, and that makes for such an incredible experience!


strigidae – Louder, louder! | Indie Dance

New song by Strigidae, new incredible expression of pony love and depth! I highly recommend reading the description on YouTube, and all the thoughts that Strigidae had about Twilight! Singing about her anxiety with much resulting intensity, the talented musician definitely paid much tribute to our beloved purple princess, and all the creativity in both the instrumental and the vocals is really an amazing experience to behold!


Daniel Ingram – Lotta Little Things (Toby Macarony Remix) | Electro / Ragtime

Only a day had passed from the airing of this episode before Toby came in with a very sweet and fun take on its song! This time with a swingy, ragtime vibe coupled with very punchy and groovy percussion. This remix does a lotta little things; so-to-speak to really bring out a new vibe on an already great track and is refreshing to have a little pizzazz and flare shine through even more!


Ataraxia – Starlight (Moving On) | Indie Pop

(You can hear Ataraxia’s Album “Lost and Found” Here )

When it comes to Starlight Glimmer. She is a character forever struggling with herself. Starlight (Moving On) paints that picture very well. My first time hearing Ataraxia filled my head with such an emotional scene. The melody has this feeling of sadness, anger, sorrow, challenges, happiness, fear and courage. The lyrics tell this story of Starlight looking at all of this at last. Dealing with it, she’s ready to just move on with her life for better or worse. Ataraxia has this amazing and soothing voice that makes this song come together. The piano solo at the end is a fitting end to it.

I love this song. I can see Starlight walking the path of her life, looking closely at where she has been, and what she has done up to this point. It is this feeling of hope – Starlight has found hope. You don’t even have to like Starlight to even enjoy this song, which you should definitely go listen right now!


Rusty – Always be there | Indie Pop

Rusty has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They have such a notable vibe and style to all of their releases and ‘Always be there’ is definitely another example. A happy upbeat tune with a simpler yet lovely sound; This one is actually about solving problems. More specifically about unhappiness and hope. Rusty’s vocals are on point as always and there are always some fun little quips to look forward to with their storytelling.


[Out Of Limit 4] Viricide Filly – Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow | Downtempo / Experimental

From’s hottest compilation to date, Viricide has submitted their prowess for plucky, glitchy ambiances with this track. This one is not for the weak of heart! Soothing, yet harsh; loose, yet constricted. The passage of time is a complex one and this track is full of little intricacies and design choices that really showcase what is all about! Don’t forget to check out the rest of Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time for more abstract and interesting songs, trust me, its really worth the time!


Toby Macarony – Sometimes I’m Scared | Alternate Electronic / Dark Ambient

What might just be my new favorite dark experiment from Toby, Sometimes I’m Scared is named after an aptly chosen lyric from A Changeling Can Change, sampling that song and turning its vocals into mysterious, spooky yet emotional sounds. The very Ambient-like instrumental, amazingly completed by a Funk-like backup, is doing wonders at creating a stunning experience, and I wish more dark experiments like these were being made in the community because it sure sounds so unique and emotional. A real masterpiece and culmination among Toby’s dark musical experiments, in my opinion!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Roses / Overrun / The Prince of Sorrow | Indie Pop / Progressive Rock

The last tracks off Homeward to be uploaded to YouTube, these 3 definitely show the extent of Vylet’s musical skills and inspirations. All while calling back to the story in musical ways, the tracks exhibit atmospheric bliss, Funk craziness, and Prog Rock reawakening, all in style! Listen to all 3 in this single video for a gorgeous and stunning experience featuring art by GloomyNyan!