Viricide Filly – Uality | Downtempo

Viricide always brings something unique to the table and “Uality” is no exception! Its got that sharp wonky feel I’ve come to know and love with a deep atmospheric vibe to it. In her own words, “Imagine a binary star system. Two orbs of light orbiting around each other. Without one, the other cannot go on.”  Its a rather intriguing way to describe this track as it sets the mood and really gets you thinking and fits really well with the theme of ‘Yet Sightless’ in my opinion; As it follows Eleanor on her journey to find self knowledge and love.


John Doe – Circle of Rockets | Orchestral

That gamechanger official figurine from Hasbro starring Trixie and Starlight riding a rocket will never stop inspiring the community! John Doe joins the game with a gorgeous and progressive Orchestral track depicting the scene and delightfully covering a melody that Final Fantasy 13 players will recognize for sure. Portraying the rocket launch and the friendship that those two share, to then perhaps depict the concept of space in the last ambient part of the song, its progression definitely tells a story!


[Out Of Limit 3] TCB – White Tail Woods | Ambient / Downtempo

New compilation album from The Experimental Bronies and is out!! You may have heard about it already if you were keeping yourself in the know on’s Twitter or YouTube, or if you attended the latest cider party, but this fresh album is themed around Nature and TCB followed that theme so well with a creative Ambient tune making for an awe-inspiring trip into the eponymous forest! Grab it along the other awesome tracks from the album from here!


Fatcat44101 – Melodies of Sun and Moon | Ambient

Now here is a wonderful surprise! Fatcat44101 who has not been producing for a while, is back with a very tender concept track taking us for a trip into the Everfree Forest in the company of Celestia and Luna! As the two sisters reflect on things and share their feelings, this progressive melodic Ambient beauty unfolds and represents the scene in musical ways so very well. Definitely a very cute release with a pony story to it, and I’m excited to see what Fatcat44101 will come up with next!


F 109 – Kintsugi | Ambient

F 109 is on a roll lately! After many experimental treats, it’s time to dive deep into a blissful state thanks to this amazing Ambient piece lulling the soul into a heavenly peacefulness. Echo-y piano, muffled percussions, and spacey synths are painting a dreamscape in which you can so easily get lost in, and an energetic twist at midway takes you further in the holy garden of sounds, with comforting bird sounds galore. A refined and creative masterpiece!


Axiom – Equestria Undone | Album | Electronic

With some very lovely Equestria Fallout vibes, Axiom brings us his dope album named: Equestria Undone. With each tune representing an emotion like happiness, sadness, and a longing for chasing down an adventure or achieving something herioc. It’s portrayed pretty well here if you ask me. The emotions represented and the melodies really fit together. Good job Axiom, I look forward to more EPs from you. Legit, I hear what you’re capable of man and see you become better and better. Everybody, show some love!

(But I will say this though: Xeri… I wasn’t sure what so say when I saw your name on there, but you’ve done a good job here as well. I give you props for that and genuinely hope you strive to improve/learn more and more! I know you can, best of luck to you as well man, well done!)


Nicolas Dominique – Guided by the Moon | Progressive Electronic / Ambient

The deep and nighty sounds and textures of Nicolas Dominique are back with a majestic progressive electronic track, the synth work is raw and industrial but the rest of the sounds make look this synth more sweet than it seems, looks like a psychological anime OST such as When They Cry or Death Note, very dense, very dramatic, but with a calm and sweet twitch. Listening to this made me think in listening to Tim Hecker’s “Love Streams” and Tangerine Dream’s “Quantum Gate” again. A really amazing ethereal and dramatic piece about our favorite Moon Princess.


AntaresPony – a pommel tune | Ambient

AntaresPony, a new pony musician who appeared recently, keeps it up with the wonderful Ambient releases like a real fan! Showcasing a distinct musical identity as well as unique aesthetics in the videos, AntaresPony tells beautiful pony-inspired tales through music, and this one is centered around our beloved Coco Pommel! It is quite emotional with many instruments coming into play and an atmosphere like no other. It even features vocal samples from Coco for added emotion, mixed in with much talent!
Also check out the other delightful tune they released along this one, the starlight i love.


AntaresPony – a luna tune | Ambient

This is a nice surprise from Antares, who appears to be new to the MLP scene. This is a a very relaxing and atmospheric piece about Luna. The song itself really makes you think almost as if in retrospect about all of the hardships our Princess has faced and all of the guilt she holds on to as the world goes by around her. At least; That is how I see it. The artist leaves much of the tune up for interpretation which is quite nice in fact. What do you take away from it?


Reverbrony – Drifting on Tides Unknown | Ambient Rock

Reverbrony continues his rampage of great releases with this eerie instrumental. In a style that you do not hear from many other musicians, Reverbrony achieves his big-room rock sound while managing to create a piece that is both relaxing and perturbing at the same time. The slow tempo and repetitive guitar riff creates an ambience of piece while the empty whistling sound out of the stereo field injects a sense of anxiety into the track. The entire emotion of the track is unique in a way that you should really listen to in order to understand!