Rouge Angel – Transcendence | Ambient Metalcore

A personal tribute to MLP in the form of an Ambient Metalcore masterpiece of much emotion, Transcendence stars epic guitars and drums in a somehow chill atmosphere, blending rock music instruments with reflective vibes for a most beautiful result! Read the description for more details about what this song means to the musician!


Viricide Filly – Yet Sightless | Album | Experimental / Dream House

In tandem with This Place Will Never Let Me Leave, Yet Sightless is the mane album and showcase of what Viricde has been up to, that we’ve been excited about for a while. And oh boy, was it worth the wait! Such incredible compositions are blowing us away and that from the start, as Eleanor’s story unfolds in musical form. Check out the full story from the description on Bandcamp! Experimental, refined, creative, and harmonious, the masterpieces are bringing such melodic bliss along the amazing basslines and vocals in pure Viricide Filly style, as we dive in atmospheres from unseen realms!


[P@D] Niłch’i Poni – Memories of Ambrosia | Downtempo / Liquid Drum & Bass

An absolute masterpiece taking you emotionally from the very start, Niłch’i Poni‘s contribution to Ponies at Dawn Eternal is an experience to say the least. Taking you through unknown realms, showcasing insane sound design and captivating atmospheres, the piece then uplifts you with the power of DnB with such an intense part, complete with deep bass and here again, a lot of emotion to complete the otherworldly journey through sound. A pre-release from Drumscape Library!


FilledSilhoutte – Sombra Is Upon Us | Dark Ambient

An awesome initiative, this Dark Ambient track from FilledSilhoutte has its theme on point, as the track is creating the kind of dark atmosphere that King Sombra’s villainous presence evokes… or maybe it is even darker, and is meant to represent the kind of dark trip you go through when you get hypnotized by Sombra’s dark magic, trapped in an illusion of your worst fears! Definitely an experience to behold, and an impressive craft!


D1SCORDANT – Balefire Dawn | Ambient

Can’t stop the D1SCORDANT train now, can we? This time, we’ve got something a little different: an ambient piece inspired by the legendary Fallout: Equestria! The feeling of being in a desolate wasteland definitely comes across throughout this track, with ominous strings accompanied with bongo drums and sparse piano notes all throughout, keeping the mood bleak and depressing. An easy fit into a game soundtrack, and a welcome addition to the D1SCORDANT discography.


[ASOS] Heartsong – Mountainsong | Ambient / Orchestral

Heartsong has released a new track, and its just what the doctor ordered! Need to get started on a project and want the inspiration to manifest? You’ll have no problem feeling inspired by this epic ambient showpiece! Its finely interwoven with the spirit and sounds of a blossoming nature. You won’t regret listening to this excellently composed work, let the beautiful melodies paint a photo in your head. So? What are you waiting for? Give it a listen!
This song is a part of a compilation album, make sure to check out the rest the of stunning music that is A State of Sugar!


Zephysonas – Kirin Forest | Orchestral

Another gem from the great Zephysonas. This time, we’ve got a number that’ll definitely bring you to another place. Throughout are the soft sounds of nature, complete with relaxing piano chords and string instruments, bringing a calming atmosphere, definitely reminiscent of the Kirin. If you need to relax or just need some soothing background noise to help you with anything, this is your piece.


Zephysonas – Ghostly Compendium | Experimental

Serving as the intro to his album of the same name, Zephy, joining forces with the vocal talent of Pretty Pegasus Wings, brings an interesting and intense track not for the faint of heart. Unlike Zephy’s usual fare, this is an experimental track filled to the brim with creepy atmospheric noises and a brooding piano riff, complete with a haunting spoken word poem. This piece wouldn’t be out of place in a horror game soundtrack. It definitely isn’t for everypony, but if you like dark ambient music, this could be right up your alley.


General Mumble – Perfect [Toby Macarony Remix] | Dark Ambient/Electro Swing

Now, I know it’s a little too early for Halloween. However, if you feel like getting the spookies on before everyone else, you may do your decorations to this track! The dark, gloomy industrial overtones, coupled with interesting vocal effects on “This Day Aria”, which is kind of a signature of this particular artist, makes for an intensely creepy yet strangely satisfying experience. All in all, another great remix from Toby Macarony!

Also, check out the album which this remix is part of here.