AWal – Funnn VIP (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | ChillBreak

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Alright, after hearing just two of his most recent songs, you can call me hooked on Nicolas’s brand of chill music. I’d never heard of him until hearing his track on ASOS: Chocolate. Turns out Mr. Dominique is a part of the old guard of the brony music scene, as he has been very active since 2012! This remix is so breathtakingly smooth and kinda kooky at the same time. AWal’s track was fast, addictive and crazy! This remix tells a much clearer story. The melodies are full of this eerie and chaotic aura, which is perfect for what the mirror pool is. The fun and quirky Pinkie samples are all there, and holy cow, does this track give you the feeling to kinda worry about so many PINKIE PIES! At the same time the track is very smooth and chill with these dark undertones. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Bumpy Beatz – Hypnosis | Chillout

Beautiful, simply beautiful. “Hypnosis” the new piece composed by Bumpy Beatz, it is spectacular, the title does not lie, it is really hypnotic. It is perfect for a sleepless night, to focus on studying, or to have a drink while you relax. It has a good selection of instruments, such as the semi-filtered drums, which gives a slightly more intimate tone to the piece, or the soft chords, like the murmur of a cat, really fascinating, but what I like the most about the song, it is undoubtedly the voice. Beautiful, simply beautiful…

Take a look and support this not much recognized, but really talented artist.


[ASOS] Zythiria – Dreams | Chillout / Breaks

What if just for once Princess Luna, instead of saving you from your nightmares, used her alicorn magic to make your dreams wonderful beyond your wildest imagination!
Enter what that would sound like. What a fluffy and warm track, where anything is possible. This twilight-like melody will give you feels, as you picture Luna watching ponies and granting them dreams of grand adventures, a dream date with a special somepony, or saving the day as a superpony! The soft blending of these dreamy harmonics, rhythmic lo-fi like drum beats, and just add to the sweetness of the track, a smooth use of bongo drums! With track 41 of ASOS: Chocolate, Princess Luna brings the theme of ASOS to the forefront with sweet and awesome treats of music thanks to this composition by Zythiria. As always, this Qilin asks you  to judge for yourself.

Vylet Pony – Cozy Pone | Lo-fi Hip-Hop

Vylet Pony’s new track “Cozy Pone” is nothing short of spectacular and invitingly comfortable, let yourself be carried away by the smooth chords, hypnotic hip hop drums and ukulele solo part that plays from time to time in the piece. The video of this song is also animated by no one other than the Vylet Pony, which turned out great and it all together gives it a spectacular and harmonious air, but I already talked too much, just relax and remember the good times, let yourself go home, to the times where everything was a little bit simpler…


@ppleBukker – I Miss You | Chillout

@ppleBukker returns to fandom music after a hiatus to lend their blend of skilful vocal chopping and smooth production to a subject that has profoundly affected many of us since the beginning of the pandemic. While everyone has done their best to stay connected through technology, the reality is that the lack of more immediate contact with close friends has been difficult to cope with. @ppleBukker addresses that beautifully here, creating an introspective piece that is a fitting tribute to those missing connections. It’s one of those great songs that finds that sweet combination of being both chill and dynamic, and it makes for a very rewarding and cathartic listening expertise. If you enjoy this song, please also check out the rest of their YouTube channel, which is full of horse music goodness!


MirroredReality – Woodland Spirits | Chillout

Today we have a charming song from MirroredReality, this song is focused around White Tail Woods and the notion of a rainy day. MirroredReality split this song in two halves, the first one centers around a rainy day and sounds like it with various small noises, including of course rain, accompanied by a beat and every now and again a bird, the second half focuses on what comes after the rain and is much cleaner and has a more upbeat tune to it and includes more birds. A great song to just chill for some time and don’t think about anything else than you lying in a forest, it’s like the imagination thing your RE teacher made you do only with the difference that this one actually does what it’s supposed to do.


[Equinity] Proto_ssin & Tw3Lv3 – Sinking Solitude VIP (Extended) | Chillout

Proto_ssin and Tw3Lv3 combine forces to create an outstanding song highlighting an emotionally charged and pivotal moment from MLP: The Movie. The instrumental elements create a somber, echoey ambience that sets an amazing thematic tone for the track, preparing the listener to consider a particularly difficult memory. The use of vocals from both “Catchy Song” (from the episode “The Perfect Pear”) and “One Small Thing” (from the movie) may seem surprising choices considering their upbeat nature, but in this context they help to create a dichotomy between Twilight’s typically amazing friendship with the rest of the Mane 6 and the betrayal that they feel when she goes behind their back to try and steal Queen Novo’s pearl. The video makes use of some great art and clips from the movie, and they pair beautifully with the song to heighten its impact. This VIP version adds even more into the first half of the song (including additional samples from the episode “The Perfect Pear”) which sets up the impactful moments of the second half even more. A great effort from two artists whose styles definitely compliment each other well!


Various Artists – Equinity 03: Breach | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This article on Equinity 03: Breach is a Horse Music Herald collab piece, co-written by Canatime, Cynifree and DrakeEmberHeart.

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