Quicksilver – Six and One | Album | Rock

Known for his hard-rock tracks and as one half of the ska-punk project Luna Ticks, Quicksilver is one of the best up-and-coming rock musicians in the fandom right now, and he’s just released his debut album, Six and One! And following a common theme among collections of songs you find in this fandom, it’s based on the Mane 6 and Spike. Catch the full writeup after the break.

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Redd Pony – Praeteritus | Grunge

Redd unleashes his potential and creativity in this new Grunge track made with much passion. Structured in 3 parts, this kind of “concept track” will take you all the way to the Everfree Forest, but not for an amble… this is about being hunted by the spooky creatures roaming free in the forest! Embark on the perilous journey, and don’t forget that music is magic, that inner power could help you repel the darkness!


Horse Friends – Opalescence | Charity album to support TheLostNarrator released

Hey everyone. So, remember the announcement about that charity album we made a couple of days ago? Well it’s been finished and released! More details are on the Bandcamp page but basically, any funds needed to help TheLostNarrator will go to her surgery and medical fees, and anything raised past the $1,500 threshold will be given to a charity of her choice.