Nicolas Dominique – Journey | Ambient / Chillout

That recently released gorgeous artwork from INowISeeI has got to be a very fitting cover art for such a wonderful musical experience. Reflecting the inner depth of Trixie’s journey into the land, as well as perhaps a spiritual journey, the track dives deep into a relaxed state of much contemplative power, as we take in the many wonders around us and partake in blissful sound, breathing life and channeling emotion…


NeverLastStanding – Relate | Chillout / Orchestral

It’s always so amazing to see pony musicians trying to do more with their songs than just “making music”, and I gotta love to see NeverLastStanding’s descriptions full of genuine feelings, motivational messages, or poesy, depending on how you wish to see it. The power of being able to Relate to somepony is definitely great and I know it very well, since I always like to meet people who I can relate to, and also always wish to meet someone who could relate to me. It’s definitely a deep theme, and perhaps some motivation can be obtained from NeverLastStanding’s words or the experience of this song. If so, be sure to let him know, as I’m sure that will make him very happy! After all, I can Relate to wanting to help people… And I can’t believe all of this review has only been about the meaning behind the song so far. This is powerful stuff! You know that a song is extra special when you can write about its meaning just as much as about it musically. I’ll just add that the Chillout/Orchestral take is definitely a huge success, with such a wonderful and soothing mood to be felt throughout the track, and the Flutterchops are the element that makes it extra emotional and relatable for so many of us.


Time Baby – Blossom (Winterlight Remix) | Chillout / Ambient

Time Baby has been delighting us for years with his awesome take at several Alt Rock subgenres including Shoegaze (I highly recommend checking out the rest of his channel), and it’s time for a much welcomed comeback, with the artist’s remix of his own track Blossom originally released in 2013. Taking a surprising new Chillout/Ambient direction, the remix certainly doesn’t disappoint and provides for yet another blissful experience of sound. Here’s to hopefully more new releases from Time Baby!


BlueBrony – Extra Sprinkles | Jazz / Chillhop

This new track from BlueBrony centered around Spike’s character depth is truly a gem! Making for a blissful unusual fusion of genres, melancholic piano gives way to a Chillhop part with hints of the FF Prelude in the background, reflecting Rarity’s dreams that give such a bitter aftertaste to Spike considering how far away from him they are. The next part lays out a masterful Jazz mood, reflecting Spike’s feelings as he eats his sorrow away with donuts and Extra Sprinkles, and perhaps also matching the kind of music that some 3-pony Jazz band would play in bars such as Donut Joe’s. An utter masterpiece of a concept track, with much of a story to tell through music!

(A belated) Hearts & Hooves Music Compilation!


Art by ACharmingPony. Because it’s been months since we posted any Taviscratch on Twitter!

In case some of you didn’t know, we’re very much behind on posting current music, so we thought one way to help us catch up would be to compile all the Hearts and Hooves music into one post for you to enjoy! Catch it all after the break…

NB: Some of these songs were originally posted on Equestria Daily by ExplodingPonyToast, with a note and link to the original posts where necessary.

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