Thorinair – From That Very First Day | Ambient

Thorinair’s back! With his last pony music release 3 years ago, I’ve been eagerly waiting for his return. And here he is, showing that he hasn’t lost an ounce of talent in his hiatus. This song premiered on Glory of the Night 50, and it’s so good to see it up for download. It’s pay-what-you-want, so go check it out now!


Vylet Pony – That Feeling I Get in my Heart (feat. Namii) | Chillout

This super consoling single comes from Vylet Pony‘s new album, Tales from Equestria. That Feeling I Get in my Heart utilizes a very creative array of instrumentation including toy-box style bells and a melodica mixed in with more conventional strings and a fascinating use of background noise for ambience. Namii adds her soothing vocals towards the end for context, singing about that moment after an adventure where you must part ways with your partner. Vylet really captures the reassuring feeling captured from a somber moment with this track.


Nicolas Dominique – Cuando La Luna Camina En La Noche | Ambient

¡Sí, se habla español aquí! But we mostly stick to English for the writeups. Nic’s working on a new album full of chill goodness, and this is one of the songs that will feature on it. Published just after the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it works as a counterpart to Le Soleil, which was released at the Summer Solstice. Clever, that.


One Track Mind – Lunar Dreams | Album | Electronic

One Track Mind is back and released an amazing concept album about Moonbutt which is unique and experimental! Ranging from Ambient to Drumstep, One Track Mind delivered a delicious range of textures and sounds, full of awesome tracks, my favourites being  _Null, Solitude, All Quiet In The Equestrian Front, Dream Invasion, and Memories of You. Full of wild synths and some wubby basses, One Track Mind is going to delight you with Lunar Dreams, you will love it! Keep up the good work One Track Mind! This album was really good!

Lunar Dreams is available to download on One Track Mind’s bandcamp page for free!


Daniel Ingram – Winter Wrap Up (Cosi Remix) | Ambient

Whenever show remixes pop up, there is always that joy heard upon listening. This is definitely an example of that with this revamp of Winter Wrap Up, by Cosi. This does have a cozy atmosphere embodied within and that pony love, which is well embraced. Ambient isn’t a well heard genre in the fandom, as it’s a treat to get tracks like this. There’s a really comforting feeling when listening to this. The instruments that come together, showing how something that is minimal can give a great impact. It can give lovely nostalgia that etches a smile upon your face. This remix is one that makes you feel, love and remember. A must listen for hours upon end, where you get lost inside the gorgeous beauty of it all.


One Track Mind – Memories of You | Ambient

Following the previous post, this is another concept track themed around the story of Luna and Celestia and their character depth, more specifically the regret and longing after the tragic events that happened when Luna was banished to the moon. It’s not often that we get pony Ambient, and this is definitely a much welcomed experience! One Track Mind delights once more, and this powerful and story-infused track is but a taste of the upcoming album “Lunar Dreams”!


Radiarc – I Fall | Soul / Ambient

I admit that this Track from Radiarc really hits me! This is very well done. I love the vibe that is brought forward here. The ambience really brings you to a new enigma where the atmosphere seems very mysterious and yet very Welcoming. Its an interresting mix of the two and very well performed! I appluad radiarc for this. Keep up the good work man! Also, My congratulations for your engagement. I wish you the best. ❤
Everybody, show some love ❤


GhostXb – Take Me Away | Ambient / Orchestral

Get ready to travel into another world completely with this 32 minute track! GhostXb experiments with new techniques to create a truly moving piece, using unpredictable instrumentation and subtle dissonance to maintain a well-controlled chaotic, yet calming feel. The uplifting, peaceful ending is a perfectly satisfying finish to the largely ambient track. Brilliant and atmospheric, “Take Me Away” is perfect to put on in the background and lose yourself into.