Four Strings – Head in the clouds (Thinkin about Soarin) (feat. Stormblaze) | Rock

Here’s a sweet shipping song, and chances are you will like it even if you’re not into shipping! Delivering an enjoyable instrumental of Rock greatness, Four Strings also plays as Braeburn in this track that definitely has a lot of story focus, while guest singer Stormblaze plays as Rainbow Dash! What ensues is a very cute love song about stealing Soarin’s heart, with a very well thought progression that lays out the story of the track in a beautiful and very “pony” way. Props to the artists for this cute fan work!


[P@D] Flittzy – You And I | Alternative Dance / Alternative Pop

Another great track from the newest and awesome P@D album: Guardians. Flittzy bring us a great tune reminding me of 90’s music acts such as Primal Scream. This tune, which talks about the relation between Twilight and Princess Luna, has everything for becoming the best song on this great album full of surprises! First the vocals are well performed, Flittzy does an awesome job singing and we already know that! Second is the writing capacity of Flittzy, those lyrics were really cool, awesome and with some really meaningful messages. Third is the mixing and instrumentation, the instrumental is very good and the mix between the guitars and the drum machine was pretty awesome, don’t forget the mix between the instrumental and the vocals that was pretty kickass also!

Don’t forget to buy or download the full Guardians to listen and admire other artists from this lovely fandom! I LOVE YOU ALL ’cause You and I take part in something greater!


Francis Vace – The Old Mare And The Sea | Album | Rock


Shortly before we started the Horse Music Herald, Francis Vace released his first full album (of his current discography that hopefully won’t be deleted from Bandcamp any time soon) – Lost In A Pastel Hue. Now (okay, a couple of months ago) the time has come for a second full-length release. In a similar vein, The Old Mare And The Sea contains a variety of styles, draws from a few different influences, and contains solo work, collabs, and covers. We start off with upbeat pop-punk and ska solo pieces, followed by a long string of collaborative works and covers, with a couple more solo originals bookending the end of the album. In essence, the album works as a showcase for most of the different kind of styles, formats and types of song that you can find on Francis’s YouTube channel. So whether you follow his music for one particular style or for all of them, this album has something to offer everyone.

The Old Mare And The Sea is available to download on Francis Vace’s Bandcamp.


4everfreebrony feat. All The Mares – Good Girl (Covering Dasha & The Living Tombstone) | Indie Pop

Since the epic return of 4everfreebrony, he’s been unstoppable: after releasing an album and various interesting projects, 4everfreebrony comes back with a cover of the brony classic Good Girl performed by Dasha & The Living Tombstone. But he is not alone – this cover features 13 female voices from the brony music scene including Chi-Chi, Wubcake, Mica, Cadie and many others! I always loved collaborative efforts between various artists.

I recommend this song to everyone! It really has that catchy vibe from the modern Indie Pop acts and it’s an excellent tribute to Dasha’s and TLT’s work.


Luck Rock – Altius Volantis | Rock

It is heartfelt tributes to characters like these that I love the most, and Luck Rock certainly did a wonderful job at making this Rainbow Dash track awesome! Blissful guitar riffs, lovely vocals, and even a lead guitar part at the end to reflect the character’s personality, all contribute to make this song quite the great tribute and callback to Rainbow Dash’s story as depicted in the show!


Maressey – Death of a Drunken Dancer (Berry Punch’s Demise) | Indie Rock

NB: This is an edited version of what was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 22 February 2017.

Maressey has a new release featuring terrific vocals from Francis Vace, with an instrumental provided by Zatslol and Freewave. It’s another pretty sombre track, this time about Berry Punch, and I especially enjoy the variance in the vocal style.


Maressey – I Want the One I Can’t Have | Indie

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 8 January 2017.

A new track from Maressey, I Want The One I Can’t Have features vocals from Zatslol and a strong instrumental from Johnny Mare. Whilst this kind of thing is always a bit of a touchy subject, I feel like this track approaches the subject matter pretty tastefully and with great production value, Zatslol’s vocals especially shine strongly in this track.


Sarah P. – The Magic Inside (covering Daniel Ingram) | Indie Pop

A rather different style of cover now – something which might be a bit hit or miss but still probably worth sharing. The latest release on A Little Bit for Charity’s YouTube channel, this cover of The Magic Inside has a rather unique vocal style, with very gentle accompanying instruments and almost a Christmas music vibe to it, since it’s filled with lots of percussive bells. Check it out if that sounds like your kind of thing.