Viricide Filly – Uality | Downtempo

Viricide always brings something unique to the table and “Uality” is no exception! Its got that sharp wonky feel I’ve come to know and love with a deep atmospheric vibe to it. In her own words, “Imagine a binary star system. Two orbs of light orbiting around each other. Without one, the other cannot go on.”  Its a rather intriguing way to describe this track as it sets the mood and really gets you thinking and fits really well with the theme of ‘Yet Sightless’ in my opinion; As it follows Eleanor on her journey to find self knowledge and love.


Synthis – On the Edge | Chill Trap

Synthis blesses us with another lovely tune, featuring some lovely and evocative art by UrbanQhoul. Fans of most of his other work (especially Crash to Pieces) will certainly find something to like here, with Synthis’ signature silky-smooth voice, gorgeous melodies and synths, squeaky-clean mixing, and surprising propensity for trap percussion all make an appearance here. This’ll definitely be in my personal rotation for some months!


JayB – I Love Everything feat. Fluttershy (Soundnix Remix) | Complextro

This one is a nice blast from the past! Soundnix re-imagines a classic by JayB with some really, REALLY creative ideas that span the entire 6 minutes and it constantly evolves and brings something new to the mix. Amazing textures and layers, switch ups and chords… I just love everything about this remix and you are definitely missing out if you haven’t already taken a listen yourself!


A State of Sugar – Bubblegum | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

ASoS Bubblegum! here we go! ❤ Been looking forward to this for DAYS! The talent from this album is so wonderful and open, its extraordinary what people are capable of, and in how many ways the power of music can make its mark. Everybody did wonderful! Truly A-MA-ZING! I am proud and honored to have been a part of this with you all and I look forward to the next album! Everybody please stay talented, beautiful, and awesome. ❤ Please, promise me that. ❤

(And thank you all for having me and Ayydray on. MASSIVE S/O TO AYYDRAY HE’S THE HERO BEHIND THE TRACK! AYYDRAYY WE SEE YOU BRO ❤ )

And let’s stick like the awesome taste of Bubblegum! 😀

Bubblegum is available to download from the ASOS Bandcamp for FREE.


ertrii – Your Kindness | Chill House

A new pony release from musical maestro Ertrii, Your Kindness embodies, you guessed it, Fluttershy’s Element. But hold your horses, it does it while sampling the classic Hush Now Lullaby in a very nostalgic way! Those who explored the pony music of the past might know what I mean. Many songs sampled that very iconic song showcasing Fluttershy’s gorgeous and very inspiring vocals, and it’s a real delight to see Ertrii bringing out the potential of those vocals once more in the present with this blissful Chill House track. Let us remember together as we partake in the divine sound…


BlueBrony – in between | Chillhop / Liquid Drum & Bass

Time to rejoice, for BlueBrony is back with a new original pony-inspired tune! BlueBrony has some of the most unique and welcomed themes in the pony music scene, and this track is about that part of S08E06 Surf and/or Turf when Terramar is torn between his earthy home and his aquatic home, unable to choose and sitting on that tree branch in mid-air. Delightfully capturing that scene and those feelings in an experimental piece, BlueBrony reflected beautifully the many shades of the moment with distorted leads, an arrangement of fitting sounds representing both the sea and the earth, and an inspired progression that will make you wander in the depths of Terramar’s thoughts! Truly an amazing and very lovely initiative.


Nicolas Dominique – Kites | Chillout

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 18 June 2018.

Nicolas’ chillout works are almost always wonderfully calming, and this is one of my favourites of his recent releases! Consistent and clear pads and arpeggios combine with other lovely compositional elements to help immerse you in a sea of kites soaring through the air. Maud would almost certainly enjoy the atmosphere.