Sparklight Productions – Aurora | Lo-fi

This track represents the culmination of Sparklight Production’s debut EP, “Ethereal“, and what a great way to close out this effort! The song was created with the hope that it could be a comforting reminder to not get caught up in our anxieties and make the most of every day. I can definitely appreciate that sentiment, and the soothing piano melody floating over a chill beat is some good medicine for the frazzled mind. A choir melody adds some nice dimension, and there’s a delightful progression through the piece with a nicely filled out arrangement at the end before the piano carries the song back into the ether. Hopefully it takes some of your worries with it and leave you feeling a little more ready take on the world!


CAPT – YOUR FRIEND! | Alternative Electronic

What a vibe! CAPT has composed a groovy, upbeat, tropical piece with a world music flare that will whisk you away to your favorite chillout spot! The instrumental melody pairs so beautifully with the bouncy bass and punchy rhythm, and you can feel the joy of Sunny and Izzy’s instantly amazing friendship shining through as the song perfectly matches the art that inspired it. It’s such a wonderful little capsule of musical positivity. Listen to this song and then message a friend and tell them they rock!


Daniel Ingram – At The Gala (Algo at All Remix) | Chillout

Algo at All has some absolutely fascinating mixes, and this slowed-down take on the Season 1 classic is one of them! The remix includes the vocals we all know from the original song, with an almost lo-fi beat and a trippy synth to guide the track along at its own pace. Using those small additions, Algo is able to create some interesting breaks between verses that really give the song a completely new feeling all its own. Later in the track, a few more instruments and pieces are introduced to keep the elongated piece fresh and unique.


[VibePoniez] The Empty Tomb – Getaway | House

Chill vibes, anyone? The folks at VibePoniez promote the finest chill songs in the community – songs that can easily whisk us away to a place of peace and relaxation.  Featured on VibePoniez’ latest album, “Plaza,” The Empty Tomb ‘s “Getaway” does just that.  This breezy track offers a warm, tropical feel featuring epic drops broken up by peaceful interludes.  Sounds of nature cascade over the listener throughout, and it’s easy to imagine a host of vacation sights and sounds, like sunbathing on a golden sand, snorkeling through coral reefs, or hiking up a mountain.  So, for those times when we feel like taking a break from the noise and busyness of everyday life, we can let this fun track transport us away for a while to a tropical island adventure.


Algo at All – Life is Better With You (2021 Rework) | Alternative Electronic

It’s always wonderful to see a musician grow and improve their craft, and this song is such a great example of that. Algo at All has done an amazing job of completely reworking their original track, a fun, lighthearted tune featuring great vocal chops from everyone’s favorite party pony and her song “Pinkie’s Present“. This reworked version opens with some gentle synths and pulsing, distorted bass, setting up a light melody before the vocal chops drift and pulse into the mix. The processed vocals pair amazingly with the arrangement, and when the laidback percussion kicks in and the melody comes to the foreground the listening experience is like getting a warm hug. There are some great chiptune vibes throughout the track as the arrangement keeps morphing into new, delightful forms that make me feel simultaneously nostalgic and hopeful for the future, fitting for a track that embraces the past while moving ever forward. What a lovely present.


SpinScissor – Never Everfree | Downtempo

Do you miss music from the heydays of EDM? xD Well, you’re in luck, because so does SpinScissor!  Opening with a great synth and bass combo, the super processed arrangement is soon joined by appropriately processed vocals that drift through the menacing mist of the Everfree Forest as the protagonists flee from unknown terror. The track lopes along as if it’s stalking its subjects, creating tension through a menacing bassline accompanied by wonderful synth melodies that swirl and climb dramatically. The song ends on a lighter note, but the frightened ponies aren’t out of the woods yet! Do they make it safely to their destination, or are they lost forever to the incomprehensible creatures lurking in the darkness? All I know is that I enjoyed this story, and I wouldn’t mind some more!


Steryotype – Study Tapes Vol​.​1 | Album | Lo-fi

Here’s something different and vibe-y! Study Tapes Vol.1 is Steryotype’s brand new beat tape – full of creative productions and samples that show off the innovative possibilities of the lo-fi genre. Most of the tracks last just long enough to set the tone and get some solid samples, while a few of the tracks on this tape are fleshed out and meant to stand on their own.

One of the standout demos is called Bleu and combines a more lively jazz beat with a trumpet carrying the melody. Combined with the lo-fi soundscape and a couple of charismatic chops, this sample really grabs your attention and is super fun to nod along to.

The longest track on the 19 track tape is UnVerguenza which utilizes the marimba for the melody and a subtle piano to fill out the background. This chill song is the quintessential lo-fi beat – chill, not too complicated, stands on its own, and is perfect to get lost in.

Study Tapes Vol.1 shows off a lot of what lo-fi fandom music can be, and hopefully we will get to see some of these tracks put to great use. Steryotype represents the genre well and has a great commitment to his craft. Lookout for more from this talented creator and hopefully we will get a Volume 2 in the future!