Childlike Wonder – Sparkle (I Eat Books) | Indie Pop / Future Bass

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this great of a pop song to ever come across my ears, but here we are! We start out immediately thrown into the fun, upbeat pop beat and soon Childlike Wonder’s amazing vocals set in, neither of the two parts really take single center stage, which for this song fits really well as there is nothing in focus but there’s a harmony of all elements during the lyrical sections. When the lyrics go quiet is when you can really appreciate how much the instrumental can stand on its own. With a guitar joining the pop beat, we also get a good taste of future bass vibes later in the track too. The drop/chorus is a wonderful combination of the fun upbeat pop sounds together with fire rock elements, which makes for a great track overall!


Vylet Pony – can opener’s notebook: fish whisperer | Indie Pop

Aside from ridiculously high quality production and sound design, Vylet Pony has a knack for relating to the world of Equestria and the creatures within it. Her connection to the show is poetically romantic as demonstrated through her concepts and music. can opener’s notebook: fish whisperer is the story of a neurodivergent unicorn going from overachieving marine biologist to aspiring musician after relocating to a quiet cabin on the Yakyakistan coast. Featuring lots of sudden track change-ups, full soundscapes, a prevailing theme of “you are/aren’t a real musician“, and so much more, every song is immersive into the coastal atmosphere and risky yet fulfilling nature of Canni (the protagonist).

(Some song recaps after the break)

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[Album] Skyshard – The Borderline | Synthwave/Indie Electronic

Right after Christmas, Skyshard dropped this huge, immersive album offering an extended look into their dystopian, Equestria Girls world. Though fully instrumental, The Borderline tells the story of a scientist working in a dark future where he finds the truth behind the shady workings of the tyrannical mega-corporation. The album as a whole explores lots of different styles to the synthwave sound and switched back and forth between melodic and often optimistic tracks versus emptier, more barren soundscapes. Every track is distinct form the last, and it is easy to tell each song is written with a specific purpose in mind as it relates to the story! (continued after the break)

Melochromatic Sunset: The first song on the album does a great job imprinting a large, dismal world and industrial turmoil at the heart of it all. The synth work is both excitingly melodic and heavily burdensome when it needs to be. The attack on the instruments perfectly establishes the oppressive feel of the landscape, especially in the deep, echoing drums.

Numbers: About halfway through the album, this track may catch you off-guard. Among a patch of songs defined mainly for their slower, emptier and more pessimistic atmospheres, Numbers sticks out for its flashier melodies and rhythms which are highlighted in the synths and give off an impression of hope in what has been a largely harsh environment.

The Other Side: The penultimate track on the album really brightens up with flashy strings, bright synths in the background, and quicker, more energy-driven melodies. One of the longest songs on the album, this track paces its message well through differently styled sections which all build beautifully through layering instruments as the piece goes on.

There are a whooping 42 songs included in The Borderline, so it is definitely encouraged to get the full album on Skyshard’s bandcamp, for the wholly immersive and incredible experience!


[PF] Skyshard – Guiding The Way (feat. Acouste Wholenote, Studio Quinn & Zelizine) | Alternative Electronic

The second full-fledged alum that I hosted with my project Pony Family is out now, and this exclusive from Skyshard & Friends is just SO wholesome and like the kind of pony music we miss, I just had to have it as the opener!! I hope that you will enjoy this trip to Equestria! And do check out the rest of the album that is filled with pony emotions! Find it on Bandcamp here! Links to all the musicians who contributed in this song can be found in the description of the album on Bandcamp!


brambleshadow4 – In Harmony (feat. SpinScissor) | Indie Pop

brambleshadow4 and SpinScissor have teamed up to create this super sweet tune that bridges the gap between G4 and G5! Argyle (SpinScissor) shares Equestrian lore and lessons in friendship with Sunny, and it’s nice to have this moment where the importance of the G4 heroes is passed along. The story is musically driven by light arrangements that echo the love between the characters and the love that is present in the stories they share. The strings at the opening help set the emotional hook, and then the string melody, and light percussion pull your heart into the song. When the arrangement fills out with punchy bass and synth keys it has a “small band at a summer festival” vibe. The vocals match perfectly to the arrangement, delivered with a tender confidence throughout, and the little harmony at the end of the song is a nice touch. This song is a big ol’ hug for your ears and your heart, and I hope that you enjoy this sweet story as much as I did!


