Nicolas Dominique – Missing | Ambient / Chillout

Another great song coming from Nicolas Dominique. I guess that Nicolas is the Tim Hecker of the brony fandom. When we think about brony ambient/progressive electronics, Nicolas Dominique is the first name that comes out of our mind.

Missing describes Nicolas’ theory in what happened to AJ’s parents. They disappeared in the middle of Everfree Forest. And I clearly can feel the emotions in the song that represent the feeling of know that someone you love disappeared and police is trying to find what happened. Good track for a movie/series where the police investigate kidnappings.

Listen to this song, the progressions of the synth bring more and more emotions and feelings.


Modern Bard – Stars Delight | Space Ambient

Close your eyes.

Listen to this song, and then, tell me what you feel.

You are going to experiment the reality of space and the sound of universe.

  French composer Modern Bard, did an awesome and chilling space ambient track that possibly describes what is like to living in the Moon alone. I got chills down my spine just for listening this track, because it’s so peaceful, it’s so calm, it’s so universal and space-feeling track.

Modern Bard did an awesome job, just listen to the track and then tell us what you think. This track is good when you are really stressful or angry and you can get more happy and chill. Enjoy the track.

You can now open your eyes.

Now feel the stars around you and the universe.

The ship is almost going to back to Earth, prepare yourself.

Hope you had a good trip.


[P@D] Protocat & Natus – Worthy | Orchestral

Another beautiful composition from the recent Ponies at Dawn album, Protocat and Natus deliver you some great sounding orchestral masterpiece filled with pianos and strings as well as some moderate bass. What’s a good masterpiece without some feels to top it all off? Better have a tissue box nearby for this one, because it’s definitely sure to make you shed more than just a single tear.


Ataraxia – Motion Reimagined | Album | Electronic

I hadn’t realised until recently just how much music Ataraxia has put out over the past couple of years. From solo piano sonatas to cinematic electronic pop songs, there’s been quite a variety. But like all good things, the alias is coming to an end, and as a parting gift he gives us Motion Reimagined – deliberately named so as a ‘rework’ of sorts of his previous album Eternal Perfect Motion. The album often takes a more experimental approach to music production than Ataraxia’s previous work, in particular the VIP of Viridescent, and features a couple of other people’s remixes of notable songs too.

It’s a great parting gift. We’ll miss you Ataraxia. Thanks for all the music.

Motion Reimagined is available to purchase on Ataraxia’s Bandcamp.


CrystalData – Beyond the Lunar Eclipse [Version 2] | Ambient

A delightful Night Ambient from the charity album Seeds of Kindness 5 ~ Building Bridges, Beyond the Lunar Eclipse gets a wonderful second version, brimming with the soothing light of the moon evoked by the tender melodies and the warm atmosphere. Definitely a strong Night feeling from this! Reminds me of when I witnessed a partial lunar eclipse while on a Night stroll… I was thinking of Luna, too, and the moment was very powerful and emotional, with music of this kind in my ears!


Direct Current – Star Chaser: Terrestrial | Album | Ambient / Chillout

Direct Current’s second full length album is packed with emotion. A prequel to their earlier album Star Chaser, this one is themed around a pegasus living on the rock farm, falling in love with Limestone Pie, and eventually venturing to explore the stars.

The vocals are lovely, the effects on them perfect. Fans of ElectroKaplosion will definitely feel nostalgic. The deep, atmospheric sound design and lovely synth creation.

All throughout, I’m struck by the sense of wonder the songs provide. They manage to be inspirational, down-to-earth, and foreboding by turns. Truly a stunning piece of music.

You can purchase this album on Direct Current’s Bandcamp for $5 or stream the entire album on YouTube.