Nicolas Dominique – Miracles of the Midnight Sky | Chillout

Praise the moon! Nicolas released this yesterday as a present for Thorinair, one of the fandom’s longest-running trance DJs and producers. Sweet downtempo drum patterns and smooth plucked synths match the nocturnal theme nicely too.


R3CTIFIER – Break the Silence (Cynifree Remix) | Chill House

R3CTIFIER‘s Break the Silence is one of my favorite releases of the last few months, and it’s so cool to get a remix of it from Cynifree! Going the chill route, the musician takes the original vocal chops on a new soothing House journey that provides such a comfy atmosphere that Fluttershy would probably approve of. Let the many wonders flow once again with this remix!


Vylet Pony – That Feeling I Get in my Heart (feat. Namii) | Chillout

This super consoling single comes from Vylet Pony‘s new album, Tales from Equestria. That Feeling I Get in my Heart utilizes a very creative array of instrumentation including toy-box style bells and a melodica mixed in with more conventional strings and a fascinating use of background noise for ambience. Namii adds her soothing vocals towards the end for context, singing about that moment after an adventure where you must part ways with your partner. Vylet really captures the reassuring feeling captured from a somber moment with this track.


ertrii – Magical | Downtempo

Ah, Christma-err Hearthswarming! A magical time where friendship is more important than the rest of the year! Where we listen to really cool synthpoppy downtempo tracks about that magical feeling! A 3 minutes track done by our big chill music producer, ertrii! The sampling work of Twilight’s lines is really well done! And the synths are really chilling and amazing, joined with the amazing drums that make this track danceable! Also, those awesome bells for remembering that we are in a special time are also really magical, if you know what I mean! Good job on this one!


Scraton – Aesthetics | Chillstep

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 December 2017.

Scraton’s music is always really interesting, and this tune especially has a lot of little sounds that feel quite fitting to the song’s name. The addition of some vocal elements also adds depth to the tune, and the chilled out composition mixes well with the glitch-y vibes through the track.