MidnightFritz – Friendship Lasts Forever | Chillout

MidnightFritz had such a wonderful idea with the theme and title of this new release, that definitely conveys all the love from true friends with the cuddly instrumental. Listening to this while focusing on the love that you feel will make you tear up… At least, it happened to me, and I wish that it could happen to you too!
I love you all everypony ♥ *group hug*


Tw3Lv3 – A Good Friend Is All You Need | Lo-fi

Let’s herald Tw3Lv3’s triumphant return after troubles with YouTube! Back in full force and more motivated than ever, the master of Lo-fi in the community is presenting us a chill and heart-warming piece that embodies the feelings of relief and Friendship to perfection. Indeed, it came from the heart!


Altius Volantis – Spark of Friendship | Chillout

Today we’ve got ourselves a lovely Chillout track by the amazing Altius Volantis. The song starts out with a lovely, calm melody that is soon joined by an equally relaxed synth and even more. As the song progresses most of these elements subside, and in the end the gentle melody carries us away on the night breeze. This is another song I really recommend for just lying down and putting on repeat as you just, well, chill out, as the calming beat is perfect for that. There are no big beat fireworks here, just the gentle reassurance that the spark of friendship will carry you through anything.

Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading!


Whirlwind – The Mission EP | Liquid Drum & Bass / Orchestral

Encompassing love for space and space music in an EP full of starry and dreamy DnB beauties, Whirlwind showcased his skill at a genre full of wonders, all while telling a story about his OC exploring space. Much emotion and story-telling in the tracks, that will make you follow him on the journey. Such a display of musical skill and passion is very inspiring and amazing, and it’s definitely an EP worth the listen! My personal favorite from the EP is Solar Surf!
Embedded here is the video of the full EP, but you can also find it on Bandcamp and find the individual tracks’ uploads on Whirlwind’s channel!


Dandelion Ass – A Pegasusgirl in the Secret Garden (feat. Helen) | Chillout

Fluttershy fans, this track is for you. This really captures why Fluttershy is such a beloved character of the show; I love Flutters too. The backstory of this track falls under the familiar headcanon of Twilight outliving her friends. Fluttershy has opened up her own vet clinic, found love, started a family with a stallion named Buddy, they had a foal named after the G1 pony Posey, which is fitting because she is essentially the G1 version of Fluttershy which Lauren Faust molded into the Flutters we love (the full story is in the video’s description). You will be fighting back tears as the melodies of this track tell the story of Fluttershy’s final day. The lyrics are sung by Helen as the singing voice of Posey as she fulfils Flutters’ final request. The elements used are a mix of Lo-fi beats, a pretty and soulful piano, and those harmonies… Oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous! And then the sad end with this moment of power and sadness with such a tear-jerking moment. Helen releases a high note accompanied by all the elements and this violin melody that signals Fluttershy passing away peacefully as her daughter sings to her. How can such a song be so chill and beautiful yet so sad and emotional but also be so good? Dandelion has made something very fitting of Fluttershy’s character. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[VibePoniez] Bumpy Beats – Hypnosis | Chillstep

After listening to VibePoniez: Homework, this track can go under the radar with the rest of the names on this album, but I promise you that this track is a diamond in the rough, trust me. This track is put simply, how ponies, or us bronies, can be entranced with such emotional music; the title says it all. I hear future bass elements, but it is slowed down and so chill and relaxing, yet you still could just move to this song. The bass and sweet vocals and the lo-fi type elements mixed in is so fun, the composition is well done; so much vibe and body in this tune. Don’t sleep on this track. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Japkozjad – Stars | Chillstep

Another musician the needs some eyes on them. I got you covered Japkozjad!

How about a track about just enjoying a peaceful and chill moment of a quiet night under the stars, just entranced after a pretty hectic day of activities? You grab some cider and a blanket, maybe invite some friends and just enjoy a moment of peace with how the stars are. The melodies are so enchanting and full of wonder, and those elements are mixed so dang well. The soft keynotes, that rolling wubbing, the finger snaps, the flow of the bassline, those harmonics, all just righteous dude! If you need a track to just think about something deep, this is your track, my friends. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

(You can find him also at his Facebook page here)


InfinityDash – Decade of Dreams | Chillout / Downtempo

As I’m sure everyone knows by now in this fandom, the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM just recently occurred! What better way to celebrate it than with some awesome brony music? In this track, expect a positively chill experience, composed of electronic music, backed up with smooth drum beats. The song itself has a late-night mood to it, which, in my opinion, really adds to the festive anniversary feel. Overall, expect chill vibes from this awesome track!


A State of Sugar – Chocolate | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The following collaboration article piece on “A State of Sugar: Chocolate” is presented by Horse Music Herald, and is Co-written by DrakeEmberHeart, Luck Rock, NickRomney, Simon the MadhatterBrony and Makenshi. Article proofread and edited by Canatime.

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AWal – Funnn VIP (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | ChillBreak

(Listen to the original HERE)

Alright, after hearing just two of his most recent songs, you can call me hooked on Nicolas’s brand of chill music. I’d never heard of him until hearing his track on ASOS: Chocolate. Turns out Mr. Dominique is a part of the old guard of the brony music scene, as he has been very active since 2012! This remix is so breathtakingly smooth and kinda kooky at the same time. AWal’s track was fast, addictive and crazy! This remix tells a much clearer story. The melodies are full of this eerie and chaotic aura, which is perfect for what the mirror pool is. The fun and quirky Pinkie samples are all there, and holy cow, does this track give you the feeling to kinda worry about so many PINKIE PIES! At the same time the track is very smooth and chill with these dark undertones. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.