Vylet Pony – Twinkle (feat. Namii) | Indie Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 14 April 2018.

Vylet certainly knows how to create some grogeous and cosy atmospheres, which is definitely the case here in this piece about Starlight and Trixie. With a mixture of his own and Namii’s vocals melding together beautifully, the combination of acoustic and electronic instrumental elements also work to create a really enjoyable piece.


Osoch – Pleasant Chill | New Age / Chill Out

Even when he’s working on something completely different from his usual metal styles, everything Osoch touches is gold! Pleasant Chill is everything the title claims and more. The song begins with a captivating intro and great bass line with mood setting pianos.
Then the strings come in breathing life into this track as it becomes an adventure and a superior meditation experience at the same time. I could say so many amazing things about this track – but you deserve to experience it yourself!


Vylet Pony – Ember | Indie Pop / Chillout

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 2 April 2018.

A new track from Vylet’s recently released EP Our Light And Ever After, this is certainly one of Vylet’s most beautiful tracks yet in my opinion. The vocals through the track are excellently performed and come across really heartfelt, whilst the minimalist instrumental manages to combine a chilled out feel with some wonderful depth and emotion.


Nicolas Dominique – Friendly Monsters and Fascinating Places EP | Chillout

Nicolas is a master of the chillout and ambient genres, music that just puts you into a trance throughout the entire thing. And now he’s compiled an entire EP of songs fitting that bill, all themed around the idea of exploring weird and wonderful parts of Equestria…or an alternate version of it…where cheese rolls down hills and unicorns swim through lakes with pillows on their heads. Perhaps it’s best not to think about it too hard…

Friendly Monsters and Fascinating Places is available to download for free on Nicolas’ Bandcamp.


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 5 | Album | Electronic

It’s been quite a while since HMC’s last album, but the Discord community is back again with the 5th edition in their series of compilation albums. 18 tracks in varying electronic styles – drumstep to future bass to chillout – there’s music for every electronica taste from established names and up-and-coming artists alike!

You can download the album on Bandcamp for any given price – that includes for free!


Nicolas Dominique – The Floating World | Chillout

Here’s an artist that has been on fire as of late! Nicolas Dominique keeps the hits coming as he brings us this exhilarating track from his upcoming EP. The Floating World is the musical equivalent of going on a chilled out adventure in a beautiful fairy tale land – the track is exciting, but without tension. A catchy, somewhat uptempo beat reels you in and the ambience takes you away to Dominique’s fantasy world!


Brohoof Studios & DreamTech – Asleep in my Dreams | Vaporwave

A stunning collaboration, this very successful Vaporwave experiment is also DreamTech‘s musical debut on YouTube! Beautiful melodies are enthralling the mind, in an inspired progression with an impactful last part. The lovely chirping sounds that you can hear throughout the track (and that kinda sound like those finger squeaks when playing an acoustic guitar) are in fact actual bird chips from Hoofy’s bird that was recorded! Perhaps the next step is a song with live chirps recorded as the song plays…


Vylet Pony – Over Equestria | Ambient / Chillout

This right here. Over Equestria is one of those tracks that reminds me of how far we have come together, and how far we have yet to go. As the introduction to Tales From Equestria, Vylet sets the tone with some deep, retrospective sound design. It really paints the picture of standing atop a hill, looking out over the world, a light breeze in the air, and reflecting on where it all began to where we are now. You really have to hear it for yourself to understand. But it also begs the question, “Where will we go from here?”