Cynifree – Winter Wonderland | Happy Hardcore

Chilled out Happy Hardcore to follow up on the Hearth’s Warming spirit, that’s what you’re in for with Cynifree’s lovely new tune! Painting both the snowy Equestrian landscapes of the season and the joy of the times spent together in musical ways, cute melodies and energetic beats are filling the frame along the falling snow, and listening to this treat is just as delightful as sipping on a hot chocolate with marshmallow on a winter night!


Jastrian – Everfree Life | Chillout

A track a bit lusher than you’d expect from the name, this tune from chill extraordinaire Jastrian is quite eclectic. Featuring some awesome staccato piano (likely video-game soundtrack-inspired), a very creative use of Oriental-style strings, and an overall entrancing atmosphere, this track goes through several emotional movements despite its short runtime. Always a pleasure when a new Jastrian upload appears in the subscription feed!


BlueBrony – See the World (Open Up Your Eyes) | Chillhop

Be ready for what may be BlueBrony’s magnum opus. This deep track centered around a certain part of Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist’s story and character depth is showcasing a divine musical vision and talent that takes us through an incredible progression of musical atmospheres, soundscapes, melodies, and instruments that all create such a powerful emotion as it unfolds. An otherworldly experience for the soul, this masterpiece is another proof that music is magic. And the icing on the cake, it’s also reflecting a personal meaning from the musician! You can read about it as well as the lovely story behind this track in the description.


Vylet Pony – True Beauty (feat. Myles Vice) | Chillout

Continuing the release cycle for Glitter, Vylet brings along talented vocalist Myles Vice¬†for a somber and beautiful piece. The atmosphere and vocals in this tune are impeccable and, combined with subtle guitar and trap-influenced percussion, create a haunting and gorgeous soundscape. If you can appreciate some great ambiance, don’t pass this one up!


Nicolas Dominique – Flight Between Stars | Chillout

Soothing tracks taking you on a journey among the stars of Luna’s night will never get old, especially when they’re in the hooves of experts in the genre such as Nicolas Dominique! This new release carries a gentle beat and showcases a delightful soundscape that makes you want to linger in space together with your pony of choice. May it be exploring or just chilling… this is such a fine musical accompaniment for it!


[P@D] Faulty & JoinedTheHerd – Follow You | Chill House

What a tag team of legendary producers as Faulty and JoinedTheHerd work together to bring us this beautifully passionate track that you can’t help but bop your head along to! Featured on the latest Ponies at Dawn compilation, Follow You features a fun, moving synth and fantastic Faulty vocals, the lyrics paint a great picture of a protagonist in love, and the whole thing is kept together with a great beat. This song lives up to the expectations of such influential producers and something you definitely don’t want to miss!


Zephysonas – The Strange Forest | Soundtrack

Pony songs designed as Soundtrack pieces will always have a special place in my heart, as a massive OST fan! Zephysonas displays his talent for the genre/kind of music once more with a track designed to play as a BGM in a forest area in some RPG, and the result is breathtaking and so fitting! A mighty progression lays out many different instruments and melodies, all creating the perfect atmosphere to explore a forest, grind some EXP on the monsters there, and see what kind of rare items you may find in the treasure chests at the end of alternate pathways. RPGs and OST forever!


Mysty – More Than Loyal | Chillstep

New pony musician ahoy! Let’s welcome Mysty to the scene, with a lovely first track themed around Rainbow Dash and her Element. Beautiful and soft melodies bring that emotion as an energetic beat brings Dashie her coolness, and overall this Chillstep experience does wonders at reflecting both Dashie’s soft side and tender feelings toward her friends, and her proud personality!


[P@D] J. Free, TheWanderingKit & Synthis – Fallen Kind | Chill Hop / Trap

To see Synthis taking part in Ponies at Dawn albums is so wonderful as he’s known for very emotional pieces and unique vocals that are always so emotional too! For Enigma he gathered the vocal talents of J. Free and TheWanderingKit to perform with him, and it results in a very cool Chill Hop piece that’s to die for, with Synthis’ signature dreamy melodies and deep bass making for much emotion once more and carrying all vocals in such an epic way.


Yanamosuda – Little Energy | Album | Multi-Genre

Here is the perfect set of tracks for when you need to just unwind, or maybe want to have something on in the background while you are getting stuff done! Yanamosuda has compiled quite an interesting array of tracks blending the right amount of peacefulness and groove to both relax and keep you interested.

There are a healthy variety of genres inspiring the album that all touch on the chill theme. One thing you can be sure of is that each track will have it’s own compelling, jazzy bass that blends almost too well with an exciting drum beat.

The album is comprised of original mixes like the titular Little Energy and Dusk Song (which has an amazing funk rhythm!), remixes from show songs like the theme and Evil Enchantress, and finally remixes of fan music like Dawn Song from Kitsuneyu and Get Lady by eksoka (featured on Cider Party!) It is plain to hear from the album that Yanamosuda put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this tremendously unique album.

Little Energy is available on Yanamosuda’s Bandcamp website as a free download, so there is absolutely no excuse not to have these 13 tracks in your library right now!