VibePoniez – Downtown | Compilation Album

It’s here! The latest edition of lofi smol hors beats to relax/study to! Following their release party at the weekend, VibePoniez’ new album Downtown is available to download now. Featuring 30 songs, mostly oriented towards a chill / relaxed feel, the album showcases a variety of musicians from the fandom. And best of all? It’s free! You can get Downtown from VibePoniez’ Bandcamp and name your own price.


[VibePoniez] PHES – Boardwalk Ballad | Chill Funk

Vibeponiez: Downtown wastes little time in its 7th release by immersing you in the sandy beaches of Maretime Bay with Sunny Starscout with this fly track by PHES! Sunny insists that it is party time with an ice-cold smoothie and the waves looking prime for surfing. The melody, the slapping bass, and the 90’s beach vibe with the smooth lo-fi beats make you feel like you’re enjoying the overcast of sunray as Sunny is building a sand castle with Izzy, Hitch, Pipp, and Zipp. Oh, and those soft radio vocals oozing with the chill factor as waves are heard over the boardwalk of Maretime Bay. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[VibePoniez] GhostXb – Midnight Bliss | Downtempo

I love GhostXb’s chilled out hip-hop songs like this one. He manages to create pieces with full, punch drums, but the rest of the instrumentation still brings a sense of calm a relaxation. But this also has a bit of a twist as it gorgeously transitions halfway through into a more ambient section. It feels like a sonic representation of breaking through the clouds to a clear night sky… Fitting choice of background art then, isn’t it?


[P@D] Kyradeen – Incertitude | Ambient / Chillout

Kyradeen has, this time around on P@D: Zenith, crafted a tale that brings together the joys of life and its conflicts. In her own words the structure of the music, the elements of pianos, sine synths, and other features in the flow of this track, convey her fears and anxieties. But then there’s the image of Fluttershy, the counterbalance of those things – comfort, warmth, and peace. It’s a mindful piece of music to listen to, a well-composed one fitting for one of many talented orchestral bronies on this album. Beautiful stuff here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Totalspark ft. IXMO – Heart | Liquid Drum & Bass

Mesmerizing, melancholic, heavy yet breathy. The piano melody is incredibly sad, yet woefully beautiful. The synth rotates around and around like clockwork, like a call-and-response describing the message of the track. Why try so hard for someone who doesn’t feel the same? Will things change if I keep trying? Can I make it on my own? Each instrument is deeply interwoven in this masterpiece that you cannot take one element without sacrificing another.

This track is one of many featured on Ponies At Dawn‘s latest album: Zenith. It’s their biggest project yet, and you do NOT want to miss out!


4everfreebrony – The Fall (feat. Namii) | Chillstep

“The Fall” is a beautiful deviation from 4everfreebrony’s usual flavor! A mesmerizing atmosphere filled with subtle synth arpeggios and a wide breathing soundscape, it really feels as if you are falling through an expansive and unforgiving sky. The song is short and sweet, and Namii’s impressive vocal range is the icing on top for such an airy song while the natural drums add an organic feel to a genre so used to a more digital percussive element!


Tw3Lv3 – time flies. | Ambient

Tw3lv3’s had a string of releases this month, but I wanted to feature this one in particular as it’s always nice to see a bit of ambient music. Over its course, time flies ebbs and flows like the tide between deep bass with cinematic drums and ethereal pads, interspersed with birdsong. It’s incredibly relaxing, and BL1NKY sums it up better than me in a simple comment on the video: “song for make me sleep”. Go listen if you want it for make sleep too…


Drixale – No Second Chances | Lo-Fi

When Drixale describes this release as a “sentimental type beat,” he’s not kidding. Equal parts brooding and bittersweet, “No Second Chances” provides a warm palette of sounds perfect for zoning out to, punctuated by tasteful percussive glitches and quips from Starlight and Trixie.


Koron Korak – Queen of Paradise | Zouk

Summer is coming, and Koron is getting ready with a Celestia-inspired song! This track just creates a nice happy vibe, and combines upbeat synth sounds and chilled elements to create a perfect relaxing summery tune. Did I mention there’s a sax solo? You can’t go wrong with a sax solo!

SpinScissor – no mates | Outsider House

SpinScissor is no stranger to experimentation an he is back with a minimalistic and spacey house track. ‘no mates’ is adorned with an array of different sound samples from conversations to ringing phones and detuned synths, coupled with a snappy bassline. It exudes a lo-fi aesthetic in its production and its visuals. A tale of the turbulence of life and past friendships and hopeful lasting friendships, this one is an interesting listen for sure!