PSFMer – House of Spike | Lo-fi House

Lo-fi house is a genre I honestly didn’t know existed until just now. House of Spike is just that, and the perfect song if your idea of a fun time is listening to Spike say the word “house” 50 (!!) times. Seriously though, this is an interesting listen. It perfectly blends house with elements of lo-fi production and even sounds you’d expect to hear in a garage song. Give it a spin!


Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (Snow Swirl Remix) | Garage

Snow Swirl’s interpretation on the season six number A Changeling Can Change makes things more homely. The intro features an ethereal synth behind some charming bell sounds and vocal samples before Spike’s vocals kick in proper. This beat really works well with the song’s melody, bringing in all those homely vibes! Can’t get enough of this one.


MidnightFritz – Mystery of Magic | Chillwave

Soft and gentle music inspired by the show is always so pleasing to listen to. To this day, the series premiere has musicians making music about the very moment “Friendship is Magic” was born. Take this lovely piece of music by MidnightFritz. The melodies with some acoustic guitar charm. This magical wonderous theme with the xylophone tones and a subtle aura of magic within the background. To put it simply, it’s like the very moment of the elements came to be and new hope for Equestria. Never lost that magic, my friends. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Fetlocked & Char – Flutter’s Bane | Electro / Chillout

Prepare for the vibes from this one! This rather chill track centered around everyone’s favorite shy pony, Fluttershy, is another track that reminds me of older Brony tunes. From the overall presentation to the pony voice samples used throughout the song, this track is sure to get emotions going! The song itself is filled with the aforementioned vibe, with nice percussion elements, as well as electronic and other elements that really make the song a pleasant thing to listen to!


MidnightFritz – Wings of a Pegasi | Chillout

Midnight Fritz returns with an uplifting track that highlights the gentle and supportive help given by Rainbow Dash to Scootaloo.  Soft piano chords and gentle guitar plucks sooth the listener with waves of tranquility.  High notes combined with the low piano chords and soothing guitar in the background skillfully highlight the lighthearted, childlike wonder of Scootaloo, as well as the warm, tender feelings that characterize her sisterly relationship with Rainbow Dash. The magic of friendship is brought to life in this delightfully warm tribute to these two close friends. 


Koron Korak – Dreamy Violet Eyes of Wonders | Chillout

What a beautiful gift! Inspired in part by a special somepony and Twilight Sparkle (Check out the YouTube description and wonderful video art!), this sweet and shimmery track is brimming with lovely vibes! The track opens with the sounds of nighttime insects before a light melody joins in. The melody is soon joined by a simple rhythm before adding an additional synth, bass, and guitar. Touches of choir and melodic percussion support the main arrangement before some beautiful, summer-y violin takes front stage and adds a sweet earthiness to the ethereal mix. The arrangement’s composition and intensity shifts, ebbs, and flows as the song drifts along through the warm summer evening. Please show Koron Korak some love for this chill and upbeat track!


[VibePoniez] Skyshard – Season Fantasy | Chillout

Today we return once more to the newest VibePoniez Album, “Overcast“. Skyshard’s contribution is “Season Fantasy”, a lovely Symphony full of happy melodies and all-around great music! The song begins with a happy and calming melody which is later joined by additional instruments fronted by some upbeat strings. A bit later on the song changes and we get a slightly different melody but it still keeps its happy, calming feeling. Closer to the middle the song calms a bit and most of the instruments drop off while only some strings and a synth play. Later those other elements are slowly added back in, and the song gradually returns to its previous form, giving us this lovely progression. Later on the song gets even fuller, and let me tell you–this fullness, especially as the song is nearing the end, is something you see very rarely. It’s this perfect combination of many things happening at the same time and not overloading the track. We end this beautiful piece with an outro of just the strings and a synth.
Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this article!


[VibePoniez] BlueBrony – Darling | Lo-Fi

Oh man oh, if you haven’t listened to VibePoniez: Overcast…dudes and ladies (especially those of you who are Rarity fans), you are missing out on a track that is frankly the definition of really good Lo-fi hip hop. It’s so beautiful, darling! This track has this sick and stylish boom and bap to it, but this is Rarity we are talking about, and the song channels the energy of her favorite stylish sleuth “Shadow Spade!” Oh baby, does this song just throw down the style big time! We have Rarity’s vocal chops mixed into this melody that’s composed of fabulous violin melodies and these sparkling gems and chimes that bring more flair to the track. The lo-fi itself even fits into rarity’s detective role. Classic noir is stylish but dark and dirty, and you can’t be scared to get your perfectly manicured hooves dirty in the face of ponies being shifty and dishonest! Everything about this track is such an outstanding representation of Rarity’s character and it’s one of highlights of the album. I have to tell you, you feel like you are there with the gorgeous mare sipping on some red wine and enjoying listening to her tell you about her many cases! Make no mistake, Rarity is a classy and powerful lady that we bronies know can handle herself. This track sure delivers that message in a way only Rarity can. BlueBrony, thank you for making such a great tribute to Rarity! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself, but this track is the essence of elegance. Believe that, darling.


Bridull – Cold Brew Coffee | Album | Lo-fi / Chillout

This might seem like an odd suggestion for such a subdued album, but you might want to turn the volume up a little on this one, because it would be a shame to miss any parts of the delicate arrangements on these tracks! This lo-fi/chillout offering follows Applejack as she works her way through a substantial lineup of caffeinated beverages. Bridull (a.k.a. Noizzer) uses a wide array of samples that were created by a group that’s listed in the Bandcamp credits, which I love. It’s apparent from the album’s art and the concern of the barista in the Bandcamp description that Applejack is a little worse for wear, and the introspective nature of these songs certainly reflects that. Let’s take a look at what she’s drinking and hope that she works through whatever is wrong soon!

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