ertrii – Harvest Season | Chillwave

Ertrii’s back again to delight us with a magical piece, and this time it’s a Chillwave song with soothing vibes as well as a tech-y beat that is quite groovy. The progression of the track features blissful sound design, gorgeous piano, and emotional melodies to create a wonderful experience empowered by the cover art and the feelings of immersion into Equestria that we can get from it.


ertrii – The Reason | Chill House

An amazing and minimal track composed by the awesome ertrii! Really chill and deep vibes coming from this sweet and charming track! Inspired the by kind Fluttershy, ertrii did an uplifting yet minimal and chill track, listen to it while you study or while drawing your favorite horses! What ertrii did here was a sweet surprise for all of us, listen to it and dance through all night!


sound bandit – old tales | Chillout

Amazing vocal chops, low-pitched vocals and with slow and uplifting beats, sound bandit did an amazing and emotional tribute to the show and to SoGreatAndPowerful (I can hear the SGAP-inspired vocals and vocal samples on this song). It gave me chills down my spine, sound bandit is amazing at sample manipulation and I love artists that can do that perfectly! sound bandit did an awesome job on this, good job!


UndreamedPanic & Bank Pain – Night Light (ThatMusicBrony Remix) | Chillout / Electro-Pop

It’s so awesome to get a remix of the collaboration of many wonders Night Light, and by none other than the talented ThatMusicBrony! Taking a resolutely more Chillout direction, this remix reawakens the original Flutterchops in a brand new mood, with heavenly piano, soft and soothing vocals, and a progression filled with so many nighttime wonders! Truly a wonderful remix to listen to on a night stroll, gazing at the beauty of Nature around you, and letting yourself get entranced by the amazing vocals and sounds all around.


ertrii – Aurora | Liquid Drum & Bass

With a title and concept reminding of such OST tracks as Jeremy Soule’s Aurora and the appreciation of Nature they call forth for people like me, this new release from Ertrii sure got that Chillout nightly vibe going on. Especially in the second part, or the “break”, you can feel that awe from gazing at an aurora in the night sky, transcribed perfectly in musical format, delivering an emotional BGM of choice for such a contemplative moment of appreciation. Definitely a powerful piece from Ertrii who keeps delighting us with soothing themes and exploration of many different genres!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (The Remixes) EP | Electronic

If I remember correctly, Ponytronic gained an affinity earlier this year for a certain couple of music ponies after reading a well-known fanfiction about them. Shortly afterwards, his song Times Like These was released – a smooth liquid dnb piece about the duo, perhaps one of his best songs to date. Now after a couple of months of an open contest, he’s proud to present the Times Like These Remixes EP!

Featuring a variety of genres, from more dnb reworks to a hip-hop remix and even a couple of really left-of-field genres, this EP has both some regular names to the brony music community and some people just breaking out into the scene. It’s also seemingly a chance for some artist to break out into new genres – I’ve never heard Metapony do Drum & Bass or UndreamedPanic do hip-hop before! Definitely give this EP a listen, you might just find a new artist or style that you’d be interested in.

Times Like These (The Remixes) EP is available to download for free on Ponytronic’s bandcamp.

PS: The music box rendition at the end is a super cute addition to the album :3


Inkwel – Tank | Chill

Inkwel continues writing songs for the Mane 6’s pets with this one about Tank. A chill atmosphere really aligns with Tank’s personality, while the strong bassline shows how much of a strong support he is for Rainbow Dash. This song is really fitting for it’s subject, keeping in line with the show. The cute synthlines complete the song and make it a very enjoyable experience.