Maddie Tourmaline – Princess Tiffany | Progressive Rock 

This is an awesome concept realized with breathtaking execution! Noble disagreement simmers amongst a group of Pony princesses on a boring, beautiful summer day in Paradise. The shared designs of the budding royals are related over a dreamy soundscape of gentle acoustic instrumentation which is paced by calibrated percussion, accented by light ambience, and crowned by silky sweet vocals. The instrumentation choices are ridiculously fantastic throughout the song, and the little nudges and rumbles of bass throughout hint at lurking danger. The progression percolates impressively to life, especially at the antagonist’s entrance. The arrangement darkens, and synth melodies swirl and soar before the bass-heavy downfall of the kingdom. I hope that you enjoy this journey as much as I did–I would love a whole album of this fantastic musical storytelling!

Nyancat380 – Sixty Twenty Twelve (feat. SpinScissor) | Latin / Electronic

Nyancat380 continues building their “Methodic Ways to Break a Mind” album with this fantastic track! The song has an AMAZING groove thanks to its fusion of Latin instrumentation and EDM elements. It kicks off with the sounds of a crowded club before launching into a brisk beat and horns melody. Then it jumps into the main bass groove and the vocals (heck yeah for the awesome lyric video!), and all the accompanying percussion and effects build the arrangement beautifully. The call and response between the vocals and horns heading into the chorus really reinforces the awesome club vibe. Then a breakdown after the second verse pares the arrangement down to a bit of melody and spare percussion which sets up the eventual resumption of the vocals and horns beautifully. The “Cool AF Spin Scissor Solo!” (love the description) adds another dynamic element to the track, and Spin Scissor’s guitar supports the track to the end. The song is ridiculously groovy, dynamic, and polished, and I can’t wait for the rest of the album and pieces of the story! Bonus: there’s also an acapella version of the track if you want to get your remix on!


BinExis – Distant Farewell | Progressive Rock

BinExis has gifted us a few wonderful Pony songs over the years (check out the innovative “New Old Beginning” with its awesome instrumentation (complete with flute) and the warm, dark sparkle of their first MLP musical foray, “The Night and Elements“), and now we get their most epic creation yet! This prog rock adventure launches quickly into full flight, a fantastically melodic combination of synths, guitars, and percussion. It combines with the amazing video art to set the table for some most excellent rock vocals (the full lyrics are in the video description! Woo!), which tell a tale of Celestia and Luna traveling through space in a search of a new home for all of the creatures of Equestria. The many parts of this composition feel so well-tuned to the others, calibrated and balanced for maximum narrative impact, which is highlighted nicely by the shift in tone midway through the song that is accompanied by a shift in the video’s artwork. I especially appreciated the great guitar work in the second half which was both accomplished and perfect for the story! This song feels like a snapshot from a sci-fi saga, and I hope that we get more of this story in the future!


CAPT – YOUR FRIEND! | Alternative Electronic

What a vibe! CAPT has composed a groovy, upbeat, tropical piece with a world music flare that will whisk you away to your favorite chillout spot! The instrumental melody pairs so beautifully with the bouncy bass and punchy rhythm, and you can feel the joy of Sunny and Izzy’s instantly amazing friendship shining through as the song perfectly matches the art that inspired it. It’s such a wonderful little capsule of musical positivity. Listen to this song and then message a friend and tell them they rock!


SpinScissor – No More Apologies | Midtempo / Alternate Electronic

SpinScissor is honing the unique emotion in his songs even more through practice of the magic that is music, and this new release might just be a new peak! The emotional melodies throughout that incredible progression certainly resonated with me, while the heartfelt vocals are telling the commitment to newfound meanings explained in the description. Ethereal and magical, the piece will take you to higher planes!