Nicolas Dominique – Miran Dan (Peaceful Day) | Ambient

As the Croatian title (Quiet, Peaceful Day) implies this new, instrumental track is chilled out. Utilizing minimalist instrumentation, Dominique achieves a calming movement through electric drums and pads. By expertly panning the pads back and forth across the stereo sound spacing, it feels like the song is literally moving and to a calming rhythm that makes it very easy to unwind. Unique and innovative, Nicolas continues to create music that defies language barriers.


One Track Mind – End of the Show (Variations on Brilliant Venture’s Welcome to the Show) | Witch House

An ethereal and surrealistic soundscape that will take you to places. A philosophic variation of a remix of Welcome to the Show done by Brilliant Venture featuring vocal work from Wubcake. One Track Mind has been producing some really splendid and experimental works on the electronic music world. This variation proves that, shows how prolific an artist can be with their creative process. And the result is a 6 minute journey into a dark forest where cruel fantasies are created, a haunting, beautiful and yet mechanical experience. Keep up with this amazing tracks! They aren’t One, because they expand our Mind. Amazing Track!


Nicolas Dominique – Friendly Monsters and Fascinating Places EP | Chillout

Nicolas is a master of the chillout and ambient genres, music that just puts you into a trance throughout the entire thing. And now he’s compiled an entire EP of songs fitting that bill, all themed around the idea of exploring weird and wonderful parts of Equestria…or an alternate version of it…where cheese rolls down hills and unicorns swim through lakes with pillows on their heads. Perhaps it’s best not to think about it too hard…

Friendly Monsters and Fascinating Places is available to download for free on Nicolas’ Bandcamp.


Vylet Pony – Over Equestria | Ambient / Chillout

This right here. Over Equestria is one of those tracks that reminds me of how far we have come together, and how far we have yet to go. As the introduction to Tales From Equestria, Vylet sets the tone with some deep, retrospective sound design. It really paints the picture of standing atop a hill, looking out over the world, a light breeze in the air, and reflecting on where it all began to where we are now. You really have to hear it for yourself to understand. But it also begs the question, “Where will we go from here?”


Vylet Pony – That Feeling I Get in my Heart (feat. Namii) | Chillout

This super consoling single comes from Vylet Pony‘s new album, Tales from Equestria. That Feeling I Get in my Heart utilizes a very creative array of instrumentation including toy-box style bells and a melodica mixed in with more conventional strings and a fascinating use of background noise for ambience. Namii adds her soothing vocals towards the end for context, singing about that moment after an adventure where you must part ways with your partner. Vylet really captures the reassuring feeling captured from a somber moment with this track.


Nicolas Dominique – Cuando La Luna Camina En La Noche | Ambient

¡Sí, se habla español aquí! But we mostly stick to English for the writeups. Nic’s working on a new album full of chill goodness, and this is one of the songs that will feature on it. Published just after the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it works as a counterpart to Le Soleil, which was released at the Summer Solstice. Clever, that.


One Track Mind – Lunar Dreams | Album | Electronic

One Track Mind is back and released an amazing concept album about Moonbutt which is unique and experimental! Ranging from Ambient to Drumstep, One Track Mind delivered a delicious range of textures and sounds, full of awesome tracks, my favourites being  _Null, Solitude, All Quiet In The Equestrian Front, Dream Invasion, and Memories of You. Full of wild synths and some wubby basses, One Track Mind is going to delight you with Lunar Dreams, you will love it! Keep up the good work One Track Mind! This album was really good!

Lunar Dreams is available to download on One Track Mind’s bandcamp page for free!