Kakofonous A. Dischord & flankƨ​y – flank​ƨ​y / kakofonous a. dischord | Experimental Album

Two friends have decided to blow the dust off their collabs and bring them out to the light for us to enjoy! Kako, aka an experimental/noise musician, founder of the music label and game designer and developer was collabing in the last year or two with secretive street artist flankƨ​y, flankƨ​y’s music is known throughout in Pinkamena Party albums and previously featured on too. Both musicians have chosen the streets as their office work to mark their underground musical art with narcotic frequencies and fresh physic sounds. This illegal album is only available on bandcamp and

flankƨ​y – self titled

flankƨy’s backpack is packed of graffiti cans, the murals and the ambience need visual and musical communication. The drums encompasses the alleyways and the bass and deep tone synths vibrates with the muse of the artist as we witness their street art. A bopping intro for an invite only event.

flankƨ​y – take me down

This is not the Friendship Games, this is an underground jam that’ll bring down your walls as your speakers pump out the grinding bass! The variety of vocal chopping is so dope it’ll make you breakdance with the crew.

flankƨ​y vs kakofonous a. dischord – a soft bed (shared)

Alike the coziness of a bed, this intimate collab song narrates the experience of ponies sharing the bed. Dreamy synths fondle romantically with calmative drums as the bedroom’s ambience is alive with the deep affection of the ponies. Who do you ship and visualize for this endearing scenario?

kakofonous a. dischord – route 3

Kako’s aesthetic style is not described through their productions, but it is felt. A chill pad of wonderment strolls peacefully with outlandish but amorous drums taking the wheel while a coloring melody joins the euphonic ride. You’ll unconsciously be in tune with the route as this jam of aurora plays making the driving a feel in autopilot.

This otherworldly collaborative album is the good stuff that youngsters are vibing to, spread word around to support both musicians if you want another dose. I know and said nothing of this album. *writer disappears in the dark alley*


Sparklight Productions – Opening my Wounds | Chillout

Our emotions can be spilled through words or deeply touching tones of simplicity, but with lots of emotion of complexity. A heart-touching atmosphere conveys itself in the tenderness of the piano as mystical vocals encompass beautifully and a slow drum beat kiss gently the musical elements alike the rain caressing our skin. This song is a reminder to be open about our internal struggles and/or provide our time to listen those who display happiness in public, but suffer in private. Self-harm is never an option, either physical or mental.


Caedon Hawk – Let Me Be | Chillout / Pop

Both lyrically and musically, Caedon Hawk’s “Let Me Be” conveys a euphoric message of freedom – a freedom gained by courageously determining to be yourself despite what others think.  The track’s upbeat instrumentals and insightfully introspective lyrics strike a perfect balance, offering sound wisdom to live by, while remaining light and fun to listen to. Since this track is part of Caedon’s upcoming album, “Note to Self,” be on the lookout for more great music from this talented artist!

Cherax Destructor – The Rescue (Algo at All remix) | Chillout

The origin of the song The Rescue dates back to 2013, inspired by the shipfic Vinyl and Octavia: University Days. The song and the fic keep aging like fine wine and remain unforgettable. A refined fresh remix recently dropped by Algo at All with a feel straight to the heart to pound to the beat of this new sound. The glossy singing of Cherax attaches ingeniously well with the dreamy sound of the synths, the smoothness of the drums and fluid melodies, all elements dancing like butterflies in your stomach. If you ship Octavia with Vinyl, then ship this remix with your music folder!


4EverfreeBrony – Copycat 2: Repeat After Me | Cover Album

4EverfreeBrony has been constantly releasing exceptional music since 2013, dozens of original distinguished singles, great covers, pony parodies and resplendent albums done by the multi-genre musician. Back in 2019 he released Copycat, a wholesome album doing covers of songs by brony musicians. Now in 2022 he has released Copycat 2 and featuring a range of musicians! This album is like a time capsule made with the respectful intent of bringing to light some of the lesser-known hidden gems in the fandom; some tracks on the album are more well-known, but many of them are tragically overlooked.

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Koron Korak – A Nice Time on Holidays | Zouk

Warning : Sun cream is required during the listening of this song.
Zouk is a rare gem in the fandom and Koron Korak provides us diverting tropical vibes with this enjoyful song. Tuneful synth melodies, a rhythmic bass line and the charm of the drums accompanied by a French Caribbean cocktail is the mixture of excellence to dance to this warm tune with your pony friends on a beach.


Pipetka – Autumn Dreams | Chillstep

As the days shorten and the nights draw in sooner, Pipetka has something for us to reflect the vibe of the season. Vintage-sounding guitars and strings combine with a trap-inspired drum beat to create a relaxed atmosphere. Take a listen for a bit of a nostalgic feel as the weather grows cooler.


[BP] Drixale – Sing For The Night | Chillout

As part of Everfree Park Ranger’s (formerly Balloon Party) newest album “Everfree Park: After Hours” Drixale brings us this wonderful and calm piece. A combination of soft synths, some vocal chops and even lyrics from Drixale himself makes this a calm and catchy piece that I’ll have on repeat for a while.


Aiky – Time | Soundtrack

There are experiences of value that induce nostalgia to relive unforgettable times of enjoyment, whether they are strolling through treasured scenery, a beloved gift from a long time friend, or a beaming song like Aiky’s most recent release. In depth “Time” sounds like it could be in an MLP short show scene and delivers a polished music structure with an ending image of the youngling become a grown pony. With time the only thing that’ll never fade is the beauty of smiling – like Aiky’s in the video. Recreate joyful memories, graciously inhale the present, and exhale comfort with this delightful piece.


Sparklight Productions – Find Yourself | Chillstep

Our own struggles of introspection and intimacy with finding our true selves are handled with ease when we venture through the things we like to do. That joy unchains what keep us distracted from our significance and inner beauty. Sparklight Productions represents their experience in this harmonious tune with daydreaming vocal chops flowing gently with the rest of the vivid instrumental – a great addition for your playlist of chill music!