One Track Mind – Nostalgia, Vol. 1 EP | Electronic

One Track Mind is an artist who is continually focused on improving and evolving their music (they recently remastered all of their previous releases!), and this EP is a wonderful example of that. The artist celebrates an oft-revisited motif in its original form and variations, and each one is a full-fledged attempt at something new. It’s honestly no wonder they keep coming back: the original is packed with great melodies and progressions which it continually morph and distort in interesting ways, creating an engrossing soundscape that glitches and buzzes with insistent energy before echoing to a close. The “Repetitive Remix” opens with contemplative keys and drifts through the motif before a fantastic bassline and skittery percussion give the song a futuristic groove. It sounds like something that would play over the opening credits of a sci-fi thriller! “Reprise” bubbles to life over synths and percussion with a nice retro vibe that gets more distorted before a heavy bassline kicks in, creating a nice juxtaposition with the lighter melody. “Ends” starts heavily distorted and drenched with reverb but still feels light; it fades out but then bubbles back to life with a dark groove punctuated with distorted keys. The arrangement lightens at the end and gives the track a more triumphant feeling before it echoes and fades out. “Sunday” has an ethereal quality courtesy of its keys and choir, adding a distorted bassline and light, snappy percussion before building into a fuller arrangement. When it does, it positively springs to life: the melody swirls and builds, and then the now-familiar motif returns in awesome, chippy, scratchy fashion, creating an uplifting, atmospheric progression. It feels triumphant, like reaching the plateau on a long climb, knowing that there’s more to come but being satisfied with the journey so far. Then, just to remind you that this is the artist’s party and they’ll do what they want, the track switches things up at the end, careening to a close like a twist ending in a movie. Kudos to the artist for their inventiveness and for putting this fantastic EP together. To the continuing journey, my fellow musical adventures!


Algo at All – Thank the Stars | Chillout

With such a dreamy title, this new release by Algo has got to make you travel! It’s definitely as beautiful as a trip in Luna’s gorgeous Night sky, painted here with lulling sounds and a deep dive into cosmic wonders at midway. This track is actually about a certain story/fanfic, that you will find linked in the description!


Violin Melody – Lacuna | Ambient

This piece by Violin Melody is something else. Vio, as a musician and person, has breathtaking talent. I, as one of her close friends, will tell you first hand. It’s feeling and emotion; You hear it when she does an uplifting trance song, and when trying her hand at Ambient, You hear the story. In the early MLP comics, There was an arc about Nightmare Rarity. For anyone that has read that. Then your know that Rarity gave into her self-doubt and changed into Nightmare Rarity. The message of that comic and this track by Vio greatly blur the lines of Violin’s real-life struggles with self-esteem and worth. Something I can tell you very real. As you listen to this serene composition, like Rarity, Violin with friends such as myself helped her understand her worth and how much she valued by us. Rarity was able to break away from Nightmare Rarity after understanding that Twilight and her friends were there for her. This whole composition with so serene, tranquil, tells that story very well with its soft and gentle emotion and this feeling of a spiritual understanding of yourself. It better if you listen for yourself and hear what I speak of. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] BlueBrony – The Sacred Tree | Ambient

For his contribution to ASOS Biscuit, BlueBrony delivered a deep song in more ways than one, tackling such a mystical pony concept and expressing a part of his faith at the same time! I appreciate the new lore expressed in musical ways so much, and the genre is also such an appreciated choice, Ambient like this is such a delight! Now I wish for an Ambient track featuring environmental sounds from the Everfree Forest, in the same vein as Skyrim Atmospheres!


Noizzer – Catacombs EP | Ambient / Experimental

There’s something to be said for musicians that embrace their musical past and acknowledge it for what it is rather than deleting everything, and Noizzer’s re-release of this very early work admirably embraces that ethos with aplomb. As the album description says, the premise of the album is that Discord has imprisoned Twilight in a catacomb, and she must now find her way out. It’s some of Noizzer’s earliest work, so he cautions the listener about the quality, but I thought that it was a really cool concept that actually resulted in some interesting and enjoyable music. Let’s dive into what Nozzier came up with!

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Algo at All – just the view | Alternative Electronic / Ambient

Drawing inspiration from Autumn Blaze’s lyric, “just the view for company,” Algo at All skillfully captures Autumn’s conflicting emotions during her exile from the Kirin Village.  This unique ambient track begins with neutral vibes but soon transitions into something darker, symbolic of how Autumn may have felt as she sat in solitude near her castaway-style hut and stared down at the beautiful valley below.  The melancholy nature of the piece effectively conveys the pain of Autumn’s self-imposed isolation, the difficult choice she made in order to preserve her freedom of expression.  The whispery background vocals hint at the quiet conversations that may have played softly in Autumn’s imagination, as she clung to the hope of one day sharing her thoughts with someone who would understand what she has lost and the price she has paid for her freedom.  The piece soon gains a lighter mood, however, as Autumn sings of the importance of keeping her voice.  The greatest strength of this track is the expression it gives to the progression of Autumn’s emotions throughout her exile.  We can see her initial resolve, her subsequent doubt about that choice she has made, and finally, the joy she feels as she meets someone she can talk to.  At this climactic moment, the fire is reignited within her as she celebrates her principled choice with more confidence than ever.


Koron Korak – Cold and Lonely Winter | Dark Ambient

This ambient piece from Koron is a musical painting brushed with the most melancholy colors of emotion.  Its haunting choir vocals and strong piano chords make for a very tense mood, conveying sadness bordering on despair.  Sounds of icy winds rushing through barren trees mingle with a melancholy melody, conveying the hapless plight of a wanderer who is lost in a cold, dark forest.  Listeners familiar with such emotions will find themselves hoping and praying that the wanderer soon escapes his forest prison and finds his way back home.


[Equinity] TCB – Only One (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

As a power move, Tw3lv3 has released a smooth and fast remix of TCB’s quite popular tune “Only One” not only to Equinty’s 4th album, but also their own Simp EP! Keeping in line with the ambience and scope of the original we get a taste of a faster yet laid back version of this tune with some really fun changes and twists especially near the end where some surprising but welcome textures and vibes. This one is a wonderful addition to the album and Tw3lv3 really knows how to string a vibe together!